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Collection of Puritan Literature. 













By Gilbert Primerose, Minifter 
of the French Church of London, 

PSAL 4 125. 1 
Many a time have they affiled me from my youth :yet they 
have notprevayled against me<L~> 


Printed by H.L. for Nathanael Newberry -,and arc to be 

fold at the figne of the Starre in Popes-head 

Alley. Anno 1625. 

- ,j- 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 


giousLord, Iames, MARQVESS of 
HAM MILTON, Earle of Anon and C 'ami? >ridge y K night i 
ofthemoit noble Order of the Gaiter : ( ounieliorof the 
Kings mod honourable privie Coimcell, in both 
Realmes of BngUnd and Scotland; Lord 
Gieat Steward of his Majcfties 
houfhold, &c. 


Hat reading of holy Scripture and of Ecclcfi- 
afitcall (lories ) what experience hath taught 
Y4> m:e 3 of the Righteous mans Evils, and the 
f~ a . Lords deliverances ; that I preached to my 
&. Church at London in nine Sermons ', which in 
\ this booke I ba-vc d?Ai cated to your 'Honour •, <*/<*« acfyiow- 
! ledgement of the heroicall and Chriflian vertues, which fhinein 
your mofl Noble and Honourable per fan, and as an homage 
due to them\not as having any worthineffe andexcellencie from 
their author, where by he fhould pre fame to offer them to fuch 
a Lord, in whom aft things excell'm worth, and fhine in amo ft 
eminent degree ofexcellencie. 

In Empires, Kingdomes, States, Cities, Families, wee read 
and fee the truth of the Oracle which faid to A TTA L VS 
King of Bithinia, THOU A N D T H Y S O N, N O T T H G S O Ns 
of thy Son. His Maieftie, who now holdeth the raines of 
this peaceable and flour i/hing kmgdome, h the onely King 
knowne in the world by flories, who can reckon neere two thou- 
fand yeeres fince his rotall Anceftors, of whom he is lineally 
defcended, wore Crownes and Scepters^ In Vrance they 
thinke it much, if a man can prove his JMobilitie by foure 

A % Defcenti, 

The Epiftle Dedicatorie. 

Vefcents. Since three hundred and odde yeeres that S I R 
GILBERT HAMMILTON came from England to Scot- 
land, was there advanced to all titles and degrees of honours, 
of dignities, of greatneffe among the mo ft noble and honourable 
of the Realme by the HERO S of thofe dayes, and King 
without peere ROBERT B RV C E, who had knowne in 
England the anttquitie of his noble houfe, and of all men then 
living,couldbeft iudge of his courage, martiall acles, and de- 
ferts i and being preferred there to the manage of the onely 
Daughter to my Lord Earle of Murray, the Kings Nephew by 
his Princely Sifler, became the Stock? of the ifiuftrious Race 
of the HAM MILTON S in Scotland, whereof your 
Honour is the golden head ; how many Defcents, how many 
generations, may be reckoned? 

The fables tell of BELLE RO P HO N, how after he 
had done many feates of armes, not fo much by his owne wife 
dome and ftrength, as by the helpe of his winged Horfe called 
P EG AS VS, he waxed proud, and attempting with the 
fame wings to mount up to heaven, was flung to the earth,and 
brakghisleg: whereby they teach hs m a my flic all fenfe, that 
many, after they have beene borne upon the rrings of their Prtn- 
ces favour ^and thereby have done good fer vices, conceive too 
ambitious and proud hopes ^and,as if favour weredefert> afpi- 
ring to afcend into heaven, to exalt their Throne above the refl 
of the ftarres,and to be like unto their Maker ^re cut dewne 
to the ground in an inft ant y where all their pompe is l&id in a 
grave ofjhame and d'jhonour; as the Scripture [peaketh of the 
King of Baby Ion, under the name of LVClEER. In all the 
ancient ftortts hardly Jhall wefinde any great man, whofeprede- 
cejfors or himfelfe have not beene flamed with the blot of re- 
bellion again]} their Soveraignes^or of feme negligence of their 
dutie towards them: But your Honours forefathers had ever 
their affections fo additledto our Kings, that King I AMES 
the third, with the confent of the States, and applaufc of the 
whole Realme, thought them worthy to be rewarded with the 
manage of hk one fy^and dear e Sifter, whom he gave in wed-\ 


The Epiftle Dedicatori< 

locke to I A MES Lord Hammilton, of whom your Lord- 
Jh/p is come by many I'mtall jucceffions. This p'oximitie of 
blood to our Kings, hath ever be eve to your Anccfltrs, and to 
your owne fe/fe, a moft attractive Ada want, hawing and ty- 
ing in fep or ably your he */, defircs, mils, afj v&ions, dutic r, and 
fervices to their will and, de fires m all innocenc'te and upright- 
neffe, according to Gods commandement: the pratlice whereof 
is the flay of the State, and the maintamer of peace in the 
Church and Common-weale; FEARE GOD, AND 
FACTIONS MEN, So that this may be the Pcefc of 
the Cognisance of your Honours mo ft ancient and honourable 
Family^ IDKETOBSE QV 1 O. 

Of this fidelttie, of thefe long, profitable, and acceptable 
fervices to our Kings, continued in your Lordfhipsfamiliefiom 
generation to generation,andmoft effeclually confirmed by your 
owne generous, wife and good cariage in the Court and in the 
State, the Kings Aiaieftie is a moft glorious wttnejfe, and a 
moft magnificent rew aider: For that affeBton which his Ma- 
iefttefheweth to your Honour, thofe Dignities wherewith hee 
hath honoured you, namely this laft of LORD S TEW- 
ARD of his royall Houfe, what are they but publike teftimo- 
nies of the continuation of your good, faith full and well liked 
fervices to his Maieflies Royall per/on, to our moft excellent 
and hopefull Prince his Royall and onely Sonne, and to the 
ftates of both kingdomes ? In the Court you are to his Mate ft ie 
thatwhich IOSEPHwasto PHARAO King of E- 
gypt , OB AD f AH to AC HAH King of fjrael, 
MO RDECAl to A HA SVERVS King ofPerfia, 
and ELI A K I M, to whom God gave the key of the houfe 
of D AVI D, to the good King EZEC HlAH,andmoft 
like unto THE ODOR V Sin the Court of VALE NS 
Emperour of the Orient', who being come of a moft ancient and 
noble ftocke, and well brought up from the Cradle, was not in- 
feriour to any of the Imperiall Court in modeftie,wifedome, eru- 
dition and good carriage, ever feemed better than the charges 

A 3 and 

The EpiftleDedicatorie. 

and places whereunto he wot advanced,and was the onely man 

whofe tongue was never licentioufly unbridled,mver fpake with - 

out confideratton andforefight,yea was never font through feare 

of danger ,or hope of preferment jind therefore was equally lo- 

\ ved of great and fmall,as your Lpfor the fame vertues is much 

I resetted and loved of ' cllftates and degrees in both nations: 

For, by Gods jpeciall and rare bleffingyou carry your felfe in ail 

your demeanour at Court and abroad fb wifely, that I may 

i beldly affirme, that to none, if not. toyou,doth belong that rare 

j and wonderfull praife which Cicero giveth to B R V 'TVS, and 

j MarcelUn to PRETEXT ATFS,faying,that they did no thing 

I to pleafe, yet what foever they did, pleafed;and that other which 

\all men gave to ANTHEM IV S Governour to the reli- 

\gioHs Emperour ARCADIVS, HE SEE ME D TO 

\BE WlSE,AND SO HE tV A S .The Royall Prophet 

David faith mo ft truly in the twelfth Pfalmejhat wicked men 

walheon every fide, rfan rafcalsare exalted among the fonnes 

of men : Then DA FID fleet- j, and DO EG triumpheth . 

But innocencie is protec~l: j d, oppreffion is repreffed, the ftates 

flour ijh, hingdomes proffer, the people have peace ; when gene- 

row and worthy men who hate couetoufircjfc, flattery, andenvy, 

who re/peft above all worldly things the honour of the King, 

who have no other end of their aBions but the weal of the State, 

are neereft to Kings \ D AR IVS King of ' Perfia, holding a 

Pomeqranet in hi<s hand,wijhed,infiead ofklltreafures,to have 

as many ZO PYRES as there were graines in that Apple: 

Ihewmtrjhat there is nothing fb needfull and profitable to Kings 

as faithfull Coun fellers and fervor, ts of the chief e of the No- 

bilitie, fuch as ZOPTRV S was-, and yet no Iewell fib rare t& 

be found: For though there be many nobles about Kings, there 

! be few upon whofe fdelitie, wifdome and magnammitie Kings 
may relie. Therefore blcffed is this Realm:, wherein fo many 
ZOPTRES, fomany of the head} of the Nobditie, are ever 
neereourmoft wife, religions and righteous Kings eares : A- 
mono- ft whom your Honour fhineth tu a radiant Planet among 
the bright and glifterwg jiarrcs. 


The Epiftle Dedicatone. 

V/hat are generoJttie,wifdome, ftfthfuhefe to the Kingjove 
to the native foyle, good and acceptable fervicesto the State, 
but gorgeom and glittering finnes^ifthey be fevered from true 
aodltnejfe, from faith m our Lord IESVS CHRIST, 
from lo ve to hi* b. loved Church, from holtneffe of life and 
O9od work£s,accc+ table to God ? what are Courtiers, rvbat are 
the Nobles of the L.ind, what are Kings themfelves, without 
Chriftian Virtues, but like a certaine people of Afta, which were 
vcont to carry earthen vcftels in golden Boxes 'What are all their 
riches, honours, dignities, plea fur es y paftimes 3 delights, but tri- 
fles, but furevanijbing bubbles, whtch mufi give place to things 
more fali .', that bring to true beleevers an everlafting f elicit ie 
and ioy ? For as the J bell of an Egge, howfoever it bee white, 
fmoothe, an dwell formed, mufl bee broken, that the Chicken. 
7>2dy come out, and that, wherefore thefhellwas made,appeare : 
So thefzjhion and fhew of this world mufl 'paffe away, that the 
incomprehen flble eft ate which God hath I aid up, andkeepeth in 
heaven for his dear e ones, mayfbine and bee made manif eft. 
Therefore where greatneffe and godlineffe, where wordly prero- 
■■: tsandcelefttall priviledges^ where carvall and fymtuall 
nobihtic, f^tl* ,„ Cimjl^and fv'hfuh-effekdthj King, love to 
'. the State, and char it ie to the Church', W I^ WgM E ^paffton for 
the common-wcale and true z,eaL to God, are ioyncd and ma- 
ri:d together, as they are in your Honours perfon y every man 
that jeeth them is bound to acknowledge.; to admire, Ifnd to ' 
' pniifethem, and to render all boKotir and fcrviccablc duties to 
thofe whom God hath fo mtrcifully'-cjr wonder fully honmred .- 

This then is the caufe of the Dedication ofthefe my Sermons I 

to your Honour. For who jhall blame me, if fo far as in me is, I ■ 

honour with my Venne a Lord, whom God hath fo richly honott- j 

red with h:s Gifts ? . And whoJba'fdenie y but that S:rm&ns of , 

I the righteous mans evils, and of the- Lords 3 a: liveraKccs ; may, ! 

i yea Jhould bee dedicated to a Lord, who though living in the | 

midfl of worldly contentments, eateth the Pafchall Lambe,not | 
! onely with unleavened bread of ftneerity & truth,but alfo with 
i the bitter hear bes of godly forrow, ever fghing, ever fobbing 
I before 

The EpiftleDedicatorie. 

before God for the affliction of lofeph, ever pray ing,ever cry- 
j ingto heaven for the deliverance & reft aw ation of lerufalem 
lapping oftheglib-flidingpleafuresofthistranfitorie andfu- 
\gitive life,as GBDEONS fouldiers lapped of the running-wa- 
ters, and tafting them with thanks-giving as tempor all gifts of 
God, but drinking great draughts of teares flowing from the 
eyes ofjpirituall fadnejfe, ever expelling with a mofi fame 
hope the accomplifhment of the Prophecies by the ruine of Ba- 
bylon, and deliverance of the Church;ever haftening & jetting 
forward that neceffary & glorious worke, by courageous tnd 
faithfull counfels,and all other meanes law full and pojfible. 

I cannot omit that which toucheth my felfe : For being ba- 
nifhedflom France for the GofpeUof Chrifl ,and for my nations 
fake, andcommingtohis Maiefties Court, where like unto 
ENDIMION after his long fleepejfaw nothing but new fa- 
ces, and feemedtomy felfe as a man fallen out of the Cloudes^ 
your Honour embraced me with fuch kindneffe and humanit'te, 
and recommended me to his Maieflie with fuch auction, that I 
fhould be iufily condemned of ingratitude, if I did ever for get it. 

Let thdtfoule vicegoe and bur ie it felfe in the gulf e of hell 
where it was bred; Ihadrather beefieemed clow*»Jh> *md home- 
bred, by rendrmg w yonr Honour, in thefe unpolifhed jheetes, 
fuchthankes as lean, than called unthankefull by negletling of 
my dutie. The poor e woman with her mite, wo* a* acceptable to 
God,as the rich men with their rich gifts, becaufe fhee gave 
what Jhe had with a free heart : And great Lords receive of 
their Vaffalsftrawes, and trifles for homage of great tene- 
ments. I doubt not but this fmall and unworthy hommagefhall 
finde in your mofl worthy Lordjhip, the like acceptation^ com- 
ming from one, who with a true heart, poures out his prayers to 
God for the increapng of all the bleffings of this life, and of the 
life to come, upon your mofi honourable ?erfon,and illufiriom 
Familie, and who is 

Your Honours meft humble, mofl obedient, 
* and moft aftc&ionaie Servant, 

Gilbert Frimerofe. 






OfEYtls incident to man, m he is man • and 
of the Righteous man. 

PSAL. 34. VE R. 15?. 

Many are the evills of the righteous : but the L ord 
delivereth him out of them all. 

I. \ Ll men are fubieB to many evills : 
j H. jt\ Kings \Prmce 's,gr 'eat men, 
J I Xltjis well as other men, (other men. * 

I ]y,Dav\dafcribetbtotberigbteousmanmo evills than to 
' V» If the righteous man be examined according to the rales 

of the Law } t here is none righteous. 
I WJfin Gods mere ifull accept at ion of the will for the deed, 
all true Christians are righteous. 
Vll.Defcriftwn of 'the "righteous, negatively and affirma- 
j VII 1. /ft 'that U -righteous and holy ,may call himfelfe fi : 



S B R M O N I. 

a Iercm.20. 


b Ioh?.ver.2 

c lob 10. vti; 

i 9 . 

I X . Although hyp ocrttes and wicked npen claime that nam ? ' 
to themfelves. 

X. The true characters of wicked men. 

XI. Their beH worltes are great finnes. 

XII. The Church is the Congregation of right eons men ^.nd 
is aifmltedwith many ev ills. 

XIII ^Exhortation to right eoufneffe. 

F wee take but a flight view of 
marijwhoiivhis own pride and 
loftineffe of minde > hath taken 
to himfelfe the glorious title of 
the Little world, if wee confider 
him in his perfon & in his ftatej 
wee (hall -finde? that he is but a 
cage of rottenndie, a iinke of filth, and a world of 
w retch ednetfe. 

The feed whcrof he comesjis a (linking excrement; 
and theground wherein he is fowen, is a quagmireof 
dirt.a finkeof unckaneneife, a ftraitanddarkepitof 
loathfome and peHiicntputrefaifHon.fro.yi whence he 
doth not efcape 3 butis thruil out as a noifom & trou- 
blefomegueftjwho neythercanbe kept longer? nor 
(c-t at liberie without unfpeakeable torments,both to 
the mother who hath conceiued,borne and nouriflied 
him fo long in her wombe $ and to himfelfe, and of- 
tentimes without death to both. 

When he is thus caft forth with forrow and paines, 
ifhs had the ufe of undemanding, to know the mife- 
ries w hereunto he is borne ; and of fpeech,td utt: r 
what he thinkerh of thern ? be would make his moane, 
with Feremy? That he came forth out of the wcmbejofet 
labour and forrow : and,^ cur fin g the day wherein he e was 
£>7W ? wouIdwi(h, whh lob, c to have beene carried from 
thewombeto the grave. For he doth no fo oner open. 
his Koitriis ? to breathe & fuck up the refre filing rnoy- 


Of the Righteous mans Evils. 

ii u re ot the ay re, but he is encountred and befecon all 
(ides with unavoidable dangers: he is borne inteares, 
heliuethin mifericanddyeth in griefe: hunger and 
thirft,cold and heate, nakednedl* and weakenelfe, la- 
bour and wearineife, grea(inelfe&; fweat, waking and 
llceping. feavers and confumptions are the firft depu- 
ties, who at his fir ft entry into the world goe meete 
and welcome him 5 to make the firftfolemnities of this 
palace of vanitie and mourning-, wherein hee hath 
fcant fet the firft fcote,when ignorance and forgetful- 
neiTe,vaine hope and trembling feare>fniflefnc(le and 
defpairejoy and fadneile,defpite and cholor,burning 
luft and cold difdaine,a thoufand comberfome palsi- 
ons,ten rhoufand pricking cares 5 troupe together, and 
joine themielves to the firft band , to conduct & leade 
him bycertaine journiesand ftations,incht to feme 
longer^ o feme fhorter, to the king of terrours 5 to the 
mannorof darkenelfe, to the land of the Pnadowof 
death, where d hejba-llfay to the grave, Thou art my father: 
and to the ivorme, r i hou art my moth r^and my fitter. 

1 1. Whom can you name to me,that hath fpent the 
fhortdaye§ofthis life, and hath not walked upon th^ 
bryers,wherwith it isftrewedj nor felt their pricks? 
Kingsarethe firft amoftgftmensbut they are men. And 
ye (hall foonerfinde the fea without biiJowes/he aire 
without moving, the bramble without prickles 3 than 
man without evii« iforwhatismanslifebutan Ocean 
ofmiieries, wherein there is no drop of true delight 

When yeecaft your eyes upon Kings and Princes, 
heed not the precious Crowne which gb'ttereth upon 
their heads, nor the mining Purple which covcreth 
their nakednefle, nor the legionaries andfquadrons 
of fouldiers which guard them •, nor the Nobility 
which hedgeth them on all fides, nor the glorieof I 
their fervants,ncr the magnificence of their fare, nor 

B 2 the 

d lob 174 14, 

B R M O M 


c Tiberius, 

Timeo mcufto- 
A it as ad it us J i- 
ft odes. 

f Pro.14.-r?. 

the excellencie of their palaces, nor the gorgeous 
pomp of their Court. Pierce further in , thruft your 
eyes within the centre of their hearts ; confider their 
deeds and carriage,and you fhal fee at one fight ; a head 
crowned with gold, & a heart fcorr.hed with griefe: 
The Mower of Purple 3 the brightncfle of Scarlet, the 
glittering plate-laces of Gold , the twinkling Jewels, 
dazelingrhc eyes of the beholders ;and piniivenetfe, 
blacking the fouleofhim that beareth them: Men in- 
vironed with guards withour 3 andbefieged withfeares 
and terrours within , ever laying fome new plot, and 
manie times eroded in tbeirdeiignessnotwithdan- 
ding their great power, not able to doe all that they 
would, and often con drained to do what they would 
not; making a faire (hew to thofe whom they hate, 
midruding thofe in whom they muft needs truft 5 fu- 
fpecling now their vives,now their children,fearing 
all thofe that fcare them, c dreading all entries which 
are not kept,yea,and dreading alfo their own keepers; 
pafsingthc dayesin painefull labours , in trouble of 
minde,in tnany dangers betvveene (ha melede flatte- 
rers., craftie calumniators, and apotted affalins ; and 
feeking, In thedarkenede of the night, the red which 
a remorfcfull remembrance of things pad, a gnawing 
feare ofthings to come,& a thoufand other perplex i- 
ties pull away violently from their eye-lids, * Even in 
laughter their heart is farrow full : and the end of their mirth 
is heavineffe. They drinke vVormewood in a cup of 
Gold; the Sugar of their delights is embittered with 
thz GaU ofdifconrent,and when they glutthemfelves 
with voluptuous plcafurcs, and fwallow downeche 
mod rare and cottly dainties, as Behsmoth draweth up 
Jordan into his throat,either feare de4th,as if they bad 
thefharp point of a naked fword hanging bya haire 
above their heads 5 or long for it, to make a dolefull 
end of the huge heape of their manifold and wofull 


Of the Righteous mans Evils. 

g Onolilem 
mafii mtttxn 

miferies , which extract from them now and then a 
vehement difdain of their royall Robes, wkh this true 
exclamation, % O cloth more glorious than happy ! the low- 
z,ieH be^ijar of the cotintrey would not ftoop dowuewardto 
lift thee from ths ground, if hec kneivwtth how many cares, 
frights, and vexations ofjpirit thou art lyned, 

A\\ the Tragedies, though fabulouily written, arc 
made of the true miferies and Orange calamities of 
Kings? Princes , and other great men of the world, 
Runne thoiow the (lories of Heathen men : of lb ma- 
nie Kings, how few fliall yee finde, whomadrie and 
peaceable death hath fen t to the grave, where now 
theworme feedcth fweetly on them ! In the Scrip- 
tures ye fee 6^#/,poiIe(red with the Divel,murthering 
the Lords Pnelrs^Yniting withthe edge -of the fword 
the whole Citie at Neb, men and women, children 
and fucklinp;s,Oxen,AiresandSheepe, feeking to kill 
his owne fonne and heyre , and finally imbruing his 
unmercifull and pittileife hands with his owne blood. 
There ye fee Ifhbofhcth flaine by his owne Captaines, 

in whom he hid fpedall affiance. There jce fee the 

good and godly t^ing David no fbonerunpeftered of 
onewarre,but he is entangled into another :ye fee 
him overwhelmed with domefticali calamities, con- 
drained to behold and furTer the incefts, parricides/e- 
bellions.revoks of his owne children : and to be upon j 
his guard againft them who fiiouid have guarded 
hiiv. There ye fee Sal-omonjhe.wifeR, but not the beft 
of the fonnes of men, after hee had taken a deepe 
(fraught in t be en (laUne cup of worldly profperitieo,, 
and given his heaitto feeke 2nd fearch 01U by wife* 
dome all things that are done under heaven, upbrai- 

l their, all with this true faying $ h Behold, all is va- h Ectfca.i.z^ j 
nityand icwaiaicftyirit.- The life of all the Kings of 
luda was nothing elie but as a web woven, as a ban- 
drick interlaced with cvills : what was the Hate of the 

B 3 Kings 

i Eccks.x.i« 

B R M O N 


Kings of Iirael,butan hideous ipecracle of moil hor- 
rible calamities? Neyther flialiye finde any amongft 
the Politicians and Statefmen , living amongft ths 
wearifometurmoileof imploiments, who once in his 
life findeth- not whereupon to ftng to his perplexed j 
CouIq. Salomons complaint) which Gtlintcrxhs la ft King 
of the Vandales harped with a mourning and w- 
fulltune, to the Emperour luslinian, whofe prifoner 
he then was, 1 Vanity of vanities. Vanity of vanities, all is 

i 1 1. If fuch be the condition of Kfngs 3 of Princes, 
of Courtiers, of Statefmen who have their portion in 
thislife>and leemetobein afafe harbour againft all 
kindes of ftormes,and in all weathers $ who is ableto 
relate all the troubles which difquiet the mindes of o- 
thermen,and fteepe the few drams of worldly com- 
forts, which they taftebutfeldorne in their hVes,with 
a quintallofgallPOne bewaileth the death of his on- 
ly fonne:another curfeth the day wherin he was made 
thefatherofamanchilde: this man complaineth of 
his wives di (loyalties that man conveyeth his wife to 
the fcpulchrej with fadneife and teares. He who lived 
in eafe , is afhamed to fee himfelfe ftript of all that he 
had 5 and he who fpoyled- him, is amazed when he is 
alfofpoyled by another ftronger than himfelfe. One 
amongft an hundred 3 mourneth for the death of his 
friend, who was to him more faithfull and fteadable 
than a brother 5 but maniefret and are much moved, 
when they fee their familiar friends, in whom they 
trufted,andirrwhofebofomethey did lay all their fe- 
crets, lift up their heeles againft them. 

To be fhort, there is no tongue that can fully ex 
prefteallthe evils that are incident to man in his per- 
fonand ftate$ neither is there- any man.who feeleth 
notj with paine j the portion of thofe evils which is 
fhared unto him. As they that fayle in (hallow wa- 

Of the Right eotts ?nans Evils, 


tersamongft rocks and fh elves of fand,arenotvoyde 
of danger andoffearc; fo they that hoyfe upfayles a- 
mongft the waves and (urges of the tempeiruousfea 
of thisljfe,are not freed from annoyesand difcontent- 
inents : ali their pictures are like the LochHs, whereof 
mention is made in the Revelation* \\h\ck k hadhajre 
as the bajre of women, to entice with goodly (Tiewesjrftfd 
tdylcs U'ic mto Scorpions, to Ring with mortal! difcon- 
tt^nt. They Hi all leave ofTtobemortalLmen , when 
cvill dial! leave offto purfue them : andteares dial not 
be wipt from their eyes, untill death hath clofed their 
eye lids 5 'For man is borne unto trouble, as the (parses 
rife up to fly e, and " theftrength of bis dayes is labour and 

1 V* But amongfl: and above all mem many are the 
evils of the righteous man , as David {aid when hee was 
forced.through feare,to change h ; s behaviour before 
^Abimelech K ing oi Gath,andfaining himfelfe madde, 
efcaped his enemies indignation, for hefeareth not to 
call himlelfe righteom : and calling to memorie the 
great number of evills, which hec had endured from 
thefirftdayof his anointing till then, he pronoun- 
ccth , t haxmany arc the evils of the righteous. Which he 
fpeaketh fo of hitnfelfe, that he extendeth it to all 
thofe who can claime the title of righteous men to 
thcmfelves. And becaufe this faying is confirmed by 
t he experience of all ages, and therefore it may feeme 
very ftrange.that a righteous man fliould be h fiorm- 
beaten with affiidions 5 hemitigateththebitterneireof 
this averred fentencc,with the fweetnetfc of this no 
JelTe experimented conclufion $##r the Lord delivereth 
bun ostt of them all. 

So the Text taketh you by the hand, and pointeth 

out to you, first, a righteous man j and his manifold 

afflictions j/froW/r ■, the L o p. d : and his deliveries : 

■cuntoif ye addea cjueflion, which is impJyed in 


k Revel. 9, 8, 

1 Tob fc 7 , 

m Pfal.90. 



E R M O N 


Pfal 14.10. 
Rom. 5«io. 

p Iudevei'.io. 

q x s Cor,i,i4. 

r lob 15. \6, 

\ Rom.P.7. 

the fird part,why the Lord permitteth the righteous 
man to be fo roughly ufed jyefhalhavein thefe parts 
the matter offundry Sermons: ibefirft, of the righte- 
ous raan,and of the characters whereby heis known. 
The fecend and tbtrd,of the evils wherewith the righ- 
teous man is on all fides ihunder-flricken.The_/wf/? 
and fift 9 of the caufes wherefore Almighty God, 
and his loving father, luffereth him to be pufhed and 
tolled to and fro with fo manie evils. The red (hall 
be of the Lords deliverances. Let us then begin at the 
firil part 5 and our beginning and heJpe be in the 
Name of the Lord, who hath made heaven and earth. 

V. If ye define and defcribe exactly the righteous 
man,by the rules of the Law, which afcribeth this glo- 
rious andmoft excellent title to thofe onely, whofc 
! perfons are (from the womb ) without fpot , whofe 
actions are without fin ne, and in whofe lives Gods 
all-feeing eyes can perceive no blemifh 5 let Papifts 
fay what they will,we will truly fay with David in the 
Old Tcftamcnt/ There £* none that doth go od,no not one: 
and with S./Win the New Teftament, ° There is none 
righteous ,no not one. 

For if Pa pidsfpeake of fuch men as are by S.Iud? 
called v fenfiiall,not havingthe jpirit^zn&^y ^Thzt they 
may keepethe Law of God,ifthey will : the holy and 
true nportlegiveth them the lye, faying in the New 
Teftamenr, that <l The naturall man rcceivetb not the 
things of the Spirit of God for they arefooltjhneffe unto him: 
neythcr can he know them, becaufe they are fpiritnally difcer- 
ned. Now if he cannot know them, what ability can 
hehavetodoethem? frnd therefore Etiphaz,foyth of 
fuch a margin the Old Teftament, that 1 he is abomina- 
ble and filthy, drinking iniquity liJ^e water : for heis fiefh, 
heis nothing bm rtefli , nothing but corruption and 
i inne* an d hhs ajfeftton of the fiejh,is enmttte againfi God : 


of tbi m* ki%n$ Evils. 

for tt is not frbiccv to the L w of God \fiejtker mdeedcan 
'£f.lf then we rjttothefecsrnai men, the words which 
lt'remy[\nkc to his audkorsj asking of them* ' Can the 
Ethiopian change his $kw ? . or fix Leopard his (pots f then 

,:ccHilomedto do cvtil ; wee 
(ball convert them ro their owne ufe: becaufe that 
v being infidels jheir minds and confiienee if defiled, and; 
« being after the fuf^thcy minde the things oftheflfh, 

If they ipeake of t hole of whom the ApoMIc faith? 
that they are after thejprrit, and mind the things of the (pi- 
riband affirm of them, that if they wouId,t|iey might 
keepethe law $ feeing they keepe it norland that the 
holiefl: man that ever was ? could not fay truly > x I have 
■oxide my heart cleane, I am pure from my fwne : then ac- 
cording to this fay ing.good men areillmen, honed 
men arc knaves,upr jght men are malicious men : for 
y to him that Itnowcth ta doe good 3 and doth it not Jo him it is 
fane. 'And never did any, but a defpitefull wicked 
roan, fay 3 I might do good if I would ; but I will not 
doe it: whereas much otherwife, the godly & honeft 
hearted man fay es^The will is pre fent with me: but how 
to perform that which is good, I find not. For the (rood that I 
would J doe not: but the evillwhich I would not, that i doe. 
Whereof the Apolllerendreth this reafon, writing to 
the Galathians ; h for the fijb lutteth against the Spirit, 
and the Spirit again if the flejh : and thefe are contrary the 
one to the other 5 fo thatyee cannot doc the things thatyec 
would, teaching moil cleerely, that the finnesof the 
1 fpirituali man come from his weakeneife,andnot 
from his will: otherwife they fhould be finnesof 
malice,and not of infirmitie. 1 concludethen,thatif 
I mansrighteoufnetfe be (triclly examined in theba- 
i lance of the Law, there never was, and c there is not a 
tu'it man up o-n earth, that doth good, andfmneth not, (aving 
our Lord lefus Chrifr, who through the prerogative 
of his immaculate conception? by the wonderfull o- 
! _. C_ pera- 

t Icr.13.zj. 

v Tit.i-.if. 

\v Rom. 8. 5. 

x Fro. 209 

y Iam.4.17. 

a Rom.7.18, 

b Gal. j. 17. 

c Ecclef.7.2o. 


S B R M O N I. 

d Rom. 8* j. 
e Hcb.7.2^. 

f Aft* 14. 

g Efa.^4.6, 


i Ephef 4* n, 


peration of the holy Spirit,was ^intheltkeneffeoffin* ! 
fallfefbf holy Jharmeleffe^ndefiled^&fefarate from finners .•' 
and for that caufe is called*'^* Righteous 5 that title ! 
belonging only to him in that refpecT. 

V I. But what godly men cannot claime to them- ' 
felves in the rigorous (triclneile of the Law 3 that they 
finde in Gods mercifull acceptation , and in the mo- 
dification of his ble(Ted Gofpel> wherein heentitleth 
his beloved children , with this honourable name of 
Righteous men : judging of thermnot by the imperfect, 
perfection of their righteoufnelfeSjo which are a* filthy \ 
ragges 5 but by their affeclion and earned endevour to 
beiuchas they mould, and which they drive with 
might and maine to be^ forgetting thofe things which 
are behinde^and reaching forth to thofe things which are be- 
forehand fo prefsing toward the marks, f or r ^ e f rtce °f*h* 
high calling of God in Chriftlefus. For God>whofhe- 
weth himlel'fc in the Law clothed with the majeftu- 
ous and inexorable ft veritie of a Iudge 5 reprefentcth 
himfelfe in the Gofpel as a Father, arrayed with 
meekenelTe and mercy : regarding the willingneflfc 
of his children, rather than anie perfection which 
may befoughtjbut (hall not be found in their obedi- 
dience? fo long as they are in the way to their home. 

For in the faithfull and true Chriftian, there are 
two men : j The old man, which we carry with us from 
our mothers womb,when we are firft borne 3 and the 
new man>which is given to us when wee are borne a- 
gaine. That man is Satans worke 3 and the bitter 
fruit of the rebellion of the firft Adam. This man is 
the worke of Gods Spirit, and the fweet fruit of the 
obedience of the (econd Adam, That man is corrupt 
by deceit full fafts>znd therefore is ever bufied in draw- 
ing us away from goodneffe,and entifing us to evill. 
This man is created after God in right eoufneffe and true 
holmejfe^nd is ever thrufting us forward from evill to 


Of the Righteous mans Evils. 


good. That man is (trong and mightie : This man is 
feeble,and wiihftandeth with great difficulties That 
man,though very powerfuJI & hard to be overcome, 
waxethold and decayeth from day to day,untillhe 
be altogether deftroyed : This man increafcth every 
day in might and vigour; and like the people of If- 
rael,wben they were upon their journey ,afcending 
to appeare before God in Sion, goeth k from firength 
to firength, nil he come l unto a fer fell: man, unto tbemea- 
fure of the feature of the fulneffe of Christ. So that man 
is at the laft fubducd, overthrowne and killed by this 
man,as the monftrousGyantC*?//^ was by little Da- 
vid. That man, where he reigneth,bringeth forth for 
fruit m Jhame,znd his end is death: This man hath his 
fruit in bolinefe,md his en d is everlasting Itfe. 

From hence it is,that God, when he is to fpeake 
and make us know what account he maketh of his 
fervants,confidereth them not according unto thofe 
relickes of the old man,whofe ftrength is weakened, 
and whofe life decayeth and dyeth every day 7 to call 
them Sinners and wicked ones : but for his n ownegood 
worses fake, whtch he hath begun in them, and will f erf orme 
untillthe day oflefus Chrtft, calleth them Saints, Righte- 
ous,Perfect. For the Divels worke in us-is not fo con- 
fiderableto defame os publikely with the difgracefull 
name of Sinners and mcked wen, as Gods worke is to 
grace us with the honourable title of Saints andRigh- 
teoiismen: namely, feeing the Lord maintaineth,fet- 
teth forward, & performeth his own good work, & 
at length deflroyeth Satans work in us,as I have faid. 
What wonder then if he qualifieth us with titles of 
honour,according as we are already, & fliall be here- 
after for ever and cver,through his powerand grace $ 
and not according as Satan hath made us,and as wee 
fhallnotbe alwayes,& for evermore r For this caufe 
it is written, that ° He hath not beheld tmquity in lacob, 

C z nejther 

k Pfal.84.7. 
1 Ef.hef4.13. 

m Rom.& 11, 

n Vhil.1.6. 

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p Mich. 7.18 

q Col. 1. 22. 

V CololT.2. IO. 

jf Pfal.i.t. 
t Ff-il.H9 $. 

x Verf. 8. 
y Verf. ;< 

a Hem Jen** 
tu a €r chgril 
r tAtMnOr.c.'S, 
Pcratutn jfJtti- 
tHY pQtiui qua n 

j b Rom.y.lQ. 


S E R M O N I. 

; ; ) 

nejther hath be feene perverfeneffe in Ifrael. Not that I 
there is none, but becaufe p he pardoneth iniquity , and 
pajjetbby the tranfgrefsion of the remnant of his heritage j 
covering it with the precious robeof tnerighteouf- 
ne(Ie of his deare Son , c i in whom hi hath made us holy; 
unbIa?neabIe,tinreproveable,znd r complete in his oivnji'/ht: 
And thereforerighteous and perfect in Chri^otun- 
righreous and uncomplete in ourfelves. 

V 1 1» The man whom God calleth righteous in this 
fenfe,ispourtrayed by the holy Spirit , as weJl nega- 
tively as affirmatively. David faith of him negative- 
/;' -that the walketh not in the counfaile of the ungodly ^ nor 
ftandethin the way offinners, norfittetb in the feat e of the 
feornefulLd.njbf doth no iniquitie. S. John faith) that v hee j 
fkmeth not 3 ot)ZS he explaineth himfelfctdothnot commit 
fane, that is to fay, he (inneth not with pleafureand 
content. Whereof the holy Apofile rendreth two 
reafons : for the-firft he faith that he that committeth 
fane, is of the ^ Diveiif he is Satzns bond Qfo&ffirW* 
D.i veil fa/net hfiom the beginning : he hatfrcver beene 5 !S 3 
and (hall bebuHedin ill doing* 

Therefore whofoeveriinneth as he doth. is his, 
3nd not Gods* But the righteous man is delivered 
out of bis clawes, through our Lord lefus Chriil the :; 
Sonne of God, x who.for th&ptirppfettVM r^anifftedabai: j 
he might defiroy the ivories of the Dnell. His fee On d rea- ] 
fon is thl'j \y V/hofoevcr Is borne of Gad , ddibnbt.jfon 
pine rfor hisfeed ? the.feed.ot' his preddlination ^nd 01 , 
his .Spirit rewainethi^ him : arid' be cannot f tine, l\ 
he is borne of God. > l Bernard faith , Tnat he rat her iu f- i 
fereth(inne ? tfaan committeth it: According to that; 
favin.\; of the A poftle -, h lfl doe that J j 
no more I that doc itfuntfane that dwelieth inwte. Neither ] 
can he perfevereand abide in iinae/b'ecau^me'Iaw \ 
of his mind , warring sgainilthelaw of hisTnemb:-n.\ 
finally overmadereth in him the law of fmne, h rid 


Of the Righteous mans evills. 


therefore all his (innes come either from igno" 

rance,orfrom intjrmitie,and lyefo heavie upon his 

wearied foule,that he cannot chooie but delire death 

to be freed of them * crying, as the Apollle did in the 

like Ca fe, c O wretched man that I amjvbojhallclcliver me c n ^ - 2 * 

from this body of death ? 

David delcribeth this man affirmatively, by all his 
inward and outward parts. By his heart 5 d I&fide*\ ( 
light is ia the Law of the LOR D, arid in \m . Lavxdoth 
he medatate day and night. By his tongue ; c He dzcla- e Pfal. 
reth with his Irps all the uidgemcnts of his month : hejpea- l S>4°' 
kcth of his testimonies before Kings, and id not aJhamed.By 
his hands ; l lie wajheth his hands in innocencyg heJJ?ew- c pr a | # 2 ^ 
eth ?> \ t ; ivcth. By his fee 1 5 ]l He runneth the way g P [al 3 7 . 1 1 . 

of (jpsls comryhwdements-jk. c. h P^' 1 1 9* I l 

Therefore his Righteoufneffe is not only a religi- 
ous abfrinence, and refraining from cvill 5 but alfo a 
care-full and conkionsble imployment in all things 
which are g.ood : for ! he ffrattfyfr r*ghteoufncffe,k ngh- 1 i.Toh. ? 7. 
vas, k a serfjci pjuL *n upright manfieartJng k Io& tt$i 
:;:d efchuing cvill: and fuch as 6acharrias and £//-■ 
zrfbeth werejto whomtheScripturebeareth witnclle, 
that J they were both righteous before God , walking in all 
the commMid'jmci^s Ofid oj-du.^ccs of [{hi. Lord blameleff. 

Vlll. Da-:.: Lii3liengerb and taketh upon him 
this title of a Righteous man : for, as 1 have laid , hee ! 
fpeaketh nor only ofotheis 5 but alfo and principal- 
ly of bimfelfe. He fpakerhus t.ruely 5 and he ipakc- 
thus t!je Hoiy Grind : Then this fpeoch 
nobracigingjforthe'vSpiritof GodkiKUtherlyt ' 
norboadcr. When Hcz^ktab prayed unto theLotiD, t 
th3t m hewJidd xemeinber. hox he had walked before him in j lcJt 8 , 

k>avA with a}.- .rt : 4ljali we lay - tharli ke 

the Peacock ( -/ho, in, the height of Iiis-pnde>> covers 

hiuifelfe ail over with his ta j \e) he tooke pteafiir* to 

»y his rightcoufnelle before God, and : o ghiifo 

C 3 him- 

1 Iuk.i % 5. 


1 K M O M 


ii Luk. i8.u« 

yerbj>wnni t 

des : predicate 
quod actepertiy 
non eftfupcrbtA, 
p lam. 1.17* 
q i.Cor.f.14. 

r jitftbro/de 

j4cobo 9 Cr v'ua 


himfelfe vain-glorioufly in his owne workes , as the 
n Pharifee gloried in his ordinary fafting,and liberall 
giving of tythes of all that he poifefled ? 

Surely Papifts,when they nick-name us with their 
owne titles of pride and preemption, becaufe wecall 
our felves Righteous men,will not ftand (me thinks) 
to print the fame ftampe upon thefe godly mens 
foreheads: and feeing, in their opinion, it is great 
preemption and high pride to anieman living, to 
call himfelfe a Righteous and holy man 3 they muft 
needs have a very bad conceit of themfelves , and 
confefle that they are unrighteous, unholy,and wic- 
ked men. whereupon they may take time to advife. 
As for us, we may learne by this example of David, 
and manie mo which are to be found in the Scrip- 
ture,that° to preach what thou haft received, is not arro- 
gancyjmt faith : is not pride, but devotion ; as Auguftin 
faith wifely : this caveat being kept, That thou feeke 
not in it thy owne glory, as the Pharifee did 5 but the 
glory of P the father of lights, of whom commethfrom a- 
bove every good and perfect gift, ,as David, and Hez,ekiah 
did,and as the holy Apoltles did, when they feared 
not to fay, that'll love of Chrift conftratned them: 
and to fpeake manie good things of themfelves,not 
through loftineire of minde,that they might be prai- 
fed 5 but through free and true humilitie,that the gift 
of Chrift might beknowneof all men,andthankes 
rendred to him : as Ambrofe obferveth wel upon that 
place. If we were taught to glory in the perfection of 
our workes, merites, and fupererogations, as Papifts 
are,then every one mould repulfe that falfe doclrine 
ofpride,and fay with Ambrofe, r I have no good workes 
wherein I fhould glory : I have no thing whereof I may 
bragge, and therefore twill glory in Chrift : I will not glory 
becaufe lam righteous 5 but I will glory becaufe I am re- 
deemed : I will glory, not becaufe lam voyd of (inne,but be- 

Of the Righteous mans Evils. 

c a ufe my fmnes are forgiven me : I mil not glory becaufe ' 
any man hath beene profitable to me, or I to any man, but 
becaufe Chrifl u an Advocate with the Father for me, but , 
becaufe the blood ofChrtH wasfhedfor me. But when we ! 
are taught to confe(Ie,thatwhcn we were like wand- j 
ring (heepe,the Lord fought us: when we were loft J 
he did finde us : when we were fick j hee healed us : 
when we were (linking and filthyjhe made us cleane: | 
when we were captives , he delivered us : when wee j 
were fold under fin, he redeemed us : when we were 
dead , he gave us life : when were unrighteous and 
prone to all evill, he made us righteousjand inclined 
our hearts to his fervice: when we were the Divels 
Stewes,hemade us his own Temple: when we were 
damned,hefaved us : If any fay that fuch teachers fet 
us upon thepinacle of pride, & leade us not into the 
Temple of humilitie 5 they muft confefle that they 
never had a lively feeling of any faving grace of God 
in thcmfelves, or that they have never learned what 
it is to give thankes unto God : for how (hall I give 
thankes to God for thofe gifts>which through humi- 
lities they fay,I muft deny to have received f 

If we fliould fay,that theSunne Ihincth at midday; 
though it be moft true, Papifts will not beleeve ^ex- 
cept we bring fome old Father with us j to witneile 
that it is fo. Let them therefore heed the fpeech of 
r S. AuguHin, who explaining this prayer of David in 
the beginning of the 85. Pfalme, which in Hebrew 
and in our tranflation,is the %6, Preferve my foule, be- 
caufe I am holy : after that hee hath fliewen> that it is 
true in Chrift , who forgiveth all finnes , and never 
committed anie 5 asketh,Dare I alfo fay for I am holy * 
anfwereth thus : If holy a* fanBifying , and not having 
need of any to fanttifie me, I dm a proud man and a Iyer : 
But if holy, at being fanclified ( i. made holy ) according to 
that which in wr?tten,i.Pet.i.Beye holy for I am holy. Let 



Pectdttru om» 
mum non com- 
Mjjtryfcd dt» - 

- ( l£ 

S K 11 M ON I, 

confefsio nttim- 

Sdriclas fum , 

edit; me : qui A 
Accept von quid 
h.ihw. rita.t tit 

alfo the body of Christ yea let the man that cryctbfrcm the 
ends of the eanh,fay with his head md wider his he ad J am 
holy : for he hath received the grace of holtneffe, the grace 
^fbaptifme^mdof forgiven? fie of finyies. -And fab were 
fbme ofyoufoith the -Apostle, tiCori&yeckonwg rbm 
. light and heavy, ufuall and horrible : Andfuch were fobn- 
of yon 5 but ye are wafbed, bat ye are fanllified. If then lie 
fay that they are fanftified, let every beleever fay ,1 am ho- 
Jy. Tim u\ not pride of one that u haughty, but a confefsi- 
m of o-ne that is mt with anhef till : for if thou fay that thou 
i art holy of thy felfe, thou art proude : Againe, beleeving in 
' Chri strand being a member oj ? Christ, f 'thou fay not that - 
' thou art holy ^thou art unthankefull. For the Aposl/e re- 
proving pride, faith not, Thou hasi not, but he faith, i. Cor. 
^Jfioat hail thou that thou didst not receive ? Thou wast 
not reproved , for. faying that thou hadsl that which thou 
hadsl not, but becaufe thou w Guide si have of thy felfe that 
which thou hadsl : yea acknowledge both that thou hadsl, 
' and that thou hast nothing of thy felfe, to the end that than 
I be neyther proud nor unthanh^e full. Say to thy God, I ato 
holy, becaufe thou bast JancHfied me : becaufe I have recei- 
|, not becaufe I had it : becaufe thou hast given it , not 
I becaufe I have deferved it. For on the other part, thou be- 
ginnest to, offer oh iniury to our Lord lefts Chrisl himfelfe: 
For if all Chris Hans, and, beleever s, and all that are bapti- 
sed in himjoaveput him on,asthe Aposlle faith, Gal. i. As 
many of you as have beene baptised into Christ, have put 
on Christ :if they be made members of his body, and fay that 
they are not holy , they offer a wrong to the head it felfe, 
whofe members are holy. Looke now where thou art , and 
take dignitie from thy head. For ye were fometimes dark§- 
neffejbut now are ye light in the Lord,Ephefj.He fatth,Tee 
were fo/netimes darknefle : but have ye remairied darkneffe ? 
}Ie that enlightneth , is he come, that yee jhould remaine 
darkeneffe,or that ye fhoiild be light in him? Let therefore 
every Christian fay, yea let the whole body of Christ fay , Let 


Of the Righteous mans' Evils. 


him that fufereth tribulations, diverfe tentations,and innume- 
rable fcandals , cry and fay , Preferve myfoule, becaufe I am 

I X, Iris no matter what many men, which are not 
rightCQUSjtliinkeand fpeake of themfelvcs : every foole 
is a wife man in his owne eyes. Many beggershave 
kings hearts , and will bragge much of their antiquitie, 
and worthineife of their kindred, and of the glory of 
their riches. At Arhens there was a certaine man,called 
tThrafylaw, who (detained with a pleafant madnelle) 
deemed that all the (hips which arrived there, wene his j 
and in this fame towne there is a foole,whothinketh 
verily that heisKingofgreatBritanne: If afoole think 
that he is wife, fhall a wile man call himfclfe a foole ? Jf 
a beggerfay that he is rich, fhall a rich man fay of him- 
islfe that he ispoore ?]£ a man, troubled in his hypo- 
chondres, imagineth that hec is K itig of this Ifland, fhall 
the King miltake himfelfe,and put in queftion whether 
he be King or no ? l£ an hypocrite or a wicked man 
crack much of his owne righteoufneile, fhall he whom 
God hath mercifully clothed with this wedding gar- 
ment,deniewhat he hath received,and fay to his bene- 
factor who hath bought him, Thou art not my father ? 

X. Wemuft not weigh fuchmen in the deceiving 
weights of their owne imaginations, but take the true 
balances of Gods word, and weigh them therein. There 
you fhal reade ofthem 3 that which was faid to Belfchat- 
far King of Babylon : c Thou art weighed in the balances ', 
and art found wanting. There you (ball rindethem let out 
in very darke 3 fmoakie,andhe'l fh colour%both in their 
in fide andoutfide. v Their inwajrdpart u very wickedneffe. 
There is no fatthfulneffe in their mouth : their throat is an 0- 
pen fepulchre , they fatter with their tongue : x Their eyes are 
full of adultery : Y They are as fed horfes, when they rife in the 
mornings every one netgheth after his neighbours wife : *Thcir 
right hand is a right hand of filjhood : b Their feet runne to 

D eviB, 

f Athene, 
lib, X 2. 

t Dan.y, 

v Pfal y.9. 

x 2 Pec*. 


y Ier.5.8. 

a Ffal.144, 


b F.fa.j^. 


8 R M O N 


18, 19. 
d fob xl. 

c Pfalj<5. 

f Pfal.14. 

*w// , ^W the y make baste to Jb?d innocent blood, : Their , 
thoughts are thoughts of iniquity pasting and deslruiiion are 
in their paths : The way of peace they know not^and there is no 
tudgement in their goings. With ail this, having in then> 
c Deut.ip. J felves c a root bearing gall and wormewood , they adde drun- 
kenneffe to thirst* hardneire of heart &: contempt of God, 
to finne. d They fay unto God,Depart fiom pa :for we defire 
not the knowledge of thy wayes : what is the Almighty , that 
we Jhould ferve him ? and what profite Jhould we have, if wee 
tray unto him f The caufe of all is> e The tranfgrefsion of the 
wicked faith within my heart , There is no fear e of God before 
his eyes. For he flatter eth himfelfe in his owne eyes, when his 
iniquity is found to be hated. The words of his mouth are ini~ 
quity and deceit : he hath left off to be wife, and to doe good, 
He devifeth mifchiefe upon his bed,hefetteth himfelfe in a way 
that is not good , he abhors not evill. For this caufe? fuch 
men are called f workers of iniquity 5 God judging of 
then->,& qualifying them 5 not accordingtothe ill which 
rhey do,but according to the ill which they are willing 
to do. For as righteous men doe not the good which 
they would doe,and do the evill which they would not 
do : ib they con trari wife do often the good which they 
would not doe, and doe not all the evill which they 
would doe. 

XI. For being fervile and bafe minded, often tho- 
rough a flavilb feare of puniihment,tbey abftainefrom 
evili^nd now and then through a mercenary hope of 
reward 5 theydoe (omc good 5 like unto the Scribes and 
Pharifees, whom drift curfed with many woes for 
their manifold linnes: and namejyi becaufcs they made 
cleane the out fide of the cup, and of the platter, but with:n they 
were full of extortion and exceffe. Such mens works, which 
hove a goodly fhew^whatarethey elfobut, as one of rhe 
ancient Doctors of the Latm Church called tru-m, 
h Glorious and glittering finnes ? Therefore Chrii't faid to ! 
j 1 Mat. 5. 10. ' his Difcipks, : tb.:t except their righteoufneffe jhould exceed \ 

the I 

g Matt. 23. 

h Spk.iduU 

Of the Righteous mans Evils. 

the righteonfneffe of the Scribes and Pharifees, they jhouldin 
no cafe enter tnto the Kingdome of heaven. Nevertheleife, 
both hypocrites, who abftaine from ill doing through 
feare,and i doc all their workcs to be feene of men 5 having a 
kjherv of godlineffc, bat denying the power thereof: and pro- 
fane men, who make no icrupleofill-doing,lire in pro- 
fpcritie 3 and l boast of their hearts deflre. Bur, 
Many are the Evils of the Righteous. 

X 1 1. What is the Church of God, but the Congre- 
gation of righteous men I Wicked men are in the 
Church,but they are not of the Church : as Lice, Fleas, 
Wormes are in the body,and arc ingendred of the cor- 
ruption thereof, but are no part of the body : therefore 
the Chi rch is called m I e s u a u ityhat is,the Righteous, 
or the upright, when it is faid olMofes, that he was a, king 
in fefetrnn.i.zmongft the Upright. a /s there no balme in 
Gileadtis there no Phyfwian there* If there be none there, 
where (hall ye feek them t if there be no righteous men 
in the Church,where (hall ye findc them ? It is true, that 
it may be often excepted againft the Church,confidered 
by great and in the multitude , that ° I E s u r u u,the 
upright waxed fat and kicked^ that when he was growne big, 
fat, and thicke, heforfooke God which made him, and lightly e- 
fleemed the Rocke of his filvation : pfor many be called, but 
fewbechofen. And thtie which arechofen , have their 
owne moles and blemiflies : they are q all tranfgrejfours 
from the wombe. But if they be compared with other 
men* they are terreftriall Angels, and celefliall men, as 
Chryfoslome called Panl : And we may fay in thatrefpeel 
with the Prophet H^ibak^H^,x\\2Lt v the wicked devottreth the 
man that it more righteopts than hee. 

Notwithstanding rbar, the congregation of righte- 
ous men, the Church of God , the deare fpoufe of our 
Lord Iefus Chrifr,is fo vexed and turmoiled with evils, 
that her God & husband nameth her by them, a* if they 
were her chriftned name ; caiiing upon her, and laying, 

D i Oh 


i Matt. 1 1. 
k 2. Tim. 
1 PfaLio.3. 

m Deu.33. 

n Jcr.8.22. 

o Deutj*. 

p Matt. ic. 

q Ifa.48 3. 

r Habafc.r. 



fEfa.j 4 . 

c Mate. 16, 

v Ioh. 1 6. 

x Pfaljf* 


y Pro. 15. 
a Tit, 2 


S B 

R M O N 


f Oh tboii afflifted, tojfed with tempest ,and not comforted : So 
that not only this or that righteous man,but the whole 
companie ofthe righteous, if they were to make choice 
ofa Liverie,might take for their device the Gules or red 
colour ;or,as wee ufe here in England, the redCrojfe, 
which is the right badge whereby Chrilt will have his 
followers to be known,faying u motherland of them, 
1 If any man will come after me, let him deny bimfelfe, and take 
up his crojfe, and follow me. And if they were to feekea 
word to their de/ice 3 amongft thoufands which may be 
found, they mall fin de none fitter,, or at lead truer' than 

Many are the affltttions of the Righteous. 

XIII* What then? were it not better to fend a bill of 
divorce to righteoufnefle, and bid it farewell, that wee 
may be eafed of thefe many evils ? for to the righteous 
the Lord hath faid, » Tefhaftweepe and lament : but of the 
wicked he faith,TheworldJJ?all',:eioyce. Is not rejoycing 
better than weeping? Is it not better to feafl with/&- 
rod,znd to dance with Herodias daughter, than to fafr,to 
lye in prifon , and to lofe the head for righteoufnefle 
fakejwith Iohn Baptisl t The world doth fo . becaule the 
world judgeth fo. 

Butyee, welbelovedj know/both bvyourfathersand 
yourowne experience 5 ihat x ^r;/)' there is fimtfor the 
righteous : he hath his reward within him(elte,aful plea- 
fureand delight in the peace of an upright confeience, 
y -which is a continuall feast : bee liveth in this prefent 
World, a godly towards God 5 who is the mod ex- 
cellent object that his mindecan chufe, and moit wor- 
thietobeloved,praifed ; and fervedin headwords and 
deeds: Right eoufly towards his neighbour , who is his 
Gwnefleli^andtothepurcbafingof whole good he is 
bound by the bands of nature, and inward Tug^eftion 
o f h 1 s o w ne co n fci e n c e : Soberly kt his o w n e per fo n , to 
whom he oweth a decent and refpecruous care,that be 


Of the Righteous mans Evils. 

never do anie thing misbecoming a man, unbefeeming 
a Chri&an, and unworthy of the ranke, wherein God 
hath placed him. For whom fhall he not neglecT,if hee 
negle&his cwne honeftie ? and whom (halll>e refpecl, 
if herefpedl not his owne honour ? Living fo, he ha:h 
b godlhieffe with contentment ,which is great gain e : for c the 
works of right coufneffcjhail be peace •, and the cffecl of right e- 
ofijhejfe, quiet neffe and ajfttrance for ever. But d therein no 
peace to the rucked faith my God. 

Andin the end of the world, when the Lord Iefus 
fhall come e with his Fanneinhis hand, and throughly 
purge his floorejthen he will gather his Wheat into the 
Garner $ but will burneup the charTe with unquench- 
able fire. * Thenjn his mod righteous judgement,he 
will funder the good from the lewd, the upright from 
thefroward,the righteous from the wicked. Then he 
fhall fet the righteous on his right hand,and the wicked 
on the left. Then, then 5 by the power of the unchange- 
able fentence of his mod righteous mouth, allthewic- 
ked (hall depart from him, into everlafling fire; and all 
the righteous fiiall goeinto eternall life .-The wicked to 
burne eternally with theDivell; the righteoustoreigne 
for ever and ever with their Lord and Saviour iefus 
Chrift. Therefore ~>fow toyour felves in right eovJneJfe,and 
ye (i\allreapein mercy, contentment; peace, joy, eternall 
Hie y through themerites of our Lord Jefus Chrifl ; to 
whom with the Father & the holy Ghoft, be all power, 
honour and glory world without end. ^Arnen. 


Of the m.tny evils of the Righteous mxn , 


Many are the Evills of the Righteous. 

I.T""//*? Righteous man I and. of punifhment , 

X hath the evils of 'fane \\ 2 Theevill of fmisvpcrfe 
I D 3 than 


b 1. Tiixv6. 

c Efa.32. 


d Eft. 57. 


e Mat. 3. 


f Matt, 25. 

g HpC 10. 


S H 

R M O 

H II. 

1 M*lum 
culpe y mdlum 

m i.Ioh, 


n jtugM 



Jpfa tit(hitU 

m(trd } qud- 

vis verd fit 

prater vct't 

horn finem 

dd quxm re- 



h*c vita , ut 

pot it* pectd- 

t ban the ev ill of ^unifhment. 

3 The righteous man hath 
fewer finnes , and leffe fmfull 
than the wicked man ^yet hee 
hath mo Evils of pumfhment. 

4 He isflandered of here- 
jie and blafyhemy against God, 
whereof there are many exam- 
ples in the ancient Churchy 

5 And in ours. 

6 Hee is alfo flandered of 
rebellion againfb the high po- 
wers ,and of all the evtllsthat 
are in the world. So it was : 

7 So it is. 

8 Hence all kind of Evills 
come upon him : 

9 Whereof lob is a very 
cleere example. 

10 Vnderths Old Testa- 
ment the faithful were tried by 
lojfe of goods , 

11 By many affltttions in 
their bodies, 

1 l And by Jhamefull re- 

13 The Christians alfo 
have beene try ed after the fame 
man:r,with lojfe of goods , 

14 And of their lives : 

1 5 N amely, under ten kea~ 
vie perfections. 

1 6 Great cruelties praBi- 
fed againsl the Reformed 
Churches of Germany and of 

\y Exhortation to pray 
for the peace of the Church. 

He Righteous mans Evills are of two 
kinds: The evills which he doth, the 
evils which he fuffereth. In the Schools 
we call them l the Evills of offence, and the 
Evills of punijhment : Thofe are finnes. 
Thefe are the paine inflicted fbrfinne. One of the mod 
righteous men that ever was,faid of himfelfe, and of all 
his fellowes,™ If we fay that we have no Jinne, wee deceive 
ourfelves,and the truth is not in us. Ney t her wast here e- 
vcr any of the mod holy and perfect, who was afhamed 
to begge of God, to cry to heaven for forgivenetfe of 
his finnes 5 and who did not efteeme that n his righte- 
oufnetfe confided rather in the forgivenelle of his fins, 
than in the perfection of his vertues* For all the Saints 
which have beene before us,had 5 all the Saints which 
are in the world, have 3 and all thofe who (hall come af- 

Of the Righteous mans evills. 


ter us, (hall have in themfelves the evill of finne : what 
marveJi then if all had, if all have,if all ihall have alfo the 
evill of paine? Where the caufe is prefent & working, j 
no wonder if the effect follow hard, & tread it on the 
heeles. The evill of finne is in all, why then fliould not 
theevill of paine be in all ? 

i Sinne is morally evill : Fm/fomenth but naturally 
evill. Sinne is an offence to God : the punifbment of fin 
is an hurt and griefe to man. What is man, but a worm ? 
what is the fonnc of man, but alittle worm ? what then 
are all the evils which all men fuffer ? what is death it 
[elk ? ° death, which is the wages of finne ; death, which is 
the lad evill, wherein allthceviils that are incident to- 
man >doe meetand end I what is the damnation of all; 
Angels ; and all men, compared to the leaft offence gi- 
ven unto the infinite Majefiie of Almighty God? Not 
fo much as a drop of water,matched with the great and 
hugeOcean. Sinne is thedeftruclion oS\\\twe\beingoi 
man,whichcon(ifteth in his union with God, through 
theconformitieof his will with the will of God. The 
yun foment of 'his finne is but the deftrucUon of his being? 
conliflinginthc union of his body with hisfoule. He 
that heeded not his well-being, he that hath refufed tore- 
maine united to his God by obedience and holiueifeof 
hfc. 5 deferved he not to lofe his being, which he recei* 
ved for his well-being? Or to fpeak more popularly : He 
who was crested to knoweand ferve Godjhewhofe 
felicirieconlifted in the know-ledge and fcrvice of God-$ 
he whofecrned to be happy after that, merited 
he nor,by all right and reafon^to be deprived of his life, 
which hereceived for that end, and to be miferable and 
unhappy forever? Lctmenfpeakeasthey will: to fpeak 
properly- the afflictions of this life, are evils in our fee- 
iling onely j but (inneagainft God, who is the foveraign 
j good,is evill in itfelfe^and the evil) of evills, whether 
J wefeeleit,or we feele it not. Who then fljali be allow ed 
* to 

fiotie confter, 
rjuam pcrje- 
Ftiorte virtu- 

o Rom.6, 

2 4 

Sermon II. 


q Mat. 7.^ 

r Pfal.50. 



t Eph.i. 

Pfal, 10. 

to complaine, if the great evill which he hath commit- 
ted>be rewarded with the fmall evil which he fuffereth? 

3 Yet the righteous man hath fewer (innes than o- 
thermen have,and (ifye will permit me fo tofpeake) 
letfe fin full. Sinreigneth in the men of the world ;itis 
weakened and mortified in Gods children, Sinne in 
worldlings, floweth from the (linking puddle of their 
hardned and malicious heart : To do evill , they finde 
nothing too hote 3 nothing too cold, p The wicked b/ef- 
feth the ftft/^^becaufethey are like himfelfe ; hepuffeth 
at alibis enemies. Through the pride of his countenance, bee 
will not feeke after God$ for all his thoughts are, that There is 
no God: neither willhcfuffertobe admonifhed 5 as yee 
may learn by the examples of Ahaz,,Abab,Manaffes,zn& 
of daily experience* Thefpringof finne in a righteous 
mantis his infirrnitie 3 and therefore it is no fooner fet 
before his eyes, but he breaketh it off by repentance, as 
David and Peter did. 

If then we compare men with men>& not with God, 
wicked mens finnes are like unto 3 beames 5 whereas, the 
righteous mans finns arebut motcs,m& light faults.God 
regiftrethjin the book of his rigorous judgement.the 
finnes of the wicked,and will r reprove them, and fet them 
in order before their eyes : but hee hath made a covenant 
with the righteous J that be will forgive their~miquity, and 
will remember their Jtnne no more ; and that ror Jefus 
Chrift his deareSonnes fake, t in whom we have redempti- 
on jshe forgiveneffe of finnes through his blood, according to 
the riches of his grace. Andyet(a (trangething,and a.mat- 
ter of much aftonifhment !) the v wayes of the wickedpro- 
Jper alwayes,and Gods iudgements are farre above out of his 
fight : On the other fide, 

Many are the Evils of the Righteous. 

4 His evills, or(as they are called in the translation) 
hisaffiittions, are fo many, that it is uneafie to number 
them all. They hold one another by the hand, and 


Of th eR/'g hteom mans Evils . 

2 5 

confpire togetherto fwallow up the righteous: yet wee 
raayreducethem to two heads: for they are eytherf*- 
terrmlhm lotfe ofhonour,cf goods^andof Bfe$or«**r- 
ndffjn great heavinelfe and anguifh of minde. 

The Divels firft care is to darken with calumnies the 
reputation cf the righteous man , and (as David fpea- 
keth) * to tnrne his glory into jhame 5 that they who (hine 
in the glorious light of their owne conference, being 
fpottedandblemiihedbyfalfe reports, may be rendred 
odious to all men, and unprofitable for she fitting for- 
ward of Chrifts kingdeme in their callings. 

The firft accufation is againft their Religions being 
thefitteftto (Hrre up and kindle the hatred of a fuperlti- 
tious people again ft them, and to (lop the courfe of the 
heavenly dodrine* This accufation is (luffed with ma- 
nie common places of antiquitie , of multitude, of glo- 
rie,of honours, of riches, of fuccefsion , of union of 
Kings, Princes, people, oftheiragreement and combi- 
nation to maintaine the old doctrine of the Fathers 3 a- 
gainftthenewSectofthe little flocke, of a fewpoore 
fnakes,ofan handfull of forlorne fellowes,men of a vile 
condition, of no birth, of Ieife gifts, y Noah was eftee- 
med a madde fellow, becaufe of hislowlinelle. The ci- 
tizens of vSodome rejected z Lots admonition ,& threat- 
ned him , becaufe he was a forreiner and fojourner a- 
mongftthem. a Laban [wearing by the gods of Abraham, 
& the gods ofNacorjhat is, by the gods of their father Thare, 
laid covertly in Abrahams, Ifaacs, and lacobs difh,the re- 
proach ofapoftafie and defection fromtheancient,but 
too (tale,religion of their forefathers : whereunto/^£ 
had no regard, but [ware by thefeare of his father Ifaac, af- 
filed of the truth of his Religion 5 which could not be 
outworne, neyther by length of time, norby inve- 
terate cuftome, which is nothing elfe b but oldnefe of er- 
ror. The maine point ofHamans accufation againft the 
Iewes,wa$5 that c their laweswere diver fe from all people : 

E 7iey- 

X Pfal.4.K 

y i.Pct.j.: 


z Gen. 19. 


a Gen. 3 1. 


b Cyprun. 
ddpompe u, 

ftte ycritute 

velusl.u it- 


E R M O N 


d Ich 8.46 

e Mat.21. 

f Luk.6.2. 
g Ion 5 16 

h Matt. 26. 


i Mat.9. j-. 

k Iohn 7. 

1 Iohn 7. 


m Mat.n, 


n Iohn 7. 


o Mar. 6. 3. 

p Matt. 17. 


q Matt. 1 1. 


r Ich. a. 1 9 
f Mait.26. 

!'t ioh.8.48, 


y Mat. 5 11 
! x Matt. 10. 

: y Aa^.ii, 

! I* 

neyther did they keepe the Kings lawes. 

IefusChrift,the eternall Sonne of the heavenly Fa* 
thcr,when he came into the world to bear witnelle un- 
to thetruthjappealed ( without anie difficultie) unto 
the conference of every man, d and defied his enemies 
to prove himfaultiein anie thing-, yet hee could not 
efchuethevenemous poifon of reviling tongues. The 
heads of accufationsagaind his innocentand glorious 
perfon, were,that c he preached, and did all things with- 
out authority : that both f his Difciples andg he,did that 
which is not lawfull to doe on the Sabbath day : that 
h he blafphemed,becaufe he called hirnfelfe the Sonne 
ofGod, and 1 forgave finnes: k that being of Galilee,he 
affirmed that he was the Chrid : that 1 none of the Ru- 
lers, or of the Pharifeesbeleeved on him. When he con- 
verted with finners,to convert them, they faid, m Behold 
a man gluttonous, and a, wine-bibber,a fiend of publicans and 
finners. When they could not refute his doctrine, they 
would cad in his teeth, that n he was of Galilee? a Carpen- 
to",andP a deceiver. When he delivered thofc who were 
potTdlTed with Di vels 3 ther faid , s This fellow doth not cast 
out Divels, but by Beelzebub the Prince of the Divels. Ney- 
ther did he,oriaid he anie thing lb well} but hisadver- 
faries maligned it with illconflruclions.When hefpake 
r of the dedroying of the Temple of his bodie, and ray- 
fing of it up in three dayes/mey accufed him to have 
fpoken of tJic Temple of Jerufalemj and when he con * 
vincedthem of their fi n nes ; they cry ed, that l he was a 
Samaritanc ', and had a Dive 11, 

Chrid foretold his DifupJes ? that v menfhould revile 
them,and fiyallmaner of cv ill again si them fiilfy fir his fake: 
for Aid he, x if they have called the Master of the heufe Beel- 
zebub, how much more Jh all they call them of his houjhold . ? 
A nd h did fall out fo : fojfe witnetfes accufed Steven,)' to 
have fpoken blafyhemous words against the Law of Mofes, a- 
gaimt the holy place, Mid against God. It was laid to Pauls 


Of the Righteous mans EviUs. 


charge, that he was a a pestilent fellow, a ring-leader of the 
feci of the Nazjarens , who had gone about to profane the 
Temple-^ and was a deceiver. 

As this holy religion did rid way, & encreafe among 
the Gentiles; there is no kind of ca!umnie,which the i 
Divell did not devife to make it hateful.Then the Chri- , 
ftians were upbraided with manie heynous andfoule 
crimes: that they facrificed to c Bacchus and Ceres* be- 
caufe they celebrated the Lords Supper with Bread and 
Wine: that they killed little children, and in their con- 
gregations did cate their flefh,and drinke their blood, 
becaufe inthe Lords Supper mention was made of the 
fpirituall eating of Chrifis body, and drinking of his 
blood : that in their a(Iemblie$,which (for fcare of pen 
fecution) they held in the night time,their dcggcs,tyed 
totheCandleflicksjwereinticcd ( by fome coilcpscaft 
before them) toleape forward? that bounding they 
might beatedowne the lights at the time prefixed* and 
fothc darkeneffe might cover and hide from their eyes 
the fnameoftheiri needs with their mothersjfiftersjand 
others of their neereft kindred 3 8c did manie mo things 
which they fliunned to name ; and,as may be deemed, 
came neverin any mans roinde todoethemfincc the 
beginning of the world. Befides all thefe calumnies, 
many other exceptions were taken againft them 5 as 
a their apo(la(ie and defection from the religion of their 
predeceilorsj their contempt of the gods , and of all 
honour given to them 5 the profefsion of an accurfed 
vaniticjofablindeerrorjof a mod abominable and exe- 
crable religion, &c. 

5 When God, in the bowels ofihis mercy ,made the 
truth of his religion to fpring up againe in Germanie ; 
in France,inthis I (land ;were not all thefe crimes irru 
puted to our forefathers, whofe eyes were firft opened 
to feeandimbrace the glorious light thereof? And al- 
though time,the mother of truthjhath fweptaway the 

E 1 impu- 

ti Aa.14. 

b 2.Cor,6. 


c Tcrtull.A- 

EufehJ) fl. 
Eulcj.hb. 5, 


lix m OcU- 


d Tertull. 
c*p. 10. &c. 
Eccte/U. 8. 

idem hb,$. 


B R M O N 


c EufehM" 



imputations of eating of Pigges after the maner of the 
Palfeover, of the extinguishing of the Torches and 
Candles, of inceftuous villanie, wherewith our ance- 
dors were in jurioufly blemidied : yet Chrifts enemies 
forbeare not to fpew out of the open fepulchre of their 
(linking throats? in our faces, the reproach of herefie, 
noveltie ? faclions againfl God ? fchifme againfl the 
| Church a andfuch likemuftie defamations of very old 
date ; which wee wipe away with the fame Sponge 
wherewith e the rlrfl: ChriQians did blot them outlaying 
and verifying by the holy Scriptures, That our Reli- 
gion is the fame which God from the beginning did 
preach to Adam, which Abraham, Ifaac, Iacob and their 
offfpring profetfed? which was foretold by the Pro- 
phetsjpublifhed by the Apoftlesto all nations? bdeeved 
in the world?and is come from them to us , who pot 
fetfe it as we have received it of them in the holy Scrip- 
ture: That all doctrines introduced in the time between 
arebuterroursjimtruthes, jugglings, & novelties broa- 
ched by the Divell $ which dial! be cleerly verified,when 
our adverfaries (leaving off their bloodie perfecutions) 
fhall be willing to take a patient tryall? whether of our 
Religions will abide the hammering of Gods word* 

6 But thedimnelfe of untruth, tearing ( above all 
things) to come to the light of the Scriptures, hateth 
unto death all thofe which light the candle,and. putting 
it on thecandieftiek-carrie it before the eyes of men,to 
enlighten their darkened And therefore as whoores, 
I feeking therenowneof chamtie^areaccuftomedto ex- 
j probrate to honeft women the vices wherwith they are 
polluted themfelves : fo the Divels limbs publiih a- 
broad againQGods fervants, the crimes whereof they 
know themfelves to bcguiltie; as thefe of herefie, of 
blafphemie,of high treafon again ilGod,whereofI have 
alreadiefpokcn. whereunto they adde the crimination 
of rebellion againft the higher powers, of ieditiona- 


Of the Righteous mans Evils. 

gainft the State,of contriving of plots againft their na- 
tive foyle 3 that the Kings and Princes of the earth, 
thinking their States to be much intereired by the do* 
ftrineorgodline(Tc,maybe moved to joine hands for 
the extirpation thereof. To that purpofe Satan had 
never want ofDoegs. 

So Abimelab the high Prieft was accufed to have 
confpired with.D^/^againu 1 Saul their King, becaufe 
f ' Ahimelech in his innocencie had given victuals and 
the fword of Goliab to David, and had enquired of the 
Lord for him. So Abab imputed to the Prophet Eliab, 
that g he troubled Ifrael : fo he confeffed that h bee hated 
the Prophet Aftca/ah,b£Ciiufe he did not prophefie good con- 
cerning him, but evt/l: So Ama&ia the Pried of Bethel, 
Cent to Ieroboam king of Ifrael^faying, i Amos bath conjpi- 
red again ft thee in the midst of the houfe of Ifrael 3 the land 
is not able to beare alibis words 5 becaufe Amos prophefied 
againft the Idolatry of the ten tribes 3 and that in Bethel, 
which was the Kings Sanctuary, and the Kings Court : So 
SanbalLit did write calumnioufly of Nehemiahj^nsx^hee. 
and the laves thought to rebell, that hee might be King • and 
thtit h had appointed Prophets to preach of htm at lerufa- 
kmfbat he was King in Iudah : So the adverfaries of lu- 
dah and Benjaminrfo hinder the building of lerufalem, 
Writ to Artaxerxes ^Beit knowne wcto thee, 6 King, that if 
this rebellious and bad citie be buildcd, and the walls fet up a- 
gainejhen willthey not pay toll, tribute and cushme : for this 
city is a rebellious citie,andburtful unto Kings and Provinces, 
and they have moved [edition within ike fame of old time; for 
which caufew 06 this City deslroyed&c. This was Hamans 
common place againft the lewes : m They keepe not the 
Kings law es, there fore it is not for the Kings profit e to fuffer 
them. Becaufe" lercmtah warned the people of lerufa- 
lemtoyeeldtotheKing of Babylon,accordingtothe 
oath of fidelitie which they had made unto him 3 hee 
was deemed to be a tray tor , who had faint away:. 

E t ' Chal- 

f 1 





li J.King. 
) i Amos 7. 
o 3 ig. 

k Nchcm. 
o\ 6 i7 . 

1 E2I-.4.I2, 

m Eft.-. 8 

n Ier.jy, 


o Dan.j, 

p Dan 6. 

S B X M N 1!. 


q Luk 2^.2 

t Ioh.ip. 

f Aa, 4 .i8. 

v Adl.17 7. 

X Tdck.jirt- 
y Tmu\l m A- 
f oh get. f.40. 
Cyyr'un ad 
verf. Gzntefy 

M.i. Or. 

Caldeans. Becaufe Shadrach , Mejhach , and Abedneg 
would not worlhipthe golden Image which the King 
had fet up* their enemies wentprefently to the King, j 
and faid,° O King,they have not regarded thee. So the Pre- 
fidents& Princes of Perfia*finding no oceafion againft 
Daniel concerning his carriage in the Kings affaires, 
charged him with contempt of rheKing* faying,p Bee 
regardeth not thee,o Ktng,nor the decree that thonhasl figned, 
bnt maketh his p:tition three times a day. 

Theiewesjdreading that Pilate would not be much 
moved with all the accufations which they fhould fet 
on foot againft Chrift,for matters of Religion, fhuffled 
the fecond table with the fir ft 5 rebellion againft Cafar, 
with blafphemie againft God, and (aid unto him j'ifVee 
found this fellow perverting the nation, and forbidding to give 
tribute to C 'afar, fay <in<r, that he himfelfe is Christ a kjng.hnd 
again : r If thou let thx man goc, thou art not C 'ajar s fiend: 
whofoever maketh himfelfe a King , Jpeaketh against Cafar. 
They held the fame courfe againft Chrifts DifcipIes,for 
feeking the meanes to wrap them in rebellion. The Ru- 
lers t commanded them not to Jpeake at all, nor teach in the 
Name oflefus : whereu nto refilling to obey, they c were 
arraigned before the Councell , and condemned to bee 
beaten for their rebellion. The Iewes of Theffalonica 
fet all the citie on an uprore againft Paul and Silas, flan- 
deringthem&alltheChriftians of the town, that v they 
all did contrary to the decrees of Cafar , faying that there is 
another King,one lefts. After that the tyrant x Nero had 
at diverfe times fet the towne of Rome on fire^to pleafe 
his wicked humour withall, and purchafed by fuch ex- 
ecrable acls the ill-will of the whole people, he fhifted 
them off himfelfe* and fuborned falfe witneifes to lay 
them upon the Chriftians. At that time,anci long after* 
they Chriftians were accufedto be the caufe of all pub- 
lick calamities^and popular incommodities* If at Rome 
j the river Ttbm, running over his bankes* overflowed 


Of the Righteous mans Evils. 

the walls: If in Egypt the river Nilu* did not rife to a 
juft height, that overflowing the whole countrey,it 
might make it fertile: If the heavens were turned into 
bralfe ; and refufed to ditlill their dew upon the drie and 
du(lie ground: If the eartb,hardned into iron,difap- 
pointed the painfull labours of the husbandman, and 
defrauded the lower of the expeded crop: If the plague 
offamine,if warres, if anie epidemicall ticknefs went 
ranfacking men and beads $ who were blamed but the 
Chriftians? Chriitians,faid they, are the authors, Chri- 
ftians are the caufes of all our miichiefs. 

7 This hath ever beene fince the reformation,the 
heavieaccufation again (tour fathers and us; that as we 
areblafphemersagainllGod-, fo wee are rebellious a- 
gainllthe high powers, unprofitable to our felves, of- 
fenfire to our neighbours, enemies to all mankinde: 
So the Iefuites, and other Romifh Clergie, perfwaded 
the young King ofFrance, who knew us not, that wee 
were plotting to fet up a State within his State,a D emo- 
cracic within his Monarchic, and intended to caft off 
the yoake of fubjecls, that wee might become Reipub- 
licanes,fubjecl: to none but to our owne lulls and wills, 
like the S witters. So when raine falls fcldome upon the 
e2rth-,when the earth is unpleafint with the (luttiih- 
nelfeof duft; when the mcddovves,drawne dry with 
heate, make the owners to figh, and trie moweisto 
weepe; when the hayle finifheth the vintage before it 
begin 5 when the ftormie whirlewindes pluckeup the 
fruitful] trees by the rootes,and beate downehoufes 5 
when the ay re infected breatheth a mortal plague upon 
men andbcaftsjwhen the licentious fouldierfteps into 
his neighbours houfc,as if it were his owne 5 when go- 
ing out c fit hee leaveth nothing behinde himbuthis 
owne filth and the cobwebs, 6c forgetteth nothing but 
to reckon with his Ho(t,andbid him farewell: all ages, 
all orders upbraid the Huguenots , or, us they call us now 



Shr mon II. 

a Ier.44. 

b Prov. 2 5, 

in France,the Parpaillants, that is to fay, Butter-flies, as 
authors of all, becaufe we beleeve a new Law, and will 
not hold the good old Law of our fathers , who were 
as honed men,and had as much infight into matters of 
Religion,and more devotion than wee have. The old 
world was a good world ; our fathers,who worfliipped 
our Lady the Queene of heaven,and all the Angels and 
Saints which the Pope hath fent thither 3 our fathers, 
who were content to beleeve as the Church beleeved 5 
our good fathers, who turned and whirled about (o de- 
voutly their PatemoFlers,znd mumbled them foreligi- 
oufly before the holy Images , which thefe newupftart 
fellowes call abominable Idols 5 had bread and drinke c- 
nough : but now, fince prayers are made to God alone 
inaknownetongue$fincea few unlearned rafcals and 
out-cads of the world, begin to prate mod fondly of 
heavenly things ; to flirt the holy Father on the note, 
andcallhimtheAntichrift$ tobeate do wne Altars, to 
breake lmages,as Leon the fourth Emperour of the 
Orient did,&c. we darvefor hunger and third, and 
are driven to fuch miferie, that our date cannot bee 
worfe. This was the Iewes anfwer to Ieremiah : a Wee 
willburne incenfe unto the Queene of heaven , and p our 'e out 
drinke offerings unto her as we have done, we and our father S-, 
our Kings and our Princes ', in the cities of ludah , and in the 
flreets of lemfalem. For then had we plenty ofvittuals, and 
were well, andfaw no evill : but fince we left off to burne in- 
cenfe to the Queene of heaven , and to poure out drinke offe- 
rings unto her, we have wanted all things, and have beene con- 
fumed by the fword and by the famine. 

8 Salomon faith, b that a man that beareth falfe witneffe 
again U his neighbour, is a hammer, a fword, and a jharpe ar~ 
row : he is a hammer to the hearer, who yeeldeth atten- 
tion unto his flandering 3 hee cafteth him, with the 
blowesof his viperous tongue, into many dangerous 
fymptomes and perplexities of minde, as if he felled an 


Of the Rzgbteotu mans EviUs. 


c Pfal.27. 

Oxe : he is zfword to hisownefoule, which hekilkth 
with fuch artificiall lyes : he is dfharpt arrow to the in- 
nocent man whom he thus flandereth, (hooting at his 
reputation a farre off>to breed him harme in one thing 
or other. for c fa/fe witnejfes breathe out crueltie : d They 
whet their tongue Itke a [word, andjh'oot tnfleadof their ar- 
row >es, bitter words : that they may fhoot in fecretat the per- j ^pfti, $ 4 
fett ^fuddcnly do they jhoot at him,andfeare not. They er.cou- 3 ,4, j 
rage themfelves in an evi 11 matter : they commune of laying 
fnares privily: they fayjVhofhall fee them ? 

From hence ante mo(t cruell perfections. Then yee 
fee nothing but kindling of fires, but (harpningcf 
Swords,but fmoothing otPikes,butcleering of Parti- 
fans,but preparing of Muskets* but ravenous Harpies 
flying into the houfes,and fowling the righteous mans 
goods : Then ye heare nothing but edids of profcrip- 
tion, butSpoyle,fpoylc$ Kanfack, ranfackj Kill, kill, 
with all kinde of reproaches, curfes,and execrations : 
Then wherefoever ye mall turneyour face,ye dial meet 
with nothing but with faces in flamed with threatnings 
and flaughter,as c Sauls was,when he wentto Damafcus 
to bind the Difciples ofthe Lord:ye (rial mark nothing \ 
butwoodneffc 3 butoutragioufnelfe,but awofull& for- 
rowfullfaceof all things, but hell opened , the Divels 
unchained, and all their fiery malice difplayed againft 
the righteous jbut ravilhing of goods, defiling of ma- 
rled women, deflowring of Virgins 5 bamming, mur- 
thering, exquifite punifhments, grievous tortures,ncw 
kindes of death,and,which is raoft infupportable to an 
honeft heart, fco fifing, upbraiding* defpitefull rayling j 
or, if you will have the roll which the Apoftle hath 
made ofthe righteous mans evills, f tribulation, diflrejfe, 
perfecutton f amine jiakednefftypcr ill fword> without excepti- 
on of fex, without pitie towards little children and 
fucklings, without any reverence to the gray haire and 
old age. 

F Th* 

e Aa.?.i ; 

f Rom. 8. 


S E 

R M O N 


g Heb 1 1. 

h lob 


i lob 19, 
12. &c. 

The -Apoftle > fpeaking of the godly and righteous 
! men which lived under the tyrannic of the Idolatrous 
Kings ofludaandlfrael, and under the Kings of Syria 
; and of Egypt 5 faith ,thatg they hadtryallofcruellmockings 
J and fc oar gin gs yea moreover of bonds and imprifonment -They 
were ftoned,they were faxvsn afunderjvere tempted, were flaine 
with the fword: they wandred about tn jheepes skinnes and , 
I goat shtnnes , being destitute, affiitled,t or mented. Of whom the ' 
world was not worthy : they wandred in deferts, and in moun- j 
taines,andin dens,and caves of the earth. What is deare to 
the righteous man in this world ? His goods. What more 
deare than his goods ? His life. What dearer to him, 
what much more efteem*d of him than his goods , his 
life^andall the world ? Gods glory, and his owne reputation* 
Marke in this catalogue of evils, the righteous man be- 
reft of all thefe things. 

9 The firft unexpected meflTage that the bringers of 
ill news reported tc Iob,was of the lolle of all his goods: 
the fecond^of the unlooked-for and violent death of all 
his children. And,, as if all that had beene but fport and 
play, h the divel fmote him with fo many fore biles, that 
from the fole of his foot, even unto the crewne of his 
head,there was nothing found in him but the skin of 
his teeth. ! His byles were [o loathfome to the eyes,fo 
(linking to fmell, that his breath became ftrange to his 
wife ; his fervants,and thofe that dwelled in his houfe, 
counted him for a ftrangerj and when hee called them, 
gave him noanfwer : his acquaintance were eftranged 
from hirn,his famsliar friends forgot him ; the men to 
whom hee committed his fecrets 3 abhorred him 5 the 
young children defpifed and fpake againft him *,his fa* 
miliarfriends5which cameto comfort him, gaped upon 
him with their mouth, and, adding affliction to the af- 
flicted/vexed his foule with reviling wordsjcalling him 
an opprefTbr ofthepoore, a wicked man,an hypocrite , 
anddifputed eagerly againft him, that the hypocrites 


Of the Righteous mans Evils, 

and wicked men are the mcereand onely obj *cl of af- 
flictions : yea^ his owne wife fcorned his godiinetfe 
and uprightneife, and mocking him with ironwralland 
pinching words, k Doefb thoufttll, {aid (hee, retain? thine 
integrity? Blejfe God, and die, Belides that, l when hee 
: nought that his bed ihouJd comfort him, and his 
coucli fhouldeafe his complaint^then hee was feared 
with dreames 3 and terrified through vifions 5 fo that he 
confucned like rotten wood, and as a garment that is 
moath-eaten. It feemes that God had made him an ex- 
ample and patterne of themanie evills wherewith the 
righteous arecompaifed and befieged on all fides. 

10 If yereadethe ftorie of Davids Iife,ye fliall judge 
that his owne fenfible experience of the many evills, 
which lay heads and hands together to overthrow the 
righteous man,whereof hee fpeaketh in this P fa] me 5 
made him to cry with griefe in another Pfalme : m Veep 
calleth unto deepe at the noyfe of thy water Jpouts : all thy 
waves and thy billowes are gone over me. Condder n him ? 
confider ° Elijah the Prophet,confider the p Maccabees, 
and all thofe worthy Confeffcrs and Martyrs , whom 
the Welled ApoftJe in the Epiflle to the Hebrewes re- 
commendeth, to the blelled and perpetuall memory of 
the Church : behold them deffitute of meat to filltheir 
bellies,and ofhoneftclotbingtogoe abroad ; eye them 
flirowding their nakednetfe bafelyand poorely under 
flieepe and goat-skinnes 3 view them^now flying tothe 
deferts and high mountaines, now hiding themfelves 
in dens and caves of the earth, to fave their lives- Re 
member <1 the hundred Prophets , which Obadiah hid by ! 
fifties in two caves ,■ feeding them with bread and wa- 
ter. The Saints were thus put unto the pinch, when 
their enemies and perfecuters were full-gorging them- 
felves with their goods. 

1 1 Behold the whips and fcourges wherewith r Pha- 
raohs mercilelfe taske mailers teared and rent the flefh 

F 2 from 


k lob x.q. 
I lob 7. t ; 

m Pf<jz«7 f 

n 2. Sam* 
o 1. Kin. 19, 
p 1. Mac. 1, 

q 1 


r Exod;f, 


f j. Kin, ix. 


t 2, 



v i.King. 

x 2,Chro. 

y Ori°cn t in 


2 Matt. 13, 

a i.Macc, 

B R M O N 

I I, 

b Ecclef. 7« 

c lob 16. 

lob 17 6. 
lob 19 i3 4 
lob x.o. 

2J 3 2S* 

from the bones of Gods people. Were not c Micaiab\ 
and c Ieremiahy the Prophets of the Lord , caft into a 
ftraitprifon r and there fed with bread and water of affh- 
c1ion,to ftarve f v Naboth, was he not killed with (tones 
for his Vineyard r* Was not that the byre wherewith 
* loajh the Apoftat payed Zacbariah (on of Iehoiada the 
high Prieft , for his confervation and education,and re- 
quited the kindnelle which Iehoiada had done to him? I 
y Ifaiab was cut thorow the middle with a Saw by Ma- ! 
najfes. Tefus Chrift charged the Iewes and Jerusalem, 
vjixh^fcourgingj^limgxriu'ifyingftoning, perfecttting of the 
Prophets ,wtfe men, and Scribes ,wicb werefent unto them. H o w 
nianie hellifh and horrible torments found out the Ty- 
rant Antiocbus Ef if banes again ft the Iewes, who would 
net leave the Law of the Lord their God ? Yee know 
a the ftory of the (even brethren, and of their godly mo- 
ther, whom hec commanded firft to be maimed, then 
the skin to be pulled off their head with the haire, and 
finally to be brought to the fire, and fryed in a bote 

1 1 Salomon faith truely ,that b a good name is better than 
precious oyntment : Neyrher is there anie honeft- hearted 
man, but he findeth comfort in his povertie,in hisbafe- 
nelTe,inaIlhismoftfharpe and pricking afflictions, in 
death it fclfe 5 fo that his reputation be kept fpotleffe , 
and that in his calamine hee may (bun to be made a 
mocking- ftocL For ye {hall finde ftrwmenor women 
who defireto out-live their own dishonour and (name: 
and there is no righteous man, who can abide the dif- 
gracinginjuries wherewith God is pierced, thorow his 
fide. Neverthelctfe difcredit,infamie, fhameisalfo the 
righteous mans fhare. No affliction did n\p c lob io 
fen-fibly,as when he faw himfelfe to be made a laughing 
flock to young children^ by-word of the people-a Ta 
bret before all men, a Butt of reproaches to his b?$ 
friends; aad to his owne wife. a Sampfon fuffered pati- 

Of the Righteouunws Evils. 


jently the pulling out of his eyep, the binding ©f his 
armesand feet with fetters of bralfe » and the vile and 
toylfome grinding in the prifon-houfe : But when the 
Lords of the Philiitins fent for him,that he might make 
them fport, and when he heard them thanking Dagon 
their fiihie god for the affliction wherwith his God, the 
God of heaven, which hath made the fea and the dry 
Iand 3 had vifited him ; he forgate patience. and cryed to 
heaven for vengeance* David complained of his ene- 
n >ies,becaufe c they opened their month votde againft him,and 
fatd, Ahx, Aha, Our eye hatbfiene him, &c- But f it was a 
[word in his bones, whilft they [aid daily unto him, Where is thy 
Cod ? Then he cryes to his God : g The reproaches of them 
that reproached thee, are fallen upon me. The Prophet Eli- 
Jha curledjin the name of the Lord , the little children 
who mocked him> crying,* 1 Gocup thou bald head, goe up 
thou bald head; and called for the Beares of the wood to 
teare them. ■ lerufalemy^W when all that honoured her 
in her profperitie, dejpifed her in her adverfitie , becaufe 
they hadfecneher nakedneffe, and did?nockeat her Sabbaths : 
Then lerufaiemjthen the Church complained, 16 O God, 
the Heathen are come into thine inheritances: thy holy Temple 
have they defiled : they have layd lerufalem on heapes. The 
dead bodies of thy ferv ants have they given to be meate unto 
thefowles of the heaven : thefiejh of thy Saints unto the beasls 
of the earth. Their blood have they Jhed Itkc water round a~ 
bout Ie-rufalem ; and there was none to bury them. We are be- 
come a reproach to our neighbours, a fcorne andderijion to them 
that are round about us. Then they all cryed, How long, 
LOR D I wilt thou be angry for ever ? Shall thy iealoufie burn 
like fire f Bw that whucn lay heavieft upon their hearts, 
was. l to heare Gods-enemies wring in thcmidJi of his con- 
gregations ; tc fee them fit up their Enfignesforfignes, their \ 
armes lifting up axes upon the interlaced timber of the San- \ 
Ruary, breaking downe with axes and hammers the carved 
works thereof And burning it into rjhes,with all the Synagogues ; 

F % of 

e Pfal.jj. 


f Pfal.4*. 


g Pfal.fy. 

h i Kin.a. 

i Lament. 
i. 7 ,8. 

k Pfal.^. 

1 Pfal.74. ) 



m Matt.8, 


n Toh.i^. 

p 1. Cor. 4. 

I 1,12. 



of God in the land. Then they could not chufe but mourn 
and cry,0 God, bow longfhallthe adverfarie reproach ? Shall 
the enemy blajpheme thy Name for ever ? 

13 All the righteous men of the Chriftian Church, 
have in all times beene tryed with thefe three kinds of 
tentations.The Lord Iefus, our Mafter and head, m had 
not where to lay his head. Neither would his perfecuters 
n fufferhim to dye in the garments which he had, but 
ftript him of them, leaving him nothing to hide his na- 
kednelfe. The bletfed Apoftles, the Rams and ring-lea- 
ders of Chritls flock, ° had neyther gold norfdver, but did 
P hunger andthirU^and were naked, and had no certaine dwtl- 
lingplace,and labottredjworking with their owne bands. In the 
primitive Church, whofoever had goods, were made a 
prey to Chrifts enemies ; and the Apoftle beareth them 
YtltnsffeyXhzi^they tookg toy fully the Jpoy ling of their goods. 
ManyoFyou to whom I ipeake, have heard your fa- 
thers relate, how many quarrels were malicioufly pick t 
againftthem,tobeggerthem,and undoe theircftates 5 
and how (leaving all in Babylon, as Lot did i n Sodom) 
to efcape the burning thereof>and fave their fou!es,they 
came to this blefled refuge and Sanftuary of Gods peo- 
pie in their fhirts, as lacob palled the river Jordan, and 
came to Z^te,having no other provifions and helps 
for his journey and peregrination, but his ftafFe alone. 
In thefe laft troubles of France, I f who now fpeake to 
you) have feene townes,which before were girded with 
Walls, fortified with Bulwarkes, flanked with Turrets, 
fowen with the feed of true Chriftians 5defaced,level- 
led to the ground , turned into allies : and now there is 
nothing to be feene where they flood , but dens of 
Foynesand Foxes, but heapea of unprofitable flones, 
but thickets of thiftles,nettles,and bryers. I have feene 
many great 6c honeft families broght,by the barbarous 
& rude fouldicr, to cleanenes of teeth,& con drained to 
begge, when thefe Horfe-leeches were feeding upon 


Of the Righteous mtws Evils, 

their fpoyles. To how manic have yee, even ye your 
felves,inlargedyourmercifull and charitable bowels 5 
who were accudomed to bebountifull unto others,and 
who come to you to be the glorious object of the for- 
wardnelfe and overflowing grace of your cheerfull and 
liberal] charity,after that they were compelled, like * the 
young man intheGofpel,toleave,in the hands of the 
robbers,thefheetw ch others (lefle cruel!) hadleftthem 
to cover their nakednede,and to die from them naked ; 
thinking themfelveshappie tobelikeunto tEbed-melech 
andf&zm^afterthe dedru<ftion of Ierufalem by the Ba- 
bylonians, and to have their life for a prey ! 

14 Butthatalfoisnotgrantedtoalbfor theblood- 
thirttic crueltie of the wicked cannot be quencbed,but 
with the blood of the righteous* The Lord Iefus, the 
author and fmiflier of our Faith, theShepheard and Bi« 
/hop of ourfoules j after that v he bad endured the con- 
tradiHton of pinners againtt htmfelfe, was at the lad fet to 
&le by one of his owne Difciples, betrayed with a kitfe, 
delivered unto the infolencieofthe fouldiers,tyed hard 
with cordes, beaten fpitefully, crowned with thornes, 
fcourged mod cruelly,& brought forth to the Jews,di£ 
figured with dreamesof blood, flowing from the mod 
parts of his wounded bodie : an ugly fpeclacle to make 
Rocks to cleave,Tygres to weepe,and the Divels them- 
felves to quake and dart backe with forrow. But all 
that cannot fatisfie thefe more than dony* hearted and 
hellifh Cannibals: forthwith they cry, x Away with htm, 
away v>ith him,crucifa him. His death they third after 5 
neither can anie thing flake their third, but the blood 
of his death* 

His Difciples fared not better than hee ;Y Steven the 
fird Martyr was Honed for his fake : What welcome 
his Apoftles got of thofe to whom they preached the 
goodtydings of peace, yee may judge by the relation 
which the Apofilc makes of the Feads wherewith hee 



x Maik 4 i4 

t Icr. 4 y. j. 

v Heb. i2« 



y Aa,7.js> 


a 2. Cor. 

Sbkmon II. 

b Aft. ti.a 

^ Aft.f, 
« Ioh.11. 

wasintertained at his firft comming to them : a Of the 
/mv/, faith he ,five times received I forty ftripes, fave one : 
thrice was I beaten withroddes : once was J ft one d: thrice I 
fnfferedfhipwracke : a night and a day I have beene'm the 
deepe. Intottrnying often ,in per 'ills of waters, inpenlls of rob- 
bers jnperills by mine owne coHntreymen> in per ills by the hea- 
then jnperills in the city, inperillsm the wilder neffe, inpenlls 
in the fea^in per ills among falfe brethren. In wearineffe and 
painfftlnejjejn watchings oftenjn hunger andthirsljnfaftings 
$ften,in cold and nakednejfe. Behold, I pray you, in this 
one Apoftle a three-fold univerfalitie, of the evils which 
he §Mzxz&>of the places v/herehefuffetQdyof the perfons of 
whom he fuffered: he fuffered hunger>thirft, nakednes, 
cold,imprifonment,fcourges,and whips, ftoning, fliip- 
wrack.No place was a place of refuge to him againft fo 
many evils.* he fuffred by fea,by Iand,in the citie,in»the 
wilderneile: Lo,wherefocver he came to preach, there 
he found a crotfe to take upland to belaid upon his 
fhoulders. Allkindofperfons had a quarrellto him : 
theGentiles,and the Iewesof his owne nation,known 
enemies, and falfe brethren. They confpired all, they 
concurred all to bereave him of his life, and prevailed : 
forafterthatheebad parted thorowthc burning For- 
nace of all other evils,he was beheaded at Rome by the 
commandment oftheEmpcrourMm When one Apo- 
flle,one member of Chriftg Church, was fo hardly u- 
fed, thinke ye that the reB,who failed with him in the 
fame fhip,did fleepe upon a calmeand quiet fea, with* 
out wagging, and danger of fhipwrack? 

\> Herod killedlames the brother oflehn with thefword* 
c lohn was relegated into the lfle of Patmos, for the word 
of God, and for the teftimony of Iefus Chrift ; d afcer 
that he, and the reft of the Apoftles, had been beaten, & 
had fuffered fliame for Chrifts Name at lerufalem. c The 
Lord foretold Peterjhstt he fliould.glorifie him by a vio- 
lent death,but where we know notjfor the probabilities 


Of the Rfrhtecm mans Evils. 


be many that he was never at Rome. The Ecclefiaftical 
Stories cell us thar f Andrew his brother was crucified 
at Patros : Bartholomew was flayed quick in a town of 
Armenia, called Albana : Phi/tp was tyed to a pofte, and 
(toned to death at Hterapolis .-Thomas was put to death 
b'/theIndians,to whom he preached the Gofpel. Mat- 
thew was nailed cjuicke to the ground at Myrmena: 
lames , the fonne ofA!pheus,wascz\ headlong from the 
pinacle or the temple of ierufale<n,'nd f lied with (tones 
and clubs: fade Lebbens ,called alio Thadd:us, ] zid downe 
his life for the Gofpel at Beryta, if er that hee had prea- 
ched Chrift to the EdeHeniens,andaliMefot>otamia: 
Simon the Cannite furTered martyrdome in Mauritania: 
Matthias was executed amongft the /Ethiopians: Mark, 
the Evangelift was trailed thorow the (Irectes of Alex- 
andria in Egypt,with a halter about his neck, and after 
wards burnt quicke \Luk$ was hanged upon an Olive 
tree* AUtheApoftIes,alltheEvangelifts, fealed thedo- 
drineof the Gofpel with their innocent blood. 

15 The crueil tyrant Nero lowed the Chridiansin 
Wolves,in Beares,and other wildebea(tsskins,and,un 
coupling his Hounds andMafliffes after them, made 
the tearing and difmembring of innocent and godly 
men,a game for the people to behold.Others he tooke, 
andheapingthem one upon another (as fo manie Fa- 
gots) fee them on fire, that they might ferve for fire to 
warme,and for light to mine by night tothofe which 
walked thorow the ftrccts of Rome. %Wee glory, faith 
Tertullianjn this fitter forth of our condemnation : for who- 
foruer knoweth him,may indole, that nothing roulrll* condem- 
ned by Nero, but that which is a verygooU thing. I (hould 
be too probxeandtediousjif 1 /hould name particular- 
ly all the circumftances of ten heavie perfections, 
whichlaflcd 3 1 8«yeares,from the eighth yearecf that 
lurnpeof clay ioked in blood, called Nero , unto Con- 
ftanttne the Great; under N ero,D omit ion, Tratan> Ant onintu 

G VcrtUy 

I Dorothea 
tiuflit i M*r- 

Sah: [hctrt y 
jleattd. 7. 
lb z, Oc. 

g Ttft.A- 

palter t. cap. 
5. Sedt4t 
ddwn 4 ft-, uu 
no fife en am 
gUrumnr y 


h Eufekbift. 

S b a m 

O N 

i r 

i StcrdtMft, 
Ec clef. lib. z. 


k Pro.ia. 

Ver us, Sever HSiMaximmtts, Dec'utejfalerian, A*reltan,Di- ! 
oclejlanjn vvhofe time fo much blood was (lied in one 
day, that the executioners were wcarie and faint with! 
killing 5 as h Eu[ebim,who was an eye ■ witnelfe of thefe 
dolefull fpeclacles , reporteth. Then the perfecution 
was fo eager? that in one moneth it confumcd feven- 
teene thoufand Chriftians: wherebj yee may judge, 
what havock and murther was made of them in tenne 
yeares together that it lafted, being foftered by the di- 
vifions which were in the Church, and fccret treache- 
ries of falfe brethren 5 whereof Dioclefian the tyrant took 
occafion to undoe our Religion; and had utterly over- 
throwne it, if God had not oppofed, to his wicked 
Heights and raging furie,the fword of ConTlantine the 
Greatjfirftredreirerofthe Churchi and defender of the 
true faith. * Mian the ApoHate depriving the Chrifli- 
ans of all dignities, promotions and honours, forbid- 
ding by fevere edicts their children to be taught in hu- 
mane letters, and received into the publike Schooles, 
impoverifliing them with great fines and cxaclions of 
money above their power ; did more harme to the 
Church in one yeare, than Dioclejian did in tenne by 
his bloodie perfections , though his oneyeares Em- 
pire was not innocent of Chriftian blood. Who can 
exprelfejhow manie Chriflians Were put to death, by 
the Emperours who were infecled with the mod abo- 
minable herefie of Aritis ? I overpalfe imprifonments, 
relegations,banifliments 5 which were called favours, 
courtefies,and workes of mercie,by the tyrants:for k ^r 
tender T/nyrics of the wicked are cruelll omit the drownings 
thehanging,thc iu*ng;Iing,therofling>the broylingon 
Gridirons/hafcorchiha, cho burning with fire thofe 
who all the night were frozen with cold, and a thou- 
fandmoecruell tortures, whereby the Emperours and 
their people bent their minds, to fmother the Chriftian 
Religion, as Herod fought to kill Chrift in the cradle. 

16 In 

Of the Rig hteoiK mans Evills. j 4 3 

i5. Invaine goe veto feeke in antiquity, examples 
I of monftrous cruelties again ft the true Chriihans, 
jwhen thelaft age wherein our fathers and reftorers of 
; the true Chriftian Religion lived , afFordeth to us an 
I huge number which cannot be numbred: If yeehav T C 
I read the (torie of the Albiger.fes, ye (hall finde there, 
j how feme of them were not burnt, but rofted faire 
and foftlyjthat they might feele their death j fome were 
burned quicke, feme tormented after a ftrange 
mannerby beetles and fuch like wormes, whichjfeide 
upon their navills, and covered with adifh, gnawed 
their bellies, and bearing them through even into 
their intrallsj caufedto thefepoore creatures a langui- 
shing, but a mod fenfible and dolorous death. All the 
faithfull oiMerindoll were murthered upon an arreft or 
decree of the Parliament of Atx in Province 2 Fortie 
five of their wives, which were great with child, were 
(hutupinabarne,ardburntthere: thirty others were 
torne in pieces by the firft Prefidents commandement, 

andthelittlechildren,as they were thruft out of their 

wombes,trampled, and made to breathe out their laft, 
before they had leafure to breathe in their firft ay re. 
Florent Venot , after that he was a great while racked in 
an engine fharpe-topped at the lower end , which they 
called C^r/j^^'Hy^rr^jjWasmadeanunchriflian mew 
in themiddeft of a bone -fire to the Chriftian King at 
his firft entrie into the Capitall tovvnc of his realme : 
Ntcolaus Nail was firft baited with hot fcalding oyle 
and lead, and afterwards burnt quicke : ThzTerwis- 
Court-keeper of zyfvignon, was kept in a cage hanging 
in the great ftreet 5 by night at the cold ayre, by day 
at the burning heate ofthe funne, and fo vexed a long 
time, either finging Pfalmes to God more harmoni- 
oufly than the Nightingale^r reproovingthe fuperfti- 
|tions and idolatries of the people which gazed upon 
j him : In the booke of Martyr?, ye may reade how Iohn 
\ • G 1 Hoofer, 


B R M O N 



m 2. Kin. 

8 4 Y.I2. • 

Hooper, Doclor in Divinitie, was burnt at three times : 
how Thomas Nor is and a Prieft with him, was led bare- 
footed upon briars and thornes fromtheprifon unto 
the place appointed for their execution, that in them 
might be fulfilled the Prophelle ofHofea, ^ Behold y I will 
hedge up thy way with thornes : how fundry were ftiffe 
and frozen with extreau>e cold in the night, and the 
next day after fent to the fire : how theArch-biftiop 
of Canterbury did with- hold all kind of meat and drink 
from his prisoners, while they ftarved and dyed of hun- 

If I mould relate unto you the Tragicall Maffacres 
of Franceyin theyeareof Chrift 1572. the flaughtering 
of an hundred thoufand men and women like bealts,the 
rocking of little babes a-fleepe with preferrt death, the 
(tilling and pacifying of them with mercilelTe deftrucli 
on,theinceftuousdefyhng of chafle Virgins, the de- 
fpightfulluQngof grave Matron?, thepittilelfe regar- 
ding of old age,che welcoming of infants as they came 
out of their murthered mothers wombs, with fword 
and fire, the pulling of others from the milke of their 
mothers brea(ts,tofucke them with their owne blood* 
If I mould fet out in true colours the principalltownes 
of that great kingdome,as r hev were then; what mould 
yehearebut blafpheming, but roaring, in the oneparf; 
but weeping, but lamenting , bur crying to heaven for 
mercy an dhelpe,on the other I What mould yc fee but 
fire,fwords, murder, blood-med , dead carcafes, but 
roar'n*lyons,but firie dragons, but ravenous wolves, 
but m Ha^aeUnd his Courtiers, killing,flaying,murthe- 
ring young and old, dafhinglittle children, ripping up 
women with child 5 but great rivers flained and fur- 
rounded with innocent blood ? 

If I mould but draw unto you the firft lines of the 
calamities cf the Palatinate, and of the latedciolation 
of the Churches oiFrance jif I ihouldfpeake unto you 


Of the Righteous mans Evils. 


! of honeft women, firft mifufed in that which is their 
' moft precious Jewell, and theo murdered, orblowne 
%p in the ayre, with gun-powder thruft and flop- 
ped in their wombes 5 of young Virgins difguifed in 
''■ mensappareU, with doublet, breeches,the Lackeys cap 
upon their clofe (Laven heads , the dagger upon their 
Ioynes,andconftrainedto follow the armies , neither 
daring,neither knowing to whom to make their mone,- 
of fucklings , pulled violently from their mothers 
breafb,and murdered before the faces of their doubly- 
defolate parents j of fome of them thrownein the aire, 
and received upon the points of pykes for a fport ; of 
others,upona wager who fhould caftthemfartheft off, 
flung inro the waters, when the po ore innocents were 
laughing upon their murdcrers*and playing with their 
beards . of many moe Cold to thefe coufeners, which we 
areaccuftomedto call Egyptians, at eigh teen e pence a 
peecejofmenand women inthralled to theMahume- 
,■ tans for a little fumme of money: as it is written, n Thou 

fellefl thy people for nought \ and doeft not increafe thy wealth 

by their price : In a word, if I fhould but report what 
; things I have heard, read, or feene, your minds would 
quake, your hearts would ftartbacke with forrow$nei- 
ther mould ye finde teares enow to bewaile, nor I 
words fufficient todifplay and unfold unto you the 

17. Therefore let us lay over it the vaile of fi- 
Jence, and make hercapaufe, ending this aclion with 
hearty prayers to God for the peace and profperitie of 
ierufalem : O Lord our God,thou haft fed us with allies 
for bread: thou haft given us teares to drinkein great 
meafure, Thou haft beene angry againft our prayers : 
we have cryed unto thee , and thou haft not liftcned 
unto our fupplications: But now,'0 Lord 5 but now 
turne thine eare unto us, and turneour hearts unto 
Jiee : Caufe thy face to fliine upon us , and we (ball be 

G 3 faved 1 

n Pfal'44. 



S B 

a. m o a 


j faved through the merits of our onely Saviour Iefns 
I Chrnhto whom with thee and the holy Ghoft bee all 
j honour and glory both cow and for ever. Amtn. 


Of the rtghteom mans Evills* 


Many are the Evills of the Righteous. 

f. TJ Ow Chr'tfl was up- , 9 All kind of 'men are ene- 

JL Xbraided and dijho- his death; 

1 As hkewife the holy A- 
fofiles,andthefirfi Chriftians. 

3 How our brethren are 
abufed in Spaine, and e/fi- 

4 The righteous mans e- 
vills tread one another on the 

5 He hath many enemies > 
which are the caufe of the 
great number of his evills. 

6 Elts greatefi-enemies are 
his neerefi kjnfmen. 

7 All kind of perfons 
were enemas to Chrifi; 

8 And to his Apoftles and 
their dtfciples. 

mies to the Church of our time. \ 

10 Hence come the ht-\ 
ward evills, which difquiet 
the righteous man. 

11 The righteous is per- 
fected unrighteoufly ; * 

11 Howfoever his perfe- 
euters iudge, orfpeake other- 

13 The vanitie of many 
accufations fet on foot againfi 

1 4 The iniquity of the 
fudges proceeding againft him. 

1 5 How thefi which live 
in peace ,as we in Engl and jnay 
befaidto have many evills. 

1 6 Exhortation to thank? 
fulneffe^andgodlweff of life. 

Hat which is mod grievous totherigh 
tcous man, in all the evills whereof I j 
havefpoken, is the upbraiding,difgrace, 
and fliame wherewith hee is exercifed. J 
For whereas all criminalls flndepitty and commifera- 
tionin thofe that behold them , who either accompa- 

Of the Righteous mans Evils. 


ny their death with teares, or behold it with filence : | 
fhefaithfulland xhz righteous man can neither live 
nor die , but he fhall be followed with opprobrious j 
hues and cryes. ° //w*?/ mocked Ifamjftxat is, according i 
i to Pufili cxl ofition, p perfccittedhim. When the Apuftle \ 
i faith, that *l Mofes efleemed the reproach of Chrtfl greater : 
J riches than the treafures of Egypt ; he giveth us to under- | 
} (land, that the Church hath beene from the beginning ; 
fubject to contempt, defamations, taunts, and difho- i 
nourfor Chriilsfakc: Itwasof Chrift that Ifiiah pro- I 
phefied, x Behold I, and the children whom the Lord hath 
given me, areforftgnesandfor wonders ra Iftrael .-of him 
nr(t,and then oihis children. 

He was upbraided in his life time with the nicke- 
names of a feducer,a dru nkard , a glutton , a forcerer, 
and of Bedz*ba& the Prince of thedivells 3 but he was 
molt ourragoufiy mocked in his death. ih^Cdipba* 
houfe they blindfolded him, they Urooke him on the 
face-,! hey 2s kod him ,fayi ngj Prophecy e, who is it that [mote 
thez? In c Hcrods Coutzhe was let at nsughf, mocked, 

and arrayed in a white gorgeous robe, nsafoole. In 
v Pilots common hall, the fouldiers dripped him, to put 
onhimaskarletrobe 5 and when they had platted a 
crowneofthornes, they put it upon his head, with a 
recde in his right hand : then they bowed the knee be- 
fore him>.anci mocked him, crying , Haile King of the 
/«w; then they {pat upon him, and took the reed, and 
fmotehim on the head. In Golgotha, where hee was 
crucified betweene two tbeeves,as if he had beene a ma- 
lefactor , they that palled by, revikd him, and wagged 
their heads, faying, -Thou that deft; ye ft the Temple, and 
bnildcflitin three d.tjcs, five thy felfe : If thou be the So?:ne 
ofGod^cvm: down c from the croffs : jikewife the chiefe 
Priefts, the Scribes, and Elders, mocking him, hid, 
Y Hefaved others, himfclfe he cannot five : If he Ire the King 
G f Ifrael, let him now come downcfromthe croffe , and nw will 


o Gen *f ♦ I 
v. 9. 

P Gal 4 .r. : 

<j ricb.i 1. 


r Ifa.8.v.iS 


t Luk.i$, 

u Mat.27. 

X V.39. 40, 

44H 6 >47- 




a i Cor.4. 
b ». Cor. 


di Tcrlul. 

e ihU.up. 
ulwn*. Ad 
Lenme dd.-n- 
ndndo Chrt- 
tins qy.ktn *d 
Iconcm, €rc> 


bsleeve him : He trufledm God, let him deliver him now, if 
bewillhave him. The theeves alfo which were crucified 
with him, caliche fame in his teeth. Laftofali, fome 
ofthem perverted his words, faying, thathecalled for 
Eliot, when he prayed, Eli, Eli, My God, my God,&c 
Then was fulfilled that which he fpafce by David, fay- 
ing, y I am a worm?, and no mm \ a reproach of men , andde- 
fpifed of the people: All they that fee me, laugh me to fcorn.they 
J hoot e out the lip, theyjhake the head, faying, He trufled on the 
Lord, that he would deliver him : let him deliver him, feeing 
he delighted in him. 

1 1. His children, his holy Apoftles received no bet- 
ter entertainement of the men of the world: for what 
were they but a afpeclacle unto the world, to Angels, and to 
zw^Complainethey not, that they were made asthe filth 
of the world, and the off-fcouring of all things^ walking b by 
honour, and dfhonour, by evill report, and good report ; a* de- 
ceiver s,andyet true ; os unhnowne,andyet well knownel The 
Apoftles difciples, fared they better? No, no. The A- 

poftle writeth of the Hebrews , that c they were mads O 
gating fiocke fy reproaches and affiiElions 5 which J take 
literally: for we know, that the cuftome was to draw 
Christians to thetheatres and publike play-houfes ^ to 
carry them ridiculoufly difguifed from fcarFold tofcaf- 
fold for a (hew 5 to fet them on pillories to difgrace 
them, and then to cad them naked to the Lyons to be 
difmembred and devoured in the eyes of the people : 
which delighting infuch fpetfacles,wereaccuftomed to 
cry, d Chr'tflianos -ad Leonem : The Chrift ions to the Lyon. 
Tantos ad mum I So many to one f faith Tertullian, e A n d 
tecaufe theGovernoursand Magiftrates perceived that 
to Chriftian women, the defiling of their chaftirie was 
more horrible and grievous than all kinds of torments, 
and moftexquilite deaths 5 they condemned them ra- 
ther to ferve bawdes in ftewes , than to be tome by 
Lyons : which many of them prevented by killing of 


Of the Righteous mans Evills. 


themfelves : f Others they ftript,and tying them by one 
foot, hoifed them up in the ayre, their heads downe- 
ward;andlctting them hang fo while they died, made 
tpftheir naked bodies a moll filthie and cruell fpeda- 
cle to all thofe that palled by: Z Of fome men they would 
piill out the right eye,and put out of joint the left leg, 
and let them live; that they might be both ridiculous 
and miferable. 

1 1 1. The Inquifitors of Spaine, fend to the fire the 
reformed Chriftians arrayed in a yellow garmenr, cal- 
led the Sambemt,which is all fit and covered over with 
crotfesand black DIvells, and mifhapen after a fafliion 
fo ridiculousand monftrous to be feene, that fome of 
the beholders cannot hold from laughter 5 fome are 
fcared,and flye away, beiecving the pooremen tobcfo 
manie Divels come out of hell : none is touched with 
commiferation towards them. How often have the 
Papifts welcomed their Kings with the honour, or ra- 
ther horror of fuch pageants, at their firft entrance into 
theirtownes? as it is written c,f the Idolatrous people 
of Samaria, h They make the King glad with their wicked****, 
and the Princes with their lyes. Shall 2 Minillergoe tho- 
row the ftrects in Popifli townes, in the deepeft peace, 
and not be hooted and hurried with mod intolerable 
contumelies, although they be arrayed like the reft of 
r^he people? Can anie burial! be convoyed there with- 
out fuch fhowting and out-crying? How often have 
thefe mod inhumane and cruell Tygres, denied the ho- 
nour of buriall to our brethren; accomplifhing that 
which is written of them in ■ the Revelation, by not fuf- 
fering their dead bodies to be put in graves ? How often have 
they unburicd them , and made the Church to cry to 
God with fighes and fobs, 

* The bodies of thy Saints rn$ft dcare, 
Abroad to birds they caft: 

Vetl. 1. c. 16. 
f M.c.9. 

g lb: J. c.l 2. 


h H f 7 .3 

i Rev. if. 

k PfaJ.79.Ji 

5° f 

Sbrmon II L 

1 Eccl.8. 

Theflejh offuch 4s doe theefeare, 
The beatts devour e and watte ? 
when as thefe carrion-eater-harpies were reioycing over 
them^and making merry > and fending gifts one to another ; as 
quellionletfe thechiefe Priefts,the Seribes,the Phari- 
fees,the Elders of the (ewes, and the whole people did, 
after they had crucified and reviled mod (hamefully the 
Lord of gloryjthe Saviour of the Church,the Immanuel 
our Lord Iefus Chrift. What Pfalmes, thin ke yee, are 
now fungin the Palatinate, and in the Churches of 
France ? Surely the fortie foure, the feventie foure,thc 
feventie nine , the foure-fcore , and others $ where, a- 
mongft manie moe complaints >they poure forth of a 
fad and broken heart,with trembling words and many 
tearcs, into Gods bofome,this heavie , but too true 

Vnto our neighbours thou haft made 

Of us a laughing flocke, 
And they that round about us dwell* 

At m doe grin and mo eke. 
Thus we fervefor none other ufe, 

But for a common talks : 
They mocke/beyfeome, they nod their heads, 
Where ever theygoe or walke. 
So is verified not onely that which Salomon faith, 
that 1 there be iufl men <unto whom it hapfeneth according ?# 
the worke of the wicked; but alio that which David iaith 
in my text, 

Many are the EviUs of the righteous. 
I V* For as the divell tempted Chrift eft-foones, and 
gave him norefpit,(tirring up againft him all kind of e- 
nemies,untillhenayled him upon thecroflejevenfoshe 
letteth never Chrirts members alone, but bringeth evils 
upon them, one on the necke of another, and ever con- 
triveth again ft them fome new mifchiefe, watching 
needfully how to harme them , when they looke for 


Of the Right tout mans Evils \ 


I fome flackening. Thence is this pittifull lamenta- 
! tion of the Church , m Tb: Flowers flowed upon 
my backe : they made long their ftirrowcs : n For thy fake we 
\ sirekilledall the day long . Thence ii this wailefull plaint 
of every righteous man, ° All the day long I have beenc 
beaten, and my chaftifement returned every day : So that n ot 
onely in diverfitie, and hugenelTe, butalfo in continu- 
ance, from the firft day of the righteous mans lpirituall 
birth,unto the laft gafpe of his mortall life , 
Aiany are the Evills of the righteous. 
V. They mull be many ; for many lay their heads to- 
gether to devife them : which,as it U faid by the Pro- 
phet Mtcah, P forge iniqmtie in their beds : and -when the 
morning is l/ght, they pratiifi tt ; becaufe they have power to 
doe H in their hands. The Spirit which infpires them, is 
the divell y the fpoyler of all good, architect and rea- 
der of all evill; who <1 as a, roaring Lyon walketh about, fee- 
kingwhomhemay devoure. He breathes into the unrigh 
teousmens hearts all kinds of devices andtrickes a- 
gain ft the righteous man. Thence it is, that 1- the wicked 
j plotteth againfi the iufi- andgnajheth upon him with his teeth: 
I Thewickedhave drawne out the /word, audhave bent their 
I bowtocaftdowne the poore and needy 9 and to fay fitch as be 
\ upright in their way : The wicked watchetb the righteous, and 
' feekcth to fay htm. Thence it is 3 that { the heathen rage, 
| the people imagine vaine things , the Kings of the earth fit 
themfelves, the rulers take cowfeHtogctber againfi the Lord, 
and againfi his annoy nted: faying? Let us breake their bands 
I afunder, and cafi away their cords from us : c Forloe,the wic- 
ked bend their bow, they make ready their arrow upon their 
firing, that they maypriuilyjhoot at the upright in heart. Da 
vid was but one man : and he complaineth,that v hisper- 
ficuters and enemies were many : yea fo many, that he was 
amazed at it, andcryed to God with aftonifhment, 
x Lord, how are they increafed that trouble me ! many are 
they that rife up againfi me. Of what nation were they? 

Hi A* 

m rrai. 
129. J. 

n Pfal.44. 

o i'fal.7.14 

p Mi.h # "».2, 

q I Fet.5.8 

r Pfal.37. 

2 »'- 

t PfaL.1.2 
u Pfal.119 



y Pfal. 



b v. 6,7,8. 

c Pfal,i37 

d Ezec 4 i .6 
e Cane. 2. z. 
f Pro. 17.17 

y AH nations, faith he? compaffedmt about. 

Had D*m^ alone fo many enemies ? Iti« no won- 
der then, if the Church wherein there are many Davids, 
roaketh her prayer with this heauy complaint to God, 
a Keepe not thoufileneefi God, hold not thy peace, and be not 
ft ill, O God : for he, thine enemies make a tumult, and they 
that hate thee, have lift up their heads :They have taken crafty 
com fell again ft thy people, and confulted again]} thy hidden 
ones: They hauefaid, Come, and let us cut them off from being 
a nation, that the name of I fracl may be no more in remem- 
brance : for they confulted together with one confent, they are 
confederate againft thee. What men are thefe which dare 
attempt matters fo high andimpotfible ? b The Taber- 
nacles of Edom, of the lfhmaelites,of Moab , of the Haga- 
rens : Geb aland Ammon, and Amaleck: The Philtftines, with 
the inhabitants of Tyre : Affur alfo is ioyned with them: they 
have holpen the children of Lot: All alike enemies to Gods 
people? and yetfome of them the Idumeans, Ijhmaelites, 
Moabites,Ammomts,\C\v\[mzn to Gods peopleuhe Idume- 
ans ,the neercft,6c vvkhallthe moil malicious and cruell 
of all; whr> not being able of themfelves, to doc any 
harmetothe Church, joyned with the Babylonians, 
whobefieged Terufalem andasiftiiey had beene Trum- 
pets to found the Alarum, hearmed them:crying, c &*^ 
it, raz>eit, even to the foundation thereof. 

VI, Such hath ever beene the condition both of 
every righteous man , whofe aboad is d with briers, 
thornes, andfeorpions; and. of the whole Church, which 
is e as the It Hie among the thorns. f A fiend loveth at all times, 
and hefhall be borne as a brother in adverf.tte.* Tfce nghte- 
; ous.manfindeth feldome fuch friends 1 kinfmen and 
Mends, who ftiould love and protect him, are eyther 
the firft to procure unto him all kind of mifchicfe ; or 
behold his adverfitie, as if they werej9<?##z? bodies. And, 
which is worthy your obfervation , they which have 
or challenge to themfelues the titleand right of the el- 

Of the Rigbtems mtns Evils. 


deft and firft borne, have ever perfecuted their youn- 
gers,becaufethey were their betters. 

Wasitnotg CW« the firft borne, who murthered hi* 
innocent brother slbel? h lfmael, borne after the flelh, 
perfecuted he not Ifaac, who was borne after the fpiric ? 
• EfiHyhztcd he not his younger brother ttfobl and was 
not this his vow, / will flay my brother Iacob f Tin's ha- 
tred,was it not propagated to all their progenie? Had 
ever the ifraelites,deicended of lacob y more fierce and 
mifchievous enemies than the viperous brood oiEfauf 
As fooneas David was anointed King over Ifrael, k £- 
/tabhis elder brother envied him : the l Ztphims , men 
of his owne Tribe. itreacheroufly betrayed him : m Nei- 
ther could he finde any place ofrefuge for his father and 
mother in aillfrael, but was conftrained to&ekeafafe- 
gard for them in Aioab. Hee is no fooner peaceable in 
his kingdomc," but his owne fonnefeekes his life ; but 
Achitophel, his gouernor, his familiar, who was privie 
to ail his fecrets/econdeth the Parricide with his perni- 
cious coun fells ; but the whole people followed their 
deadly attempts. The tenTribes, after their revolt fro 
God and from the King, challenged to themfelves the j 
glorious title of Iftael, and under that name which be- j 
fore was common tc the twelve, perfecuted the other | 
two; v\ hich retaining the puritie of Gods fervice? were 
conftrained ro difcerne themfelues from thefe Apo- 
ftates by the new name of /ewes. When Ierufalem was 
dellroyed by the Babylonians? r She rvept fire in the night, 
and her teares were on her cheeses : among all her I overs J bee 
had none to comfort her ; all her friends dealt treachcroufly 
with her: they were become her enemies ;Yee heare Chrilts 
fpoufe complaining in the fong of Salomon:^ My mo- 
thers children were angry with me : They made me the keeper of 
the vincyard.but mine own vineyard have I not hpt: T the watch 
men that wet about the city found me A hey fmate mejhey woun- 
ded me : the keepers of the wals iool^ away my vaiU from me. 

H - Vll.Chrifl 

I ^.12. 

i hGaJ.4,19 

. i GGn.27. 


k 1 Sam, 
1 i.Sam. 
2$. 19. 

m i.Sam, 

a 2. Sam. 

o 2. Chro. 



q Canc.i.5 

r Can;, j.7. 


Ser mon III. 


f Mat.1.16 


x Iohn i$, 
6,1 y. 


a Mat.n. 


b Mat. 261 1 

d Mat. 2 7. 

2, 11,20. 

e Pfalxi8. 

Mat. 21. 42. 
f Iohn 7.5. 

gMar.3 21 

i Iohn x.23 

k Mat,Lo. 

VII. Chriftcometh no Coom: into the world, but 
(Hsrod feeketh to make him away, and for his fake flay, 
eth all the children of Bethlehem; yea, hee laid violent 
hands on his owns fon., borne of a woman of the Tribe 
ofluda : and therefore A'-iguftus C&far faid,that, It was 
fafer to be Herod's pork, than his fon ne. 'Hersd Anti- 
fas, the beheader oUohn the BaptiuV mocked him,and 
fent him again to Pilate, who condemned him. The 
whole people of the I ewes, who mould have adored 
him, cry ed, x Away with him : cmcifie him, crucife him. I f ( 
yee feek the firft Acton of this Tragedie, ye fliall finde, 
that thePharifies were the fir ft who Y toohjounfellagainih 
him t bow they might deftroy him ; that a the chief Priells & 
Scribes envied him 5 b that they allembled together,with 
the Elders of the people, unto the Palace of the High- 
Prieft, who was called Caiphos, and confalted to kill 
him 5 c that the High-Prieft condemned him of blafphc- 
mie$ that all together they pronounced him to be guil- 
ty of death, d delivered him to Pontius Pilate the Gover- 
nor,accufed him, perfwaded the people that they fhould 
ask Barrabas, and deftroy lefus. So was fulfilled that 
which is written in the Pfalmes 5 c The ftone which the 
builders reieBed, the fame is become the head of the cornsr. 
This is the Lords doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes. f His I 
owne brethren not onely beleeved not in him, but alfo J 
g they went out to lay hold on him :for they faid, Hee is be fide J 
himfelf Likewife h one of his owne Difciples, who dip- i 
ped his hand in the dim with him, betrayed him. And 
therefore Iohn faith, th3t i Hee came unto his owne, and his 
owne received him not, 

VIII. Looke what intertainment the Mafter recei- 
ved of Iiis owne, the fame received his difciples>not of 
the lees of the people onely, but alfoofthofe which fat 
at therudder,and held the Hern ofthe common-wealth 
and of the Church Chrift foretold it mould bee fo, fay- 
ing, k Beware of men :for thy will deliver you up to the Coun- 


Of the Righteous mans Evils, 


c el s, an d they will fc our gey ou in their Synagogues : Andyce 
Jhallbe brought before Governors and Kings for my fake. The 
firft and moft violent enemies which they found, were 
they l which ft id they were lew es, and were not ; but the Syna- 
gogue of Satan : Their Ringleaders were the m High- 
Prieft, with all the red of the Priefts, the Captain ofthe 
Temple, the Sadducees and Pharifces. Wherefoever 
the Apoftles came, that-curfed Nation egged againft 
them all kinde of folks ; n devout andhonourable women K 
the chief men of cities, ° the whole people. As P they both killed 
the Lord lefus, and their ewne Prophets • fo, faith the A po- 
ttle, have they per fecut ed hs : They pie afe not G OD, and are 
contrary to all men ; forbidding hs tojpeakjothe Gentiles jkat 
they might befaved. 

Had the Church at that time no other perfecuters ? 
The Churches ofthe Gentiles <\ fuffred like things of their 
owne countrej-men. At r Damafcvs, the Governcr under 
Aretas the King,fought to apprehend Paul. At { TbeJfa- 
lomca,z\\ the lewd fellows ofthe bafer fort, made an up- 
rore againft him. At c Philippi, the Matters of the Py- 
thonijfa , feeing the hope of their gaine gone 3 becaufe 
Paul had caft thefpirit of divination out of her, egged 
the Magiftrates again (I him and Silos. At v Ephefiu, De- 
metrius the Silver-frnith, for a like caufe, raifed no fmall 
ftirre againft him. x Tertullm the Oratour accufed him* 
y Alexander the Copper-fmith did him much evill. At 
Rome he was prefented before the bloudy Tyrant Nero, 
whom hee calleth a a Lion : Then no man ftoodwith him, 
but allmenforfookhim : Then his friends abandoned him, 
and the Tyrant put him to death. What the reft of the 
Apoftles furTered by falfe brethren and open enemies, 
ye may reade in the Acts, and in their lives. 

I X What the O'.urch was to furrer after them by 
*>the Beasl fighting a??inft the Saints, and killing them 5 
by the Whore of Babylon, c drunken with the blond ofthe 
Saints, and of the Martyrs of lefts * by A Gog and Magog, 


1 Rcv. ?> 9 

m A&S4.1 
Ads 5,17, 



o A<fts 14 


p zThef.2. 

q verfe 14 
r 1 Cor. 1 1 

t Atfsjtf, 

v Ads 19. 

xAfts24. 1 
y 2 Tim, 4 

a Ycr.15.j7 

b Rev. xi. 7 

C RCM7. 



B R M O N 


c Luke ix. 
1 6. 

f Gen.ii. 

g Luke x6, 
t 9i xo. 

comparing about the beloved city 5 SM.haih foretold 
in the Revelation.What our Fathers,what we have dif- 
fered, not of the Turkes, Perfians, Tartarian*, Ameri- 
cans, and other fwqrne enemies of Chrillian Religion, 
but of thofe bloody butchers which call themfelves Ca« 
tholicks ; the heavens have feen j the earth, which hath 
drunk up our blood, can fpeak 3 the murtherers, which 
have fhed it, can bear record 5 our o wne experience can 
beft of allteftifie. What policy, what craft hath beene 
praclifedto undermine and wholly undoe us by our 
owne brethren, of our ownekinred, familie, religion, 
hardly would ye beleeve,if I fliould tell it. Chrifts pre- 
diction hath been accomplifhed : c Tee fhnUbee betrayed 
both by parents, and brethren, and kinsfolks, and friends ; and 
feme ofyonjhallthey caufe to be -put to death, andyeefhallbee 
hatedof all men for my Names fake. Our brethren have 
fold us for money, as flefh is fold at the fhambles 5 and 
we have been lelfe regarded than (laves by thofe which 
bought «s : whofe humanity, like Dracons Lawes, is 
printed in all Chriftcndome with our Fathers and our 
blood j and whole affection and loyaltic towards us, is 
written upon the running waters. What wonder then, 
if, among fo many profelfed enemies and cunning trai- 

Many are the Evillsofthe righteons ? 
X. The Righteous, confidering how hee is thus be- 
fieged on all (ides, and hurried in all falhions by foes 
and friends, is often overtaken with diverfe thoughts 
and furmifes,more dangerous than all the external! E- 
vils which may befall unto him. Worldlings judge of 
God's favour to men,by their pro fperity 5 and of his ha- 
tred towards them, by their adverfity. When Abime- 
Isch King of Gerar faw Abraham thrive hee (aid unto 
i him/ God is with thee in all that thou doesl. What he faid, 
was true 5 but the ground whereupon hee built it, ( was 
fand : for, & fife rich Glntton in the Gofpell thrived 3 and 
J Lazarus, 

i Of the Righteous mans Evils. 

57 | 

Lazarus, who was laid at his gate full of fores , thrived 
notjyetthatglutroisin he11,bccaufe God was not with 
him : and Lazarus is in Abrahams bofomej becaufe God 
was with him. T he Scribes and Pharifees,evill Doctors 
of the good Law, concluded> h That God was not with 
Chrift, becaufe hee delivered him notfrom thecrolle. 
The righteous man himfelfe> when his affliction is 
long and heavie, taketh like conclufionsagainft him- 
felfe. WhentheAngelloftheLordfaidtoGr^^ 1 The 
Lord is with thee ,thou mighty man of valour : Gideon answe- 
red, Oh my Lord, if the Lord be with us , why then is all this 
befallen us ? The Lord hathforfaken us, and delivered us in- 
to the hands of the Midianites. Ye read lobs complaints ; 
k The arrows of the Almighty are within me, the foyfon wher- 
ofdrmk^th up my jpirit: the terrors of God do fit themfelves 
in array againfi ms : He teareth me in his wrath, l he hateth 
mejhe gnajheth upon me with his teeth, m and he counteth mee 
untohim,04 one of his enemies. Ye heare David crying out 
pittifully," My God, my God, why hafl thou forfaken me ? 
why art thoufo farrefrom helping me, and from the words of 
my roaring* leremiah bemoaned the dare of the Church 
after thefame manner, ° wherefore doeft thou forget us for 
ever, and for fake us fo long time? -And now in the Palati- 
nate,znd now in France, doe not all the faithful! mourne 
and cry ;doe we not cry with them,and for them>0 Lord 
how long ? 

The wicked, when God erodes them in their defires 
and projects , are accuftomed io(zy \ P It is in vaine to 
ferve God , and what profit is it that we have kept his ordi- 
nance, and that we have walked mournfully before the Lordof 
hofis ? And now we call the proud happy : yea, they that worke 
wickedneffe % are fet up ;yea, they that tempt God, are even de- 
livered: The righteous Afaph held the lame fpeech in 
his great affliction, and izid^ Verily, I have cleanfedmy 
heart in vaine, and wafhed my hands in innocencie. 

Moreover, thefe internal' evills take fuch hold of the 

I ri^hte- 

h Mat.t7. 
4M a - 

i Iudg,6, 

k lob 6. 4. 

Hob 16.94 
m lob i^ 



p Mai. 



B R M O N 

III. 6. 

f Pfal J4 . 

"S - -~. 

righteous man, that he will bring Gods word , which 
he hath beleeved,in queftion, doubt whether it be true; 
if the Religion which he profelfeth, be of God; if the 
caufe which he fuflaineth , and for which he dot!) un- : 
dergoefo many evills, be good : for if it be good? if it j 
be of God, why doth he not uphold it ? David being 
brought to his wits end, and even to the pits brinke by j 
5W,deemed that Gods Prophetsjiad deceived him and j 
faid, r Ail men are ly art* What greater evilly I pray yen, j 
can befall a Chriftian man, than to bring in controvcr- 
fie Gods providence, and the perpetuall care which he 
hath of his Church? than to thinke that godlineflTe, 
which he hath fucked with his mothers milke, is but a 
&ble> adreame, an invention of man ?than to imagine 
that hitherto he hath imbraced a fliadow for the body* 
hath fought the truth in a lye, hath efleemed vanity and 
winde,tobeGods wordfthan to frame fuch conceits a- 
gainft the honour of God, and his ownefalvation ? 

If fuch doubtscome not in his mind ; if he beleeve 
that thereb'gion which he profelTeth, is from above^that 
f the eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and his eares ars 
open unto their cry ; that light, peace, ioy, falvation is 
lowen for the upright man 5 it feemes unto bim,that he 
is none of that number : and gathering out of the (lore 
and greatneife of his evills, mofl: dangerous prefumpti- 
ons,he pronounceth againfl himfelfe, That hehath 
beene an Hypocrite , a vile reprobate, andcaft-away, 
I know that fuch perplexities are but (hort iymptomes 
to therighteou3man , whereof he recovereth by the 
powerfullaffidanceof Gods'Spirit; when as they are 
deadly con vulfions to the wicked, and wofull prefaces 
to a dolefull Tragedie , which they (hall everladingly 
aft, and never end : yet howfoever they be (hort, they 
arefenfible, and lye foheavievpon the wearied foule 
of the righteous man, that in companion, his outward 
evills feeme unto him lighter than a feather, wherewith 


Of the Righteous mans Evils. 

the wind playeth in the ayre. So I have (hewed you, 
that both by external! gnevances,and intern all griefes, 
Many arc the Evills of the Righteous. 
X I. Now the righteous ;^an may fay to the wicked' 
as David faid to Saul, c thou and fie, that there is nei- 
ther evillnor tranfgrefflon in mine hand, and I have not finned 
againfl the e-, yet thou hnntefl myfiottle to take it ; and as s Da~ 
Kiel hid to Darmsiwho had cad him into the Lyons den* 
Before thee, O King, I have done no hurt. For although it 
pertained to Chrift alone, to fay to his adversaries 5 
x which of you convinceth me of finne* yet aJl the righte- 
ous men may fay of their perfecuters , that which Da- 
vid faid of his enemies, y Without caufe have they hid for 
me their net in. "-pit: without caufe they have digged for my 
! fiute. And \\ hen they pray, they feare not to proteft of 
their innocencie in that hehalfe, and to fay toGod ? 
a They lye in waite for my fiule : the mighty are gathered a- 
gainflrne,notformy tranfgreJfion,norformyfin,0 Lord-.They 
run and prepare themfilves without my fault : awake to helpe 
me, and beheld. 

The rule of the righteous mans life, is Chriffs com • 
mai I [Kent and example. Hiscommandementis, b ^- 

fiftnet tviU\ bat who foever jhall finite thee on the right cheeky, 
, turne to htm the other alfifjrc. Gi ve to him that asketh thee : 
, Love your enemies, hltffe them that cur fe, doe good to them that 
, hate you, and pray for them which defpitefully ufeyou and per- 
secute you. The lame commandement he gave by his 
j Apoftle,(ayi:ig: c 2?<f not overcome of evilly but overcome 
evillwith good. What he commanded, that he pra^hTed 
; in his lite ; cl He fkffcred for us, leaving us an example, that 
yefhould follow his fieps : who did no finne, neither woa guile 
, found in his month : who y when he was reviled, reviled not a- 
| gaine : when he fuffered,hc threatned not, but committed him- 
filfe to him that iH.lgeth right eoufly. Yea, notonely he did 
them no harme, but alfo hee didthe.T all kind of good; 
He went about all Iudea, teaching theGofpeli of the 

I 2 king 


t i. Sam. 
14.1 I. 

v Dan, 6. 1 1 

x loh. 8,46. 
yPfal,3j. 7 

a Pfal.58. 

b Mat f. 

c Rom. 1 2. ' 
d i.Pct.2. 


B R M O N 



§ I. Cor.4, 

i Gen.4^. 

ki Sam.zj 

1 i.Sam. 



h Pfal 35. 

c<ip.i.& 17 

kingdome of heaven, healing all manner of ficknetfe, 
andall manner of difeafe among the people, madethe 
blind to fee, the deafe to heare,thelameto walkejclean- 
fed the lepers, raifed up the dead, the miraculous 
multiplication of bread, at divers times , many thou- 
fand foules 5 reflored the eare to Malcus ,which came to 
take him, prayed for thofe which crucified him; and 
therefore asked of his enemies, who tooke up ftones 
to throw at him : e Many good worlds have I [hewed you 
from my Father :for which of thofe worlds doe you ft one me ? 
What ill did the Apofties, wherefore they mould bee 
ufed fo cruelly I They went through the whole world, 
converting men from darknelfe unto the maruellous 
light of the Gofpell, and did fo many wonders a- 
mongft the people, that thence f fomc Idolaters tooke 
occafion to worfhip them 5 but the Iewes,to neriwade 
the people to (tone them. S Being reviled, they bleffed ; be- 
ingperfecuted, they ; being defamed, they intreated. 
Much good did they to many: ill they did to none* 

Read more ancient examples of h Abraham, yielding 
for peace fake to his Nephew Lot;o{ l lasob } curdng his 
owne Tonnes, iSi/wp.v and JLw for their bloodie anger 
againfttheSichemites,though having a goodly fhew of 
righteoi:s vengeance: of k David > \ea r iing with his foul 
diers a moft innocent hft amongft NabaJs heards of cat- 
tle, and flocks of fhecp; fbaring Sauls life, who fought 
his, and bringing him to this true confeflion, 1 Thou art 
more righteous than I: for thou haft rewarded me good,where- 
as I have rewarded thee evill; m being as a deafe man,when 
his enemies (pake mifchievous things againft him, 
» cloathing hirnfelfc with fackecloth , humbling hi3 
foule with fafting , praying molt afFeftuoufiy,when his 
enemies, which rewarded him evill for good, were -fieke. 
IfyedefireexampIesoftheCrrndians carriage, du- 
ring ten perfecutions in the fpaceof rhree hundred and 
odde veares 3 ° When the people invaded them, they re- 

Of the Righteous mans Evills. 


; fitted not ; when the Magiftrate condemned them? they 
? gave thanks : when the dead bodies of their brethren 
' and kinfmen were drawn out of the reft of theingraves, 
j were pulled away from the Sancluarie of death, they 
1 fought no revenge ; albeit they were in greater num- 
I ber than their enemies 3 and might with a few little fire- 
-brands fet on fire all the Townes, Boroughes, 
: Villages, Catties of the Empire, if Chrittian Religion 
did not forbid all private men p to avenge themfelvesfcz* 
caufe it is written ; Vengeance is mine , Irvillrepay it, faith 
the Lord. For this caule the holy Spirit often calleth the 
afflictions of the righteous, Suff<*tngf .- becaufe they fuf- 
fer the evill which is done unto them, but they do no e- 
vil to any mamwherunto alfo Chrift hath bound them, 
when he calleth them 1 Sheep 3 infinuating, that they 
fhould be ttieepe in J?mp/icitie 3 to never thinke any evill ; 
minnocencie, to never doe any evill \in patience, to beare 
all evills meekly without grudging and murmuring;^ 
utiHtie andcommoditie, to feede with their miik,to cloath 
with their wooll whofoever ttancls in need of their 
helpe, to doe ill unto no man, r to doe good unto allmer^: 
e/pec ially unto them who are of the houjhold of faith. Alas, 
alas! the number of fuch fheepe, of fuch righteous men, 
how rare is it ? how many fufTer not f for well doing, as 
Chrittians and righteous men : but for evill doing a as 
murtherers, theeves, robbers, and ravenous wolves, ra- 
ther than fhecgreffhow many can not abide to furfer.but 
thinking it a ttiame to packe up an injurie, will needs be 
avenged of their enemies ? how many doe feeketo de- 
fend the G of pell againft perfecuters, by burning, kil- 
iing, TWirdeYin u tilling the houfes ofinnoccntpeafants, 
of poore couotrey folkes,with orbitie, defo!ation,and 
urning? intending to cure one finne vvith another 
ie, taking rhe way of hell to goe to heaven , and 
(thinking to defend the Gofpell by unlawfull meant* 
:htheGofpell hath condemned. For it is not he? 
1 3 which 

p Rom. xi, 


t Gnl.6.10. 

f i.Pet.j. 


1 Pet. 4.19. 






a Tert.ApoL 

(ies mamjli* 
voc are gene- 
ris hum 4m 
potms q'Mm 
erwn f?M~ 
b i.Sa«. 
c 2, Sam. 

which fu-ffercth evill,but he which doth it,that Onnerh: 
And therefore the true righteous man is ever a patient, 
not an agc.^ t in evilljand the wicked not onely have no 
caufe wherefore they mould hate him , but have, in his 
manifold good d cedes, a good caufe wherefore they 
fhould love him; and yet notwithftanding his innocent 
and good carriage, 

Many are the Evills of the Righteous. 
X 1 1. Sometimes many, blind-folded with ignorance, 
deeme that the righteous man is the mod unrighteous 
that livcth in the world, and th3t Gods deareftfervants 
are his greateft enemies % according toChrifls faying? 
c The time commeth, that who fo ever killeth you, will thinke 
that he doth God fer vice . Yet it befalleth often, that the 
authors cf the righteous mans evills,cover their private 
quarrels, and mifchievous attempts againft him, with 
thecloakeof juftice. PayJfcid of himfelfe truely, that 
v through z,sa!ehe had per fecntcd the Churcb\ becaufe x hce 
didit ignorantly in unbeleefe : And the fevves anfwering to 
Chrilr, y for agoodwork? weflone thee not , but for blajphe- 
my ^ and beeaufc that thou being a mm y make ft thy fe/fe God; 
beleeved verily that he was a blafphemer. Likewife the 
Gentiles,who perfecuted the Chriftians, thought them 
to be enemies to mankind, whereas they (hewed them- j 
(elves enemies a to mans err 'or ; not to mans nature. Contrary, j 
when b &z^/faid, that his fonnehad made a league with j 
the fonneof /^agafnfl him 5 c when Abfalom accufed < 
his father that he was notcarefall to doc juftice 5 when i 
the Scribes and Pharifees laid many crimes to Chriils | 
charge*, when the Gui far ds in the firft 2ndfecond trou- ! 
ble? of France 5 when in thefe laft troubles ihe Iefuites j 
accufed us, that we were plotting to (ht up a ftate in the 
(tare, ademocracie in the Monarchie , they knew that 1 
they iyed. But fuch is the force and glory of ju(tice,and 
of righteoufneflTe , that the wicked, when they know, 
they doe wickedly, cloake their wicked courfes againft] 


Of the Righteous mans Evils. 

the righteous man with the glorious title of juftice. 
Now whatfoevertheperfecuters thinke of their owne ; 
proceedings, the righteous man refteth upon hi* owne 
innocencie; knowing that there is not fo greatweight 
in the defpightfull girds ofvenemous tongues,asin the 
teftimonie of his owne confeience: and if hee were 
admitted to make an Apologie for himfelfe, how eafie 
a matter were it unto him to maintaine his owne inno- 
cencie, and ;to(hewthe falfliood of ail the accufa- 
tions>whereby he is made odious 5 and the manifeftva- 
nitie of the moftpart of them ? 

XIII. It was a vaine accufation to impute unto 
Chriftians the caufe ofpeftilence, of famine, ofwarres, 
cf breaking out of waters, of the decaying of all things, 
and their growing worfe and worfe fin ce the world 
hath waxed old ; a as ifanyfuch plague had never beene 
in the world before Chrift was named in it : 2s if old 
men might not, with as good reafon, move a proceiIe 
agatnft us sbecanfetheyhearenot, feenot, pafe notfo 
well, are not fo nimble., fo cjuicke, Co bigge-membred, 
foftrongas when they were young 5 becaufe their de- 
caying age is not fo greeneand livelie as their fathers 
was? becaufealfo they live not fo long as their fathers 
did, and extend not thedayes of an healthfull life to 
feven, eight, nine hundred, and fo many odde yeares, 
which were the ordinary daies of mens ]Wcs in the firft 
ageof the world. And why may not he,whoistor- 
mented withthegowt in bisioynrs, racked with the 
gravellin hiskidneyes, tortured with the (tone in his 
j bladderjorhewho meltethdrop after drop by a Jan- 
guifhingconfumptionjhe who is made one of the for- 
ked order by his wife; he whofe fonne is made, for his 
lewd life,the decking of a gallowes,&c. cry outagainrt 
us, A faggot for the Huguenauts, a heapeof wood to 
burnethe Parpaillants ? as the ancient Idolaters, and 
forefathers ofthe new Idolaters of this time^werc wont 






c 7ert.jipo* 



tocryagainft our predeceifors ? The Chrifttms to the 

X I V # Let our enemies be our Iudges : when they 
have received all manner of accufations againft us, 
when we are arraigned as enemies to God , to the high 
Powers, to the Lawes, to good manners, to nature it 
felfe j c why are we ufed other wayes than al] other guil- 
ty perfons are f 

i. It is permitted to all others which are arraigned , 
to fpeakein their owne defence whatsoever they can or 
may $or if they cannot fpeake , to hyre the mercenary 
tongue of fome Lawyer, who without any fufpicion of 
crime may anfwer 3 contradift, fay whatfoever he thin- 
keth fitted for the commendation oftheinnocencie of 
his Clienfcthough knowne to be guiltie , and worthy 
of death : for the Lawes will not fufFer, that any man 
mould be condemned, not heard , and without a free 
defence. We aretheonely men whole mouthes are fhut, 
and often gagged, for feare that we fpeake too cleerely : 
They will not have us to (peake, becaufe they are refol- 
ved to condemne us ; knowing,that if we fpeake , our 
innocencie will mine like the beames of the Sunne in a 
fairefummerday , and they cannot chufc but abfolve 

2. Though he who is arraigned,takethe crime upon 
him, he is not,upon his fimple confeffion,fent to the 
gallowes ; but the Iudge knowing that there are many 
fertrevolentes, who defireto die, to cleere his owne con- 
fciencc , inquireth diligently of the antecedents, the 
confequents, the place, the time, the manner, the com- 
plices and partakers, and ail other qualities and circum- j 
(lances of thefacl. There is no fuch inquirie madefor 
oragainft us 5 wherein wee have offemskd the high 
Power?, where an J when we pat our the candles? how 
many Virgins we have defiled, with which of our kinf- 
womeh wee have committed inceft: wee are called 

Of the Riobteousmans Evils. 

Htigticnauts-) which to our Iudges, without further in- 
quiiition , is a name and proving of all crimes. 

3 ♦ All other criminalls if they deny>are tortured un- 1 
till they confelTe: The end of racking is to wring out 
confeflion. If it be prevented by confeflion, it hath no 
ufe: when it hath extorted confeflion , it cealcth. A- 
mongft Tyrants ondy, racking is a punifhment: wee 
confeile freely what we are, we tell our Judges that we 
ere reformed Chriftians, or as ye fpeake here, Prote- 
flants : we fpeakethetruth,and lye not. Our Judges will 
not heare what we are : they will have us to lye, and to 
confetfewhatweare not. Therefore they rackeus, to 
maJceusdeny. if other criminals deny* they beleevc 
them not zitwe deny our felvesto be Proteftants, if we 
lyefalfly,andfay we are Roman Catholikes, they be- 
leeve us. 

4. There is no Judge un partial!, which defireth to 
abfolve other malefactors* and therefore they are not 
constrained to deny, but racked untill they confetfe, 
that they may be condemned : wee onely are forced to 
deny, that we may be abfolved : when wee fpeake the 
truth, and confclle what we are, we are put to death : 
whenyeelding to their violence, wee faine, and deny 
our Religion* not onely they furFer us to live , but alfo 
they reward us for our lying* Art thou an Huguenaut? 
Yea: Racke him. Art thou an Huguenaut I Alas, no,no. 
Hangman unbinde him, let him goe 5 he is anhoneft 
man,andmuftberecompenced* Whereby it is mod 
evidenr,tbat wee are cleane of all crimes laide to our 
charge, except our Judges willconfc(Te,thatin our per- 
fons,when we deny our Religion, they punifli not high 
treafon, adulteries, incefts, murther, and a great many 
moecrimes, whereof we are day lyaccufed. If that were 
iniquitie again ft thecoramon wealth,and the State,they 
mull needs grant that wee are guiltie of our Religion 
onely, or rather of the cnely name thereof. For it is 

K con- 



S » R M O N III. 

£ plm.Se* 



1 04. Con - 


funr: Side- 

feratttur, & 

n\r£u*ntMr t 



teittidm ne- 
conf*fAtn l 


condemned when it is not knownej when it is known, 
it is imbraced : And therefore our Percenters will not 
know it, becaufe they will condemne it 5 perceiving 
that all thofe which have condemned it, when they 
knew it not, have ceafed to condemne it, yea profeffed 
and protected it,when they knew it. 

5. The Emperour Traian, well informed of the inno- 
cencie of Chriftians, fent to fPlinius Secundus, Governor 
of Bythinia,after this manner; They muft not befearched: 
if they be appeached and accufed, they muft bepunijhed. g O 
ientenceconfufed with contradiction ! hee forbiddeth 
to fearch them as innocent , he commanded! to punifli 
them as guiltie ; he fpareth and rageth j he diflembleth, 
and punifheth: If they be guiltie, why are they not 
fearched * If they be innocent, why are they punifhed? 
; How many fuch decrees have beene given out againft 
us ? how many Edicts of pacification have beene made 
1 with us, as with honeft men ? and forthwith how ma- 
ny fires kindled? fwords fliarptrned, gallowfes prepared 
againft us > as againft malefaclors ? Yefterday we were 
the ftay and props of the State,and mutt be cheriftied : 
This day we are the plague and undoing of the State, 
and muft be killed : Though we are this day 3 as we were 
yefterday ? except that we ftri ve ever to be better , and 
fhunneto decay in goodnefle, or to grow worle. But 
fo it was from the beginning, fo it is,fo it (hall be untill 
the end of the world, that 

Many are the Evills of the Righteous. 
X V. Not fo,may fome fay : wee that live here in a 
peaceable and blelted nation* and who, as we hope, are 
righteous men 3 have no e vills, being guarded and hedg- 
ed round about with Gods bountifull and mcrcifull 
protection, through the daily care of bur peaceable and 
mod Religious King. It is true, Well.beloved, that h the 
rodde of the wicked Jkdll not reft upon the lot of the righteous : 
left the righteous put forth their hands unto iniquity - y Your fa- 

Of the Righteous mans Evils. 


thershadtheevilis,andyepo(Teire the good things of 
the land : But will ye fay,again(lyour (elves, that ye arc 
of the number of thefe belly-gods, which eating,drin- 
king, dancing, and fpending merrily the Ihort dayes of 
their brittle life,* are not grieved with the affliBion of lo- 
feph? God forbid, that ye fliould fpeake fo unnaturally, 
andfo falfly again ft your ownefoules. 

Is it not written, " JVeepe with them that weepe : k Re» 
member them that are in bonds , as bound with them: and them 
which fuffer adver[itie,OA bcingyour f elves alfo in the body* 
Have ye not read of l Nehemtah^thit understanding the 
great affliction and reproach* wherein the Iewes Jived 
after their returne to lerufalem, he wept, mourned, fa- 
ded* and prayed with fuch forrow of heart, that his 
countenance was very fad in the Kings prefence , with 
whom he had great credit and favour ? Ye know that 
the Apoftle writeth to the Hebrewes, and of them, that 
m they endured a great fight of afflictions, partly whilefl they 
were made a gazJngfiocke, both by reproaches and afflictions, 
and partly whilefl they became companions of them that were 
fo ufed. Know you not alfo that Saint P*«/faid, who U 
weake, and I am not weake f who is offended, and Ibume not ? 
This is a great evidence and demonstration of the 
Communion of the Saints. 

And who have given more evident demon ((rations j 
ofatruefympathie, and fellow-feeling of the miferies 
of your brethren beyond Seas, than you? Haveyee 
not wept? have yc not mourned? have ye not faded ? 
have ye not prayed to God for them? have ye not ope- 
ned your bowels, and purfes unto them ? have yee not 
bcene much moved for their adverfitie ? have ye not, 
not oncly according to your power * but alfo above 
your jpowciyelieved their neceffitic ? Every opprcflion 
which they fuffer, when it commeth to your eares, is it 
notarackeunroyou? As many oppreffiont , arethev 
not as many tortures to your vexed ibule*?VVhar doth 

K t this 

iAmos 6*6. 

i Rom, it. 



n Pfai 
U 6 > 


B R M O N 


this whole Ifland defire with fighs and fobs,but to bee 
atwarre with Chrifts enemies, which opprefle them, 
that is to fay j tofpend lives and goods for their 
reliefe ? Becaufoas Conttantius, father of Conflantine the 
Great, firft deliverer of the Chriftian Religion from the 
bloody perfections of Tyrants, came from great 
Britanne;foitfeemeth by the holy, vehement, and 
conftantarTeftion which God hath put in all the peo- 
ples hearts of this mod flourishing Ifland,towards their 
affl cted brethren beyond Seas, that hee hath ordai- 
nedjthat deliverie (hall come to them from us : In the 
rneane time, in what griefe, in whatanguiih , in what 
perplexities^and vexation of mind are ye not ? what 
rivers of teares doe ye not (tillpowre out before God? 
what ejaculations ? what prayers, and how fervent do 
ye not dart towards the heavens for them. ? Then in you 
alfo is fulfilled this mod true fpying, 

Many are the Evills of the Right eons. 
XVI. ThankeGod with heart and mouth for this 
Ion^ and bleifed peace wherein ye livejbleJle him for 
his bountifull mercy, whereby ye heare,and fee not 5 
ye feele the affliction of Tofeph , and fuffer not any in 
your owne perfons* and are enabled to fuccour Chrifts 
diilreffed members which haveno hope, after God) but 
in the Churches of this liland* Pray to God for the 
King, by whofecareyeenioy this blelfednerte : Pray, 
for the incrcafingof our godly, courageous, and hope- 
ful! Princein allChriftian , Princely , and Majeftrcall 
gifts : Pray for the flourishing peace cf this State , that 
in the peace thereof ye may have peace : n If I forget thee 
O Ierufalem* let my right hand forget itfelfe : If I doe not 
remember thee, let my tongue cleave to theroofe of my mouth: 
If I preferre not Icmfalem above, my chiefetoy. O weepe, 
and pray unto God fur his Church,and be not unthank- 
fullforh is gifts : be fubieel to the Kinf , and to the 
<Prince,befaithfuIlto theState, be obedient andloWng 


Of the Righteous mans Evills. 


to your teachers, be innocent in your callings,be mo- 
deft in your behaviour,be more and morebountifull to 
the poore : fo the King of K ings, Co the God of peace, 
fo theSpoufc of the Church, fo the Protector of Mo- 
narchies, lb the father of the poore, fhall bletfe you, 
fhield you, and rcmainc with you for ever. So be it; 
even fo be it. 

Of the caufes of the righteous mans Evills. 
PSALM X X X I V. X 1 X. 
Many are the Evills of the Righteous, 

I. \ All the Evills -of the , the author of them alt. 

l\ Righteous man, and of j 7. God doth it for the righ" 
the Church, are foretold in the teotu mans fake , for other 
Scriptures. [ mens fakes, for his owne fake. 

2 . TJje caufe of the righ- 8 . He correcleth the righ- 
teous mins evills, is the Anti- f teous man of his> farmer 
path'tc which is betweene him finnes, 

and the wicked. 9. Ueewithdraweth him 

3. As foone as a man be- fromfinne in time to come; 
ginstoferveGod,heisperfe- jo. And therewith try- 


• • 1 

4. S.itan is mofl incenfed ; 

? him. 

Often, without any 

againflthofe which have fame regard to fane, his onely end is 

\Jpect all charge in the State, or to try him: 
tn the Church. | 12. Asitisproovedbythe 

5. Chrifi forewarns h'm examples of lob, 
of perfections , that we may ijl Of the jfoufe in the 

watte for them ; knowing that Cant relet , 
they are the way to heaven. 1 4. AwLof Samt Paul, 

6. It is flrange, that God I 5. Gmat tryall of the 

\ not ondyfufereth the rigbte- Chuixhes of the PalatwatyOttd 

oy,s man to have fo many e- of France. 

\vills, but alfo will bee catted \6. Moreover affiUions 

k ^^ K 3 are 

79 i 

S B R M Q N JV» 

b Mat.i0. 


d Mat. % ».6 


aretheexcrcifeof the righte- fiancie. 
out mans Faith , MeeknefeJ 18. Difference between 
Charitte r PattenceyPrayersJ the Righteous man, and the 
Hope. Hypocrite. 

17. Andmnderfull con-\ jp. Prayer. 

HE manifold Evills which areincidentto 
Gods dear ones,howfoever they be fo ex- 
tream,that they are fometimes driven by 
themtipo the brim of thefteep downfal of 
defpairingjyet this confideration, me thinks, is forcible, 
and mod able to blunt the (harped edge of mod vehe- 
ment forrows,to fweeten their gall,to affwage their vi- 
olence , and make their Teeming intolerable heavi- 
neffe,eafie to be bpmathat they come not at unawares, 
and unlooked for $ but, if we have eares to heare , and 
eyes to fee, maybe both foreknowne,and forefeene. 

Surely our Lord Iefus Chrift was no fooner prefen- 
ted to theLord in the Temple, but Simeon prophecyed 

of him 9 that a he wasfetfor the fall axdrijingagaine of many 
inffrael s andforafgne which [hall be jpokgn againfi. And 
Chrift himfelfe foretold his Difciples, thzt h hefentthem 
forth aifheepe in themidfiof Wolves* that they Jbould bee de- 
1 liver ed up to the Comtcells , fcourged in the Synagogues ', 
brought before Governors and Kings for his fake: yea, c that 
whofoever killed them, Jbould thinke that he did Godfervice. 
Neither fpeakethheof his Apoftles onely, which were I 
then prefent to heare his words , but in the parable of 
the marriage oftheKings fbnne* he forewameth all his 
fervanrt >which he is to fend forth to call men to the 
wedding, that d theyjhall beintreatedfpitefuljy^andjlatne: 
And compareth his Church,, which is the Congre- 
gation of righteous men , c fa an houfe bmlded upon the 
rocket which is ftormebeaten with the floods of erodes, 
and winds of perforations. 
Therefore the holy Apoflles exhorted the Difciples 


Of the Righteous mam Evils, 

tocontinuein the faith, (lie wing them, that f we muft 
through much tribulation enter into the kingdome of Cod, 
Which we ? All righteous men, all true Chriftians : for 
g allthat will live godly in Iefm Chrifl , Jhallfufer ferfecttti- 
<M*.The Lord himfelfe fheweth for what end fuch things 
areforetold uj, faying, h 71^/2 things have I told you,that 
when the time Jh all come, ye may remember that I told you of 
them: for left we (houid be overtaken with afflictions, 
he advertifeth us that they fhall come* and therefore ad- 
vifethus to looke for them; that fore: catting and expe- 
cting them, we may be upon our guard, & according to 
the exhortation of the Apoftle, j take unto us the 
whole armour of God , that we may bee able to with- 
stand in theevill day, and having overcome all , fland 
flill, like the rocke in thefea , which all the roaming 
waves of the Ocean, all the thundering tempefts of the 
ayre,all tbefpite and might of allthe elements cannot 
/hake. When povertie, orbitie, fhamefull andfmartine 
difeafes, when all kind of mifchiefes ruflied upon lob y 
with fuch fuddaihneUe, that he hai noleafure to heare 
and confider the particulars of anyone of them, how 
could he have worshipped God, how could heehave 
bid)* The Lord gave, the Lord hath taken away , blefedbee 
the name of the Lord, j if, when he was at eaie, he had not 
cxercifed himfelfe, with the conceit of all evills which 
areincidenttoman ? if heehadnot harped often upon 
this meditation; God may deprive thee of all thy chil- 
dren, bringthee to leannetfe of teeth, pull away thy 
foule from thy body ? he hath done fo to many other; 
why not to thee ? Nothing, in my opinion, made/W 
more forward to fuffer afflictions , more bold to refift 
them, more ftrong to, overcome them , than the fore- 
warnings J which the Holy Ghoft gave him,that in eve- 
ry citie bonds and afflictions waited for him. All they 
waited for him* hee waited for them: and when they 
they thought to fteale upon him,they found him ready 


f Ad. 1 4 . 

g 2»Tim. 


k lob 1,2 1. 




n Rev.6. 


p Pro. 19. 

a 7. 

S B R M O N IV. 

Co buckle with them,an d lend them his necke. 

Brethren, IefusChrift hath not deceived us 5 he hath 
notmadetohis Difciples (lately and lo ftie pro mifes of 
riches, of honours, of worldly preferments, as Cyrus the 
younger did to his followers: ye hearehim fpeaking a- 
loud, m If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and 
mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and fibers, yea 
and htsowne life alfo, he cannot be my Difciple: and who foe- 
ver doth. not beare his croffe, audcome after me^cannot be my 
Difciple. XVhatthe Lord hath foretold, experience hath 
made good: n At the opening of every feale of thefea- 
ledbooke, which is the Gofpell of our Lord Iefus 
Chrift, lohnfzw fome new plague follow thereupon; 
and we fee nothing round about us, in forraine court- 
treys where that bookeis unfealed,but wars,but dearth, 
butdeath a but all kind of miferies. Confiderthen,Ipray 
you,& weigh wel upon what conditions ye have rnuftV 
redamong the copanies of Chrifts fouldiersjwhereyour 
pay is lotfe of all your goods, your gaine is death, your 
victory is not of things feene, your triumph isdifgrace, 
infamie,and fliame* For if ° ye for fake not all that ye have, 
goods,life,honoursj dignities, ye cannot be Chrifis Dif- 

I 1. Looke what ant ipathie,w"hat contrarietic of bu- 
rn ours is in nature betwixt plants and plants 5 as betwixt 
the Fine and the Colewort-^ betwixt the Colewort, and the 
Hearbe grace : betwixt the plants and beads ; as betwixt 
the Serpent, and the jifh-tree , the ferpent and the Rue : be- 
twixt beafts and beafls 5 as betwixt the Catte and 
the Moufe , betwixt the Wolfe and the Jh?epe : betwixt 
man and beaftes ; as betwixt the ferpent and man : 
the like difagreement,and farregreater, is betwixt the 
righteous and the wicked man : for p an unmfi man is an 
abomination to the iufl : and he that is upright in the way , is 
abomination to the wicked. Thefe contrary inclinations 
had their beginning with the world, and (hall nothave 


Of the ctufes of the Righteous mans EviUs. 



ancnduntillche worlds end. God is jufh'ce^andrighte- 
oufnefle it felfe ; and the divell profelled enmity againft 
him from the beginning. What wonder then if he bee 
an enemy to the righteous man, who is but Gods crea- 
ture? Asfooneas man was created y he /educed and 
fupplantcd him. Then God proclaimed unreconcile- 
ablewarre betvveene them, faying to thedivell, who 
was flirowded 1 nderthefhape of a ferpent ; *l I will put 
enmity betrveene thee and the woman : andbetweene thyfeede, 
and her feed: It Jball bruife thy bead ; and thotijhalt bmtfe bis 
beele. The ferpents ieed,!sthe brood of wicked men, 
which have beene from the beginning, namely, thofe 
which perfecute the G jfpell. The feede cf the wo- 
man, is our Lord lefus ChrinS with the whole band of 
righteous mem Iobn (aw a battel in heaven : r Mtcbael 
and bis Angels fought againjl the dragon , and the dragon 
fought and his Ange lis. lefus Chrift, who onely is this 
Mtcbael, becaule he onely is like unto God,an i his An- 
gels and vSain ts, fought againft the divell , and ail the 
hellifli rabble of wicked men? and of divells like 
unto himielfe. 

There is no manifest caufe knowne of the Antipa- 
thies and contrarietie of difpofitions which are in na- 
ture: but the caufes of difagreement betwecne the righ- 
teous and unrighteous man, are knowne. They flow 
from contrary Tprings ; and therefore their affeclions, 
their actions, their effccls, their ends are contrary. &re 
not God and the divell enemies ? The wicked man { is 
of the dwell: the righteous man l is borne of God. Hence 
it is 3 that the children beare out their fathers quarrell : 
the wicked is hud-winked with ignorance.- v He know- ' vIoh ^ 
eth not the Father, nov the Sonne 5 neither will hee know '. 
them: x he will not learnc to be wife, that he may doe gocd. xPfal.36.3. 
\y The righteous man knoweth furely , that ChrHt is : y^hi^ 
j come out from the Father , and beleeveth that the Fa- I 
I tiler hath lent him : a The wicked is after the fiefi , and -, a Rom. 8.j 

L there- 1 

f 1. Toh. ? . 3 

t Vcr 9. 

7+ | ShrmovIV. 

; thereto* he minds the thrgs of tb: fijh The righteous 
A. bc ; : r, {the ftirit: The 

wicked n an* workesare b f& wor'kes of the ficjh^Ijich 
'dtery,frmiuationMncUannejfe y lafcivwufreffc, 
idolatry, witchcraft, hatred Wi , emulations, wrath, 

Jrrife, J edit ions , her e fie s^ envy ings , murthers, drunkenneffe , 
•'ings, and fitch like t The righteous mans works are 
c Ve. » » 3 2 / c thefitiits oftbejfirit, that is to wit, £«Wj ioy, peace , long 
J fafr>'i"g,gtntlenejje : goodncjfc, fitith, me*k*efi , temperance. 
■ Whercthereisfo great a contrarietieandrepugnancie 
of affections, ofadions, of workes; what wonder if 
tnere begrcarenrmric.* The righteous man is light in 
10. .3.20 ( t he Lord 5 and d ^07 man that doth evill , hateth the 
I toAr, tottfcr ^m»^ r* /fe £gfc, fc^Vte deedesjhould bee , 
I ™J c °v*red: for that caufehee hateth the righteous man? 
as ciePharifcfs hated lefusChr ft, becaufeheereproo- i 
vedthe^ of their vices. Tie righteous man likewife 
e MaLi^. hareth the wicked : * Doe I net hate them, O Lord, faith 
21 >~- J>*w*4 thathateiheel and am not I grimed with the 

rife ftp again ft thee 1 I bareibcm with f erf eel hatred : I count 
them mine enemies. When heat :<nd cold, moilrure and 
! drought, hardnelfeandfoftneire, Jjjhtand darknetfe,. 
fhallkatieoffto kee at variance 5 thcr> > then (hall the; 
righteous and wicked man ioynei:ands, ami enter into | 
confederacy one with another: *fer \?-bat fellowjbip ; 
r & t: g communion 

h.ith light with dir'^elfe? and what concaf-d hath Chrft with 
B ff : ^harpart bath be that bet* - . </*,?- 

dell? andwhatagr C em:nt hath tbeTcMfte cf God w:th 7- 
dolls? In thisdjicord, therein this norable difference: 
that the righteous man hateth rather the vice, than the 
ptrhn oftht wicked, andfeeketh by prayers toG 
b/ex; .rrarions, admonitions, goodexamp]es 3 fo I 
Wt him : whereas the wicked hateth both the ver- 
cue*, and the perfon of rheriehteous, andfeektch to 

I I I. From 

f 2. Co: 

Of the ctufes of "the Righteous mans Evils. 

III. From thence it is ) that allboneas a man be- 
gins toapply his mind and heart unto righteoufnelle, 
j Satan and the wicked world confpire to undoe him : 
J for likens % NebnchadfiezsTjar was filled with fury , and the 
1 forme of his vifige w.vs changed againfl Shadrac , AicfhaCy 
and Habednego , when to his face they refufed to fall 
downe, and worfhip the image which he had made,and 
commanded, that the furnace wherein they were to bee 
caft, mould bee kindled feuen times more than it was 
wont to be heat:evenfo,alToon as a manbegins to draw 
his neck out ofSatanscoller , to fliunne the company 
of wicked men, to draw necre unto God by repentance 
andnewnetfeof life, and to regifter his name in the 
Church booke,thathemaybefavedin the communi- 
on of the vSaints 5 Satan fets all his malice on a flame to 
devoure him, and the wicked ru(h upon him with bill 
and clawjto tearehim in peeces . For as theeves breake 
nctinto an houfe where there is nothing but ftraw,hay, 
ftubble; but onely intofuch places where there u gold, 
AVer, precious ftones, and rich furniture : To the di- 
vellandhis limbesheede not rafcals, and fcurvie fel- 
lowes; but if any man bee aworfliipper of God, and 
doth his will, t 1 ey lye in waite fecretly , as a Lyon in 
his denne, they hidethe mare in his way ,they crouch, 
they ftoope to catch him into their net. 

Asfooneas Chrift wa borne, h Herod became out 
of his wit»,feeking to flay him 5 to teach us, that as foon 
as we become Chriftians by a fpirituall birth , wee (hall 
not have wtnt of Herods to feeke our lives. As foonc as 
the 1 red dragon faw rhe woman with child travelling in 
her birth, and ready to be delivered , hee flood before 
her, rhat he might devoure her childe as foon as it was 
borne : but her child being caught up unto God , and 
fhe taking herfelfcto her wings,to fave her life by fly- 
ing into the wildernes, he caft out of his mouth a floud 
of water to drewne her. What was this vifion but a 

L 1 type 




i Rev ii. 

7 6 


E R M O N 


type of theChurch,again(l whom thedivell ftirreth up 
a world of wicked men) as fo many waves of an over- 
flowing river,to fwallow her up, when after a long bar- 
ren nedeftie conceiveth againe, and brings foorth chil- 
dren to God ? Then ye heare nothing amongft thofe 
blood- thirftie butchers, but crying, k Let us deft roy the 
tree with the fruit thereof: let us cut him off from the land, of 
the livings hat his name may be no moreremembred. 

1 V- Amongft the righteous men , Satan is mod in- 
cenfed againft thofe whom God pickes out from a- 
mongft the reft* & feparates for fomefpeciall and excel- 
lent worke in the Church, or in the State. For as Pi- 
rates fade by Barkes , and fmall mips, and boord Car- 
rackes, and other huge (hips laden with the riches of 
the Orient: foSatan lyetb in wait for thofe principally, 
on whom God hath beftowed greateft plenty of gifts, 
and preferred to the mod eminent places in his 
Church. As long as Jacob meddled with nothing at 
horn s,Efau lived peaceably with him: Soughthe, and 
obtained he his fathers blefling ? then Efau vowed to 
kill him. Whileft Iefus ChnftUd a private life,, and 
made no (hew of thofe treafures of heavenly graces 
which were hid in him, thedivell confideredhim not: 
but when the Spirit lighted upon him in the bodily 
fliapeof adovejwhen his Fathers voice was heard from 
heaven, faying , This is my beloved Sonne > in whom I am 
well f leafed, \ when by the Baptifme of water, and of the 
Spirit, he was inflalied in the dignitieand itnployment 
of Mediatour betwixt God and man ; then the dive!! hee- 
ded him, tempted him, fet on foote againft him asma- 
nyenemiesjas there were men which knew him When 
Saul was a Pharifee, exceedingly zealous of the traditi- 
ons of hisfathers, and a perfecuter of the Church? lice 
was much regarded and honoured of the Iewes : but 
when of a Captaine^he became an Apoftle ; of a violent 
PerfecuCer 3 a mod zealous Preacher jofa lew* a Chri- 


Of the cAufes of the Righteommans Evils. 


! ftian ; of Saul, Paul •, hcbccame therwith a marke wher- 
atthedivelland his Angells did fhoote all the vene- 
rnous and fierie arrowes of their indignation. What 
wonder then, ifthedivel!,vs ho hath ever his bow bent 
and ready, aimeth chief])' at the Rammes and Leaders 
of Chntts flocke ? hee knoweth by long experience, 

| and too too many tryalls, that it is not written in vain, 

j 1 I will finite the Jhef heard, and thejheefe of the flocke Jhall be 

! fcattered abroad. 

V. Ye fee then againe,upon what condition ye are, 
and name your felves Chriftians ♦ m If, faith Chrift, 

ye were of the world, the world would love his owne : but be- 
c.wfe yee are not of the World, but I have chofen 

\yoH out of the Worlds therefore the World hateth you.- 

I Tribulation, trouble^ forrow, griefe,teares, all the evills ) 
that the divells malice can find out, are the Cbriflian 

j mans portion in this world* His hopes are not of this 
life: for no reward is promifed unto him, but in the 
world to come. As the bird-catcher cafteth a little corne 
before the birds , and hideth the net wherewith he in- 
volves them ; and as the fifher cove ret h the fidi-hooke 
with the mortal! bait, whereunto hee knoweth the fifh 

, will fpeedily fwimme : fo thefe which mind to deceive, 
promife alwayes pleafant things; and like unto the 
Syrettes of the Poets, they fing mod fvveete fongs to 
charme the -fimple ones, whom they go about to in- 
trap; but the venomeisinthetaile, and hee wholiftc- 

; ncthunto them,isamazedro fee how by too much cre- 
dulitie he harh bin drawn upon the dangers, Scisfunke 

I among the (helves of flinging cares, and killing evil's. 
n The diVell (pake of nothing to Eve, but of know- 
ledge of good and evil], but of immortalitic, but of e> 
ternity of life, but of being lite unto God himfelfe: 
what (lie found, ye know all ; Ignorance, death, refem- 
blance to the importer who had deceived her, was the 
reward of thelightnelle of her bdeefc. ° The Tewfte* 

L 3 (hewed 

1 Zic.13.7. 
Mat, i(>. J i 
n lab.}?.' 

oMat 4. 


S B R M O N I V. 

p Mat. 7. if, 

Mat 7.14. 

mewed to Chrift all the kingdomes of the world, and 
the glory of them, and promifed them all unto him, fo 
thathewouldfaddowneand worlhiphim. p Thefalfe 
/V^^/comeinflieepescloathing, that wnen opor- 
tunitymaUferve, they may difinember the whole flock. 
The Papi(ls,and other Heretikes of this age,couer their 
] deadly poyfon of falfe doctrine with the fugar of enti- 
ifing words, and (hew to thofc which have not their 
fenfes exercifed to difcerne both good andevill,a gol- 
, den cuppeof moll delightfull and pleafant promifes; 
which when they put to their htad , they drinke no- 
thing bur gall aud wormewood. 

Fathers doe not fo to their children : they fend 
them to the fchooie, give them Pedagogues and Tu- 
tors to intfrud: them, and hold them in awe; keepe 
them under a moftfeuere and rigorous difcipline,untill 
they come to mans age j and be able to doe good fer- 
vice: Then, and no fooner , they looke upon them 
with a cleere face, they ufe them familiarly, they open 
to them their purfes , they advance them to honours 
and dignities, they make them their heires. After this 
manner, our heavenly Father at the beginning fpeakes 
to us moll roughly of forrowes and vexations : hee 
j fchooles us in Chrifts Colled^e, where afflictions are 
j our Tutors, and rods our lellons: 1 He forewarneth us, 
! that the way wherein we are to walke, till we come to 
the pleafures which are at his right hand for evermore, 
is narrow, and fpred over with thornes; that the gate 
i whereby we muft enter , if wee defire to enter into the 
i kingdome of his glory, is very llraite and low : to the 
, end that when we finde fuch away, wherein there is 
! nothing but narro wnelle, grinnes, and bryars,and fuch 
1 a gate wherein we cannot enter without preying, thru- 
j (ling, and Hooping ; we may fay one to another, as it is 
r Ifc.30.11 'written in the Prophet 5 r This is thevfty, w*lke yce in it, 
w'j?th:rje tame to the right btvi, <wd phetheryee turne to 
I the 

Of the caufes of the Righteous mans Evils. 


the left ; ind concluding wirh rejoycing, as Iaoob&id in 

at affitftioii , tTbis /• the gate ofhesvtn , pray and . c 
fay with David, r Open to me the gates of right coufneffe :' t p} a i ','18 
/ will got into them : I willpraife the Lord: this u the gate of 18, i? . 
the Lord,tKto which the right cowjljall enter . 

V I . Flcdi and blood cannot abffaine fronrcontrol- 1 
ling of this wife and fatherly courfe, which Almightie 
God takes with his beloved children. It is a ftrangeand ' 
mod uncouth thing to mans conceit, that God not 
onely perm its,t hat his Saints which feare his Majeftie, 
which doe his will, which lead among men an Angeli- 
call life, and are heaven upon earth, fhouldbcthus ex- 
pofedtcfomany calumnies; vexations, torments, lof- 
fesjincommodities of this life, and mod dangerous 
tentations; but alfo will be called the Author and caufe 
of them all : for ic is lie, hee himfelfe, which asketh, 
v Shallthirebe any evili'm the c;t?e, andjhall not the horddoe 
it f * Ei ill and goodly cccede they not out of the mouth of the 
moft High ? May he not reprelTe the raging furie of our 
adv T er(aries ? may hee not convert them all, asheedid 
Paul? If he will nor convert them, may he not deftroy 
them at unawares, as he dici Pharaoh, and the Egyp ians, 
Sodom, Gomorrha, Senachenbs hoaltfy Js his mercy cleane j 
gone for ever? deth hn promife faile for evermore? hath \\ 77, 
God forgotten to be gracious ? hath hee in anger font up bus] 
tender mcrctcs ? 

Syho can blame us if weaske, why the holy Apo- i 
flies whitluvc.-,: rhrough the whole' world, drying it j 
with thefeedeof ChTittiafiS, planting Churches, buil- 
ding living Tcmplesrothclivu^g Gcu ? raifingthedead, \ 
healing the fake, calling outdiv'cils, doing gooc tozW 
men, ill Iro none,confirmingrhcirdo:;rinevMth figms* 
Wonder? c^vrs miracles, anddiltribution* of th^ Ho- 
ly Gbofr,accordingto Gods owne will ; why foch ce- j 
leQiall, Angelical!, and mod wonderfuJl men, were .: 
bound, im.pnfcn.ed, fcourged, ic: on pillories , moc- ' 


v Amos 5 


x Lam.$. 


Sermon IV. 

a Phil. 

bleh j i. 
17,18, i?, 

cA&. $ .j6. 


c lob j 3. 


I ked,abufed, and cruelly murthered ? Could rhey not 
j have done better fei vice to God being at libertie, than 
j tyed with cords in a darkeand folitary prifoni being a- 
| live, than dead ? If it was farre better for them to de- 
part, and to be with Cbriftj their longer aboade in the 
fleih, was it not more ncedfull for the Church, a asthe 
Apoftlc fayeth of himftlfe? The perpetuall care which 
they had of all the Churches, deferved it not a better 
entertainment? theirinnocenrand fruitfull life, was it 
not worthy of a more calme and quiet death , and of 
a more honourable end ? 

Was it not more fit that the righteous lob , b who 
called the fatherierfe to eate with him, who covered 
thenakednelleof the poore, and warmed them with 
the fleece ok his owne iheepe , mould have remained 
^>wner and difpenicr of his owne goods , then, the Sa- 
beansScCaldeans^ho took them away for no good ufef 
How many in the Palatinate, how many in Trance, 
were there like unto c Tabitba, full of good works,and 
almes which they did, which have beene ftript and 
fpoyled of all their goods * and brought to theletfe 
blended condition of askingand receiving i would not 
their goods have beene better in their owne hands, to 
diftribute them to the poore, than in the hands of 
theeves, of robbers, offouldiers, which play them at 
cards and dice, and wafte them upon their lufts? 

This queftion is very difficult; Though the faith-: 
full know, that d God is righteous, and that c hoe g'iveth not 
account ofallhis deeds, yet they plead with him, and often 
controll his judgements. The weaker fort, feeing the 
righteous man beaten in peeceslikca potfheard, aredif- 
mayed and fcandalized.The dog- Atbeifts take occafion 
thereby to deny Gods providence, and to flowt poore 
Chrrftians, asking of them, f If God regards you, why 
fufFerye perfecution ? why are ye put to death ? Ifyean- 
fwer, as fome did in the primitiue Church, that it is not 


Of the caufes of the Righteous mans Evills* 

Gods will that wee be persecuted, but that he hath fore- 
told,by manner of propheiie,thethings which wcare to 
fuffer, to prepare us to patience ; ye (hall finde fome /#//- 
an who will tell you out of the Scriptures, that g the very 
h Aires of jour head are allnumbred,, and that one of them/hall 
not fall on the groandwtthoHt your Father. 

V 1 f. h Thy way, O God, is in the Santluary : There wee 
flnde,that * all his wayes are iudgement : that bee is a God of 
tructb, and without iniquity ; that bee is iuft and right : yea, 
that k all the pathes of thj Lord are mercy and trueth, unto 
fitch as keepe his Covenant , and his Teftimonies. Letus then 
enter into Gods vSanctuary, and there wee Hiall learne : 
or becaufe wc arealreadie entred in his Sanctuary, and 
are here prefent before his Majeftie in his holy Temple, 
toheare him fpeakein his ownecaufe, letus learne of 
his owne mouth, that he (tirrcth righteous men up and 
downe ? haleth them thorow the water, the fire, the 
fwords) catteth them in a puddle of tribulations, out of 
which they fin de no iltue,/tfr their fake , for other -mens 
' <?, for his owne fake :for their fake, becaufe he will either 


corrector weanc, or try , or exercife, or honour them ; 
for our fake, becaufe hee will inftruct us : for his owne fake •, 
becaufe he will (hew his juGice in the correction , his 
wifedomein the direction, his (rrength in the erection 
and lining up, his glory in the wonderfuli protection of 
hisdiltrelled Children. 

VI I J. Many men are of aflavifh and naughtiedif- 
pofition. 1 A few ant will not bee corrected by words : for 
though hee underfiand, hee will not anfwer : exc ept the rodde 
whizze upon his flioulders, hee will not flirre. A™ whip 
for the horfc, a baiter for the affe, and a rod for thefooles back t 
n Agar was proude in Abrahams houfe, (lie was brought 
low in the wildernes: Manaffes was incorrigible fo long 
as he was peaceable in leru(alem,but when he was boud 
with fetters, carried to Babylon,and ca(t intoadarke 
prifon, ° be be fought the Lord bis God, and humbled himfelfe 

M greatly \ 


i Dcu. 32. 


k Pf.25.10 

1 Pro.2 9, 


m Pro. 16, 

n Gen. 16 


o i. CI110. 


p Pfal.107. 

q Matth.4. 

r Gen.41. 


f Pfal no. 

6 7 . 

t Ion i.f. 

v Ion. 2. r. 

x Hof.?, 

y Ifa.i6.i6 

r SbrmonIV. 

greatly before the God of bis Father/. Then was fulfilled that 
which is written in the Pfalmes, r Such as ft in darkeneffe 
and in the jhadow of death, being bound in affliBion and iron , 
becanfe they rebelled again fl the words of God, and contemned 
the conn fell of the rnofl high : Therefore hee brought down thetr 
heart with labour : they fell downe* and there was none to helpe. 
Then they cried unto the Lord in their trouble, and hee faved 
them out of their di/lreJfesA Thofe which were taken with 
divers difeafes and torments, folio wed Chrift to be hea- 
led : they that were whole, contemned him* 

The fame befals the moft righteous, who often (lum- 
ber) and,if they were not awaked by afflictions, mould 
die in their fins. Iofephs brethren never bethought them- 
felves of their finne, untill they were rudely u fed in jE - 
gypt : then they called untominde their iniquitie, and 
faid one to another, ' We are verily guiltie concerning our 
brother ', in that weefaw the angwjh ofhisfoule, when hee be- 
fought us, and wee would not he are : Therefore is this dtftreffe 
come upon us: So David faid/ Before twas afflttled,! went a- 
\ftray : but now have I kept thy word. So * lonas flept pro- 
foundly in the fliip 3 but v he prayed in the filhes belly : 
for profperitie lulls men afleepe> but adverfitie rouzetb 
them up: Therefore God faid of his people which had 
finned again ft him, x I will go e and return 1 my place ^ till 
1 they acknowledge their offence, andfeeke my face : In their af- 
I Ifliftion they will feekme earety.. And Ifaiah witnelleth of his 
I time, thatfuch whiskers whittled nctin vaineaboutthe 
Churches eares, faying, Y Lordjn trouble they have remem-. 
I bred the ; they powrsd out their humble prayer when thy cha^ 
fleningwas upon them . Look what the biting colly re is to 
; the pin ne in the eyes, the fcorchingcauter to the head- 
I ache and catharres, the fliarpe pricking cfrhe Surg on* 
j Jauncet,<Sc bitterphyficktoa continual fever/ be Creufet 
I and the fire to gold and filver $ the fame are afflictions 
{ to the righteous mans linnes, which are a futru ion and 
I web upon the eie of the mind ; a rheume choaking Gods 


Of the caufes of the Righteous mans Evils. 


Spirit, & furTbcating the heart, the Pleurifie & peftilent 
fever of the foule,thedro fs &tin of all godly affections. 

So a Miriam was healed of her pride by leprofie : So 
b David learned to be chafte,by theinceflsof hisowne 
fons : fo Ionas learned obedience in the Whales bellie: 
So c Zacharias, by the lotfc of his fpeech, was cured of 
his incredulity,^: taught,not to open his mouth in time 
to come, but to praife and blefle the Lord his God : So 
the whole Church of Iuda d was humbled under the 
mightiehand of God;and,accepting of the punifhment 
of her inicjuitie,learned to fay with heart and mouth, e I 
mil be are the indignattcu of the Lord, becaufe I have finned a- 
gamtthim: So the Churches of France by thefe laft trou- 
bles were brought low, and taught to walke in Gods 
prefencc with feareand trembling :for howfoeverthey 
were innocent of the crime of rebellion laid to their 
charge 5 their vanitie,their ambition, their pride, their 
filthiecovetoufneire, their loathing oftheGofpel, their 
fecuritie, was become fo exceeding great, that God 
could not beare with them any longer : They trufted in 
their little palrrie holds and forts, wnich they had raifed 
as high as the clouds , and faid not onely in their 
hearts, as Edomdid, but with their mouths alfo, f tf#<? 
fhall bring us downe to the ground t The Lord heard the 
words oftheir pride,& in the turning of an handjturned 
them topfie turviej leaving onely fome ruines, as traces 
of his indignation, whereby their Children may knows 
that there dwelt their Fathers. Then wee acknowled- 
ged , then we faid, g The Name of the Lord is afirong tow- 
er : the righteous runneth into it, and isfafe. 

For this caufe, S. Peter calleth Perfections h Gods 
wdgementsi Chrifl calleth themifc// chaftifements : and 
.S./Wgiveth the oneand the other nanietoallkindof 
afflictions, faying,that k If wee would iudge our felves, wee 
Jhoutdmt bee iudged: But when we are tudged, wee are chafle- 
ned of the Lord % that we Jhould not be condemned with the 

M i world. 

a Num.i x 

b 2, Sam. 

U. II. 

c Lulci. 

d Lev. i<\ 


c Micah 7. 


£ Obad.3. 

g Pro. 18. 

h 1. Pet. 4. 

1 Rcy.j. 

k 1. Cor. 
11.31, ji. 



1 lob 

I $< 

m lob $ 5 

n Gen, 12. 


o Gen. 20. 

6, 7 . 

p Pftl.i !$. 

worldA fay then,that the firft caufe of the righteous mans 
Evils, is his owne finnes ; and their firll end, is his cor- 
rection and amendment. 

I X. Now he is not onely guikie of finnes paft , for 
which he is chaftifed; but alfo hee is prone ro fall in fin 
againe, as bearing in his bread: the feede ofaljiniquitie : 
Alas, Alas ! l how abominable and fit hie is man, which drin- 
keth iniqmtie like water I Therefore God y like an expert 
Phyfician > mingleth unto him a cup of afflictions , not 
onely to cure him of former difeafes,butalfo to prefer ve 
him from difeafes to come.For tribulations are not one- 
ly medicines , but alfo antidotes & prefervatives again ft 
the poifon of finne. They are bitter potions in tafte, 
but they either reftore or preferve health. m Elihu faith 
in the booko of fob, that God fpeaketh once, yea twice :yet 
manperceiveth'tt not. He inftrucleth men by his word, 
he fendeth to them his fervants once,t wice, thrice,to ad- 
vife them of their duetie, and they yeeld not attention 
u nto his admonitions : Then hee openeth the eaves of men y 
and fealeth his chafiifement upon them : that he may withdraw 
man from hispurpofe, and drive away pride from man. S o he 
ksepetb bacl^e his foule from the pit ■, and his life fomperijhing 
by the fword ; feafoning him with the fait of afflictions- , 
that he rot nor. 

I will nctenroll"? haras king of Egypt, nor ° Abi- 
melech, king of Gerar,among righteous men: yet when 
they would hare (in ned againftGod, by abuiingSara, 
Abrahams wife , God plagued them with fb great 
plagues, that rhcy were anraide to touch her, Surely 
David was a righteous man , and ye may perceive how 
in ^/o/r^/ rebellion again (t him, God gave him with 
one (lone two blowes.- hechaftifedhim for thernur- 
ther and adultery which hee had committed ? and 
retrained him from finne for the time to come. The 
one and the other for his good , as he conferled , fay- 
irig,P It is good for me that I have, beejte afjlichd? that I 

Ofthzcxitfes of the Rtgbt:oiit mans Evils. 


. might Uarne thy fratutes. Who was more righteous then 
Paul? yet confeffing his owneinfirmitie, and acknow- 
ledging how he was by nature inclined to prkie , hee 
' faith, that <1 there was given to him at home in the f/jh -, the 
meffenger of Satan to buffet him ^l eft he [honld be exalted a~ 
bovemeafure. This Angellof Satan was not the divell 
1 himfelfe,but,as r Chrj fojhme eRcemeth, wicked men in- 
I ipired of the divell, fuch as was Alexander the Copper* 
\ Jmith, which did him much evill :»fuchas were alio the 
Iewesjthe Gentiles,the Tyrants, and all Infidells, which 
perfecuted him beyond all meafure. This then is as 
if he had faid,The Lord might flay all perfecutfons,arrd 
hand-fetter all thofe which vexe me ; but becaufe I was 
caught up into Paradife, and heard there unfpeakeable 
worefs, and might have waxed proude thorow theex- 
cellency of revelations, he hath permitted thefe An- 
gels of Sat an to buffet me by divers perfections and 
j tribulations^ 

Becaufe then that Peter snd Pant, and their mates, 
howfoever they be wonderfull among men in holines^ 
in righteoufneire, and in moll rare gifts, fill! are men, 
and eafieto be overtaken withfinne % they haveneede 
to be held in with the curbe of a (harps and rigo- 
rous difcipline, left they fufferthemfelves to be carri- 
ed away by the boifterous wind of their owne vanitie 
and pride: for as "ferpents are bred in man > of that 
which is moll inward to him, even of the marrow of 
his bones jfoarrogancie, and loftinelfe of mind, is in- 
gendreJ in holy men, of the knowledge which fhey 
have of their owneexcellency and righteoufne(fe:then 
they begin to looketoo much at themfelves , and too 
little to themfelves: thenthej begin to rely upon their 
owne exccKencie, and to forget their maker, -as Adam 
and £wdid, and as it befell the good king iHcz,chjab; 
when he (hewed hisrrcafures to the King of Babylons 
Ambaffadors. This is the hfgh and broad way to hell, 

M 3 and 

q a.Cor.i*. 

r Chryftfl j£ f 

I r.Cth*. 

I 86 

S B R M O N I V. 

t i Cor. i. 

v i.Cor.4, 

x 1. Pct.4. 


y Hcb. 1 1. 


a Lam.j. 

and therefore God,with bit and briile, draweth his 
chofen ones backe from it , and manageth them with 
rods and fpurres? not for any finne which they have 
. done, but for that which they would doe, tfthey lefc 
J the narrow and ftraite way of humilitie and modefty. 
j Heareagaine what the Apoftle faith of himfelfe: c Wee 
werfyfalth he,prejfed out ofmeafare, above ottrftrenqth : in- 
fomuch that we dejpaired even of life : yea, wee had the fen- 
tence of death tn mrfelves. Why did God fuffer a man 
j foholy, afcrvantfo profitable, an Apoftle fo excellent > 
to be fo hardly intreated I God permitted it, faith he, 
that rvefhotild not trnftin ourfelves, but in God which raifeth 
the dead. 

If God did curbe after this manner his holy Apoftle, 
what wonder if he tye others which are not fo holy, to 
an yron chaine , and tame them with many opprefli- 
ons ? For as (landing water breedeth frogges,toads,and 
ftinking mud; as the ground which i% not tilled , yeel- 
deth nothing but bramblcsjthornes, and thirties 5 and 
as the Vine which is not cut, waxeth naught , and, in 
(lead of good and fweet Raifins, bringeth forth wilde 
Grapes: even fo righteous men , when they are not 
like racked wine,drawne with croupes out of thelees of 
their naturall corruption , they degenerate from their 
former righteoufnelfe, and become filthy, flinking, 
loathfome to God, and to man. But when, by mani- 
fold afflictions , v our outward man is fubdued and 
brought under; the inward man is renued day by day , x that 
we no longer live the reft of ottr time in theflefb to the tufts of 
men % but to the will of God, and fo > be made partakers of his 
ho/inejfe. Therefore let us rcforme our judgements , re- 
fraine our tongues, and conclude with leremiab ; : « It is 
poedfor a mm, that he be are theyoake m his youth. 

X. Sometimes God (hakes his whips , and fcourges 

about the eares of the righteous man , not onely to 

corred him of finnes part , to weane him from linne* 

I to 

Of the caufes of the Righteous mans Evils. 

8 7 

to come, but alfo to try him, and to know what is in 
his heart. b Thoufhalt remember ■, faith Mofes to the peo- 
ple of Ifrael, alt the way which the Lord thy God led thee j 
thefe fort ic year e sin the wilder neffe to humble thee , and to] 
troove thee, and to know what was in thine heart , whether i 
thoti woitldft keepe his cowmandements >or no. S ee i n o n e a f- 1 
fliclion, three ends vvhereunto God aimed: The firft 
was, c ro correct them of their murmuringagainft him: 
The feoond,to humble them, and keepethem in obedi- 
ence for the time to come : The third? to prove them, & 
to know what was in their hearts. Not that he is igno- 
rant of the mod fecret thoughts of mens hearts, d for 
the righteous God try etb the hearts and r tines , but becaufe 
he isfaidto know, when hee maketh that which is in 
them* knowne both tothemfelves, and to'others: As 
when he faid to Abraham^ c Now I know that thoufeareft 
God? feeing thou baft not with-heldthy fonne, thine onelyfonn* 
from me 1 his meaning was, Now J have made thy faith 
in me,thy feare cf me, thy !ove towards me,fo manifeft, 
that all the world hereafter (hall acknowledge it,fpeake 
of it, and wonderat it* 

XL Nowitiscertaine, that often God cafleth his 
children into afea of afflictions, nottoclenfethemof 
any finncwherewith they were foyled, not to keepe 
them cleane from any finne wherewith they might bee 
defiled ; but onely to make tryall of them by divers 
temptations, which hedothfortworefpecls: 

Firir, as aChirurgion by plaifters draweth out into 
the*>kinnetheinwardimpo{lumc which is hid in the 
fle!li,that by fuppuration it may be healed : fo God by 
temptations bringeth men to the acknowledgement of 
their hiJIinnes and naturall weakneife 5 that finding 
how prone they are to evill,and how weake to refift it, 
they trufl not any more in themflves, but in God, 
* whofe flrength is made perfefi in weaknejfe. So it is writ- 
ten of He^ektahy that when the AmbaiFadors of the 


b Dcut.S.t 

c Num.14 
3 5* 

d Pfal.7.9. i 

e Gen. i%. 

f 2 Cor. 

I 2.]?. 


g 2.Chron. 


i Mat.i£. 

k Mat.19. 

B R M O N IV. 

Princes of Babylon were fei>t unto him, to enquire of 
the wonder that was done in the-land, z God left him, to 
try him, that he might "know all that woa in his heart. Then 
he was puffed up with vaine glory: whereof being ad- 
vikd by the Prophet, and threatned with a mod heavy 
punifhment,he humbled himfelfe, and anfwered,* 1 Good 
is the word of the Lord, which he hath fpo^en. So Peter per- 
ceiving how foone, and upon howiightacaufehehad 
denyed his good mafter, whom he Joved mofi: tender- 
ly, and that after fuch bragging, thar * though all men 
fhouldbe offended becaufe of him, yet would he never be offen- 
ded, yea fhongh hejhould dye with htm,yet would he not deny 
&w*$wasconfounded within himielfe, and aftonifhed 
at his childifh weaknelle, went out, and weft bitterly. 
What the worhy Martyrs of Chrilt , Thomas Cranmer, 
Archbifhopof Canterbury y and Anne de Bourg, Coun- 
fellourof the Parliament at Paris , thought of them- 
(elves, when for feare of death they recanted,how they 
wereabafhed andalhamed of their lightne{Ie,the flories 
of their Martyrdomesbeare witnetfe. Twice and thi ice 
happy had beene the young man in the Gofpell* to 
whom the Lord faid, k If thou wilt beperfeel, goe and fell 
that thou hafi, and give to the poore , and thoujhalt have 
treafure in heaven, and come and follow me ; if he had come 
by this commandement to the knowledge of the cove- 
toufnetfe , which lay lurking in his narrow heart: for 
then he had not gone away ibrrow full, but had ac-| 
I knowledged his hidden corruption , and cryed to the 
j Lord, Helpe my weaknetfe. For that commandement 
j was not a precept requiring atluall obedience $ but 
! a precept of Tryall , to difclofejiis infatiate avarice, 
1 and make it knowne to himfclfeand others. 

Secondly? as the Arabian incenfe,and mod excellent 

; fpices perfume not the air with their fwcet fmelling fa- 

' vour, till they be rubbed,brayed, or caft into the fire : 

and as the mod precious Jewells have arnoreflnning 


Of the caufes of the Righteous mans Evils. 


i glolle, and gracefull bright colour, in the darknelle of 
j the night, than in the moft radiant Canne-fhine of a 
fairefummer-day 5 fothe Jewells of Gods gracesywhere- 
with the righteous man is adorned, have not fuch a gli- 
ttering and grace in the radiant and beame-fluning day 
of his profperitie, as in the gloornie and clowdy night 
of hisadverlitie. Therefore Saint lames faith? x My Ire- 
brethrert, count it all toy rvhenye fall into divers tentations: 
whereof he rendereth this reafon ; knowmgjhat tlpe try- 
ing of your faith, rvorketh patience : for if there were no 
adveriitie, where fhould patience be i and if the righ- 
teous man were not broken and brayed with crotIcs> 
and tribulations) how fhould the good fmeil of his pa- 
tience, of his faith, of his humilitie, bemuskc the 
Church of God i Gold is gold wherefoever it be? and 
keepeth itsowne beautie and gracefulnetfe : but put it 
in the Creufef, caft it in the fire, and it fhall cafl a more 
glittering brightneffe than it did before. The righteous 
man is Gods gold, and a precious Jewell in his Trea- 
fure : In all ftates, his innoceny,integritie,meekeneire, 
is knowneto fome men jbut fpecialiy his faith is made 
manifeftwhen he is in the rTerie furnace of tribulation: 
then his drolfeandtinne is evaporated , andvaniilieth 
away like fmoakc; then the goodly metall of Gods gra- 
ces holds firme: then they give more light, and fhew 
more grace,than all the gold of Ophir. As it is written 
in the eleventh chapter ;of the Prophecy of Daniel, v. 
35. That fome of them ofunderfianding^jkallfall,to try 
them, and to purge and make them whit eleven to the time of 
the end .-and as it is fa id in the third chapter of Malachy, 
v. 2)3* That the Lord is Itke a Refiners fi re, and Itke Fullers 
foape : and he fhall fit as a Refiner and purifier offilver , and 
hejhallpurifie thefonnesof Levi, and purge them as gold and 
fiver, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering m righte- 
oufnefe. Therefore Saint Peter calleth our crolTe;. m try- 
alls of our faith, much more precious than of gold that veri- 

N fieth, 

I Iam.f, ij 

m I 



Sbr mo n IV. 

Jbethj though it bee tryed with fire : And Saint Paul 
| calleth them n Tribulations or Prefthgs , becaufe that 
whatfoever perfecuters intend , they are the Lords 
wine-prelle, whereby the heavenly liquor of fpirituall 
graces lurking in righteous men, which are the fweete 
grapes of Chrifts Vineyard , planted with his owne 
hand, are expretled and imparted to others, who findit 
to be of a fweet and moil excellent rellifh. 

XII. Let us bring two or three examples to illu- 
(tratethe truth of this doctrine: Can we feeke,or if we 
feeke, fhall we finde any more fit and convenient to our 
purpofe,than the example of lob ! he fhineth like gold, 
I even in the eyes of God,in his greateft profperitie: and 
Godhimfelfe is his witneffe before the Angels of hea- 
ven, and Satan who had thrufthimfelfe among them, 
o lob t , 8. that the n , even t hen , ° there was none like him in the earthy 
a perfetl andan upright man , one that feared God, and ef- 
chewedevill. The truth fpake, but Satan beleeved him 
not : what God witnetfed of lob $ that hee was be- 
fore men, and Satan could not deny buthc fecmedfo: 
what then could he fay againft him i Nothing which 
was true: yet which he knew to be, and (hall ever bee 
too true of many men in the woild ; and which he fuf- 
pec'ted, might be true in him alfo: p Doth lob, faith 
he, feare Cod for nought ? haft thou not made a Jtedge aboftt 
him, and about his houfe, and about all that he hath on eve- 
ry fide . ? thou haft blejfed the worke of his hands, and his cat- 
tell is increafedin the land: but put forth thine hand now, and 
touch all that he hath, and he will curfe thee to thy face . The 
fumme of theaccufation is this: lob is an Hypocrite, he 
ferveth thee, becaufe thou blelftil him: take thy blef- 
fings from him ,aYid he will curfe thee. 

TherforeGodjtofhewthat his Saints arenotflavt^ 
or hirelings, ferving him for the reward, but loving 
and refpeduous children, walking beforehim with an 
upright heart for conference fake 5 giveth all that lob 

had 3 

p lob 


Of the caufes oft be Righteous mans EviUs, 


had,into Satans hands, When Champions and Mafler- 
wreftlers walke abroad , arrayed in loft and precious 
cloathing ; it is hard to judge of the health, integrities 
and difpofitions of their bodies, and of the ability and 
ftrength of their limbes : but when they come naked 
from the girdle upward to (he lids or vvreflling place, 
all the beholders fee the proportion of their members 5 
and as they perceive them to bee bigge-mcmbred, and 
their limbs well fet , judge of their vigour and might : 
So when fob was cloathed with Gods goods, as with a 
garment, his patience, his faith, his conftancy was 
knowneoffew: but when the divel! ftripthim of all, 
when he came naked to the theatre to wreflle with the 
foylerand overthrower of mankind ; when then hee 
cryed aloud ,3 Naked came I cat of my mothers wombe y 
and naked jhall I returne thither: the Lord gave, and the 
Lord hath taken away, blejfed he the name of the Lord- } when 
fpeakingfo, he finned not? and attributed nothing tmde- 
centto God jhisprowetfeand valour was made manifeft 
to Angels and men, who rcjoyced for his viclorie:and 
God hi rnfelfc,as it were clapping his hands,and applau- 
ding him, upbraided his enemy, faying with a nip- 
ping fcoffe, r Haft then conftdercd my fervant lob, how ft ill 
he holdeth fafthis integrities The crafcie and cunning fox 
isnotdifcountenanced for this flrft foyle, and bitter 
jcaft, but replying, ( Skinne for skjnne , yeaallthat a man 
bath, mil he give for hU life : but putfoorth thine hand now, 
and toHch his bone andhisflcjb, and hee will cttrje thee to thy 
face-, he checked God , as beeingthecaufeof his over- 
throw, and of lobs vidory: as if he had faid>What won- 
der if lob have not curfed thee ? for thou haft /pared 
him: but now touch hira in his health, which is mod 
fenfible unto him :Iet me racke his fincwes, bruifc his 
.bones, teare his flefh in pieces, and I undertake he fliall 
curfe thee by and by. Seeagaincthefe two champions 
in the place of battell,in the prefence of God , of his 
N 2 holy 


i. Z 

r lob *£. 


t lob 2, io. 
v lob i j. 

X lob 2 j, 

S B. R M o N I V. 

holy Angel^andof men : Satan fmote him with fore 
biles, from the fole of his foot unto his crowne 5 hee 
(Hired up his wife, his fpecjall friends, his fervants, lit- 
tle children, all thatkuew him*againft him, to tempt 
him, to mocke him, to reuilehim* When they llept, 
and he hoped that the night mould eafe his complaint, 
his adverfory feared him with dreames, and terrified 
him through vifions :yee fee with what Height and 
might his enemy ftruggleth with him, how hee endea- 
voureth to fupplant him , to wring out of him fome 
uncomely wordagainft God • But hee remaining im- 
mooveableinhisinte^rltie, c what) faith he? Shall we 
receive good at the hand of God, andjhall we not receive evill? 
v though he flay me, yet will I truflin him:Iwillinaintaine mine 
owne wayes before him : he alfojhall bee my falvation. In all 
this did he notfinne with his types , and fpake n othing un- 
befeeming a Saint, & unworthieoftheLord his God. 
Then was fulfilled that which he faid, x when hee hath 
tryedme, Ifhall come forth as gold:. Then Satan overcome, 
flieweth a faire paireof heeles, and, putting his finger 
on his mouth, appeared no more before God,tocraake. 
Satan,why haft thou remooved thy foote : why haft 
thou made head to thy adverfary with thy heeles ? haft 
thou not done a^ainfthinvali that thou couldft ? thou 
haft blafted with lightening and thunder, or carryed a- 
way,by the violent hands of robbers , all his goods : 
thou haft made him defolate, and without children : 
there is no part of his body which thou haft fpared$ and 
it feemes that thou doQ^not let him live , but to be- 
waile his owne difafter : wherefore then doeft thou not 
follow thy thruft, and profecute thy defignes? Alas! 
faith hee, I have done all that I could: I have 
done nothing of that which I intended , for hee 
hath not curfed God : for this I plotted all theft mif* _ 
chiefes againft him. And I am fo farrefrom gaining a- 
ny thing thereby? that much otherwife, cafting him in 


Of the caitfes of the Righteous mans Evils. 


the burning furnace of moftfenfible and fmarting tri- 
bulationsj I have made him more beautifull andglori- 
I deemed that he fhould curfe God,and Ice he blef- 


I thought to bring him in contempt upon 

feth him. 

the allies : andloe„loe, heeismorerightcous 5 more 
conftant, more wordripfull upon the dunghill, than he 
was in his goodly and gorgeous houfe, in the honora- 
ble company of his wife, children , friends, and fer- 
vants, The orientall pearles are not fo faire as his 
pockes: thefmeliing of rofesis not fo fweete as the 
(tinke of his breath ; his fores are clcerer and brighter 
than the beames of the Sun* I have falas !) procured 
unto him an eternall renowne upon the face of the 
whole earth: I am caufe,that he fliallbee from hence- 
forth to all men a patterne and example of faith, of pa- 
tience, of conftancie in their mod heavie calamities, I 
have digged a pit for him, and I am fallen into the ditch 
which I have made: he is exalted, and lam confoun- 

XIII. This example is fufficient. Adde unto it that 
which is written of the Bride in thefong of Salomon. 
She is fo inflamed with the love of her Spoufe , that 
rheronelydefireistobeeled into his chamber, that y 
there hee may kiffe her with the kiffes of his mouth, 
that there me may be glad, and re Joyce in his love. But ) 
when heisabfent from her, as hefeemes to bee in her I 
affliction; when a Hie rifes, and goes about the citie in J a Cant.f .2. ( 
the ftreetes, and in the broad wayes,to feeke him whom 
herfoulelovethjk when the watchmen that goe a- b Cant. 5*7 
boutthecitie, flndeher, andfmiteher, and wound 
her; when the keepers of the walles takeaway her veile 
from her, and yet (lie leaveth not offto cry to ihem,Saw 
ye himrvhom my fonle lovethftht flames of her love make 
a fairer blaze,and cad a greater heat. Then then ,311 they 
which behold her, fee evidently , that c love isftrong as c Cant.S, 
death> that, iealonfie is hard a* the grave: the coals thereof C 3 j. 

TV 3 are 



Sermon IV. 


c A£.xi. 

11,12,1 I. 

arc codes of flrc y and a mofl vehement flame. Many waters 
cannot quench that hve> neither can the floods drowne it : If a 
man give all the fubfiance of his houfe for love , it would ut- 
terly be contemned. 

XI V. How mould the love, the patience,the zeale, 
the conftancy of Paulhws bin known, if God had not 
cruffeed and ground him with continual! tentations 
and afflictions? wherefoever he went, he was adver- 
tifed by the holy Ghoft, d that bonds and affltUions waited 
for him. O how unpleafent & fearfull a metfagc would 
that be to many at this day/ and hee what? But y faith 
he, none of thefe things moove me* neither count I my life 
deare unto myfelfe y fo that I might finifb my courfe with icy, 
and the miniflery which I have received of the Lord Iefm y tv 
teflifietheGoJpellof the grace of God. e 
fought him with teares, not to goe up to Ierufalem, 
where Agabus had prophecyed that hec fliould bee 
bound: But he rebuking them, anfwered, whatmeane 
ye toweepe } and breaks mine heart ? for I am ready > not to bee 
bound onely, but alfo to dye at Ierufalem for the name of the 
Lord lefus. 

X V. When the Palatinate was in peace, when the 
Churches of France lived in their townes of furctie 
without fcare, what wonder if they profelfedthe Gof- 
pellpublikely? But now when their forts are levelled 
and cafl downe to the ground , when their townes are 
difmantled,when they are curbed with ftrong Citadels, 
when they are difarmed among armed enemies , when 
they fee nothing in their Greets but the plagues of E- 
gypt , but fwarmes of Pricffo , which are a moft noy* 
fome mixture of filthy and (linking flyes , but great 
Rore of fefuites, which like loathfome frogscome un- 
fentfor, leaping and croaking into their houfes, and 
bed-chambers, but an infinite multitude of Monkes, 
which as fo many locufts eate up all their fubftance,but 
armies of fouldiers , which are to them thelouzie dif- 


Of the caufes of the Righteous mans Evils. 

I eafe, wherewith their bodies are* peftcred, their flefh is 
' con/umed, all the blood of their veincs is fucktup: 
I when they lookefor nothing but prefent death,whena- 
toy fhall take their enemies in the head , to compel] 
' them once againe to folemnize withteares, and flied- 
i ding of their innocent blood , S. Bartholomews feafl 3 
! Then toperfevere m the faith, then to maintains fted- 
j faftly and ftoutly the Gofpellj then toabhorre more and 
J more Papiftry,andtheman of finne, tocontemne the 
■ contempt of infolentPapifts, to (hut up their eares a- 
I gainfl the charming voice of the craftie Iefoite, to hold 
I their mouthes open to confefle JefusChrift, and to 
j bletfe God, is a manifeft demonftration of true faith, 
and of that conftancy which is worthy of a Chriftian. 
Wherforeas Mofes faid to the people of JfraeljthatGod 
would furTer f falfe Prophet /, and dreamers of dreames to 
j arife among them,rp prcove them >andto know whether they 
loved the Lord their God with all their heart ,and with all their 
\ fottle: And as the ApofUefaid to the Corinthians, zThere 
mufl be hcrefics amongftycu, that they which are approoved, 
may be made manifefl among yon : So I fay, that the righ- 
teous man mud have many evills,thatit may be known 
that hee ferveth God , neither for the prefent goods 
which he hath received of his bountifull hand, neither 
for hope of any worldly benefice to come, but for his 
o Woe fa fees as a lover feeketh norccompence of his 
love, but that which he (indeth in the digmtie and ex- 
cellencie of the thing beloved. 
X Vf.Moreovcr,thefe many evils areas fo many exer- 
cifes and praflices of the manifold graces wherewith 
God hath copioufly furnifhed and graced the righteous 
man. God hath faid to him, h / will never leave thee,nor 
firfakotbee. Ifhebeleeve thatjwhen his Garners are full 
ofCorne, when his Canes burft with Wine, when he 
ntteth fn peace among hisowne people, it is ncwon- 
denbut here,here is a good exercifc ofhis faitb^to belec ve 



f Deut. 13. 

g i.Cor. 

1. Faith., 
kHeb.i M 

9 6 

Sermon IV. 

i Dan. 3. 1 7 

k Exod. 14 

1 Keb.11 


m i. Cor. 4 
n A&s 7.6 

3. Patience 
oHeb. 10. 

fo when he feeth nothing on the left, nothing on the 
right hand, nothing before, nothing behind,but needi- 
neile, but want , but beggerie; when he is threatned 
with prefent death, Co believe certain! y\to fay refohtely, 
as the three Salamanders did to, { Our 
God whom weferve,t6 able to deliver us from the burning fierie 
fornace, and he will deliver tis out of thy hand, O King. When 
the. deepe gulfe of the red fea is before our faces ; when 
Pharao, and his mod dreadful and cruellarmie,follovyeth 
us hotly at the heeles 3 when high and fteep mountaines 
runnc along by our fides, and bereave us of all hope of 
flight, th en to fay, k Fear eye not^flandfl't^and fee the fal- 
vationofthe Lord, which he will/hew you to day : In a pre- 
fent evili to lookefor prefent deliverie 5 in the raiddeft 
of the valley of the ihadow of death, to fee, to imbrace 
life; 1 to refufc great riches and honours, for the deny- 
ing of Chrift: to chufe povertieby confeffinghim :to 
preferre fufrering of affli&ion with the people of God , 
to the enjoying of the pleafures of finneforafeafon: 
; to efteeme the reproach of Chrift greater riches than 
i thetreafuresof/Egypt,asy!i^/did,andas manyChri- 
(tianshavedone,and doeftilJ,isamoft wonderfull and 
fpeciall exercife of true faith. 

What Vertues are more commanded unto us by pre- 
cept,and recommended unto us by mod excellent ex- 
amples of the Patriarkes, of the Prophets, of David, of 
lefts Chrift y o£h\s holy Apoftles, than humilitie, mceke- 
netre, charitie? where find ye better occafionto pra- 
clife them, than in your greateft adverfitie ? m Ye are re- 
viled,and ye blejfe : ye are defamed, and ye intreat, as Paul 
did :yeareftonedto death, asS/?wnvas,and ye kneele 
down, and cry with a loud voice, n Lord lay not this fmne 
to their charge. This is true meekeneife : this is true cha- 

Wearetolfedtoandfro with mod grievous and te- 
! dious tribulations ; then, as the Apoftle faith, ° wee have 


Of the caufes of the Rig hteous mans Ev/'Hs. | o 7 

p i.Sam. 
16. io. 

neede of patience, that after we have done the will of God, wee 
may receive thepromife : then it is time to be that which 
we profetle. We fay^that Patience is the faired flower of 
of the Chriltian mans garden. Other flowers delight in 
faire weather, and grow not butin ground well weeded 
andgnibbedup: This growerh among the briar* 6c thi- 
rties of llinging tribulations , and fpreadeth mod faire, 
when the weather is rnoftfoule.Froft and Snow,Haile 
and Lightning, Stormes and Tempefls make ittoblof- 
fome with a mod pleafant (hew,and to breathe a mod 
fweet fent. Then the righteous man, not looking to the 
(lone that hurtcth him, but lifting up his eyes to the al- 
mightic hand of the heavenly Father which threw it, 
faith, as David (aid c&Shimei who curfed him, P So let him 
curfe : for the Lord hath [aid unto him, Curfe David, who 
JhaU then fay, where fore hafi thou donefo ? Men have their 
mifcheivous ends when they afflict the righteous man, 
and it may be that they moled him wrongfully. Tribu- 
lations alfo may come upon him by his owne faults, 
and many other waves 3 yet God hath an hand^Wall, 5c 
his moil wife providence guideth them. Shall he then 
repine r* (hall he kickeagaiiifl theprickes? God forbid: 
But rather, knowing that his fufferings are Gods owne 
wor ke,and that <l all his w ayes are iudgement, he taketh Da- 
Wfor his Prefident,and faith * ith him , lwas x dumbc , 
I opened not my month , becaufe thou dtdfl it. Here , here 
then is the wonderfall patience of the Saints % who 
bridle their mouthes from grudging againdGod, and 
open them not in their temptations but to poureout 
their humble requeds and prayers before him ; 

Prayers, which faint and as it were droope in the 
fairefummer-dayes of our peace and wealth, butrecover 
their vigor, yea, redouble theirforcc in the fleeting and 
freezing winter of our calamine. God faith to the righte- 
ous man/C*// upon me in the day of trouble So hedoth lonas r PHiL 50 
Snorted in the ihip,buthee was awake, &praied in the t j muim , 

O whales' 

q Deil.32. 

4. r-tyers. 


B E Mo N. 


-v Matt. 8. 

x Matt, 14 

y RorrU 



a Mate. 24. 

b i.Mac. 7. 

c Heb. xi. 

1 Whale* belly .The Difciples/o long as the fea was calme 
and quiet, prayed not 5 but when the temped arofe, and 
the winds fpake lo wd, and the furges threatned the fhsp 
with finking , then they prayed, then they cried/ Lord 
fave us, weeperijh. So Peter walked a little while upon the 
fea without praying: but when heefaw the wind boi- 
(trous, and began to fink, he cried, x Lord fave me. Prayer 
is the meane whereby God beftoweth his bleffings upon 
us* Ic is the bucket which we dive and thruft farre into 
thcundraynablefountaineofhis graces, that we may re- 
ceive of his fulneire,and grace for grace. Then tribulati- 
ons are behoovefull unto us,that by them knowing our 
need, we may be moved to pray* 

Are weenotfavedy^/*?^ ? what hope, whatdefire 
can wee have of heavenly things, when all things laugh 
upon us in the world ? theprefent enjoying of the one, 
expel Is out of our hearts the defire and hope of the o- 
ther. Therefore by the counterpoize of the evils of this 
life,God (tirreth up in us a moft vehement defire of the 
life tcrWme , and holds our hope perpetually bufied in 
praying and crying,* Even fa ; Come Lord lefts. 

X V II* All rhefe graces without perfeverance are no- 1 
thing: for 3 b 2 fbdllendwe unto the end y )h,i\lbee fived:\ 
And there is no perfeverance without conftancie . The 
maine objecl of Gonftancie,is tribulation : neither is it] 
feene but in thing9 very difficult to undertake, ortoo- 
vercome. b Confider the courage of Ceven brethren fuf- 
fcringall kinds of mod cruell torments , becaufe they 
would not , at the Kings commandement, tranfgreile 
Gods commandement , and eatefwines flefh . Wonder 
attheconftancieoftheir marveilous mother, who, with 
a manly heart in a womans bread, exhorted them to 
take their death cheerfully for Gods caufe; and after 
their execution, went joyfully to the burning caldron , 
and fealed alfo the truth with her blood . How many 
faire promifes were made unto them ! But c they rcftfed 


Of the caufes of the Righteous mans Evils. , 

— — ■ ■ j 

to be delivered, they might obtaine a better refurretlion. 
In the Ecclelialricail (lories of ChrilHans/uch exam- 
ples are infinite. At d Vtetme in France, a Deacon of the 
Church, called £•*#*/, being tome in pieces with hot 
pincers,being at divers times lb cruelly racked, that hee 
was nothing but wounds , but bruifes, but putrefying 
fores, butapeececffwoilen flef-h, without almoin any fi- 
gure or ihape of a man 5CouId never be compelled to tell 
his name, his familie, his dwelling place. His onelyan- 
fwer to all their rackings,, burnings, was,/*#* 
a Chnfttan . Neither could the Executioners : by the 
Tympan,bythehotand burning pans, by the teeth of 
wild beafls,wring outoiB/andinaamaidc, and fervant 
to a Dame of that fame town, any word but this, I am a 
€hrijhan,andrve do no evtll ,When Dec ins perfecu ted the 
Church, Baby/as Bid-.op of Antioch, led to theplace of 
execution with his three Tonnes, defired that they fhould 
be firft put todeath,tothcend thathe mightexhortand 
confirtrie them: which when hee had done, his wife 
comforted him -,and after (be had ieen her husband and 
three children fuffer death for Chrifls fake, buried them 
together. Much otherwife,the Father and the Sonne 
with whom I was familiar jTJie Father befeeched that 
i ie Hi ould die firit, that his Sonne, who was a godly and 
learned Preacher, might comfort him. Then it was a 
wonderfull fpeclacleto Papi(ts,tofee the Sonne at the 
footeofthegallowesjpreachingtohis Father the merits 
of the death of C&r//?,thevertueof his refurreclion,the 
vanitie of the world, the unfpeakablc joy es of Paradife$ 
to heare him crying alowd , Father , ye cannot fo foone 
knocke at the gate of heaven y but Chrifi mil open : ye cannot fo 
foone enter, but I 'jhali follow ; to hear and behold the old 
and venerable Father anfwering with a c hee refull coun- 
tenance, Sonne, I fee the heavens open, and Ufm Chnft at 
'he right handof God .Then they were amazed to marke 
r aine the young Minifter forgetting himfelfe,and|With 

O2 a con- 




Ji'.Andmd , 


f Mat.3.12. 

ioo 1 ShrmonIV. 

a conftant face preaching to other, two which were 
alfo in the executioners hands, the forgivenefle of fins, 
the ref urreftion of the flefh, and life everlafting s To 
confiderhow conftantly the foure died, withwhatfer- 
vcncie of celeftial prayers they commended their fpi- 
rits into Gods hands; Then thechiefeof the Capuchin 
Monkes faid to his companions, Si cerium Huguenotis } 
datur, tftis debetur : If heaven bee given to Huguenots , it is 
due tothefe men : Then fomc Gentlemen cryed, O happie 
religion, which breeds in men a contempt of death> 
which wedread moft,and a mo(t fure hope of falvation I 
who would not, who mould not fight manfully for 
the defence, and fufferconftantly for the confeffion of 
fuch a religion? This day onely have we begun to know 
Chrift: Condemned men have been our Preachers : We 
(hall never hate Huguenotes anymore. 

X V 1 1 1. Learne ofallthis difcourfe,what difference 
there is betwixt the upright man and the hypocrite Iohn j 
theBaptift calleth afflictions f Gods fanne, wherewith 
when he hath throughly purged his fioore, the chafe 
flyeth away into the ay re, and finally is burnt up with j 
unquenchable fire: but the wheateis gathered into the | 
garner. Hypocrites are chaffe , lying in time of peace j 
intermixt with the faithfull , which are Gods wheat : \ 
but g the wind of perfection drweth them away, ney- ! 
thercan they (land in the congregation of the rightc- 1 
ous : for then there is nothing to be feene but Apcfta- j 
fies> defections, abjuring of the truth, renouncing of 
the Gofpell, forfaking of all Communion with the 
Church, lefus Chrift compareth ti ibulation and perfe- 
cution h to the burning Smne, fcorching the feede which 
bath no de^pnelfeor earth, fothat it withererh away 5 
but warming the feede which falls into good ground, 
and making it to bringfoorthfruitej fomean hundred 
fold, fomelixtie fold, ibmethirtie fold, TbeHjpocrite 
. receiveththe word with joy, but becaufe hee hath not 
f m 

g pfal.1.4 

h Mat 15. 

Of the caufes of the Righteoui mans Evils. 


in himfelfetheroote of an upright confcience 5 when 
perfecution arifeth becaufeofword,beis orTendcd,and 
! ftarreth backe. The righteous man is thegoodground : 
• the fun ne of perfecution may blacken him , but it can- 
\ notburnehim. In the moil hot dayes of tribulation, 
! he is mod plentious in good workes : therefore the 
whole Church cryeth in the Canticles, < Oye daughters 
of lerufalemy I amblacke , but comely : k Elacke in your 
judgement $ Comely in the judgement of God and An- 
gels. Blacke without, 1 by your mifchiefe; for the Sunne 
of perfecution bath looked uf on me : my mothers children 
were angry rvtth me : thefe good Catholikes have perfecu- 
tedme: Comely within,™ through Gods benefit: for 
n the Kings daughter is till glorious within*. As the tents of 
of Kedar, a* the curtaines of Salomon^ which are all blacke 
anddufUe without 5 but within are decked with moft 
precious implements. 

To conclude, caft gold in water: it kcepeth its owne 
yellow fliining :caftit in the fire.and meltit,itbeconv 
meth brighter.Calt earth in water, it is by and by chan- 
ged into mud: caff hay inwater,it will fuddenly ret: cart 
earth in the fire, it is inftantly turned into duuS and 
madeafportto thewind : cafthay into the fire, with 
a blaze it is made fmoake and aflies. So befalls it to the 
righteous man & the hypocrite.The hypocrit,when he 
thriveth mo(l,and fu^-gorgcrh himfelf with pleafures, 
is like hay and a lurrpe of carrh in the water, he is no- 
thing but rotten neffe and putrefaction : when Gods 
hand is upon him, he howles -, he defpites God , hee. 
curfethhim tohisfice, and in thellirringofan eye is 
confurged ; he perillieth , he vanifbeth like earth and 
draw in thefire. But the righteous man in his greateft 
profperitie Oiineth in all godlinetfe before men, as gold 
in water: and when hee iscaftinthe ficrie furnaceof 
tribulation* he is like goldin the fire : his workes then 
yeeld a more radiant luilre than before. 

O 3 XIX. The 


C4nt/er 3 z j . 
1 Veftromd- 
Icfioo. | 

m T>ei bent- 


Q I .foil. 


S B R M O X V. 

XIX. The Lord in his mercy fandifie us, and make 
us throughly righteous, that when the day of our try- 
all (hall come, we may befound to be fine metall 5 and 
abiding the hammer ? the fcitfers , and the fire , may 
through faith and patience inherite the promifes of 
grace, peace, and eternalllife,through the merits of our 
Lord Iefus Chritl> who ° Is the true God and eter nail life: 
to whom is due, and to whom let us render, now and 
for evermore,a!l praife, honour and glory. Amen. 

Of the caufes of the rrghteom mans Eviltr. 
Many are the Evills of the Righteous. 

THe righteous man ther Saints; 
when bee fujfereth I 9. Tea , and lefm Chrifl 
\for righieoufneffe fake,is ho- I himfelfe,yet with' four e dif- 
\ noared. * \ferences. 

2, ft Is a great glory to 1 10. God afflitleth right e- 
1 fi{ffer for a good caufe 5 om men for other mens fake? 

3c Namely for God, as 1. That they may be cenver- 
many have done, ted; 

4. To ftiffer for the Go- 11. 2. That they may bee 
fpellt* 'mofi glorious of all. infirut~led,not to worjhp righ- 

5. Of thofk which fuffcr teous men ; 

for the Gojfell, fome are Con- 11. 3 . That they may bee 
fetors, form Martyrs. Jpurredto imitate their Chri- 

6. What it is to be a Mar- fiian vertues ; 

tyr. I 13. 4. That they may 

7. Three conditions re- confider Gods wrath, againfi 
quired in a Martyr. ; finne, and fear e, 

8. The great glory of) 14. Finally, God afflitleth 
Martyrdomejn that it makes \ the righteous man for his 
the Martyrs refemble the owne glory } w hereof there are 

.Prophets, Apoflles , and 0- many examples tn the old 
•1 ' Teft* 

a Luk iiw 

OfthecaufesoftheRighteotumans Evils. \ $03 

Teftament, j J 7- Carriage of the Chur- 

ls. And princip ally tn the chef of France in their *f- 

new Teflament. I flitlion. 

\6. Theafflitliont ofthe \%. Exhortation to hare 

righteous arc ro tokens of Chhfis croffe courageously. 
Gods wrath,but of his ioze. ( 19. Prayer, 

O D often loades the righteous man 
with crotfes/o honour him : when he j 
beareth his ownecroile, a as the male- 1 
factors which were crucified with 
Cbritt did, then he is chaflifed % and as 
one of them faid, We receive the due reward of our deeds, 
fomayhe: when hee is perfecuted for righteoufnelTe 
fake, a? D.ivid was by Saul, and I oh by the Di- 
vell \ or beares Chrifts crofTe,as b Simon the Cyrenian did, 
then hi* faith, hope,charitieis tryed 5 then his patience' 
andconftancieisexercifed, then he is very much ho- 

II. Yc know, that Cain (lew his brother : c and where- 
fore flew he him ? becaufe his owne worlds were evill, and his 
brothers righteous, J Lot was threatned by thevicioui 
Sodomites , becaufe that,being a forreinerand ftran^er, 
j he rebuked them. c Iofeph was hated and fold of his 
j brethren, becaufe he advertifed his father of their mi f- 
j demeanours r he was alfocaftin prifon, becaufe hee 
! would notfinne with his matters wife. Davtd com- 
plained of his enemies, faying , £ They that render evtll 
for good, are mine adverfaries , becaufe I follow the thwg 
that good is. John Baptifi was beheaded, becaufe hee faid 
to Herod, h ft u not lawful! for thee to have thy brothers wfe. 
All thefe fuffered for rightcoufnelle fake, and for the 
uprightnelle of a good confeience before God$ but tbey 
(uttered not for God. There be degrees in righteoufnes : 
Thefirftis,whenaman fufFereth for any good caufe : fj ,p 
fs not that honourable and glorious before God and 20, 

men ? 

b Mat. 17. 

c i.Ioh. 

e Gen.37.2 
f Gen.39^ 

gPfaL^8': ! 

h Mat.14. , 



i i. Pet*. 

k Dan. j. 

1 Dan ,6.16 

m I.Mac,, 


n a. Mac. 7. 


p Rom. i, 

q Dan?. 


r iXor.i. 


li 1. 

S B R M O N V. 

men ? * iV fas TVto*, writing to fervarts, faith ) this is J 
thankworthy ,if a m4^ y for confctence toward God, endure 
griefe,fuffering wrongfully : for what glory is it, if when ye be ; 
buffeted for your fault s, ye fiatl take it patiently I but if when 
y§ doe well, andfufferfor it, ye take it patiently , this u accep- j 
table with God. 

1 1 l. Thefecondis, when hee fufFereth immediately 
for God, for the publike profeffion of his holy Word, 
When k the three children did chufe rather to bee burnt 
in the rurnace,than to worflirp Nt,buchadnez*xsars gol- 
den Image, they fuffered for God : when l Danid was 
cart into the Lyons denne, becaufe he would not obey 
the Kings idolatrous decree, he fufFe red for God: when 
m Eleaz>ar,onQ of the principall Scribes ,chufed rather to 
dye glorioufly, than to live ftainedwith the eating of 
Swines fkfh, hee fuftered for God : when the • the 
feven brethren and their mother wcrefryed , fcorched, 
difmembred, becaufe they would not tranfgrelfe the 
Law, they fuffered for God : when the whole Church 
at that time made her moane to God, and faid , ° For 
thy fake are we killed all the day long , we are counted asjheepe 
fortbeJlaugbter,(heiutteredfoTGod. If it be glorious to | 
fuffer for a good caufe, is it not more glorious to furfer j 
for Gods cau/e ? 

IV. ButtofufferfortheGofpell, is the mofl glori- j 
ous of all. P For therein is the righteoufneffe of God revea- 
led from faith to faith. There is evidently before our } 
eyes fer forth our Lord lefus Chrift, who becaufe hee 
1 hath brought unto us ever lofting righteoufneffe, and r is 
made unto us ofGod t wtfedome, andrighteoujhejfe, andfanRi- 
ficAtion t and redemption , is with good and iuft caufe cal- 
led/ the Lord our righteoufneffe : Therefore hee who fuf- 
fers for Chrift, is faid after a mod fpcciall manner to 
fuffl'rforrighteoufneirefake. Of fuch fpeaketh Chrift, 
where he faith, c Bleffed are they which are perfected for 
righteoufneffe fa'te ; for thrirs is the kingdome of heaven % 


Of the caufes of the Right eon* mAns Evills. 

What thatrighteoufnetfe is ,he ftiewethin thefe words 
following : Blejfd are yee when mpifhallrevilc yoti,andper- 
[scute you, andjhall fay all manner ofevillaga'mfi you falfely 

for my feke. 

When *lohn was relegated into thelfleofPatbmos/or 
thewordofGod, and for the tefltmony of I c fa Chrtfl, he fulle- 
red for righteoufnelfe: when x the man that was borne 
blind, and reftored to fight by C^r//?, was caft outofthe 
Synagogue, and excommunicated for Chriftsfake, hee 
fuffered for righteoufnelfe : when y the chiefe Priefls 
confulted, that they might put Lazarus to death, bec.wje 
that by reafon of him many of the lewes went away, and belee- 
vedon lefa, he fuffered for righteoulnelle : when a Pan/ 
was ca(l into prifon for preaching of the Gofpel to the 
Gentiles, and endured many troubles for the Eletlsfake, 
that they might obtaine the falvation which is in Chrifl lefts } 
with cternall glory, he fuffered tor righteoufnelfe: b Thofe 
that were flaine for the word of God, and for the teftimony 
which they held, whofe foulcs Iohn faw under the altar, fuf- 
fered for righteoufnelfe fake. 

V. Of fuch fome are Confejfors, fome are Martyrs. The 
fakhfuli who were (hut up in prifon for Chrifl s lake, but 
were not yet tortured 5 as alfo thofe which leaving 
their families, goods, friends, and native foile,fied to 
forrain nations , left they fliould be con (trained to deny 
Chrifl \ were called c Confejfors. All thofe which endured 
horrible 6c great torments for the Gofpels fake , though 
they were not put to death, were named Martyr s.Tertul- 
Itan calleth them & Martyr es deflgnatos, appointed to be Afar- 
tyrs. c The Martyrs of Yicnnc in Francejafter they had en- 
dured all k ind of molt cruel 6c ignominious tormets for 
Chrifts fake 3 takingro theielves the name ot Confejfors ,re- 
jfufed to be called Mart)rs,faying,that the name of Mar- 
tyrs pertaines to thofe only w ch have iealed their confef- 
j lion by their death: even as Chrifl caMttWAntipas hi* fait h- 
f ffiilmartyr,bcQZu[chc was fain in Pergamttr fcr theGdpcl. 


v Rev. 1.9. 
x Ioh.9.34 

y Ioh.12. 
to,i 1. 

a Eph.3.13 



b Rev.6,9. 

c Q>pr.epift. 
9.0- »u; 

d Terr.dd 

e Eultb'htf. 

f fer.1.1 



i.Ioh 5.1 1. 

k Rev. ip. 


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m Euftb. 



M O N 


n i.Sam. 

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o Rom. 1 6. 

p i.Reg.8. 

V I * In a generall fignification , Martyr is a witnelTe. 
The Gofpel whereunto teftimony is given , is called % the 
Teftimony, zn&jhe h Teftimony oflefm. Therefore it is faid 
of Iohn, » that he came for a witneffe, to bear witneffe of the 
Itght, And Chrifl faith of himfelfe, k I came into the world, 
thatl fhouldbeare witneffe unto the truth: yea, he calleth 
himfelfe l the Amenfhe faithfull and true witneffe : Title, 
which the m Martyrs of I r tenne eReemed to be proper un- 
to him,becaufe he not onely bare witnetfe to the truth, 
but alfo fealed it with his mod precious blood. So all 
true Chriftians are Chrifts Martyrs,becaufe their whole 
life is nothing elfe but a martyrdome, that is to fay, a te- 
ftimony which they render to the Gofpel, that it is of 
God 5 and to Iefus Chrift,thaehee is the Sonne of God : 
Teftimony 5 which they bare with fuch fervencie and 
zeale, that they would chufe rather to be fcorched, rac- 
ked, torne in peeces,and die the moftcruell death that 
mans wit can invent, than to leave ofFto glorifie their 
Godand Saviour by publike confeffion, and holineife 
oflifc. Such men are Martyrs in affection before God, who 
judgetnofmen not according to the event of things ; but 
according to their will and intention. If any man live 
in the Churchy meaning to deny Chrift,rather than to 
fuffer lotfe of goods, or any bodily paine for his fake, he 
isan.Apoftatein Gods eyes,:hough he never bee put to 
that triall,and die peaceably in his bed,confe fling Chrift 
with his mouth. So he that is refolvedto make lelle ac- 
count ofhislife,than of the Gofpel, is a true Martyr be- 
fore God, n who lookcthonthe heart 3 though God fpare 
him, and pre&rve his life from the hands of the wicked. 
lfPautfaid truely of Prifctlla and Aquii r a, i\\2X° for his life 
they had laiddowne their owne neckes, becaufe they feared 
not to undergo all dangers for his releafing : (hall God, 
P who onely knoweth the hearts cf alt the children of men, neg- 
j leclthe zeale and affidion which his faithfull fervants 
, havetohisfervice? 
> Not- 

Of the caufes of the Righteous mans Evils. 

Notwithstanding the Cburch,whichdiveth not into 
mens hearts, giveth not this glorious name of Martyrs* 
but tothofe which are Martyrs matt ton \ which? I fay, 
cannot by mod exquiilte torments ? and painfull deaths, 
be driven back fro m their profe(Iion,which they fealcd 
mod conftantly with their innocent blood : which 
though Chriftdid jet we give not the name of 'Martyr- 
dome to his death , becaufeit had a more {peciall end? 
and is the ranfom of mankind . The Church hath ever 
called Steven the firft Martyr , as being the firft which 
fuffered death for Chrifts caufe. * lames, the brother of 
lohn, was the fecond, 

V II. In them yeefindethe three qualities which are 
neceiTarilyrequiredinthem whomC^r^honoreth with 
this glorious title: i.They werefullof faith,andof the 
holy Ghofl . I fay, that they were godly men : for a 
good confeience , a godly and an upright life , is fo 
needfull in this cafe, that the Apoftle faith, i Though hee 
give his body to be bumed t and have not charitiejrprcfiieth him 
nothing. This is called by fome the Martyrdome of life, 
and is more difficult than the Martyrdome of * blood : 'for 
it is not fo eafie to a man to kill finne in himfelfe, to 
burnehis covetoufnelle, his pride, his ambition, his 
lufts and unlawfull defires in the fire of the Spirit, as to 
fuffer the executioner to caft his body in a fire of wood. 
Which I pray you all to lay to your hearts , that in this 
time of outward peace with men, yee may bee Martyrs 
inward with God: Martyrs ,not in tbeflejh,butin the Sptrst' 
having your praife, not of men but of God. 

2 . They fufrcred for the beft caufe that ever any in- 
nocent man fuffered for. Suffered they not for the Sonne 
of God , who /'/ r fairer than all the children of men ? Suffe- 
red they not for the Gofpel, which is Uhe power of God un- 
to falvation to every one that beleeveth 5 and therefore more 
excellent than the Law, for which the Iewes fuffered f 
Let no man fay, that the theefe upon the crolle was a 

P 2 Martyr, 


fdn£utHU t 


1 1.1, 

I. Cor. 

r Pfal. 4 J. 
f Rom.i. 


t Luk.23 

v 1. Pet 4. 
1 *:>**. 

\y EufebMk, 

retiioHe pj- 

£ M*rtyrcs 


b Mar. 1. 1 ^ 

Sermon V. 

Martyr, becaufe he repented, and confetfed C brill: for 
repentance changeth not the nature of c re lies ; ney- 
thercan it befaid truely , that all thofe which repent at 
the houre of their death,are iMartyrs. Thethiefe, con- 
felled he n ot th at * hsfaffered iuflly , and received the due 
reward of his deeds f And have we not this commande- 
ment of the holy Ghoft, v Let none ofyoufkffer as a mnr~ \ 
therer, or as a thief e y or at an evilldoer, or as a bufie-body in 
other mens matters : yet if any manfnffcr as a Chrtflian , let 
htm not be ajhamed,but let himglonfie God on this behalf e? 
x has the caufe which maketh the Martyr, not the pu- 
nimment. y Let not the Montanifls , the Pepuftam r, the 
MarcioniteS) the Donatifls, the CtrcumcelUons j and other 
heretiques bragge of their Martyrs : there was never a- 
ny hcrefie fo blockifti, fo ridiculous , fo impious , but 
there was found fome obflinate fellow, who ofFered to 
dye willingly for it. Men in our dayes have gone to 
the fire with a merry countenance for maintaining of 
Atheifme. For the dtvell hath alio his Martyrs, whom 
an ancient Doctor calleth mod properly, % Martyrs of a 
diabolicall courage : and therefore a all the praife of Mar- 
tyrdom is in tbegoodneile of thecaufe,notin thegrie- 
voufnes of the pain. Martyrs make not their caufe to be 
good, or their doctrine to be the Gofpel, : it is the good 
caufe,it is the Gofpel that makes Martyrs.Our fufferings 
rmk* not our caufe iuft : but a iuft caufe will make our 
fufferings glorious. 

3. They had the choice of death and life : if they 
would have recanted, and ioyned thejrfelvesto the 
/ew«s a7,ainftGh rift , they had not beene killed. Ifa 
Cforift an be put to death for Chrifts fake , without of- 
fer of life upon condition of abjuring, the Church 
calleth- him not a Marryr ; for who knoweth whathee 
would have done, if the option of life had beene j^iven 
unto him? b The innocent babes which Herod dew 
for-Chrilb fake, were not Martyrs, becaufc they had 


Oft he caufes of the Righteous mans Evils. 


no fuel) election, neither could they in that age have 
accepted it, if it had beene offered. Our fathers alfo 
which were maifacred tumukuoufly without any ac- 
cufation, examination > exhortation, prorrife of life, 
for the fame caufe were not Martyrs : Thefe,thefe one- 
ly which feeing on tht right hand the Pried, the Akar, 
the Incenfe to offer, the breaden God to worfhip ; and 
on the left, the hang-man (tirring the fire, unOieathing 
and (baking threatningly the fatall fword, erecting the 
gibbet, or the (caffold, muling his arme to hit right a 
deadly blow,fpet at the Idols, fly e from the Altars, run 
to the nre, to the fword, to the gallows , to the water, 
cry as Aiontalcbino did at Milan 5 Let Chrifl; let Chrtfi 
live. And Montdcbino dye 1 thefe, I fay, thefe arc-the mea 
whom the Church hath honoured with the excellent' 
title of Martyrs , who dye in Chrifl , with Chrifl y for 
Chrtfi : in Cbrtfi holily, with Cbrtfl wifely, for Chrifl gkv 
rioufly. O how glorious before God is the death of 
Martyrs ! c Precious in the fight of Cod is the death of his 
Saints $but namely of his Martyrs, which dye in him, 
with him, for him, 

Weened thou that it is but a flender glory, 
t tot Chrift hath chofen thee, one among a thoufandjto 
be his Martyr . ? that he will have thee to fuffer , not 
onely with him, as doe al( thofe which fuffer for righte- 
oufneffe fake, but alfo for him ? that as he a forewarned 
Peter,byv hat death he mould glorifie him;fo heeta- 
Jceth thQQ by the hand, and faith tc thee, Come, I have 
picked thee out from many miilion*,to beare witnes to 
the truth of my word before the great men of the earth, 
to feale the faith thou had in me with thy blood, to ho- 
nour me with thy death ? When e /rff^wasadvertifed his brother Efatt wascommingto meetehiro, and 
foure hundred men with him , bee was greatly a r raid, 
and divided the people that were with him, and the 
FJockes, and the Heards, and the Camels, in f o two 

P ^ bands: 

c Pfal.ii 


d Ioh.21. 

I c Gcn.31. 


f Gen. j 3. 

Sermon V. 

,g Luk.5.2.J 

h Heb.ti. 

1 i .Theff. 


ttv Cant.4. 

bands : them he fet foremoft in the front of the battell : 
f the fecond place he gave to the hand-maides and their 
children: the third, to Lea and her children 5 but he put 
Rachel and fofephhindermoR, becaufe hee loved them 
beft : he adventureth all that he hath,to fave thefe two. 
God dothfarre otherwayes with his people: he fetteth 
foremoft a little number, of chofen men) to whom hee 
hath diftributcd his graces in a greater fcantling, than 
to the reft : them he fetteth in the front to be his Mar- 
tyrs, and to fight againft the powers of the world; fpa- 
ring the multitude to beethe feed plot and nurferie of 
his Church. 

1 1 X. Who can conceive fufficiently the greatneife 
of this honour? g When ye are hated, excommunica- 
ted? reproached , put to death for the Sonne of mans 
fake 3 Chrift biddeth you reioyce, and leaf e for toy, becaufe 
the Prophets were ufedin like manner. h The Apoftle, 
inhisepiftle to the Hebrewes, maketh a catalogue of 
many Worthies, which under the Law fuffered for the 
word of God , of whom the world was not worthie? 
that wemayefteemeourfelvesmoft happy when God 
conformeth us to them. i S James willeth us to take them 
for an example offujfering afflill;ion i & of patience *ft\2X as we 
count them happy, fo we may make it a part of ourhap- 
pineffe to bee like unto them. k S. Peter will have us to 
I know, that the fame afflictions are accompltfhed in our bre- 
\ threnthat are in the world: And S. Pant will have us to re- 
• member, that by tribulations for the Gofpell, 1 wee be- 
J come followers of the Churches of God 5 which is no fmall 
honour* It is faid in the Song of Salomon , that m the 
I plants of the Church are an Orchard of Pomegranates. A 
\ Pomegranate hath within it fundry partitions, and as it 
were little manfions, with many graines in each of 
them, of a fweete tafteandred colour , orderly fet one 
by another,and all together infolded and (hut up under 
one outward skinne 5 which hath at the top a little 

round i 

Of the caufes of the Right ems mans Evils. 


n i.Pct.4, 
o Rom, 8, 

round circle like a crowne. A mod excellent Embleme 
ofthefaithfulJ,whoareasfo many graines fet orderly 
together by the unity of one faith , and by the bond of 
perfecfnelle, which is chantic 5 havinga tweet tafle in 
the holineile of their life, and a red colour in thecon- ; 
formitie of bloudy peifecution, in the feverall Chur- ; 
ches where God hath planted them, undertheCatho- 
like Church, whereof the head is our Lord Jefos Chrift$ \ 
who as he was firtl crowned with thornes upon earth, | 
fo is he now crowned with glory in heaven. j 

I X. To him mu(l we looke principally ,as the grains : 
of the Pomegranate looke upward to the head of the | 
skinne wherein they are wrapped;and 3 according to Pe- | 
ters exhortation, n reiojcewhen we are in the furnace for 
our try ail, in at much as wee are -partakers of Chrifts fuffe- 
rtngs : fox ^ whom God did foreknow, healfo did predefh'nate 
to be conformed to the image of his Sonne : firll in croifes for 
him, next in crownes through him : r the one and the j 
other with him. In this Realme , men of good birth ; P om * 
hold it no little honor to bearetheliverie of the Kings 1 2 . Tim. a. 
Favourite 5 and how much more the Kings owne live- j 11. 
ric ? Shall wee not then account it a moll fpeciall ho- 
nour and glory to beare Chrifts liverie, in whom God 
is well plealed, and who is the King of kings 3 to be for 
him made like unto him, to be a curfe among men for 
him j who was a curfe before God for us 5 to dye that we 
mayglorifiehim, whois dead to faveus? Should not 
the members bee aftiamed to take their fports and de- 
lights under a head crowned with thornes ? 

I confeilejthat there is a great difference betwixt 
ChriftsiutKringsand ours. Firft, hec isGod and man, 
we .-re bur men: .Secondly, bee was in his manhood 
withcutiinne: there was never man fo holy, but he j 
was a (inner; Thirdly, The in his torments was made 4 • gj ^ , 
curfe 1 anddrunke the full cup of Gods wrath, which r Mat! 2*. 
was fo bitter to his foule, that he crved, l My God, my 46. 



Sermon V. 

f Rcv.7.14, 

It Leo.xsptft. 

fttuOi Eytfco- 

V Iohrl.^l 

I x Aft. 5.41, 

y nph.4.1. 
a Gal.6.17. 
jb Col, 1. 14 
: cloh 19.30 

God,whyhafl thou for faken me? AH the Saints and Mar 
cyrs havealwaies in all their heavieftcroircsbeene com- ; 
forced and fupported of God. Fourthly, lie fufFered for j 
the expiation of finne, and his death is the life of the 
world. All the Martyrs ? have wafhed their robes , and 
made them white in his bloody therefore are they he fore the \ 
throne of God. They have all fufFered, to beare witnelfe, | 
that he fufFered for the finnes of the world: none of. 
therra have fufFered forthe (1 ns of the world. t For though ' 
the death of many Saints hath heene precious in Gods eyes, yet 
hath not the killing of any Saint been? the propitiation of the 
world. The righteous have received ,but they have not given 
crownes : and the fortitude of 'the faith full hath brought forth 
examples of patience, not gifts of righteottfneffe The death of 
each one of them was fever all: neither did any.Jby his owne end, 
pay the debt of another ; conflderingy that among thefennes of 
men, lefrn Chrifl our Lord alone is he, in whom all are crucify \ 
ed, all are deadfall buried, allraifedup : of whom hefaid 3 v If 
I be lifted up from the earth J will draw all men unto me. 

Yet in this is the conformitie of our fufFerings with 
Chrifts fufFerings: that as when Chrifl: fufFered for our 
fake, andinour roorne,we fufFered in him $ fo when we 
fufFer forChrifts fake, he fur£reth in us : as when the 
kead furTereth , all the members fufFer ; and when the 
members fufFer , the head fufFereth. Is not Chrifl the 
head ? are we not the members of his body ? This 
was the caufe why the Apoflles, after they were beaten, I 
51 reioyced that they were counted worthy to fuffcrfliame for , 
Chrifls name : for this fame caufe the Apoltle reioyced, ' 
that he was y the pri finer of the Lord, that a he bare in his 
body themarkes of the Lord lefus , that b heefilledup that 1 
which ii behind of the afflictions of Chrifl : for though all ; 
Chrifls fufFerings bee accompliflied and c finiflied inca- \ 
pite,'m the head, for the redemption of the Church $yec 
they are not all fulfilled in corpore } in the body , for the 
edification of the Church : but as long as there fliall be 


Of the caufes of the Righteous nuns Evils. 


in the world one faiihfull to ftiffer , ChnQ ihall have 
feme evill to luffer ; becaufe Chrift and the fait h full are 
ont t S.Paul was fcholed with this leilbn before his entry 1 
into the Church, when the Lord Iefus cryed unto him/ 
d S.vti-.Saul) vtbjf fcrfecuteft then mefevcn as when ye tread d a& 
a man upon the foot j the head will cry, Why trcadell ( 
thou on me? What wonder then, if e be counted all things 
but doungjhat be might know Chrijl . and tbe fellorrjbip of his 
fetffer ings i that he might be made, conformable unto his deatb\ 
and if See rendred teft:monietoaIltheChrittiansofhis 
that* they gloried in tribulations f 


ePhiI. ? .8, 

tnre, tnat r tney giorieain trwuiations r f Rom. 5.3. 

O bonds, more honourable than the Diadems of 
Kings ! O tribulation s,m ore glorious than the glory cf 
Salomon ! Is there any golden chaine fo gliftering,as the 
irons wherwith the ConfciTors are (hackled for Chrift ? 
[s there any glory to be matched with the glory of the 
bletfed Martyrs, fufferingwnh Chrift, and in their fuf- 
ferings made conformable to his image ? The Pagans 
fay, that it is fweete and honourable to dye for our 
countrey ; The fouldiers glory in the wounds wmth 
they have received for the defence of their chimneyes : 
And thofe which are hd to the gallows for the fervice 
of their King , feele glory in their (name, and profeile 
that they die content, feeing they die for their Sove- 
raignes fake. What is our native foyle, compared with 
the Church ? what is the mod glorious King of the 
earth,paragoned with Chrift ? Le lie than nothing. We 
glory in our death for men, whicb 5 when we are dead, 
cannot reward us: and (hall we beeafSiamed to dye for 
Chrift,who,when we aredead,givethus life, and fatia- 
teth with immortall honours thofe which honor him ? 
for g tfwefuffer with bim, wejhall alfo be glorified mtb him . j 
For this caufe, h the firfl: Chriltians whon they were \togtssf-u 
condemnedjthanked their Iudges ; but principally they \*6 cruk 
thanked God, faying, 1 Deogratias, Tbankes be to God : fo J "/M : ^*< 
did our fathers ; and fo mull we doe. 

g Rom. 8. 



dc Cyfnano, 


B R M o N 


1 A.a.8.1,4 

n AA.16. 

o 2 Tim. 2 

P Phil. 1.1 j 

q 2.Tim,i. 

So then ye have heard the caufes why God will have 
his children to fuffer for their owne fakes. He will ey- 
ther chaftife them for thefinnes which they have com- 
mitted, or reftraine them from the finnes which they 
might perpetrate, or try them, to make knowne how 
they can carry rhemfelves in affliction , or put in pra- 
ctice the manifold graces wherewith hee hath endued 
them, or honour them with the glory of his Confef- 
fors and Martyrs. 

X. When they are thus afflicted , God hath alfo re- 
gard to other men. Firft, their afflictions are meanes 
whereby the Elecl are converted to God . Chrift,when 
he was perfecuted in oneTowne, fled into another, 
and preached there : He k commanded his Difciples to 
doe the like. Byoccafion of the perfecution in Ierufa- 
lem, * the brethren were fcattered abroad throughout 
the Regions of Iudea> of Samaria , ofPhenke, of Cyprus r 
of Antioch, where they preached the Lord Iefus ; . and the 
hand of the Lordwas with them, and a great number belee- 
vet, and turned unto the Lord, Why were n Paul and Silas 
caftinto prifon at Philippi? The event (hewed, that God 
did it fortheconverfion of the lay lor y who was one of 
his Eleft. And therefore Paul faid, ° that hee endured all 
things for the Eletls fake , that they might alfoobtaine the 
falvation which is in Chrtfl lefus , with et email glory . And 
wriringtothe Philippians from the prifon at Rome, 
where hee received the glorious crowne of Martyr- 
dom e,he faith, P that the things which happened unto him, 
had fallen out to the furtherance of the Gojf el 3 fo that his 
bonds in Chriflwere manifeft to all Cefars Court, and in all 
other places. For howfoever he was 1 bound, the word of 
God was noi'bound. The prifon was his Churchrthere he 
preached, and there he converted many. 

Thus the Albigenfes of France, being difperfed by a 
mod furious and violent perfecution, went preaching 
theGofpel in Germanie,in Bohemia, in England. All 


Of the caufes of the Right eom mans Evils. 1 1 $ 

the flouriftiing Churches in Europe ; ar this day, are the 
harveft which they fowed : but efpecially r thefeedeof 
the Chnrcb y is the blond of Chrifttans : for thofe which be- 
hold their conftancy,wonder$wondering,they inquire 
thecaufe thereof $in quiring; they learoc it; laming ir, 
they areccnverted. '"/^./^r^beholding the -.inexpug- 
nable conftancie of Chriftians in the atrocitie and ex- 
tremitie of their torments, faid to himfelfe, that fuch 
menwhich made no account of death , could not bee 
men given to pleafures and wickednellejbecaufc volup- 
tuous men,being timorous and faint-hearted , cannot 
fufferany thing which is grievous to be felt 5 and above 
all things, fear death ther upon he was converted,& be- 
came ofan IdoIater,a Chriftiajof a Philofopher,aMartyr 

I might relate unto you a moft true ftorie of a No- 
ble man converted by the wonderfull constancy of 
thofe of whom I fpakc in my lafl Sermon , and prote- 
cting at the hourc of his death;that heedyed in their 
faith. But by this which I have (aid; ye fee,that thetem- 
poralldeath of Gods Saints, is eternall life and falvati- 
on to many of Gods Elect. 

Likewife their conftancie and wonderfull boldneflTe 
to maintainetheGofpell againftall the wifedomeand 
power of the world, their holy (toutnelfe to die for it, 
is no fmall comfort to the Church , and a great confir- 
mation to the weake brethren : which ufethe Apoftle 
found in his bonds, as he faith,That ^bythemmtny of the 
brethren in the Lor 'd waxing confident , were much more bold 
t»fpeakethe word without feare. For this caufe, Saint Iohn 
faith, that v as Chrtfi Uiddowne his life for *s,fi wee ought 
to lay downe our lives for the brethren. Who would not be 
glad to exchange histranfitorie andfraile life , for the 
falvation and everlafting life of Gods Elect ? And who 
would not chufe to die,to * convert a (inner from the 
errour of his way, to cover a multitude of finnes, and 
tofavea foule from death ? Therein is both honor and 
Q 2 pro> 

Idem ad 
Clemens A' 
f Lifting- 

t Phil 1. 14 
u i.Ioh.^. 

x lam f *o 


y G0U.24* 

B R M O N 


profit : Honour to the Confetlbrs and Martyrs , by 

whofe bands and death ,fome are converted, many are 

confirmed. Profit to Gods ElecT, which by fuch means 

arefaved. There is not in this world any honour fo 

profitable, any profit fo honourable : and therefore the 

Apoftleconfideringf^W^r which commeth of this 

profit, and the profit which floweth from this honour, 

writ to the Coloflians, that y bee reioyced in- bis fingerings 

fior them, i. e. for their converfion to the faith, andcon- 1 

firmation in thefaith , as being Chrifts Minifter in the 

one 6c in the other. Let,I pray you> let the fame mind be | 

in us, which was in fuch holy men : Let us all bee for 

this end Chrifts Martyrs in ajfettton, and thanke the 

Lord our God for this libertie of his Gofpel in this 

Realme, wherein there is no Tyrant , no perfecuter to 

make us Martyrs w attion, 

X 1. Secondly, men readily conceive extravagant o- 
pinions ofthofe whom God hathfurnifhed withrareft 
gifts j and as they are inclined to fu perdition, canonize, 
them, and fend up commandement to the heavens to 
receive them for their gods. Thus the Gentiles erecled 
Temples , dedicated Altars , inftituted new honors 
I and religious worfhip to fomeodde men among their 
Anceftors, of whom they had received fomefpeciall 
benefit. Thus a the lewes held their eyes fixed on Peter 
and John, who had reflored a lame man to his feete ; as 
if by their power and holinelTe that miracle had beene! 
wrought. Thus b Cornelius though a devotit man , and- 
one that feared God with alibis boufie, fell downe at Peters 
feet,and worfhipped him, as if he had beene more than 
a man. Thus c the Idolaters of Ly lira, called Barnabas, 
10,1 i,ia, 1 1 J Jupiter-, and Paul, Mercnrins y and would have offered fa- 
crifice unto them, becaufe they healed a cripple, who 
never had walked. Thus the Pope and his Cardinalls 
canonize and regifterwirh the Saints fome fpeciall 
men, of whofe holineife and miracles, they fay they 


a A&.3.11 

h A&.jo. 

Of the caufes of the Righteous mans Evills. 

have fufficient warrant , and give expretfe commande- 
mentto the people to worfhip them* 

God,fore(eeing that the di veil through his malice, 
would doe his utmofr endeavour to re-ellablifh Idola- 
trie againe in fhefe fame holy mens perfons,by whom 
he had banifhedit out of the world; even when they 
did greateft miracles, turmoyled them with greateftaf 
flidions, that thofe which faw them in fuch a miferabie 
ftate, might judge and fay that they were men like unto 
themfelves , and that they wrought fuch wonders by 
Gods finger,and not by their own power. For the fame 
caufe,t he evills which they furTercd, are regiftrcd in ho- 
ly Scripture :that as S.Pan/, after heehad begun to tell 
how he was taken up into Paradife , brake off his dif- 
courfe in themiddeu\faying , d Iforbcare> left any man 
[bouldthinke of me above that which be feeth me to be, or that 
he heareth of me : fo we may fay of them* that which they 
acknowledged themfelves to be, that e they were alfo men 
oflikepajfion with hs ; for that which they were by grace, 
thould not make us forget that which they were by na- 
mre 3 even mortall men like our felves. 

X I L Wherupon? f Chryfoftom giveth us another ad- 
vertifement: for when wee exhort you to imitate Da- 
md.ElntSyPaH^Petcr^vch or flich a Saintly our cuflome is 
toanfwerjl am not Pcter,.\ zmnot Paid -. as if Peter and 
/W/had beene of fome other fluffe than ye are , as ii 
they had not beene mortall? feeble, and finnefull men as 
ye are. Therefore to take from you all excufe, when ye 
cover your carelefnetfe and floath with fuch vaineex- 
cufcs; God hath exercifed with mod infirmities thofe on 
whom he hath bellowed greateft graces ; that feeing 
they have beene like unto us in weaknelfe , difeafes, af- 
flictions and pa (lions belonging to man y we defpaire 
not of attaining to therefemblanceofthe heavenly and 
favinggraces wherewith they were garnimed. For this 
end S. lames propouhdeth unto us the example of £/*• 

Qj _ ** 

II 7 

d 2. Cor. 

e Ad. 14.! j 

f Cbry/bfi. 
Homt. 1 ,rd 


Sermon V. 

i Iam.y. 

g Luk.23. 

h 1. Pet 4. 
1 7> i 8. 


It Pfal.10.2 

^,of whom he faith , that f he wasfubiecl tolt^c paffions as 
we are; that if wee pray with fervencie,as he did, wee be 
airured that we (hall fpeed as he did • 

XI I J. To thefe three reafons wee may adde the 
fourth, taken from afflictions as they are corrections <Sc 
chaftifements of Gods deereft fervants $ that God will 
have us toconfider them as tefhmonies of his wrath a- 
gainft finne ; and to fay to our felves, Hath God dealt fo 
roughly with fo holy men when they offended him^nd 
fhall he beare with us ? or as Chrift faid,s If thefe things 
be done in agreene tree , what jh all be done in the dry f This 
reafon is fo cleer,that SJPeter urgeth it as an infallible de- 
monflration,{aying, h The time is comejhat iudgement matt 
Begin at thehoufe of God: and tfit firfl begin at us, what fhall 
be the end of them that obey net the Gojpel of God ? Where- 
fore let us lay this to our hearts, and learne by fuch ma- 
nifeft tokens of Gods wrath again ft finne, to prevent 
his indignation by an unfained amendment of life. Efay 
faith, that i when Gods indgemenls are in the earth-, the inha- 
bitants of the world will learne right eoufneffe . God grant, 
that as we are of the number of thefe inhabitants of the 
world, fo we may be of thenumber of thofe Students, 
which are fchooled by their brethrens afflictions, to 
learne righteoufneffe ,to ftand in awe of God ,and tg 
ferve him with an upright heart > before his face all the 
dayes of our life. 

X I V. Finally , God by the afflictions of his deare 
ones, namely, by thofe which they fuffer for righteouf- 
netfe fake, manifefteth the infallible truth of his pro- 
mifes,andtheexcellencie of his mightie power in their 
deliverie from the evill day, and from all the plots, con- 
fpiracicsjfecret practices ,malicious attempts, violent in- 
vafions of theirs and his enemiesjwhich then are con- 
tained to avouch, that it is by the finger of God, and 
not by the hand of man , that the Church fubfifteth up- 
on earth , and, as it is faid in the Pfalmes , that k Chrifi 


Of the caufesofthe Righteous mans Evils. 


! ruleth in the mids of his enemies. He faith , 1 When thoupaf- 
I fefi thorow the waters, I will be with thee : and thorow the ri» 
I vers, they Jhall not overflow thee. When thou walked thorow 
j the fire, thou [halt not be burnt ; nejther Jhall the flame kindle 
upon thee: for lam the Lord thy Godythe holy One of Ifrael, 
thy Saviour - 

How he accompliflieth this promife, it is both won- 
derful] and profitable to confider : for when hee will 
(hew his ftrengthjthat which hedoth,feemeth contrarie 
to that which he intcndeth to doe. When he came to 
lighten and gladden Abrahams foule, by the confirmati- 
on of his promises , he fent m an horror of great darkeneffe 
uponhim. n When hee came to bleife lacob, hee wreftled 
with him, and put his thigh out of joynt. ° Eli/baCwcct* 
ned the unholfome waters with fait, p lefts Chri$l,put- 
ting clay on the eyes of a blinde roan,reftored him to his 
fight: <ihe put his fingers into the cares of a man that 
was deafe,and they were opened. 

Even fo he debafed and abated lofeph to theloweftpit 
oftheprifon, that his power might be marvelled at in 
advancing of him to the higheft dignitie of Pharaos 
Court. Hee winked at Pharao and his armie, when they 
perfecuted and purfued his people into themidftof the 
red fea-,that when with the blaftofhis noftrilsthe fea 
came and covered them, and they funke as lead in the 
mightie waters, his people might fing unto him/ who is 
like unto thee, O LOR D y amongfl the gods ? who is like thee, 
glorious in holtneffe^fearcfullinpraifes, doing wonders? and 
his enemies might fay of him, that f hee ts God of Heaven 
above ; and in earth beneath. Hee permitted Senachertb King 
of AlTyriatotakeallthe defenfed cities of Iuda, and to 
bring Hez,ekjah to fuch extremitie, that hee had not two 
thoufand men to withftand him : then hee fent his An- 
gelfrom Heaven to deliver him ithen 1 all the kingdomes 
of the earth knew, that he is the Lord, even hee only. 
ContidctNebucadnezzar in his rage 6c fury,comanding 


1 Efa.43. 

m Gen.if. 


n Gen. ii t 

o t.Kin.2. 
21 . 

p Toh. 9. 6 4 
q Marc.7. 

r Exod 1 j. 


t Efa.37. 


Sermon V. 


to heat the burning fierie furnace feven rimes more than 
it was wont to be heat 3 andro caft the three Confellors 
into it , faying to them, v who is that God that/hall deliver 
yonoHt of mj hands ? His mind was to deitroy the bodies 
of thefe Sain ts. But 3 miracle of rhealmightie power 
and vertue of God ! the fire was a rampier and wall to 
guard thcmjthe flame was a garment to clothe them, the 
furnace wasafountaine to refrefli them. Mortall bodies 
were caft into the fire, & they were not hurt thereby,as if 
they had bin immortalhthe flames received them tyed, 
and untying them j were tied themfclves.They (pared the 
hands and the feet * whereof they burned the bands : 
They flew the men that caft thefe Salamanders into the 
furnace 5 for the furnace wm exceeding hot: to teach you* 
that the ftrength of the fire was neither cxtinguifhed nor 
abated: yet they touched not the bodies of the Saints ; 
not changing their nature, but bearing refpeefc to their 
godlinelle: yea and fuch refpecT,that there wasvotan haire 
of their head finged* neither were their coats changed, neither 
hadthefmsll of 'pre pajjed on them 5 which goeth beyond all 
admiration. The fire dared not touch, but their bands. 
The Tyrant fettered them,the fire unfettered them 5 that 
ye may fee the crueltie of the Tyrant, and the obedi- 
ence of the element/The Princes and Governours of 
thekingdome were come thitherto fee the great folenv 
nitieof the dedication of the golden image: but they-faw 
that which they could never have thought of. They 
came to worlhip the idoll : they went home admi- 
ring and worftnping the power of God. The king him- 
fe!fe,wbo ere-while had caft in the fire thefe three Con- 
feilbrs r becaufe they would not ferve his gods, nor 
worfhip the golden image which he had fet up , was 
contained to worfliip their God, and toconfeffe,that 
x there is none other God that can deliver after this fort. So 
Satan was confounded in his malice , feeing his power 
abatedby his owne- craft , whereby he laboured to over- 

Of th e catifes of the Right ecus mans Evils. 


throw the fervants of the living God : and Gads Po wer, 
Wifdome^Goodneife, Providence,was glorified in their j 
deliverie. | 

Godv fpake tothe ravenous Ravens , and they fed 
Elijah: He 4 fpake to the Whale,and it vomited out to- 
>>vwupon the dry land. When his people was fcattered hi- 
ther 5c thither among the Chaldeans, Allyrians, Medes, 
Perlians , and other Nations , b hee /aid to the North, 
Give up ; and to the Soutb,Keep not backe : bring my [on s from 
farre, and my daughters ft ow the ends of the earth. So was ! 
fulfilled that which is written in the Pfalmes, c Surely the 
wrath ofmanjhallpraife thee. 

XV. Such examples of the glorious power of God 
in the afflictions of righteous men,are moft frequent in 
the New Teftament. As in the creation he commanded 
light to mine out of darkenefTe:S'oin the redemption 
of man kind he made our Saviour a curfe for us, that hee 
might bleile us : and put to death the Prince of life, that 
through his death he might givelifeto thofe which were 
dead. His enemies fealed and guarded the Sepulchre 
where hee was buried , and faid, d There is no help for him 
in God: But c hee was declared to be the Sonne of God , with 
power, According to the Spirit of holineffe, by the re/urreclion 
fomthedead^ and was more glorious in his death; than 
he was in his life. 

So his Church is never fo wonderfull as in the perfe- 
ction. Then i ye fee the great fight which made Mofes 
amazed 5 The bufh burning with fire, and yet not confu 
med. What more vile than a bufh ? what more contemp- 
tibleinthe eyes ofmen,than the Church? what more 
fufceptible of burning, than a bufh ? whatfo eafie to bee 
overthrowne as the Church} as the little flocke of weak 
fheepe inclofed with an armie of flrong and cruell 
wolves? yet the bufh was not burnt, becaufe God was 
inthemidftof the bufh: So the Church cannot be de- 
ftroied, becaufe Chrift hath faid, zLoc>Iamxviih yon al- 

R way, 

j 1. Kin. 17 
a Ion. 2. 10 

Efa. 4 $.6 


Rom. 1.4 

f Exod.3.2, 

g Matth.iS 


Si R M b N V. 

h Ad,i& 



way, even unto the end of the world. 

Confider h Paul and Silas torn with ftripes,thruftinto 
theinnerprifon,and theirfeete made faftin the flocks. 
The infidels might have faid,that the God, who fuffreth 
his fervants to be thus abufed,is either weake andimpo- 
tent,orunrighteous and malicious. But fee & behold in 
this permifsion a moft wonderfull work of his power , 
goodneffcand mercy. His Saints had their feete in the 
Itockes , their hands in the gyves : Their heart was 
franke, their tongue was free. The Divell was then a 
prentife , and had riot learned to gag: Their heart was 
inditing a pood matter : Their tongue was the pen of a 
readie writer.At mid-night, they were waking. What 
did they while they waked? did they howle for griefe 
and paine? complained they of their contumelies? ac- 
cufed they the crueltieof the blood-thirffie Governors ? 
blamed they the rigor of the pitilefTe Iaylour ? No, No. 
Theypraiedjtheyfang praifes unto God fo Ioud,that 
the prifoners heard them. Then (O marvellous power 
of God \yfuddenty there was a great earthquake: the founda- 
tions ofthepfifon werejhaken : all the do ores were opened, and 
every mans bands vtere loofed. If rhey had beene unbound, 
if they had walked with full liberrie up and down in the 
prifon -, if they had taken hold of thepiliars thereof, as 
Samfin did>and fhaken them,the miracle had not bin fo 
confpicuous: but when they are thrownedcwneinto 
the lowed prifon , when they are loaden with cloggs, 
when they are bound fofaft that theycanrtot budge, 
when through their onely prayer the earth trembleth, 
the foundations of the darke dungeon skip like a yong 
Vnicorne ? when all the prifoners bands burft, and are 
broken afunder, as a threed of Tow is broken when it 
toucheth the fire 5 when all thofe which were tyed,were 
loofed, and the Iaylor who had bound them, was him- 
felfe tyed with terrour and defpaire , and finally delive- 
red from the bondage of!inne,and honoured with the 

Ofthc c&tifcs of the Righteous m&ns Evils. K \ 123 

gjoriovslibertieof the children of God, by the prea- 
ching of thefe two moll contemptible prifoners 5 Gods 
power fhinedmore brightthantheSunne in the faired 
Summers day , and fhewed it felfe alwayes mod won- 

Can yee but wonder , when yee fee k Feiix fitting to 
judge Paul, and yet trembling at the words which Paul 
fpake,as if Paulhzd judged him ? when Fefttts is amazed, 
and Agrifpa is almoft perfwaded,by thisprifoner arraig- 
ned before them, to be a Chriftian ? The Doctor is tyed 5 
his fpeech is on wings, and flyeth abroad :the Preacher 
is fhut up in prifon ; his doftrine runneth fwiftly cverie 
where. Can yee binde the beames of the Sunne,and im 
prifon them ? when that mail be done , Tyrants fhall 
(hackle the Gofpel,and unfeather it that it flye not. 

Ye may behold the fame marvell of Gods power, 
mercie,& wifedome in the reft of the Apoftles ,6c in the 
whole Chriftian Church. m Learning hath beene in- 
ftrufted by ignorance: Wifedome hath beene confoun- 
ded by foolilhnelle. By weakened? the might of the 
world hath bin deftroyed : n everie thought is brought 
into captivitie to the obedience of Chrift ; and in us,un- 
tothis day,is fulfilled that which the Lord faid to Paul, 
°Myfhrengtb is made perfett in weakenejfe : That both in 
the converfion of the world, and protection of the 
Church , P the excelkncie of this power may bee of God, and 
not of hs. 

X V I« Where then are they which judge of a mans 
bli(Te and happinelfe by his profperitie, & efteem thofe 
who with Paul and the red of the Apo(tles,s hunger and 
thrrft^arc naked, are buffeted, have no cert awe dwelling place, 
6cc to bemiferable , unhappie,and as odious to God, 
as they are haynous to men t Will they fay, that to be 
corrected of God is a token of his wrath? But r the 
wife man and f the holy Apoftle fay farre otherwayes , 
Myfonne,defpife not thou the rbaftemng of the ford , and 

__________ R z f aint 

k Aft # i4. 

1 A&.16. 

m 1. Cor, 
x. 27,18. 

n 1 Cor. 

o 2. Cor. 


p i«Cor.4< 1 

q x.Cor.4, 

r Pro.}. 11, 

i Kcb.12. 


Sermon V. 

t Vcr.7,8. 


x Ver. 1 1. 

\ faint not when thou art rebuked of him :for whom the Lord lo- 
| veth he chaftenetb , & fcourgeth everiefon whom he receiveth. 
I Are ye not the fonnes of God ?Looke to all Gods chil- 
dren who have been before'you : Have theynot all gro- 
ned under Gods chaftifing hand , fome in one manner, 
fome in another ? Therefore l if ye endure chafiening, God 
dealethyou as with fonnet : for what fonne u he whom the fa- 
therchafteneth not? Then when ye aske, if God doth well 
to ufe you hardly 5 if yeebe children, your queftion is 
J anfvvered : But if ye M without chaflifement, whereof all are 
! partakers, then are ye baftards,andnot fonnes. 

Will they deny, that to bee kept from finne,is a very 
good thing ? Let them conlider, that ^we have had fathers 
of ourfefh which corretted us, and we gave them reverence : 
Shall wee not much rather be in fubietlton unto the Father 
of Sprits 5 and live I for they verily for a few dayesthaflened 
us, after their owne pleafure ; but hee for our profit, that wee j 
might bee partakers of his holinefe : that not onely wee 
may bee corrected of finnes palr^but alfo preserved and 
witholden from finning in time to come, and fo lead a 
godly life before God and men. 

Now* nochaflening for theprefentfeemeth to be ioyous,but ' 
j grievous : Neverthelejfe, afterward it yeeldcth the peaceable . 
\ fruit of ' righteoufnejfe unto them which are exercifed thereby : 
j Their faith, their hope, their charitie, their conftancie, ' 
I their patience, their humilitie, their devotion, araboth 
tryedand exercifed. Hath not experience taught you, 
I that tb e vine,when it is bared at the root, purged , wee- 
I dcd^ husbanded carefully, becomtth more fruitfull, and ( 
J atthe vintage fllleth the Fats with fweet wine ? h'v( n fo, 
y loh. 1 5,3.!. faith Chnft, y my Father purgeth every branch thatbeareth 
fruit, that it may brwg fourth more fruit. Caft gold into the 
fire , and a Goldfmith (hall make a ring of it . 1 f yee will 
build a houfe for good fervice,for comlinefs,for pleafure 
and honour, the flones mud be hewen fmooth, the tim- 
ber iriuft be fquared & carved with the hammer & chifel: 


Of the caufes of the Righteous mans Evills. 

Even fo God melteth and purifieth us in the fire of affli- 
ction, to make us precious jewels for his cabinet jhepo- 
limeth & fmootheth us with the hammer cVchifel of tri- 
bulations, to make us living ftones in his heavenly Ie- 
rufalem,w ch growcthuntoan holy Temple in theLord* 
XVH. It yee had ieene the Churches ofFrancein 
their affliction, ye fhould have marked in them a won- 
derfull change, and would have faid, that thele. evills 
had befallen them for their greater good . Their dam- 
mages were great, as ye have heard: but their advanta- 
ges were greater . They became more hone(t,and meek, 
more heedfull to the word , more zealous to Gods fer- 
vice, more prone and bent to allthedueties of chari- 
tie: ftll foohlh and filthie talking was banifhed from 
their mouthes ; their tongues infected no more the aire 
with lafciviousand wanton fongs: Sighing, fobbing, 
gioningto God, was their delight ; prayers 7 finging of 
Pfalms^niutuall exhortations to amendment of Jife,was 
their ordinary fpeech. Thofe, whofe habitation before 
that time was night and day in the Tavernes , departed 
not from the holy alTemblies, crying to God for grace, 
mercie and peace,with fading and prayers night & day. 
Drunkennelfe gave placet© fo briery , pride to humili- 
ties ditlblution to modeftie^ crueltie to humanitie. 
OiH^nmities and diifentions were turned into killes of 
cbaritie, into brotherly imbracements, into all inde- 
i vours and good offices of true friendfhipin the com- 
munion of Saints: Ourdoores were muttoallriot,dif- 
I folurenefle , infolencie: Our hearts were open to God : 
! Our houfes were become Churches,where God was re 
; ligiouflyand with truezeale worfhipped by parents and 
children . bymaiftersandfervants ,by old and young. 
j The Papifts faw it , and wondred : that the fire of perfe- 
ction had not confumed, but kindled and inflamed 
ourzeale: and fomeof them were converted. So wee 
j were corrected, our devotion was increafed, Papills 
j R 3 were 1 



a Hcb, 12, 

b Pf^I.7- 

c Rcv.ii^4 

d 2»Sam»2. 


e a. Sam. 

20.11>l* ; 

f i.Tim. 
1 8, 19. 

S B R M O H V. 

were amazed, God was glorified, 

XVII I. Wherefore a /*/* #0 *£? AW/ which hang downe, 
andthe feeble knees. Though wee live here in peace, yet 
we have noleafeofpeace:yea,inthis publike peace eve- 
rie one fhould looke for a great fight of afflictions: flag- 
ging hands are not fit for the battel : trembling knees 
cannot ftandfaft and upright at a meeting & incounter 
of our enemies.Let us then imitate wife & prudent foul- 
diers which in time ofpeace enure themfelves,by the ex- 
ercifes of war, to fuftainethc brunt & coping of armed 
enemies in the day of battel. When b a thoufand (hall 
fall at our fide , and tenne rhoufand at our right hand 2 
when c the Dragon fhall with his taile fweep the heavens, 
and cad to the earth the third part of the ftarres : when 
everie where yee (hall fee nothingbut apoftafies and de- 
fections of great men , of wile men, of Church men , 
which are ftarres in the heaven of the Church,ftand not 
ftil gazing upon them,as a loabs fouldiers did upon Ha- 
fael whom Abner had (laine , and loft the fruit of the vi- 
ctorie 2 But z$ e Ioabj fervant removed Amaz,a whom Jo- 
ab had flaine, out of the high way into the field, & caft a 
cloth upon him, when he faw that everie one that came 
by him,ftood frilly and as he crycd,Heethat favottreth Io- 
ab,and hee that is for Davjd, let himgoe after loab ; where* 
upon all the people went on after loab , to purfue* after 
the traitor Sheba : So let us remove all fcandals from be- 
fore our eyes, and cafting upon them the cloake of for- 
getfulnefle, Ictus follow our Generall, our Lord lefus 
Chrift the Prince and Captaine of the Lords Hoft , 
who goeth before us fighting for the Lord our God a- 
gainft the Divell, finne , and the world . Whofoever fa- 
voureth Chrift , whofoever is for God, let him follow 
Chrift . Let f us all rvarre a good warfare, holding for fliield, 
faith; andforfword,fta*m*d0/(W,notpaufingon thefe 
Hymenees and Alexanders-, which looting the rudder of a 
good confcience, what wonder if they have made ftiip- 


Of the Lords Deliveries, 


wrack of their faith :yea,let us tread upon their (linking 
carkafcs , and trampling on the gaftly examples ofthcir 
lamentable revolts, let us g prelTe toward the marke for 
the price of the high calling of God in Chrift lefus; 
That being»through Gods powerfull and mercifull af- 
fillance , each of us enabled to fay truely with Paul , h / 
have fought a good fight , I have finifhed my conrfe, I have 
kept the faith-, wee may thereupon inferrethis fweeteand 
bletfed conclufion with Paul 5 Henceforth there is laid, up 
for me a crowne *f right eoufnejfe, which the Lord the rightetus 
Ittdge Jhtll give mce at that day> and not to mee onely, but un- 
to them alfo that love bio' appearing. 

X I X. O almightie and mod gracious Father 5 be- 
llow this faving grace upon this thy people which is here 
prefent before thee , through theall-fufficient merits of 
thy only and deare Sonne 3 and our only and mod pow- 
erfull Saviour Iefus Chrift our Lord: to whom,with thee 
and the holy Ghoft be all power, all honour, and all glo- 
rie for ever and ever, Amen. 

g Pfal.j. 


h i.Tim, 
7 ,8. 


Of the Lords Deliverances. 

But the Lord delivereth him out of them all. 
I. ^T* He Church compared | 5. The deliverer of the 

X to the ALooneJby rea- 
fon of the viciffitude of her c- 
vils, y* the Lords deliverances: 
z. Ifhereof there be many ex- 
amples in the old Tafiament, 
3 # And in the new. 
4. Sixpri/JC/pallpoirits to be 
confideredinthc Lords delive- 

Church,* theLOR Dialled 
I E H V A H in the Heb. tongue . 
6. The word IEHO- 
VA H leadeth us to the know- 
ledge of the eternitie of Gods 
being, and of that eternallver- 
tue whereby he giveth being to 
all things , and namely to hu 

7. All 


a Cant.6. 

b Amhr. 
c Hof 1 3 9 

Sermon VI, 

7. All the qualities requi- 
red in a deliverer ', are in th: 

8. Thence the righteous 
man receiveth a mofl fenfeble 
andunfteakable comfort . 

p. God alone is the delive- 
rer of the Church >, andneedeth 
not the he/pe of any. 

10. What is the nature of 
his deliverances. 

11. Exhortation not to 
fear e men. 

12. Exhortation to feare 
God alone. 

13. Exhortatio not to trufl 
in men, neither living, 

14. Nor dead, though they 

be in heaven. 

1 5. Exhortation to trufl 
in the Lord alone. 

I C.Thofe who the Lorddeli- 
vereth,are the Righteous only. 

1 7. Their right eoufrejfe is 
no caufe meritorious of their 

18. N otrvithfiandingjt is 
a righteous thwig with God to 
deliver them,and that for three 
caufe s. 

1 9. The Lordgiveth ma- 
ny bleffmgs and deliverances 
to wicked men , for righteous 
mens fake. 

1 o. Exhortation to righte- 


Xcellentand many are the titles where- 
with the Church is adorned in holy 
Scripture : Amongrt all, that wherewith 
fhee is graced,when the wife K* Salomon 
intirles her a jW* at the Moon,\s the fitteft 
to exprelle her condition in this world. She is faire in- 
deed, & verie pleafant to behold, as the Mooneis % Shee 
fhineth among thepeoplethatwalkein the darkeneile 
ofignorancejasthe Moone fhineth in the night. Her Ali- 
ning light is intermixed with darkeftainesof finne $ as 
the bright fhining li^ht of the Mooneis intermingled 
with blacke fpots . She hath her fpots of her felfe, as the 
Moone hath $ but b fhee borroweth the light ofimmor- 
talitie an d of grace from the ay-during light of her bro- 
ther, the Lord IefusChrift^asthelightof the Moone 
commeth from the Sunne. O c Ifrael , thou haft deftroy- 
cd thy felfe , but in mee is thy helfe , faith GOD to his 


Of the Lords Deliveries. 


Church. Sinne is of ourfelves :deftrudion and death 
is from our fmne. Bur d oarhelpeii fromthe Lord,w^ made 
heaven and earth, even from the Lord Iefus , who is c the 
Sun of right eoufnejfe, Uhe day fprtng from on high , in whofe 
wings is healthy in who fe light wee fee light, and through 
whofe light h we fhine as lights in theworld: fo that we fay, 
i I live, yet not I, but Chrifi livcth in mee. 

TheMoonehach her riling and fetring, and in each 
of them her increasing, her fulndle, her deer eafing, her 
difappearingfora f ew daies,when (lie is in her conjun- 
ction with the Sun : So the Church of ChriuSrifingin 
one place, goeth downein another 5 and wherefoever 
ftieerifeth, is iubjecltoroanie variations, to growing 
bigger and bigger , to waning,to difappearing. Then, 
through the violenceof perfections (he is contained 
to obey Gods commandemenr ; k Come, my people, enter 
thou into thy chambers , and Jhut thy doores about thee : hide 
thy f elf e as it were for a little moment , unt ill the indignation 
beovcrpafi. Then wings are given her, * that (lie may flie 
into the wilderneflTe, into her pte( e, from the face of the 
ferpentjand be nourished there for a time y and times , and 
halfe a time, even for the time of Gods good pleafure. 
Then having her backe turned to the world, & her face 
toGod$thenSeinginherconjun<5Hon with Iefus Chrift 
her Sun, (lie polTelieth in him a fecret,but a mod cleer& 
perfect light : Then is fulfilled in her that which is writ- 
ten in the Pfalmes, m The kings daughter is all glorious with- 
in. She remaineth not alwayes thus : but after the few 
dayes of her vanifhing out of the fight of the world , 
like a bride coming out of her chamber, fliee rejoyceth 
to begin her race againe, and to quicken with her light 
them that dwell in the valley of the fhadow of death ; 
having nothing firme, nothing conftant in this world, 
but ihe inconttancie ofher unfteadfaft eftate. 

As thereisaviciflitudeand interchangeablccourfeof 
light and darkenelfe 5 of the day & the night, of Summer 

S and 

d Pi'al.m. 


e Mai i.2. 

f Luk 1.78. 

g FfcL}*. 

h* Phil 2. 

i Gal.2.20. 


1 Rev. 11. 

rn Pfal,4j. 

- TTr--^.^^ - . 


n Ecclef. 
16, 9 . 


o Gen- $ 

and Winter : A s » the thing that hath bin , is that which Jhall 
be : and that which is done , is that which jhall bee done , and 
there is no new thing under the Sunne ; all things having in 
their inequalitie this equalitie that they goe and come, 
like the wind which whirleth about continually from the South 
to the North, and returneth againe according to his circutes : 
So the Church of God, fo righteous men w ch arein the 
Churchjhave their alterations & changings from good 
to evill, from evill to good, and againe from good to e- 
vill ;from profperity toadverfity 5 from adverftty to prof- 
peritybya perpetuallandmoftconflant revolution, till 
the great and long looked- for day of refrefhing come, 
and put an end to all our evills, ingulfing them in the e- 
ternall joyes of heavenly goods. And therefore David 
telleth us in our text by forme of hiftory, through his 
owneexperience,and fortelleth us by forme of prophe- 
cies hat Many are the Ev ills of the Righteous : 

But the Lord deliver eth him out of them alt, 
1 1. Perufe all the ancient histories, and yee (hall rlnde 
that it hath ever been fo* The firft man was fcarcely come 
out of Gods hands, and created after the likenelle of his 
maker, when Satan tempted, feduced, overthrew , and 
plunged him into an Ocean of evills and woes. Then 
he might have wept? b:caufe Many are the evills of the 
Righteous* Look how foon he is cart down to the ground 
by Satans malice, he is as foone lifted up by the mighty 
power of Gods hand, and the merciful! promife of the 
feed of the woman : Then he might havefung for joy, 
becaufe the Lord deliver eth him out of them all. 

The promife was a prediction of the vie of e- 
vills and of goods fhsred tothe Church. °Iwill (faith 
God tothe lerpent) put enmitie betweene thee and the wo- 
man, and betweene thy feede and her feede : It Jhall bruife thy 
head, and thou jhaii bruife his heele. The fee de ofthewo- 
man, is lefus Chnfi the righteous, and the Church of righ- 
teous men with him and under him. The ferpent mall 


Of the Lords Deliveries, 

I I 3 I I 

bruife the Churches heel : Many are theEvills of the Righ- 
teous. The feed of the woman (hall bruife his head : But 
the Lor A deliver eth htm out of them all. 
fGw/, killing Abel his righteous brother,cai«fed a heart- 
breaking forrow to his righteous parents, y&te 5c Eue: 
Many are the Evills of the Righteous. God gave them an o - 
therfeede in (lead of Abel whom Cain (lew 3 and they 
called him Scth ; But the Lord deliver eth him out of them all 
When the world was drowned in a deluge of waters, 
Noah wasconttrained to fee all his kindred , and all the 
children of God overwhelmed by the flood , and to lie 
prifoner in the Arkewith his familie, ithefpace of a 
yeare among all kind of bea(ls>to fave his life : Many are 
the Evills of the Righteous. At the yeares en d God remem - 
bred him, & drying up the waters, brought him out of 
that captivitie , and'eftabliflied a new covenant with 
him : But the Lord deliver eth him out of them all, 

f Abraham, obeying Gods callingjeft his country, his 
kindred, and fathers houfe , and went out , not know- 
ing whither hee went : hee fojourned in the land ofprc- 
mife,asin aftrangecountrey> dwellingin tabernacles, 
which hee removed from one nation to another, from 
onekingdome to another people : His wife was twice 
ravi(hed:the countrey people abuied him: his nephew 
Lor rewarded his good deeds with unthankfulnes : with 
all this, his wife was barren , and hee had no children : 
Many are the Evills of the Righteous. In the m iddeft of h is 
afflictions , as it were in the fit of an ague , r God gave 
him flocks, andheards, and filvcr,and gold, and camels, 
and alfes ,and men-fervants, and maid fervants , in fo 
greata number, that v he armed of his fervants borne 
in his owne houfe,three hundred andeightecne for the 
refcuing of Lot . x God fujferedno man to doe him wrong, he 
rebuked Kings for his fake, faying , Touch not mine anointed, 
and doc my Prophets no harme. Hee conftrained them to 
render him his wife undefiled : he gave him afonne in 

S 2 rm 

p Gcn,4 3 e 

q Gen. 8. 1*2 

r Gcn.9.9„ 

f Genax 

t Gen.24 

v Gen, 14. 
x Pfal. 10 j 


y Gen. if, 

5 3*34- 

Sermon VL 

his old age to make him laugh. But the Lord deliver eth 
him out cf themalL 

God prophecied to Abraham, thaty his feed fbwldbe 
Or fir anger in a land that was not theirs, and jhould ferve them, 
andbe afjlitledby them four -e hundred 'yeares. $q it was : And 
fo was averred this faying of David; Many are the evills 
of the Righteous. Heare alio the prophecie of the Cata- 
ftrophe 5 Andalfo that nation whom they fliall ferve , will l 
fudge : and afterward jhall they come out with great fubfiance. 
So was it alio : But the Lord deliver eth him out of them all. 

When the people had taken pollelfion of the land 
ofpromife flowing with milke and hony,. how many 
times were they beaten, vanquimed,fubdued,oppreired 
by the Philiftines , Amorites , Moabites, and other 
neighbors 1 Many are the evills of the Righteous: They 
cryedtcGod,and he heard their requelts; he fent them 
men clothed with his Spirit, which delivered them ; he 
gave them as many dayes of peace, as they had of warre : 
But the Lord deliver eth him out of all. 

Ye have heard in what troubles? in. what dangers, in 
what difejuiet and perplexities David lived a great while 
after he wasanointed King of Jfrael jand what afflicti- 
ons he had in his owne famiiie : yeknowalfo what was 
the event of them all, and r hath'. 1 fpakeby his owne ex- 
perience,whe; he [4d,Many are the evils of the Righteous, 
but the Lord deliver eth him out of them all. 

Ye have read the promife w ;ich God made to David; 
faying, a If his children for fake my Law, and wall^e not in my 
iudgements : If they breakemy ftatutes, audkecye not my com- 
mandements : Then will Ivifite their tra,:Jgref<7on with the rod, 
and their iniquitie with fir /pes : NcvertheLffe my loumg kind- 
neffe wiill not utterly take fiom him^nor fuffermy f.uthfulnes 
to fat I: my covenant will i not breaks or alter the thing that is 
gone out of my lips. Thence it wai, that Davids -children 
were often tha Jencd 7 ever delivered; :hat good Kings 
fuccceded bad 5 that many affusions were followed 


Of the Lords Deliveries* 


with notable deliveries; thatieventy yearesofcaptivitie 
ended in amoft glorious and wonderfull libertie jthat 
thefoure hundred yeares following, had fadneife feafo- 
ned with joy, teares mingled with Jaughrer, fpeares 
changed into fithes , (words beaten into mattockes* 
prayers in the time of perfecution ending in thankefgi- 
ving for peace ; untill the land beingdelhtuteand void 
of righteous men , vomited out for ever and ever all her 
inhabirants:forwherefoever are righteous men* there 
Many are the evills of the Righteous, 

But the Lord deliver eth him out of them all. 
III. The Chriftian Church hath iucceeded both to 
the evilJs and deliveries of the Church oflfrael and of 
iuda,astheLordhimfe]fe hath experimented in his own 
perlon,and hath forewarned us: l> He was put to death in 
tbcflcjh : Many are the. evills of the Righteous. He was quick^ 
ned by the Spirit : The Lord deliver eth him out of them all. He 
faith to us, c Verely, verelyj fay unto you, thatyeejhallweep 
and lament, but the world [hall reioice: And yee Jhall bee for- 
row full, but your farrow jhall be turned into ioy. Ye (hall bee 
forrowfull, becaufe many are the evills of the Righteous: 
your forrow (hall be turncdinto joy, becaufe the Lordde- 
livereth him cut of them all. 

I have declared to you how many evils the Christian 
Church fuftred at divers times by ten bloody perfeouti- 
onsjby falfe brethren, by the wicked herefle ofArrttts.But 
by divers means, the I ord delivered her out of them all. 
At lahVhe A ntichriil is come,according to the Scrip- 
tures; and the prophecie or the revelation concerning 
d the two wttneffes of GW,hath been fulfilled : where it is 
(aid, that thebeaft that afcendeth out of the bottomleffe pit, 
JJiall make warre i-.gainft them , andJhaH overcome them , 
and kill them; their dead bodies jhall he in the fired 
of the great Citie three dates and a half that the people and na- 
tions jhall fee them ,anci jhall not fuffr them to bt put in grazes-, 
that they that dwell upon the earth , Jhall reiotccovcrthem^ 

S 3 and 

b x.Per.j. 

c Ioh.i6» 

d Rev. 11. 

y 134 

Sermon VI. 

€ Ioh-2. 


f lob ?. 18. 

g i.Sam.a. 

h Pfal.30. 

i Pfal.ix6. 

i and make merry,andjhal fend gifts one to another \becaufe thefe 
\two Prophets tormmted them that dwelt on the earth: That 
\ after three dajes and an half e, the Spirit of life from God,entred 
into them : and they flood upon th sir feet , and great fears felt 
upon them which Jaw thm.and they afc ended up to heaven in a 
cloud } and thetr enemies beheld them . Alas ! what evils hath 
notthebeaft pracli fed again ft thefe two witnefles , a- 
gainftthe Jittle handfull of thofe which profeifedthe 
Gofpel of Chnft ? How often hath (he fought 3 vanqui 
flied, killed them ? How often alfo hath God raifed them 
from the dead in their fucceilors ? what was this lall 
peace of France, but a mod wonderfull refurre&ion I 

The world for the firft draught filleth a cup of good 
wine 5 but after that,itgiveth nothing to drinke but poi- 
fonof dragons) and thecruellvenomeof afpes. Con- 
trariwife the e Lord lefus giveth the befl: wine laft. Hee 
F maketh fore,to bind up : he woundeth 3 to make whole. 
s He killeth>to make alive : Heebringeth men downe to 
the grave, that hee may bring them up againc . Weeping 
k may endure for a night ; but finging cometh in the morning. 
i They that fow in tearesfhall reap in toy. He that goeth forth , 
andweepeth, bearing precious feedjhall doubt lejfe come againe 
with r eioy inging hisjheaves with him. As in M ulicke 
contrary voices give a pleafant found,6cby a difcordant 
concord make a mod delegable harmonie : So thefe al- 
terations and interchanges ofevill & good in our lives, 
make the pleafures more acceptable,when God fendeth 
them 3 when 3 after that the righteous m3n hath beene 
fhaken and totfed with afflictions, 

The Lord deliver eth him oat of them aU. 
1 1 1 J. He which doeth this worke, is the L O R D : 
his workeis deliverance :hc whom heedelivereth,is//;^ 
righteous man: TheEvils out of which hcdelivereth him, 
are all the evils which befall him. Adde to in&jhcmancr 
how, and the timewhenhe delivereth the righteous man 
f-cut of all his evils ; & ye (hall have fix principal! heads of 



Of the Lords Deliveries, 


dodrine to be handled m the exposition of the fecond 
part of this text. 

V. The deliverer of the Church is the L O R D:The 
Hebrew word is IE HO V A H,which is Gods Name. 
The ufe of names is to put distinction betweene things 
that are of one kind : and therefore when laccb asked of 
God what was his Name, he rebuked h\m,fay'mgjvhere- 
fore 1 is it that thou doeft aske after my Name . ? The lews fay , 
that he would not tell him his Name, becaufe the tongue 
of a mortall man neither Should, nor can exprelfeit.For 
that fame caufe, faythey,when Manoah Samfons father 
defiredto know his Name, heEepretfedhis curiofitie 
with this anfwer, m Why aske ft thou after my Name? feeing 
it is rvonderfull? But to (peak properly 3 he hath no Name, 
becaufehee is alone, and there are no other gods with 
him : His Name is his ownefelfejand therefore won- 
derfull above all wondering : A nd fo he would have Ja- 
cob and Matteab,who tooke him for one of the Angels, 
to think of him. 

But when Mofes asked by what name hce mould call 
him, when he fhould fpeak of him unto the children of 
Jfrael 3 he commanded him to fay unto them,£ HE IE 
n hath fent me unto you : which word in our Bibles is tran- 
slated/ A M: In the greeke oftheSeptuagint, r o &Vji& 
that is : which Plato learned in Syria ,5c called him ° To 6V, 
That which is : Iris (heh'rft peifon of thefuture tenSe, 
and may be translated, He that full be. 

God fpake further URto AfofisJ Thus fhatt thou fay wi- 
the Children of I frael\ IE HO V AH, the God of your fa- 
thers ^ the God of Abraham 3 the God of Ifaac, and the God of 
Iacobjhathfent you : This is my Name forever , and 
this is my Aiemoriallunto all ages. So God called himfelfe, 
and fo <1 Mofes named him to thepeople.and to ^Pharao: 
who hearing the Name which he never heard before, 
anfwered Who is IHHCVAH UknownotlE H O V A H 3 
and fo defpifed God, whom by this new name he judg- 

1 Gen^j, 





o luftw.Cc* 



p Exod, $. 

q Exc«l,4.' 

r Ex©4.$, 

I 3 6 

f Zlblioth.U. 
cAp.%. Ayud 
Jud/ios Mo- 
tM leges A a- 
t Clemen.- 
StmmMb, j 

v lujl.e- 

x Efay 57 

Sermon VI. 

cdtobcanew God 5 though the Name was not new, 
but was from the beginning known to the Church, and 

Therefore the Iewes are too fuperflttious,when they 
maintaineittobey^ fecret, that no man can 5 and if any 
could,nonefhould be lo bold as to pronounce it. How 
it was pronounced,it is hard to tell : but that it was pro- 
nouncedjwe know by the relation of Pagans : for how 
could (Dwdorns S'tculns know that the God of the Iewes 
was called I A O, if hee never heard that Name ?And 
who doubteth,but the Latin Name 1 O V I S, whereby 
the Romans worfliipped the God of gods, was taken 
from this Name I E HO V A H,which they pronounced 
as we would do, if it were written I O W I S ? & it may 
be that the Hebrewes pronounced IHOWA, and not 
JEHOVAH. Surely x Clement Alexandria though a 
Chriftian,mifcarried,as well as Diodorus SichIhs a Pagan, 
both in the writing &in the pronuciation 5 when trans- 
posing the letters, he faith, that the name of foure let- 
ters which the Priefts did beare on their foreheads, was 

; Vi. But he hitteth the marke when hewriteth,that 
thatNamelignifiesasmuch aso&v,ttaU<r(\utvoc 3 *. hsthat 
is, and that fhallbe: God calling himfelfefb, nottode- 
fcribe his etlence, which is infinite andincomprehenfi- 
ble, but, as v Inflin obferveth, to make an oppoiition be- 
tween himfelfe, and all other gods, which have no be- 
ing at all. In our Bibles out of the Greek it is turned 
LORD. In the French Bibles it is moft properly tran- 
flatedE TE RN A L L,becaufe, though no name can 
expreffe the eflence of the leaft and mod contemptible 
of all the creatures, farre leffe of the glorious Majeftie 
of the Creator-, yet it telleth us, that God hath an eternall 
being of himfelfe, and fo Ieadeth us to the consideration 
of the eternitie of his being. 

Efaiah faith, that x be enhabiteth eternity ; and hee faith 


Of the Lor is Deliveries. 

of himfelfeexclufively to all thofe \v ch \xt called gods, 1 / 
am thefirfi,cy lam the Ufl, cjr I?: fides me there is no God. Fo r 
this caufe Iohn calls hi m 3 » He which is,:>hicb was, cjr which 
is to come: He which wat with- :t beginning .* n Before the 
mountains were brought floor th, ere ever thou hadflt formed the 
earth, and the world, even from ever lofting to everU fling thou, 
art God: He which is without alteration :for° vitbfomis ] 
no vartablenejfe , neither jhadow or turning: And which is to | 
come without end : P Of old baft thou laid the foundation of \ 
the earth, and the heavens a^c the wurkfs of thy hands : They 
Jhallperijh, but thou Jh alt endure, yea^ttl of them jhall waxe old 
like a garment : as a vefture Jhnlt +hou change them , and they 
Jhall be changed : But thou art the fame , and thyyeares Jhall 
have no end. And therefore he calleth himidfein a moft 
proper fenfe,^ lam : for neither lofeth hee any thing by 
the time which is pad: : neither gaineth he any thing by 
that which is to come $ but is ever like unto himfelfe, is 
ever prcfent with himfelfe, having an eternall being of 
hirnfe]fe,fromhimfeIfejin himfelfc,to himfelfe. 

Itisalfo the name of his almighty power , whereby 
he giveth being to all things. r who hath meafuredthe wa- 
ters in the hollow of his hand , and meted out heaven with a 
Jpanne, and comprehended the duft of the earth in a meafure, 
and weighed the mountains infcales, and the hills in a balance ? 
Have ye not knowne ? have ye not heard '? hath it not bin told 
yon from the beginning ? have ye not under flood from the foun- 
dation of the earth ? It is he that fitteth upon the circle of the 
earth, and the inhabitants thereof 'are at a grajfehopper : he that 
flretcheth o-ut the heavens as a curtain, andjpreadeth them out 
as a tent to dwell in\ that bringeth the Princes to nothing ; that 
makrth the fudges of the earth as vanity. 

Moreover, it is the Name of his fidelity, conflancie, 
and truth in all his prorohes, threatnings, commande- 
ments, exhortations, word9 3 deeds. l For the LO RDof 
hoafles bath purpo fed, and who Jhall difannullit ? And bis band 
isftretched out, and who Jhall tume it backe ? And therefore 

T when 

137 ( 

1 Efa44»6 f 
m Rev... 4. 
n rfal.po. 


p Pfal.lOl 

q Exod.j, 

r Efa.40. 
I *>*!>»*» 

f Efa. 14. 


S B R M 

O N 


t Exod.6. 

v Exod^if. 

x Exod.12. 


z Num. 2 3 

a Pfal,i4 7 

when he was to deliver his people out of the bondage 
of i£gypt 3 according to his promifes made to Abra- 
hamjfaac^nd /acob, hefaid unto Mofesfl amtheLORD : 
and /appeared unto Abrahamjinto Jfaac, and unto Iacob , by 
the name of God almightie ybutbytny name /E H O VA H 
was / not knowne to them. Not but they knew him , and 
worfliipped him with that Name , as you may reade in 
their lives : but he fpeaketh of an experimentall know- 
ledge^ and faithjthat they knew him not, becaufe in their 
time he had not given a reall being to the prmifes which 
he made them : which when he did by Mofes , and had 
led his people thorow the red fea, they fang, ^ The LORD 
is a man ofwarre : the LORD is his Namcwhere his Name 
1 E H O V A H;is turned L OR D. For that caufe, when 
he threatned to fmite all the nrft born in theland of JE- 
gypt,and promifed to (pare hisowne people, heefaid,*/ 
am the LORD . For the fame caufe, the Prophets or* 
dinarily begin and end their prophecies of promifes,& 
of threatnings,faying,T/^ LORD hathffohen, the mouth 
of the L O RJ) hathfpaken. Whereunto 1 doubt not but 
David had regard, when he faiti^that the LORD delive 
reth the righteous man out of all his evils: He hath pro- 
mifed to deliver him, faying, YBecaufe he hath fet his love 
Upon mee, therefore will I deliver htm : /will fet him on high, 
becaufe he hathknoxvnemy Name : Hejhallcall upon mee 3 and 
/will anfvere him : I will be with him in trouble: / will deliver 
him, and honour htm: With long life will I fat is fie him\ and 
pew him my fal vat ion. He is rhe LO R D,and will per- 
forme his promife : z God is not a man ,t hat hefhould lis ^ nei- 
werHke fohne ofman/hat hefhould repent : hath he faid, and 
Jhallhe not doe it I or, hath he ffol^en , and fh all he not ?nake it 

I Jo ' 

good i 

y II. In this Name then are comprehended all the 
qualities rccjuired in him who challenges the title of a 
Deliverer. He is All- wife, All-mighty , All-righteous, 
All* good. - ; Alt-wife ,•:> hee Tcllctb the- number of the 


Of the Lords Deliveries. 

I 1.35? 

flarres: hecalleth them all by their Names : GreM is our Lord, 
and of great power : his under/landing is infinite : How much 
more knovveth he the plots of ourenemies ? &: our evils? 
15 Though the LORD be hgh, yet hath he rejpefl; unto the Low- 
ly : but the proud he knowethafarre off. 

Almighty ■, without a peere in heaven among the An- 
gevin earth among the moftdreadfull creatures, as the 
Church fin get h : c For who in heaven can bee compared unto 
Yhe L O R D ? who, among the fonnes of the mighty, can bee 
likened unto the LORDfOLOR D God of Hop, who is a 
ftrongL O RD hh^cunto thee? or to thy faithfulneffe round 
about thee f Thou rulefl the raging ofthefea : when the waves 
thereof arife, thou ftilleft them : The heavens are thine, the 
earth alfo is thine : As for the world , and the fultieffe thereof, 
thou hafi founded them : Thou hafl a mighty arme , jhrong is 
thy hand, and high is thy right hand. When wee complaine^ 
and make our moane to God, d Theflouds have lifted up, 
O LO R D,the flouds have lifted up their voice : theflouds 
lift up their waves ; we are taught to comfort our felves, 
and to fay, The LOR D,who ps on high,is mightier than ma- 
ny waters : yea, than the mightywavcs of the jea. 

All-right eo m ,for c theLO RD execnteth righteoufneffe 
andiudgement for all that are opprejfed. 

All-good, and molt willing to deliver us : for he is the 
LORD our God. f The mighty God, even the LORD, hath 
fyoken, faying, lam Godj even thy God : hee is appeafed to- 
wards us , he is reconciled with us through xhc blood 
of the erode of his deare Sonne : Our caule is his caufc. 
Wee are perfecuted for righteoufneire fake : Rightcouf- 
nciTe is the daughter of God. We are perfecuted for the 
Gofpel: TheGofpelishisword. We are perfecuted for 
Chrifts fake : Chrift is his Sonne, his deare Soone , his 
onely Sonne. I fay then, that he is All-wife, and can: All- 
mighty, and may : All-good, and will deliver us. Whatso- 
ever heis, hee is it to us, and for us; became hee is the 
LORD our God. Hee hath delivered all our fathers & 
T i predeceflbrs: 

b Pfal. 


c Pfal. 


B 9 . 

d Pfal 

e Pfal. 

f Pfcl, 







Sermon VI, 

h Pfal. 



k PfaUf; 


m Dan. 1 1 


\ a E r a 4p, 




predecellbrs. S Our fathers fahh Ddvid,truftedin thee : they 
truftedin thee, and thowdidft deliver them : He will alfo de- 
liver us* And therefore every righteous man prayeth, 
h Remember mee, OLORD, with the favour that thou be a-* 
reft unto thy people: viftt mee with thy falvat'wn, that I may 
fee the good of thy chofen, that I may reioice in the gladneffe of 
thy nation, that 1 may glory with thine inheritance. 

II X. Here is the comfort, hereistheconfolation of 
the Church, and of every righteous man in her 3 that 
God heareth their prayers , and delivereth them , even 
then>and namely then when they are forlaken of all men. 
Jacob was alone when he fled from his fathers houfej be- 
caufe his brother Efau had vowed to kill him. Then the 
Lord appeared unto him in a dreame, andfaid unto 
him, » Beholdyl am with thee, and will keep e thee in all places 
whither thougoeft, and will bring thee agains into the landi-for 
1 willnot leave thee, untill I have done that which I have [po- 
ken to thee of David complaineth , that k hee was de folate 
and affliEled : yet hee feeketh comfort in the affurance 
of Gods afsiftance, and faith , l when my. father and my 
mother forfakeme, then the LORD will take me up. What 
extremicie was the Church brought into, under the per- 
fection of the cruell Tyrant AntiochusEpiphanes^ who 
corrupted by flatteries fuch as did wickedly againft the 
covenant,and afflicted thefe which were cru- 
elly, and fo puiirantly,that there was none to help them I 
Then the Church prayed> n O God, why haft thou caft us 
off for ever ? why doth thine anger fmoake againft the fheepe of 
thypafture? Then Sion faid againe, ° The LORD hath 
forfakenme,andmy LORD hath forgotten me. Then the 
Lord anfwered againe, Can a woman forget her fucking 
child, that Jhe/hould not have companion on the fonne of her 
wotnbe? yea,they may forget, yet will I not forget thee. For 
then was fulfilled that Prophecy of Daniel: p At that 
time [hall Nlichze) ftand up, the great Prince which ft andeth 
for the children of thy people; and there fhall be a t'tme of tron± 


Of the Lords Deliveries, 


ble, finch as never was face there was a nation , even to that 
fame time: Mid at that time thy people Jhallbe delivered, every 
one fhallbefoundwrittenw the bookc. Who is this Mi- 
chael? who like unto God? who but our Lord Icfus 
Chri(t> the great Prince which ftandeth and figh- 
tetb for his people,when they can neither (land norfight 
for themfelves ? 

Was it not hee which cryed from heaven to Saul, 
q Saul,Saul y why per fecutefi thou me ? When anhoftecame 
fromthe King of Syria,and c ompa lied the Citie of Do- 
than where Elifba was,to take him,his fervant was arTrigh- 
ted, and (aid, r Alas ! my mafler,howfhall we doe ? But nee 
anfwered? F<M?r not : for they that be with us, are moethan 
they that be with them. After the (amemanner* when the 
king He^ekiah was brought by Senacheribs army to fuch 
a pjnch,that he was conftrained to inclofe himfelfe with- 
in the walls of Ierufalem for the (afetie of his life, all his 
kingdome being taken from him 3 and having no power 
to refiftjfortirled himfelfe in the Lord his God,and heart- 
ned his people^fay ing , f Beflrong and courageous , bee not 
afraid, nor dtfmaidfer the King of Ajfyria, nor for all the mul- 
titude that is with him ,for there be moe with us, then with him, 
Wtthbimisthearme offiefh , but with us is the LORD oHr 
GodtohelpeH$ % and to fight our bat tells. Yeefeea good and 
godly king: fee alfoagood and godly people: Andtbe 
people refled themfelves upon the words ofi Hezekjah , king of 
/#2?./.r. not with (landing their weakeneife and fewnelfe, 
they leaned upon God^and were delivered. 

S. PuhI with good reafon did cempiaine of all his fol- 
lowers , that at his firft anfwer before Nero , * No man 
fl ood with him, but all men forfiooke him. Was hefor thatde- 
(titute, and left ?.lone? Notwithstanding, faith he, ;he 
Lord flood with me , andflrengthened me. And therefore 
when he faw all the po wcrs of hell , and allthe malice of 
the earth uncoupled • fter poorc Chridians > hee defied 
thcm,faying, v If God be for hs, who can be agatnft mf E- 
T_3 ___ ven 

r i.Kin.£. 

f 2.Chyon. 

t i.Tim t 4. 

v Rom. 8. 


y Ioh.itf, 

a Efa.36, 
x $,17,20. 

b Efa,$7. 

c' DVn. 5. 

Sermon VI, 

veh as David faid : x 7"/^ LO RD is my light, and my fal- 
vation,whomfhall 1 feare ? The LORD is theftrength of my 
life, ofwhomjhall I be afraid? though anhofte Jhould encampe 
againft me, my heart fhall not feare : though warre jhould rife 
againft me, in this will •'/ he confident /and as Iefus C brill 
iaidtohis Difciplea,:* 7 Tefhall leave ms alone: andyet I am 
not alone,becaufe the Father is with me. He is not alone>who 
hath God with him. 

I X. Senacherib was mad , when hee fent Rabjhafch to 
blafph erne the Lordjand to fay to the inhabitants of Ieru- 
falern : a Beware left rHezekiah perfwade you, faying , The 
LO RD will deliver us , &c. Hath any of the gods of the natu 
ons delivered his land out of the hand of the King ofAffyria ? 
Where are the gods of Hamath and Arphad? where are the 
gods of Sepjoaruaim? and have they delivered, Samaria out of 
my hand ? Who are they amongfi all the gods of thefe lands, 
that have delivered their landout of my hand,that the LORD 
Jhould deliver Ierufalem out of my hand? But the Lord an- 
swered him, h Whom haft thou reproached and bla(phemed? 
andagainft whom haft thou exalted thy vojce\ and lifted 'Up 
thine eyes on high ? evenagainft the holy One of Ifrael , &c. 
Becaufe thy rage aga'mfl me , and thy tumult is come up into 
mine eares, therefore will I put my hooke in thy nofe , and my 
bridle in thy lips, and I will turne thee backs by the way by which 
thoucameft. Then Lfezekjah might haveferved him in his 
owne dilhj and asked him 5 Where is Nifroch the god of 
Atfyria,? hath he delivered thee out of the hands of the 
Lord our God I Nebuchadnezzar was fo furious, and be- 
fides himfelfe, that in his rage he asked of Shadrach, Me- 
:fchab, and Abednego, c who is that God thatjhall deliver you 
.out of my hands? They anfwered 3 0#r God whom weeferve 
is able to deliver us : and hce learned ere long to fpell that 
lellbn, and to fay* There is none other God that can deliver 
after this fort. 

. in Trance; be Papiffs feeing our fcarcitie and needinefs, 
lack of men, lack of treafures which' are the finews of the 

warre* , 

Of the Lords Deliveries. 


d Pfal 74 . 
1 3. 

e Pfal,i8. 
2 1 - 

warre, did caft in our teeth, that we nad but God fo r al/ 
kind of pottages, /'. for all purpofes : for men, God $ for 
treasures, God; for holds and fortreffes, God 5 for all 
helpe, for allreliefe,God. O Lord, * remember this , that 
the enemy kith reproached the LORD, and that the 'fooliftipea 
p!e hath blafphemed thy name, O the good pottage , O the 
excellent reftorative, wherein the principal! ingredient 

1 is God) wherein God is the onely ingredient ! e for who 

j k God, five the- LO RD ? or who ts a rocks , [avc our God* 
Thefouldiersrelye upon the warinelle .and. watchful- 

I nelTe of their Captaine. The flock fleepeth in peace un- 
der the (laffe of their Shepheard. Patfengers, which faile 
in great waters,are without feare under the protection 
and care of a well-experienced Pilots Little, children 
dread no ill wh en they are fad by theirfathers; 

; We fight' under the Standard of him , who is f the 
LORD of hofts. Antigonm king of Syria, being ready to 

j giVe battell by fea, hard by the I fie called ;Andros, anfwe- 
red to one of his men, who advertifed him,that his cne- j 
mies had moe fhips than he? s For how many fhips recho- 
neftthmmc? for thedignirie of theGenerafi is much to 
beefteemed, when ft isforted with proweife and expe- 
rience. Where is there proweife, where experience, if it 
benotin God ? il He is wife in heart, andmighty inftren^tbt 
who hathhardnedhimfelfe again ft him j anA hath pro (per ed? 
Theicfore when our enemiesthreacen us with their ar- 
mored armies, we fend them the defiance of the ancient 
Church, f Ajjociate your fives, O ye people , and ye Jhall bee 
broken inpeeces:(ygive eare, allyeoffarrc comtr/dssgirdjoftr 
fe\v?s,mdyefhallbe broken tn pieces .gird your (Hues, QJrj/cJhdil 
b? broken in piece s:tak* conn fell together, and it f hall come to 
',tcught:j]>cakjh:word,and it Jhall not ftanA;fir Godu with us. 
| We sre his ftieepe, and he is the (hepheard, k the kee- 
per of Ifrael which jhall neither (lumber norflecpe : of w hom ? 
and ro vrhof* eternall glory, we ling , I The LORD is my [ ftpiM; 
ftp :p heard, I jhall not want t he ntAketh me to lie downe ingreene x 3 *a h 4» 
j t _ paftures ; > 

f i,Sam.ij 

g Vlnurch 
m PelopiJd. 

h lob 9. 4. 


k Pfal.laf, 



Sermon VI. 

m Pfal 4$. 

n Mat, 8. 

oLuk.u. 7< 

p Efa. <5{. 

<} Pfal. j. 8. 
r Efa.4j. 

t Pfal, f. ii 
v Pfal 2i. 

•x Pfal. 9. 9. 
y Pfal. 9 r. 
2 -9. 

p aft 'fires : he leadeth me beftde the ft ill waters : bee refioretb my ' 
Ifoule : be leadeth me in the paths of right emfneffe for bis names 
fake. Yea, though I walk? through the valley of thefhadow of 
death, I 'will fear e no cvilU for thou art with me, thy rod and 
thyflaffe they comfort me. 

The skiffe wherein we fayle, is his. Therefore willwe not 
feare, though the earth be remooved, and though the moun- 
tains be carry ed into the middefi of the fen , though the wo- l 
ters thereof roar e , and be troubled, though the mountains jhakt \ 
with the fretting thereof : Cod is in the midft of her : fheefhall 
not be mooved : Godfhall be/pe her right early : the LORD of 
hofls is with m : the God oflacob is our refuge. Selah. n When 
the winds blow hard, when the tempeft arifeth, and the 
waves cover her, ifwe cry to him, he will arife , and re- { 
bukc the winds & the fea ,and there (hall be a great calm. 

We are his children : he is our father, lying hard e by 
thedoore of his ownehoufe, waking when weefleepe, 
hearing us when we cry,rifing fpeedily to helpe us when 
we callupon him. And therefore in our diftretfe wee cry 
unto him, P Looke downefiom heaven a and behold from the 
habitation of thy holineffe, and of thy glory : where is thy z,eale, 
andthy ftrengthythe founding of tbybowells , and of thy mer- 
cies towards me 1 are they retrained? Doubt leffe thou art our 
Father, though Abraham be ignorant of us, and Ifrael ac- 
knowledge us not : Thou, OLO RD,art our Father : our Re- 
deemer is thy name from ever lofting. 

X. Our Redeemer is his name, and his onely. <1 Sal- 
vation belongetb unto -the LORD : all his deliverances are 
either temporall falvations from the evill of afflicti- 
on, or erernall falvations from theevili of finne: Jn 
thconeand other fenfe is that true which hefaith, r /, 
even /, am the Lord, and-befidc me there is no Saviour : for as 
none can deliver out of his hand, (o ^none can deliver as he can. 
z Hecompalfeth the righteous with favour, as with a 
fliield : he v is firength to him that is weake , * a refuge for 
theoppretfed,y afortrefe for thofe which are persecuted, 

Of the Lords Deliveries, 


ajhadow to thofe which are fun-burnt with afflictions, a 
moft: pleafant, ftrong, and well furnifhed habitation to 
thofe which are exiled for rightcoufnetfe fake. To him 
onely belongeth that which David faith , a The Lord is 
my rocke,andmj fortreffe , and my deliverer : my God-, my 
flrength, in whom I will trufi : my buckler, and . the home of my 
falvationy and my high tower. 

His deliveries are not palliative cures, eafing for a 
while, and not healing altogether 5 nor anodins, taking 
away for fomehoures all fenfe of paine, and not the 
paine it felfe. They are falvation s , and as it were refur- 
regions from among the dead. b He delivereth andrefctc- 
eth, and he worketh Jignes and wonders in heaven and in earth. 
Such were the deliveries of Ifrael out of the land of E- 
gypt, oiDavidivom Saul, of Hezjekiah and Tofaphat from 
their enemies, of Shadrac, Mefhac , and Habed-nego 9 out 
of the burning furnace, of Daniel from the power of the 
Lions, of his people out of the captiuitie of Babylon; 
fuchhaveever beenethe deliveries of the Churchy fuch 
was this laft deliverie of the Churches of France. 

X I. Having fuch a Deliverer.fuch a Redeemer, fuch a 
Saviour, let us neither feare men, nor truft in them:yea, 
let us not feare the divell himfelfe. For the divell was 
not fo bardie, as to doe violence to c lob, or d to enter 
into the fwine,without Gods leave : Thedivels e are 
principalities and powers , and fpir it uall wtckedneffe in highpla- 
ces, and yet we mould not feare all their fpirituall and 
powerfull wickednes, becaufe God, who is our deliverer* 
is (tronger: Shall we then feare men which are borne, 
which live,which dye in weaknes ? What can the migh- 
tieftof them all doe without the Lord J what can they 
alldoeagaind the Lord? Ifhebewithus,ifhebeagainft 
them, who (hall be againft us ? who (ball be for them t 

What fearelt thou? their multitude and number? 
If thou haft received grace to fay with David, f the Lord 
fnfteinedme, thou halt alfo received grace to fay with 

V him, 



b Dan.S. 

dob 1. 12. 

d Mat. 8. 29 




o Gen. 6. 

4>7- , 
h Numb, 

Num. 14,19 

Sermon VI. 

k Deut,j. 

l pal, 1 3 6. 



n Vc r . 


him, I will not be afraid often thoufands of people that havefet 
themfelves againfl me. 

What feared thou I Their ftrength and great might? 
Could % the Giants which were on the earth in the dayes 
of Noah, keepe themfelves from the flood of Gods 
wrath ? h The people of Ifrael feared the people of Ca- 
naan, becaufethefe were men of great feature , and a- 
mong them were the Giants, thefonnesof Anak^ and they 
were as grafhoppers compared to them. Then Iofita and 
Caleb faid to them, Feare not the people of the Land, for they 
are bread for its : their defence is departed from them , and the 
LORD is with tis : feare them not. Conformably where- 
u nto i Iofhtiah cut off the Anakmss, and defiroyed them utter* 
ly with their cities, and there wm none of them left in the land 
of the children of Ifrael. When k Og king of Bafhan came 
again ft the people of Ifrael with ail his people, the peo- 
ple had occafion to feare: for Og was of the remnant of 
gyants : his bed-ftedwoA ofyron: the length thereof was nine 
cubits, and the breadthfottre cubits, after the cubtt of a man. 
But God faid to Mofes, Feare him not :for I will deliver him 
and all his people, andhis land into thy hand. What did then 
all his bignelfeandtallnefTeavaile him? Could it hin- 
derthe children of Ifrael from fingingto God, 1 Heflew 
famous kings :for his mercy endureth for ever ; Sihon king of 
the Amorites :. for his mercy endureth for ever 5 and Og the 
king of Bafhan : for his mercy endureth for ever ? m W h e n the 
Ifraelites faw tin great and huge monfter Goliih,thefiaffe 
ofwhofe fpearewas like a weavers beame, and the head thereof 
weighed fixe hundredjh:kels of yr on, they were difmayed, and 
greatly afraid. But D av id, \ed\\\:h another fpirit, faid to 
Saul,Let no mans heart faile^becanfie of him: thy fir vant will 
goe, and fight with this Phihfeinei and lie went with a fling 
m his hand 3 and with a ftone which he flung athim, he 
(lew him, according as he had faid, n 7lieLord faveth not 
with (word and jpeare :for thebattellis the LORDS. 

Wjiat feareflthou ? their prudence, their wHedome, 


Of the Lords Deliveries . 


their flight and fhifting devices? Feare not. The Lord 
knoweth the thoughts of man, that they are vanittc. He blow- 
eth upon them,and they vaniGi away with their authors. 
For P there is no wifedome, nor underflanding , nor council a- 
gainflthe LORD: <1 with htm ts wifedome and ftrength, he hath 
conn fell and underfianding : heieadeth conn fellers away jfoy led, 
and maketh the ludgesfooles : he remooveth away thefpesch of 
the truftie, and takethaway the underfianding of the aged : hee 
powreth contempt upon Princes, and weakeneth thejlrength of 
the mightie. 

-Finally, r hetumethmantodeJlruclion,andfaith,Retume 
ye children of men. And therefore he faith to his children, 
when they feare the power of his enemies, f Hearken un- 
to me ye that know nghteoufneffe, the people in whofe heart is my 
Uw:feartyenot the reproch of men, neither be ye afraid of their 
revilings :for the moth fi? all eate them up like a garment • and 
the worme fh .ill eat e them like wo oil: but my right eoufnes Jhalt 
be for ever, and my falvation from generation to generation. 
Wicked and mighty men build their defignes upon the 
hope of long life, and learne not by Co many examples of 
the mortality of the greateft among men, that t the 
Lordbringeth the Princes to nothing, and maketh the Iudges of 
the earth 06 vanity : yea, they Jball not be planted: yea, they 
Jhailnot be fowen : yea , their flocke fhall not take roote in the 
earth: and he fhallalfo blow upon them, and they fh all wither, 
and the whir Unwind fh. ill take them away asflubble. T h i s w as 
v Achabs txu&y when he commanded to put Micaiah in 
prifon,and to feed him with bread and wafer of afflicti- 
on, untillhecamebacke in peace : but Mtcaiah anfwe- 
; red with great confidence, If thou returne at allinpeace,the 
\ LORD hath not jpoken at all by me. The wicked and malici- 
| ous Apoftate luhan threat ncd the Chriftians> whom hee 
I called (j^/;/^»j in derifion , with manyevills and mif- 
; chiefes, as foone as he mould comebac ke from his expe- 
: dition againft the Perfians, trufting in the predictions of 
itheMa^icians,and in theambig.ucus oracles of his gods: 
j V 2 but 

o Pfil.94. 

p Pro.11. 

q lob \ z. 

I?, 17,10, 

11 . 

r Piid.^o.j 

f Efa. 


t Efa. 40, 

v I.King. 


x Efa.40. 

y Pfal.u8. 

Sermon VI. 

a £fa.8.i2, 
b Pfai.j$. 

But the Chriftians feared him not, knowing that he was 
a mortall man, or, as Athanafus called him, Nubecula ct- 
to tr 'anfitur 'a, a cloud which is foone gone. Henry I i.King 
of France, faid that hee fhould fee with his owne eyes 
Annede Bourg burnt quicke : That fame day he received 
at the tilting a ftroake with a fpeare in the eye* whereof 
he died. His forme Francis 1 1. erected the fcaffold for 
the martyrizing of the Prince ofConde, Prince of his o wne 
blood. That fame night a paine in his eare killed him, 
and the Prince efcaped. 

For thefecaufes taken from Gods deliveries, 5c mens 
weakneife and mortality, God forbiddeth us tofeare 
men. * Feare thou not, (faith he,) for I amwith th:e: be not 
drjmayed, for I am thy God : I will flrengthen thee ; yea, t 
willhelpe thee, yea J will uphold thee with the right hand of my 
right eoufneffe : Behold all they that were incenfed aga'wft thee, 
fhallbe afhamed and confounded: they jhall be as nothing , and 
they that firive witlxrheejhallperijh, &c.for I the LORD thy 
Godwill hold thy right hand > faying unto thee, Feare not, I will 
helpe thee. Such exhortations and promifes are fr< cjuent 
in the Scripture, and upon them wee ground our fel?es 
when wee feare not men , yea.wee feeke comfort and 
Ptrength again (1 feare, in Gods precedent deliveries. Of 
time pad we fay with David, )' I called upon the LO RD m. 
my diflreffe : TheL O R D answered mee, and fit me in a large 
place. Therefore wee conclude as hee did,forthe time 
which is to ccme ,The LORD is on my fide J will not feare: 
what can man doe unto mee ? 

Xf I. What then ? mall we be without feare? Not fo. 
a Say ye not , A confederate to all them , to whom this people 
Jhallfay, A confe. leracie : neither feare ye their feare, nor be a- 
fraid : San^iife the LORD of hofies himfelfe, and let him be 
your feare, andhim be your dread. Feare not men, for h ve- 
rily every man at his befiftate is altogether vanity : Surely e- 
very man walkcth mavame Jhew : fur ely they are difquieted 
in vaktc. Feare God , of whom and to whom leremiah 


Of the Lords Deliveries. 




c Pfal.14*. 

faith, c Tor 04 much as there is none like unto thee, OLORD,} I. c\ 
thou art great , and thy Name is great in might ; Who would 7 
notfeare thce,0 King of Nations ? for to thee doeth it apper- 
tain, for as much as among all thefe wife men of the nations, 
mid in all their kingdomes, there is none like unto thee. There- 
fore as Chrilt (aid to his Difciples , fo fay wee to you , 
d Feare not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the 
foule : but rather feare him which is able to deftroy both body 
and foule in helU 

XUU Asvvefhould not feare men for the caufesa- 
foiefaid , fo fhould wee not for the fame cau fes put our 
truft in them, as it is written, c Tut not your trufl in Prin- 
ces, nor in any fon of man, in whomthere is no help. His breath 
goeth foorth , hee returnethto his earth : in that very day his 
thoughts ferijh. 

Firft it is faid, Put not- your trufl in Prince f: wherefore I 
Are they not ftrong, mightie, wealthie ? Hath not God 
faid of them, and to them, ^ I have faid ye are Gods , and 
all of you are children of the most High? All that is true. 
g God calleththofe things which be not r as though they were: 
They are gods, but earthly gods, butweakeand morrall 
gods: to whom God faith alfo in thac fame place, 11 But 
\yefhalldie like men, and ye that are Princes, fhall fall Itkc ano- 
ther. And therefore when in the vanity of their hearts 
they dare call tbemfelves gods, God anfwereth them as 
he did the K.of Tyrejfaying,' Thou art a man, and not God. 
That is the meaning of the words following, Nor in 
any fonneofman : The formes of men are men : the Prin- 
I ces are fonnes of men ; they are men : And yee know, 
\ that k thus faith the Lord, Gurfedbee the man that trufl eth in k Ier 17.5, 
I men , and m.iketh flcjh his anne. Be faithfull to your Prin- 
ces : Obey and keepe their commandements , render to 
them their dues, tribute, cu(tome v fcare, honour £gwe 1 Matt. 22. 
to Ct far that wJxchts Ccfars. Pray to God for them: but 
£ivenot unto them Gods tribute. Render not to any 
creature the homage oftrusl, which is proper to God 
1 V 3 alone: 

g Rom 4. 

h Pfai.8*. 



m Matt. 6 


n P.fa.42. 7 

o plutarch. 
in Akxdttd. 

J) biArcelbn. 

q A& is.' 


r Jo/fyk 




Caf. 9 . 

f ». Thcff. 

2. ? . 

t Pfal.60. 

v Pfal.60. 


Sbrmon VI. 

alone : Hee can deliver. 

B u t as for the Tonnes of men , in them there is no helpe. 
Though they bee called gods, none of them™ can by 
their godhead adde one cubit unto their ft attire > n nor by any 
me ones redeeme their brother , nor give to Godaranfome for 
him. Yea, after that ° Alexander the Great hath publirtied 
abroad,that hee is fonne ?to Inpiter Hammon , when hee 
fliall lee the humor running downe from his wounds, 
he fliall be conftrained to fay, This is a//u»> and not i'x&£> 
the blood of a man, and not of God $ and when he (hall 
fmell the ftink of his owne filth, hee fliall aske of his 
flatterers, The gods yeeld they fuch a fent? What gained 
V Sapor King of Perfia,by taking to himfelfe the proud 
titles of King of kings, Brother to the Sunne andMoone, Far* 
taker of the Starrest &c. where is he now i hath his pre- 
tended brotherhood with theSunne and Moone , his 
conlanguinitie with the flarres delivered him from the 
grave, where now death feedeth on him ? Let Herod de- 
light for a moment in the fhouting and crying of his 
flatterers fiThe voice of a God,and not of a man:by & by the 
wormes fliall eate him quick,and conftrain him to lay to 
hisclaw-backes, r Hewhom yecalled God, endeth his 
lifelike men, and this immortall dieth. Let the Cano- 
nifls fawne on the Pope, and fay that he is neither God nor 
?»<*/z.-heknoweththat he is the fonne of man, and wee 
know that he f is the man offmne ; &that there is no help, 
that thereis nothing but perdition in him. What is man, 
but van ity ? l Stirely men of low degree are vanity ; and men of 
high degree are a lie : To be laid in the balUnce , they are alto* 
get her lighter than vanitie. A h d t h erefo re v the helpe of man 
is vanity, For this caufe God curfed the lewes when they 
trufted to ^Egypt, faying, y PVoe to them that goe downe to 
AEgypt for help, and ft ay on horfes,and truftin charetsbc- 
catife they are marry : Now, the AEgyptiansaremcn,andnot 
God ; and their horfespjh, andnot Spirit, when the Lordjhall 
ft retch out his hand, both he that belpetbfiall fall ; and hee that 


Of the Lords Deliveries, 


u holpen Jball falldowne, and they all jhall fatle together. 

What if man had power and wil to help ? for all that, 
truft not in him : His breath goeth foortb , hee returtteth t* 
his earth: m that very day his thoughts perifh: all his defignes, 
& all the truft thou hadft in hin^dieth with himrfor then 
he cannot helpe himfelfe, and how fliould he help thee i 
y Man,that is borne of woman, is of few dayess,a*d fall of trou- 
ble : he commeth foorth like a flower, and is cut downe : hefly- 
eth alfo as a jhadow, and continueth not \ Wherefore 3 ceafie 
yefiomman rvhofe breath is in his mftrils : for wherein is he to 
be accounted of that ye mould put your truftin him£ 

X I 1 1 1. Muft we not truft in men which are livings 
and which are with us, to helpe u« f Much Ie(fe ftieuld 
we tru ft in them which are dead : b Their love, their hatred, 
their envy, to mee^o thss feveraltyy/#<w perijhed: neither 
have they any more portion for ever in any thing that is done 
under the Sunne : c Their fonnes come to honour, and they know 
it. not: & they are brought low, but they perceive it not of them. 
I except not thoie , eyen thole bleifed foules which 
enjoy a perfect felicitie in the vifion of God : for d they 
reft fiom their labours, and e are taken away fiom that which 
is evill ; their felicitie confining in this jthat their minds 
are filled with the perfect knowledge of God , their 
hearts with his love, and all thepowers oftheir fouleare j 
ravilhed with a perpetual! meditation and contemplati- 
on of his infinite goodnetfe, which is never diffracted 
with the difquieting cares of things which goe to and 
fro in this valley of miferies, and world of vanitie. 

XV. In whomrhen fliall wetruft? In Whom,butiii 
the Lord I f It is bitter to truft in the LORD, than to put confi- 
dence m man i it is better to trufl in theLO R Dthan to put 
i confidence in Princes. David fpeaking of the forefathers of 
I Gods people, faith of them, g Our fathers truftedm thee, 
■they trufied, and thou didft deliver them. Of himfelfe hee 
faith, h I will both lay mee downe in peace >and' fleet e : for thou 
LORD oncly make ft mee dwell mfafety \ Thou oriely, not 

Abra- [ 

j lob 14. 

a Efa.2 

b Ecdkf.p. 

c lob 14, 

d Rev. 1 4- 
e Efa.f7,i, 


g Pfal.iii 
h Pfal.4P # 

I 5 2 

i Pfal.i8 f 

k Pfal.aj. 

1 Pfal.42.- 


m Pfal.73. 


n Pfal.m 

o Pfal.61. 
II, 1 a. 

p Pfcl, 4 tf. 


g Pfal. ao. 


r Icrem.17 

f Pro.i*. 

S B R M O N VI. 

t Pfal t 5>,?, 


Abraham, Ifaacjacab ; not any Angell, any Archangell 5 
not any living among men. 1 Thou wilt fave thtafjhtted 
people, but wilt bring dewne high looks : Thou wilt light my can- 
Me; the LORD my Godwill lighten my darknes. And there- 
fore k mine eyes are ever towards the LOR D, not towards 
the Saints, nor the Angels: for hejhall plucks my foetout of 
the net : 1 he is the health of my countenance, the helpe where- 
unto Ilooke^ andmy God: m whom have I in heaven ? and 
there is none upon earth, that I dsfire be fides thee . And 
thereforehee(aithagaine, n I will lift up mine eyes unto the 
hillestfrom whence cometh my helpe* Say n otjthat thefe hills 
aretheAngells or Saints $ for he addeth, Myhelpe cometh 
from the LORD , which made heaven and earth : from the 
LORD alone • ° God hath jpoken once , twice have I heard 
this, that power belongeth unto God: alfo unto thee,0 LORD, 
belongeth mercy : Power and mercy* two qualities requi- 
red in our Redeemer, Deliverer, and Saviour, and belon- 
ging to God alone 5 who may deliver us , becaufe/><w*r 
is his ; & will deliver us , becaufe mercy alfo is his. P God 
is our refuge andfirength, a very prefent helpe in trouble. 

Therefore let worldlings 9 trufiin their chariots, and in 
*fe/VW/?/:letPapiftstruftin Saints,in Angels,in Monks 
co wles, in merits, we will remember the Name of the LORD 
our God, that we may be blelfed.For/ blejfedis the man that 
trufieth in the LOR D, and who fe hope the LORD is. 

X V I. Let us onely take heede that wee bee of thofe 
whom the Lord delivereth. f The Name of the LORD is 
aflrong tower : Therighteous runneth unto it, and isfafe. The 
righteous man hath many evills , but the LORD delivereth 
HIM. I taught you in my firft Sermon the characters 
and true markes of a righteous man : If when thou art 
affli(fted,thou faieft with David, that < the LORD will be 
a refuge for the oppreffed, a refuge in times of trouble , confi- 
der and marke well how hee defcribeth thefe opprelTed, 
to whom the Lord is a refuge. Read thefe words follow- 
ing, And they that know thy Name, will put their trufl in thee: 


Of the Lords Deliveries. 


for thou LORD hafl not forfakerithem thatfeeke thee, 

I have feen many in their afflid ion bragging of Gods 
prededination, and faying, that Gods Elcd cannot pe- 
rifh.That which they fay is true: for Gods Angell fore- 
warning Darnel of the great troubles wherewith the 
Church was to be vexed by the Tyrant Antiochus Eptpha- 
nes (aid unto him, v At that time thj people Jhall bee delive- 
red, ever j one that fhall be found written in the booke: And ye 
reade in the Revelation ? that x whofoever was not found 
written in the booke of life, was cafl into the lake of fire: as alfo 
on the other fide , that thofe onely enter into the holy 
CityV which are written in the Lambes booke of life. But 
this predestination is hid in the unfearchable fecrecy of 
Gods bread, and many braggeof it, which have no part 
in it . Therefore David will have us to enter into our 
owne breads, and co fearch there the markes of our pre- 
dedination, which God hath (hut up in the unmeafura- 
ble and infinite depth of his own bread : *for whom he did 
f redeflinatf, them he alfo called - y giving them an effectuall 
and fanftifying knowledge of his moft blended and holy 
Name : fo that when he laith to them , b Thou art mypeo- 
ple,thcy anfwer prefently,7&<? LORD is my God.This is to 
know God, and to feeke God, and David faith, that the 
Lord is a refuge to the oppreJfed,whicb know his Name^ndfeek^ 

This is the knowledge of faith, which takeththe 
blood of theLambeof God , and c befprinkleth our 
foules with it : that k as when God faw the blood of the 
Pafchall Lambeupon the houfes where the Ifraelires 
were, he palfed over them, and the plague was not up- 
on them, when he fmote all the fird borne in the land of 
Egypt 5 fohee delivers us from the hands of our ene- 
mies, and the evils of this life , and of the life to come, 
by the vertue of that blood, according to the promife, 
1 As for thee alfo, by the blood of thy co Venant , I have fent 
forth thy prifoners out of the pit, wherein is no water. 

X This 

v Dan.i2, 

x Rcv,2o. 


y Re Y, 1M7 


b Zech.ig, 



1. Pet 1.2. 

k Kxod.ia. 

1 Zcc^.n 



n Pfal 7 . 

o i.Tim, 

p Pfal.pi, 

Sermon VI. 

q Pfal. 8^.9 
r Pfal, 10$. 

f Pfal. 1 16. 

t 2. Pet. 2, 

7; 8 - 


This faith m purifieth the hearts, it is the mother of up- 
righencfleand (inceritie before God in the performance 
of all duties of the firft and fecond Table : and therefore 
if thou looked for Gods deliverance, cleanfethy heart 
infuch fort, that thou may bee able to fay with David, 
n My defence is of God, which faveth the upright in heart : for 
God 'udgeth the righteous, and God if angry every day again (I 
the wicked. 

°From this knowledge^and faith unfained,commeth 
charitie ; a vehement love of God, and of roan for Gods 
fake: and therefore God defcribeth the righteous man 
whom he delivereth>by thofe two markes of knowledge, 
and of love, faying, P Becaufe he hathfet his love upon me, 
therefore willl deliver him : I mil [et him on high, becaufe hee 
hath knowne my Name, 

This love is con joy ned with a great reverence and re- 
fpeftuous feareof God , and the keeping of his mod 
holycommandemenrs in the fimplicitie of an upright 
life. Wilt thou then bee allured of Gods falvation I 
<\ Surely his falvation is nigh them that feare htm, r 'The mer- 
cy of the LORD is from everlafiing to everlasting upon them 
that feare him, and his right eoufnejfe unto childrens children to 
fuch as keepe his Coven ant, and to thofe that remember his com- 
mandementsto doe them. ^TheLORDpreferveth the fimpU* 

Such righteous cannot with dry eyes behold the 
(innesof the world whereby God is exceedingly offen- 
ded : but they mourne and weepe before God > and in 
their weeping havea moft fure marke of Gods love and 
cire towards them. When God turned the Cities of So- 
dom and Gomorrha into afhes r * He delivered the righte- 
ous Lot , who was vexed with the filthy converfationof the 
wicked : for that righteous man dwelling among them,in feeing 
and hearing, vexed his righteous foule from day to day with 
their unlaw full deed's . When he was to deftroy Ierufalem, 
he gavecommandement to his Angell, faying, v Goe 
thorowthemidfl of theCttte , thorowthe mtdft of lerufalem, 


Of the Lords Deliveries. 


undmarhe a marke upon the foreheads oft he men thatfgh a»d 
that cry for all the abominations that be done in the middeft 

If the righteous man figheth for the abominations 
that be done in the world, hee is no way a complice in 
them : therefore God faid to Elijah , * I have left me fe- 
ven thottfandm l/rael, all the knees which have not bowed unto 
Baal yand every month which hath not kiffedhim. 

If thefe markes of a righteous man be in thee,they are 
fufficient to make thee partaker of Gods deliveries : he 
looketh not to thy qualities which make thee to bee re- 
doubted or contemned among men. V He delighteth not I 
in theftrength of the horfi, he taketh not plea fur e in the legs of 
a man:the LORD taketh pleafure in them that fear himjn thofe. 
that hope in his mercy. * The purple and fine linnen> furnp- 
tuous and dainty fare, muficke and dancing could not 
deliver the rich man from the tormentsof hell^becaufe he 
was wicked : Povertie,beggerie,nakedneire,pining fick* 
nelfe could not bzxtc La^arusit om the everlafting plea- 
fure ^ of Paradife, becaufe he was righteous. b The inte- 
grate of the upright fhall guide them ^ but the perverfeneffe of 
tranfg^effors jhall deflroy them. Riches profit not in the day of 
wrath : but righteoufnejfe deliver eth from death. The righteouf- 
nejfe of the upright Jhall deliver them: but tranfgreffors Jhall be 
taken in their ownenaughtineffe. 

X V 1 1. The righceoufneile of the upright delivereth 
him, not as acaufe meritorious of deljverie » as the Pa- 
pifts would perfwadeyou, for it is ftained with many 
(pots and blemifhesofilnne, asyee have learned in the 
ftrft fermon 5 but as a quality requifite in him whom the 
Lord vvill deliver .-for if wefeeke the true caufes of our 
deliveries-. God faith firft negatively, that c it is not for 
our righteoufnejfe : Next he faith affirmatively, that it is 
d for his owr.e Names fake. If temporall deliverie from the 
cvillof affliction come not from our merits, can eter- 
nall deliverie from finne and hell bee the mcrite of any 

X 2 mans 

x i.King. 

y Pfal. 147 
10, IX. 

a Luk.x6. 

b Pro.11. 

c Dcut.9.4 

d Ezech. 




e Rom. 6. 

fPfal. 7 ;8. 
g Pfal.i8. 

h Ver $o. 


k PfaLif. 

Sermon VI. 

1 PfaLi 50, 

mans righteoufnefle ? The bread for which we fweat,be 
fore we can have it to eate , is the gift of God, and wee 
askeit of God in that qualitie: and mall the bread of life 
bethe reward of an hireling I No,no: e The gift of God is 
etcrvalllifejbrough Iefas Chrifi cur. Lord, 

IfPapifts iay,that D*wWpraieth, f fudge me, O.LORD, ac- 
cording to my righteoufncffe, and according to mine integrttie 
that is inme, and faith plainly, % The LOR D delivered me, 
becaufehe dslighted in mee : The LORD rewardcd'me ac- 
cording to my right eoufhejfe : according to the cleannejfe of my 
bands hath he recompenfed me, &c. Anfwer, that in thefe 
andfuch like places which are infinite, hedeclareththat 
he was inriched with the qualities, wherewith hee that 
waites on the Lords deliverance* muft bee graced y but 
ipeaketh nothing of the caufes of his deliverance,which 
J in the end of die -18-. Pfalme, he acknowledged to bee 
Gods free mercy, faying, h Great deliverance giveth hee to 
his King, andjbemeth mercy to his anoynted, to : David, and to 
his feed} vr evermore. And elfe- where confefleth, that it is 
Gods righteoumeile,and not his, when he prayeth thus, 
1 Anfwer. me in thy righteottjhefle , and enter not into iudge- 
ment with thyfervant :for in thy fight fhall no man living be tu-* 
flified. So he forfaketh all merits, and as keth grace, 
when m another part he prayeth, k O bring thou me 
out of my diftreffes : loohe upon mine affliction and my paine, 
and forgive all my finnes. Such prayers, are they not molt 
frequent in the Pfalmes? When the Papift fingethin the 
Church a de Profundi*, if hee underftand what hee faith, 

will he not be mooved to deny all merits,when hecon- 
fidereth this prayer of righteous David ? 1 Lordjoeare my 
voice 1 let thine earesbe attentive to the voyce of my ftipplicati- 

ons:IfthoH,LORD,fhouldefl maYkjniqHities,Q Lord,whofhd 
ftand? but there is forgiveneffe with thee, that thou mayefibee 
feared.Let Ifraelhope in the LORD: And why? becauie for- 

foothjtbereisagreatdeale of righteoufnetfe in Ifrael. 

Notfo: why then Vbecaufe.mth the Lord there is mercy, 


Of the Lords Deliveries. 

x 57 

undwithhimisplenHotu redemption. Let us alfo acknow" 
ledge and confeffe with heart and mouth) that m it is of 
the L ORDS mercies that we are not confumedjtecaufe his com- 
pajfionsfaile not. 

X I i X Though this doctrine of the nuliiticof the 
nghteous mans merits, and of the efficacie of the faving 
mercies of our righteous God , be mod true? yet n it is a 
righteous thing with God to deliver the righteous man, i. 
becaufe being iuft by nature, he loveth right eoufneffe, and 
hateth wkkednejfe, in d is as fenfible of the one to protect it, 
asofrheothertopunifliit. p The eyes of the Lord are upon 
the righteous : and his eares are open unto their cry : the face of 
the Lord is againft them that doe evilly to cat off the remem- 
brance ofthenafi'om the earth. 

i . Becaufe the caufefor which righteous men fuffer, 

is his, and his righteoufneilecannot but rnoovehim to 

undertake the defenfe thereof. Vpon this foundation the 

Church made this prayer to God, q For thy fake are wee 

kilted all the day long: we are counted as Jheep for the/laughter : 

awake , whyfleepefl thou,0 Lord ? arife, cafl us not off for ever. 

3.. Becaufe he hath promifedto deliver the righteous, 

and it is a part of his righteoufnefle to keepe his pro- 

mife. Hence is this prayer of David, r Deliver mee in thy 

right eoufyieffe : ** anfwer me in thy righteoufnefle ± Hence is 

this excellent fayi ng of the bleifed Apoitle,' I 'have fought 

■ agoodfight,Ihavefn?fhedmy courfi, I have kept the faith: 

J Henceforth there is laid up for mee a crowne of right eoufneffe ) 

\ which the Lord the righteous Fudge fh all give at that day , and 

^ not to me one fy, but unto, themv alfo that love lots appearing. 

I Sweet v Bernard : How calleth he the crowne which het pre- 

fumeth to be laid up for him, tlx crowne of right eoufneffe f ls y i t 

not becaufe that which is promifed gratis, of meere good will, is 

asked righteoufly, and as a thing due ? Finally, he faith, x I know 

whom I have beleeved, and I am perfwaded, that hee is able to 

^pedepoikummeum, that which I have committed unto 

him. He calleth Gods promt fe hisdepofi, and becaufe he belee- 

X 3 ved 

m Lam. 

n s.Thef. 


o Pfal.4j.7 

q Pfal.44. 

r Pfal.71.1 

t i.Tim. 4, 
7,8* . 

v Bern.dt 
gratia & 
Ubero arhi- 
triQyin fine. 
x I.Tim. 1, 


Eft ergo qua 

Pdtdfrt ex* 

petttt ar*. 


fed vt$ni a 


Juffu quippe 

eft Ht redht 

quod debet? 

debet Autem 


tm eft, Et 







y Pfal.U9 


% Gen.7.7. 

a Gen.&p. 

b Gen. 1 8. 


c; Gea. 1$. 


d Gen. 17. 


e Gen. 30. 






1 j. 

h *.King. 


a. King. 

i Ad.i7* 


Sbrmon VL 

j ved him who had made thepromife, bee re demands confidently 

the thmgpromifed ; promifed through mercy, but now to bee 

\ payed through right eoufneffe : The crowne then which Paul 

' lookethfor, is the crowne of righteoufnejfe ; but of the righte- 

! oufneffe of God, not of his owne right eoufneffe : for it is a rigb- 

: teous thing that he render that which he oweth : andhee oweth 

that which he hath promt fed: this then is the righteoufnejfe 

j whereof the ApoHle thinkethfo well, even the promtfe of God,. 

For this caufe Davidczlkd Gods promifes, the word of his 

righteoufnejfe, faying, y Mine eyes faile for thyfalvation, and 

! for the word of thy righteoufnejfe. 

XIX. Now God not onely delivereth the righteous 
rmn,butalfodclivereth wicked men, and fills them with 
many blefllngs for the righteous fake x He faved Ham 
in the Arke, for Noah his fathers lake, a who was a iufl 
nW2,andl/erfec~l in his generations, walking with God. b If 
i there had been tenne righteous men in Sodom? God would 
not have deftroyed ixfor tennesfake, c neither could he de- 
1 ftroyitaslongas righteous Lot was in it. d Ifmael was 
j bkued for Abraba his fathers fake. e L^« confeifcd that 
j the Lord had blefled him for Jacobs fake/ He blelled Po- 
tiphars houfe for loftpbs&ke. How often was the people 
! of Ifrael faved from the fieri? Wrath of God.through the 
I praiers of S MofesfWcre not h Elijah & Ehfbajhe Charet of 
Ifrael, and the horfe-men thereof \ more (teedablc to their 
j people than an armie of horfemen ? { God, gave he not 
: to P^all them that failed with him, which were two bun- 
wed, threefcoreandjixteenefeules ? When it was laid to the 
fouies that were under the Altar, that k they Jhould refi 
yet for a little feafon, untiU their fellow- ferv ants alfo, and their 
brethren that Jhould be killed as they were, jhould bee fulfilled. 
This is to teach us, that Gods E led: , and the righteous 
men which are in the world, are the upholders thereof 3 
andtlmt it rnuft finifli when they flial be taken away from 
it: as if ye pull from a ruinous houfe the props where- 
with it isfupported,itgocth fwiftly totheground* 

X X. There- 

Of the Lords Deliveries. 

XX. Therefore let us above all things fet our minds 
and hearts upon righteoufnelle) and endeavour to at- 
tainc to true h< linetfe of life, that, as it was faid to A- 
braham, l Thoujhalt beablejfmg , fo may we be a ble fling 
both to our f elves and others 5 namely y that in thedarke 
day of Gods indignation, we may be m able to (land in 
judgement, and with the congregation of the righte- 
ous n enter into the gates of righteoufnefle , and dwell 
forever ° in thzfenew heavens, promifed unto us? wherein 
drvelleth right eoufnejfe, and that through the mod preci- 
ous and powerfull merits of our onely Lord and Savi. 
our P tefks Cbnft- the righteous : to whom with the Father, 
and the holy Ghoft, beallpraife ? gloryjand honour,both 
now and evermore. Amen. 

Of the infinite number, and of the divers meanes 

of the Lords deliveries,. 
But the Lord delivereth him out of them all. 

l-.^T* He righteous mans e- \ 6. Hee oppofeth men to 
1 vills, and the Lords de~ ; men ,and deliver eth his Church 

liverances, are the expofition by thefword. 

of Sam p fo n s riddle. 7. He maketh his creatures 

2. As many evills ; as many of all kinds to fight for his 

deliverances ;yea,of eachevill 
many deliverances. 

3. Exhortation to hope 
andtrufi in the Lord. 

4. The Lord deitvereth by meanes 


8 . He is wonder full in the 
delivering of his Church , a- 
gamfi the nature of the 

meanes, againfi means, with 

out meanes. 

5. He deitvereth by weake 

meanes, as by flight, whereof 
ijhallbejpoken m the next Ser- 
I mo*. 

9. He deitvereth alfi with- 
out meanes. 

I o. When his Church is dc- 
flttute of all helpe , and of all 
hope, hee alone deitvereth her 
1 without any vtjtb/e helpe. 




m PfaLi.j. 

n Pfal.118 
o 2.Pet.$. 


i.Ioh. 2. 


a Iudg.14. 

b l.Pct. 


Sermon VII. 


11. #$?/* ffe r/^foi 
man is over 'come », heovereom- 
meth his enemies, andfo is de- 

1 2* -<4f /> # Wtf/? evident by 
the examples of Shadrach, 
Mefchah,W Abednego, 

15. 0/Eleazer, 

14. 0/ the [even brethren, 
and of their mother, mentioned 
in thefecond bookjf the Mac 



15. Asalfo of Chriflians 
in great number, as of Ste- 

16. Of many Martyrs in 
the Primitive Church, 

17. And Jince the reforma- 

18. Such victories corns 
of faith, love, and zeale. 

19. Prayer. 

His text is a cleere cxpofition ofSampfons 
riddle, a Out of the eater came forth meate, 
and out of the flrong came foorth frveetnejfe: 
afflictions arethe caters, and as itfeemes 
to men, the deftroyers of the righteous man: and what 
is ftronger than death I what meat fo good, fofeafona- 
ble, of fo excellent a rellilli as comfort in affliction,as joy 
in the middeft of forro w, as glory and honor in ihame ? 
what fbfweet, as to find heaven in hell, consent in di£ 
content, life in death ? Many are the evills of the righteous 
man: There is the roaring Lyon riiing upagaintfhim: 
not one lyon,but many : there is the eater , or rather 
there be the eaters h which walke about feekingto de- 
vourehim ; But the LORD delivereth him out of them all: 
there is meatc, there is fweetnelle. In darkneife, heefin- 
dethlighf,in weakneire ftrength , in deipairehope, in 
trouble peace of conference, in raging and roaring 
furie patience, in evill good, inthedivels moftgrimirie 
and dreadfull mannonr, the joyes and pleafures of para- 
dife,in all his afflictions mod powerful!, mod wonder- 
fulI,moft joyfull deliveries : his afflictions are many, 
But the Lord dehvereth hm out of them all 
I U His afflictions are many, they are almoll infinite^ 
they are enchained^ and follow one another fo hard & 


Of the, Lords Deliveries, 

161 1 

fo nigh, that he complaineth with lob in his griefe, c Hee 
willnot fuffer mee to take my breath, but filleth mee with bitter- 
neffe .-But who can relate the Lords deliveries and falva- 
tions, whereof David, which had palled thorow fo ma- 
ny eviils, confelTcd that d bcknew not the number? Thinke 
notthatany affliction feverally, that all the afflictions 
w ch are incident to men,though they were camped and 
fee in battell againlt thee , canfurmount his force and 
good will towards thee. 

Fearcfl thou to (tarve for hunger ? c Commanded he 
not the Ravens tofeed Elijah at the brook of Cherith. 3 
increafedheenotthe handfullof mealein the widows 
barrell, and the little oyle which was in her Crufe ? f Hee 
giveth to the beafl bis food, and to theyong Ravens which cry ; 
and jhalthe for fake thee, for whom his deare Sonne lefus Chrifl 
is dead ? S Behold,the eye of the Lord is upon them that feare 
htm, upon them that hope in bis mercy, to deliver their foule 
from deaths and to. keepc them alive in famine. Art thou dried 
up with thirft ? Remember that he opened l Agars eyes, 
and fliee fa w a well of water : m That he fmote the roc k 
'in Horeb,and the waters gufhedout, theyrannein the 
drie places likca river, and quenched the third of his 
people 5 that n he clave one of the grinders that was in 
the jaw-bone of theaife, and made water to come there- 
out for Samfon. 

Fearedthou the plague, Which round about thee ma- 
keth havock of man & beaft,and would(t,but canft not, 
pra&ife thecomon precept, Cito, longe, tarde, Quickly, far, 
late . ? The heat of the Sun,thc moiftne* of the Moon,do 
they annoy thee ? ° Thou fhalt not be af aid for the terror by 
night, nor for the arrow that flecth by day', nor for th: peftt- 
lencethat walkes in darknes,norfor the deflruBion that wafieth 
at Noone day : A thoufand fhall fall at thy fide, and tenne thou- 
fandat thy right hand : but it fhall not come nigh thee. P The 
Lord is thy keeper : the Lord is thyjhade upon thy right hand. 
The Smnt * fhall not finite thee by day, nor the Moon by night. 

Y Art 

c lob 9. 1 3. 

d Pfal, 7 i. 

e 1. Kin. 1 7 

f Pfal,l 47 . 

gPfal. n . 
vS 3 i 9 . 

1 Gen.ii. 

* 9 ' , 

m Fxod. 

i 7 .6. 

Pfal.i 0^.41 
n Iudg. 15. 

o Pfrl 91/ 

p Pfal.iir 

1 6i 

q Pfal $6.8 
r Pfal. 1 47 


t Gen. 46.4 

Sermon VII. 

v Gen.41.9 

x Aft.12.7 
y Aft. 16. 

a VtttAM, 

b Pfa!.io 7< 

c Matth.8, 

Art thou exiled for Chrifts fake .'Art thou conffrai * 
ned to live amongft a people,whofe tongue thou under- 
(tandeft not \ God, who 1 tmnberedDavids wandriws, r wjll 
gather together the outcafls of Ifrael : C Hee will fay to the 
North, Give up : and to the South , Keep <e not backe : brina my 
Sonnes from farre , and my daughters from the end of the- 
earth, in the meane while he will follow the<r in thine 
exile, and blelTe thee, as c he went downe with lacob in- 
to y£gypt,and bletfed him there. 

Arc thou 03ft in alow pit , where thou (ittcft in dark- 
nelfe and in the fliadow of death being bound in ftockes 
and fetters,among fwearers, blafphemers, robbers , and 
other malefactors? hce which put in v a Courtiers heart 
to fpeak for hfeph, which fent x his Angel to deliver Peter 
whom Herodhstd imprifonedj y Hee which Aiooke all 
the foundations of the prifon where Paul and Silas were 
laid in theftockes j opened the doore9j and loofed the 
prifoners bonds, hath a thoufand meanes to breakethe 
gates of bralTe , to cut the barres of iron in funder , to 
loofe thy bands, and bring thee out of darkneife, out of 
the dungeon of the fliadow of death. 

Art thou a feafaring man,oneof thofe of whom a one 
of the feven wife men faidjthat^ are neither among the 
living,nor amongft the dead , ever living within foure in- 
ches of death? and therefore ever dying? When b God 
commandeth, and raifeth the flormie wind, which liftcth up the 
waves thereof: They mount up to the heaven, they go e downe a- 
gaine to the depths , their foule is melted becauje of trouble : 
They reele to and fro, and ft agger like a drunken man, and are 
at th:ir wits end. Then they cry unto the LOR D in their trou- 
ble, and he brmgeth them out of their diftreffes : He maketh the 
florme a calme,fothat the waves thereof are fit 11: Then are 
they glad, becaufe they be quiet : So he bringeth them mto their 
deflred haven. Do thou the like : cry to the Lord as the 
Difciples did, c Lord five us, vee per ifh , and hee willarife, 
and rebuke the Windes and the Sea , and there 


Of the Lords Deliveries. 

1 63 

(hall bee a great calmc. 

Art thou fain into the Turks pitilefs hands ? Art thou 
taken in warre , and condemned to the miferable (lave- 
rie of rowing night and day in the gallies , hearing and 
feeling nothing but whips whittling and reeling upon 
thy naked moulders ? Be of a good courage , and waite 
upon the Lord , who in his owne time will fay of thee, 
as he faid offofeph, d I removed his fhoulder from the burden ; 
his hands were delivered from the pots : Thou calk ft in trouble ', 
and I delivered thee : I anfweredthee in the fecret place of thun- 

Thy heart is it tome in peeces with calumnies and ie- 
vilings ? The day (hall come, I fpeakeby mine owne ex* 
perience , and therefore 1 fay the day (hall come , when 
thou (halt fing to God, e O how great is thy goodnejfe, which 
thou haft laid up for them that fear thee, w ch thou haft wrought 
for them that truft in thee, before the fonnes of men \ Thoujhalt 
hide them in the fecret of thy pre fence from the pride of man, 
thou fhalt keepe them fecretly in apavillion from the ftrife of 

The wicked, trayleth hee, hayleth he thee before the 
Iudges without caufe? wonder not at that. * The wicked 
watcheth the righteous , and feeketh to fay htm. The LORD 
will not leave him in his hand, nor condemne htm when hee is 
iudged : wait on the LO RD, and keepe his way , and hee Jhall 
exalt thee to inherit the hand : when the wicked are cut off, 
thoujhalt fee tt. 

Art thou lick of a mortal] difeafe, asg He^ekiah was ? 
turne thy face to the wall, as he did; pray unto the Lord, 
as he did : Cry to God as David did, h LO RDbe mercifull 
unto mee, heal my foule, for I have finned againft thee, and he 
■ will fend his wW,and heal thee,and deliver thee from the 

Seeftthou the evilldayes of warre r be not difcoura- 
ged, but fay confidently upon that which thou haft feen 
in France, of that which thou (halt fee in the Palatinat, 

T i The 

d PfaUi. 

e Pfal.ji 


f Pfal.37. 

g 2 Kin. id 

h Pfal.41,4 
i Pfal. 107, 


kpfal.4& 7 , 


1 Pfal.7*. 


m Ffal. 74, 

n Zech.i. 

o Efa.30, 




q PfeLlOJ. 

k 7^ LORD ofhofts is with us : the God of Jacob is our re- 
fuge. Selah. Come ; behold the works of the LORD, what de- 
folations he hath made in the earth : He maketh warres to ceafe 
unto the end of the earth s He br'eaketh the bow, and cutteth the 
fpeare in finder 2 he burneth the chariot in the fire, tee ftill , 
61th he j and know that lam God: I will be exalted among the 
Heathen: I will bee exalted in the earth : The LORD of hofls 
is with us: The God of Iacobis our refuge. Js there any thing 
i in p o Hi ble to t h e LO R D f ^Hejhallcut off the fpirit of Prin- 
ces : Hee is terrible to the Kings of the earth. After fo many 
deliveries wefingto the glory of his power, m Tboudidft 
divide the fea by thy ftrength , thou breakeft the heads of the 
Whales in the waters : Thou br cake ft the heads of Leviathan in 
peeces , and gw eft him to bee meat to the people inhabiting the 
wildermffe. if there rife u foure homes to fcatter Iudah, ffrael, 
and Ierufalem , there (hall alfo arile foure fmithsto fray 
and break them : how often have we feene (uch things ! 
Wee fhall fe? them againe and againe , for the Lord of 
hofls is with us* 

Can there any affliction fo great befall us, as to Be de- 
prived of Gods Word I your fathers feltthe prickeand 
fmart of it in Philip the fecond , Charles the ninth , and 
£)ueene Maries day es. Now is fulfilled in France and in 
the Palatinat the prophecie of Efaiah , ° Though the Lord 
give you the bread of adverfttie, , and the water of affiEiwnyet 
fhall not. thy Teachers bee removed into a corner anymore , but 
thine eyes fhall fee thy Teachers : and thine e ares fhall heart a 
voice behind thee, faying, This is the way, wajkeye in it, when 
ye turne to theright handy and whenyee turne to the left, glef- 
fed beeOod,whoin this countrey givethus with the 
bread of his Word, the bread of profperifie:? He mleth 
there in the >m> ; dfl of 'his enemies. Here hee isjike a father 
in the midft of his children. 

The greateft of all our evills>is finne. And we ilng un- 
to him morning and evening with heart and mouth, 
H O my fifth, blejfe the LORD, and all that is within mee blefs 


Of the Lords Deliveries. 

16 5 

'bis holy Name : Blejfe theLORD,o my fou/e, and forget not 
all bh benefits, who forgivetb ALL tbtne iniquities 9 nho he a- 
leth ALL thy difcafesjk c. 

Hail thou any other evillw ch neither is in my know- 
ledge , nor in my roemorie ? y Hee who made the fea dry 
land , and whole righthand dafhedin peeces Pharao and 
his ho(te; f He that made the waters of J ordan rife up up- 
on an heape,and Hand tlill, even then when theyover- 
ftawedallthebankes^Hee who gave refreflring to the 
three Confeirjrs inthemidft of the burning furnace: 
v He who delivered Daniel trom the J3wes of the Lions : 
x iie who kept lonah alive in the Whales belly -, and tur- 
ned into a cuftodie tjiat hell where lie looked for prefent 
death : v Hee whoputteth breath into drie bones, who 
tyeth them together with finewes, whocovcreth them 
with flem and skin ,. who by a marvellous refurreclion 
fetteth them upon theirfeete, and makeththeman ex^ 
ceed ing great armie, is not like unto Ifaac, unto whom 
Efau faid, a Ha/} thou but one blefsing,?ny father ■? blefs me \even 
me alfo, O my father. As hee hath judgements h laid up in 
ftore, and fealedup among his treafures : fo hath he c a good 
treafure of dill verier whichcannct beedryed up. &\vbo 
can utter the mighty acics oftheLOR D ?ivbo can Jhew foorth 
all his prat ft ? c How precious, 6 God, are my thoughts of them ! 
how great is the fum of them I Ifljhonld count them , they are 
mo in 'number than the fund : when I awake,! ' ant ft ill with thee: 
my fpirit cannot conceive the number of thy deliveries. 
III. I fay then to you ail,as David faid of old to his 
people J Let I ft ad hope in the LOR D, for with the LORD 
there is mercy, much good-will to deliver your brethren 
j which are no vv afflicted, and to deliver you when hee 
j lhail alio (it as a refiner to try and purine you: slnd with 
him is plentious redemption: With him is force & hVengfh 
Jtoredeeme:hemaydoeit 3 hecan doc it , he will doe it. 
Hee jhall redeem I jracl ft-om ALL his iriqutties.zHewill not 
fnffery * to be tempted above that you are able, but ml with the 

Y 3 ten- 

r Exod. 14, 


Exod.15 4, 


f Iofh.^.tjj 

* Dan.^5 
v Dan. 6. 


X IoJl.2. 2) 


y Ezec, ?7 . 

a Gen. 27. 


b Deu.32. 


c Dcu.28. 

d PfaLiof; 

c Pfal- 1*9. 

f Pfal. 1 30. 

g 1. Cor. 10 


h Pfal,i2i 

Sermon VII. 

i PfaLjj. 

tent at ion alfo make a way to efc ape, that ye may be able to bear 
it. Yea h the LOR DJhallpreferve thee from ALL eviU : hee 
fhallpreferve thy foule : The LOR DJhallpreferve thy going 
out, and thycommtng in, from this time foorth , and even for 

I V. But how fhall wee keepe reckoning of the 
LORDS deliveries , feeing the maner of them goeth 
beyond all our wit and undemanding? for they are not 
all of one fort, and the lead and fmalleftof them is won* 
derfull. Sometimes he worketh by meanes, that we neg- 
lect them not : Now and then heegiveth mod miracu- 
lous deliveries befides andcontrarie to allmeanes , that wee 
put not our hope and confidence jn them : Often hee 
delivereth the righteous man without all meanes, to teach 
us to truft in him onely. 

V. His meanes are divers , and in their diverfitie fo 
many, that it is almoft impoffible to reduce them into 
certaine heads. I n fome ye fee nothing but weakneite 5 
In others,might and ilrength : In fome wrfedome,in o- 
thersfollie : In each of themfuch a varietie , that nei- 
ther am I able to exprelfe, nor ye to conceive them. 

Heefaved Mofes, David, Elijah, Iefus Chrifl, Paul at 
divers times, many zealous men among the lewes un- 
der the bloody perfecution of Antiochus Ep'tphanes, ma- 
ny Confetfbrs and faithfull brethren among the Chri- 
ftians in the primitive Church 5 in our Fathers dayes 
and in ours> by flight, a raofl weake, tedious, and trouble- 
fome meane , butyet a meane lawfulland approved of 
him, as we Hi all fee ki the next Sermon. 

V I. * There is no King favedby the multitude of any hofi ; 
a mighty man is not delivered by much fir ength : An horfe is a 
vaine thing for fafety, neither fhall he deliver any by his great 
yfovz^.YetGod imployeth often men, horfes,holfs,for 
the fafety of the king,&deliverieof his people,oppofing 
men to men, flefh to flefh, vanitieto vanitie.Thus he in- 
troduced his people into the land of Canaan by IoJhua,$c 


Of the Lords Deliveries. 


delivered them often by the fudges,by Davtd, and othtr 
good Kings : Thus af'er hehad tryed the faith, patience^ 
and conrtancie of the chrifh'an Church for thefpace of 3. 
hundred years by %, mod heavy perfccution$,he flird up 
C&jhmtim the Great to deliver them by the fword from 
their enemies. 

In thefe &kirmi(hes and combats men fight, but k the 
bAttcll istheLO RD S.h is he which giveth the vi clone 
to them on w hofe fide he is , as the fcales of a ballance 
hang upon that fide where there is mod weight. This 
was that which Mofes prophecied to his people, 1 The c- 
t -email God is thy refuge , and underneath are the cverlafling 
armes : andhejhallthrufi out thy enemies fiom before thee, and 
jhali fay, Deflroy them. This was the confeflion of the 
Church of Jirael wirh prayer and thankfgiving; m Our 
' Fathers got not the landinpojfe/sion by then owne fword , nei- 
ther dtd their owne arme five them : but thy right hand , and 
. thine arm, and the Itght of thy countenance .becaufe thou hadft 
a fauottrunto them. Thou art my King , O God : command 
deliverances for lacob : Through thee will wee pujhdowne our 
enemies. Through thy Name mil wee tread them under that 
rife up againflus : for J r will not truft in my bow , neither fha 11 
mj fword fave mee : But thou hafl favedus fiom our enemies, 
and haft put them tojhame that hated us : In God wee boafi aU 
the day long, andpraife thy Name for ez>er. Selah. 

Lookeon what (\6c God is, there few are enow, 

there two are enow j there one is enough. Few arc c- 

! now : Gedeon and three hundred men were fufficient 

I againfttheMidianites,becaufe n the LORD faid unto him, 

Surely I will be with thee, and thou Jhalt finite the Midianites 

asoneman. Therefore when hee was goingto fight,hee 

j comanded hisfou]dierstocry,°The fword of the LORD, 

and of Gedeon. Firft, the fword of the LORD, as being the 

; principail combatant ;Next, of Gedeon, as of a weak in- 

Qrument in Gods hands 5 and as theMidianitedrea- 

! med , v acakcof barley bread , which tumbling into the 


k i.Sam. 

1 Deut.33. 

m Pfal.44 # 


o Iudg.7. 

p Verf.ij. 


Sermon VI I. 

q i.Sam. 

r IuJg. 15. 


f Iudg.16. 

t i.Sam.2$ 

V Pfal 44I 

hoft of Midian,fmoteit 5 and put it to flight. Threehun- 
dred Albigenfes of Angrogne defended themfelves in a 
medowagainft feventnoufandPapifts; and having no 
other armour but flings, gave them the chafe. Two are 
enow, as <i Jonathan, and the young man that bare his 
armour again (t. the garrifon of the Phili(tins.ZV,as hee 
faid, there is no reftraint to thehO RD , to fav.e by many or 
by few. 

When itis Gods pleafure to deliver by one, oneisc- 
nough. r &*«*/*/*, withthc jaw-bone of an Aile,flew a 
thoufand Philiftins,and f pulling down the houfeupon 
three thoufand of them , flew them all. Wonderfull 
were the exploits of Davids Worthies , but principally 
of c thefirft three:for each of them being alone, flew ma- 
ny hundred of Gods enemies , becaufeGod was with 

But where God is not with men, there a great hoft is 
as weakeas one man : And therefore when God drew 
himfelfe back from the lewes by reafon of their linnes, 
they made their moan,and faid, v Thou hafi cafl us of, and 
-put us to fhame , and go eft not foorth with our armies : Thou 
make ft us to turn backe ftomthe enemie : and they which hate 
u$>$oile for themfelves, 

V 1 1. Sometimes God armeth his creatures,and.they 
fight againftthe enemies of his people either alone, or 
jointly with them. He fought againft Pharao by turning 
of the river into blood, by Frogs, by Lice , by fwarmes 
of Flies, by the murraine of Beafts, by the plague of 
Boyles and Blanes,of Haiie, Thunder, and Lightning, 
of Locufts,and Darkneflfe:at laftby his Angell , which 
fmoteall the. firft-borne of /Egypt from men unto the 
cattell. Hez,ekiah being inclofed in Ierufalem , and not 
able to retiftagainftSenaflberib & hi$|army, x /A* Angell of 
the LORD went out^andfmote, in the camp of the Ajfyrians, 
an hundred, f our efcore, and five thoufand. When, of thefe 
champions of the heavcly hofyone alone doth fo great 


Of the Lords Deliveries* 

deeds, what would not doe all y the Chivalrie ofGod,which 
is of twenty thonfands, even of thoufands of Angells , T which 
encampe round about them that fear e God? Wherefore Da- 
vid prayed the Lord a to fend hi* Angellto chafe his ene- 
mies. b One Angell delivered Peter: a multitude of An- 
gels delivered c Elfoa^ and carry ed d Lazarus into Abra- 

When lojhua was fighting againft five kings of Cana- 
an, e the downe great fl ones from heaven upon 
them, and they were moe which dyed with haileftonesjhan they 
whom the children of Ifraelfiew with the fword. When in the 
dtvijlons of Reuben there were great thoughts of heart, and 
fundry other tribes through lazinefte followed not 2V* 
borah and Barakjn the warre again ft labmandSifera , the 
heavens and the ftarres fought with them againft thofe 
puiftant enemies. 

1 1 X. Often God worketh befides all meanes > yea 
and again ft the nature of meanes. Iofiph is fold by his 
brethren, and caft into a loathfomeprifon, that he may 
be exalted to the higheft glory thatisin Kings Courts. 
The fea was a fafegard to the people of Ifrael 3 even 
then when the Egyptians were overthrowne in the mid- 

| deft of it. The blowing of trumpets, and the burning 
lamps were fitter to dtfeover Gedeon with his three hun- 

: dred difarmed men to the hofte of the Midianites, than 

I to difcomfit it.The f blowing of rammes homes was not 
fofittocaft downethewallesof lericho, as to advertife 
the Citizens to be upon their guard , and to watch to 
hold them up. What could Davids fling ferve againft Go- 
liaths fpearei and who would not have mocked the 

J three hundred Albigenfes fighting with flings againft 
ieven thoufand men well armed, as if they had beeneas 
many birds in a hemp-yard fit pleafeth God to deliver fo> 
that his Church vaunt not againft him, faying, g Mme 
owne hand hathfaved me , and fo relye upon the meanes, 
and make him a co-partner onely of the dcliverie , and 

Z not 


y PfaUS. 




c i.Kine. 

6., 7 . S 





f I0M.4. 

gludg. 7 .». 


h Ver 2 1. 
i i.Chton. 


k Pro. 1 6.7, 
1 Gen.33.4 

nor author thereof. When the Lyons fpare £>;*#/*/> when 
the fire beareth refpeft to the three ConfdTbrs, when the 
Whale fwalloweih uplonab, and three dayes, and three 
nights after, vomiteth him out of her belly upon the dry 
land without any harme>who can deny but that fuch de- 
liveries were againft the nature of meanes,and cannot be 
afenbedbuttothemoft wonderfull power of God? 

Iputinthisranketheconfjfion and diforder which 
God fendeth amongtlhis enemies, when he will deliver 
his people. The Midianites come to fight againll Jfrael, 
but h tloe L ORDfet every mans [word againfl his fellow ■,- even 
throughout all the hofi. When * the Afoabites, Ammonites, and 
Idumeans with oneconfent fought to deftroy Iebojbxphat 
and his people', the Lord troubled them with the fpirit 
of divHion afterfuch a manner, that the Moabites and 
Ammonites flew and deftroyedthe Idumeans, and after 
that,every one helped todeftroy another; fo that Iehojha- 
pbat and his people had no more to doe, but to goe and 
takeaway the fpoyfc, and give thankes untotheLord, 
How often, by fuch divifions, God hath faved the refor- 
med Churches in forrein nations,and namely in France, 
we all know, 

JX. When God delivereth agarnft the nature of 
meanes, he will teach us that he ftandeth not in any need 
of meanes when his pleafure is to deliver. And therefore 
now and then he delivereth without meanes. k when a 
mans wayespleafe PheLORD,bemaketb even his enemies to be 
at peace with bim.He delivered ^f^from £y^,changing 
his heart, and appeafing his wrath, which was fuddenly 
turned into imbracements, killing, and weeping. He de- 
livered David&om Saulhy many rneanes : but when the 
melfengers which were fent by Saulto takehim,prophe- 
eyed, and thought no more on him, what helpc of man, 
what vifible meanes were there ? When he preferred lo- 
feph in the Court of Pbarao, Darnel and his fellowes in 
the Court of Nebuchadnezzar, and of Darius, Nebemutb 


Oftht Lords Deliveries, 


and Mordecai in the Court of Artaxefxes^y what means 
did lie it? The Pfalmift iaith, that m he made them to bee 
pittyedof allthofe that co-try ed th*m captives. Hee con ver- 
ted Saul y and of a perfecuter,made him a Chriltian 5 of a 
Captaine,an ApcihV; ofa Ring-leader of mod cruell and 
bloody Wolves, a mod vigilant and faithfull fhepheard 
ofChrifts flocke. 

Davtd t tyeakmg through his owne experience , faith 
to the man which is perfecuted wrongfully," Commit thy 
way unto the LORD : trufl alfo in him, and be jhall bring it to 
pajfe : and he ftall bring foorth thy righteoufnejfe 04 the light ^ 
and thy Judgements a* the noone day. Wee may wonder that 
he doth ir : but how he doth it,who can tell I How Saul 
knew Davids innocency , we can tell, ° becaufe when he 
might, he killed him not : but it is wondcrfull to confi- 
der, by what unknowne wayes ofGods fecret provi- 
dence, Saul fell twice into his hands. Henry the third, 
King of Trance, fpake of us at Tours , as Saul fpake of 
Davta\ and faid,that we were more righteous than hee? 
becauie we had rewarded him good, whereas he had re - 
warded us evill. It was the wonderfull and immedi- 
ate worke of G O D , that hee could not bee faved 
but by them whofe fathers hee had killed ) and was 
refolved to bee the protedor of thofe whom he had 
perfecuted, if the Monks impoifoned knife had not cut 
too too foone for us the brittle thread ofhismortall 
life.God be pray fed, that amongft us there are no Cle- 
ments, no Barrauts, no Chat els, no Ravaillacs : for P who can 

firetch forth his hand agamft the LORDS anointed ', and bee 
guilt lejfe ? 

X. How often hath the Church beene afflicted, ftor- 

, med,forfaken of all creatures, destitute of all helpe* of 
all counfell, of all comfort 5 and he, he alone hath come 

, on a fudden, and both comforted and delivered herfHe 
prophecied by Daniel, that under the perfecution of^/*- 
ttochus, his people Qiould be brought to fuch extremity, 

Z 2 that 


n Pfal.37. 
h 6 - 

o l.Sam. 

p 2. Sam. 


q Dan.xi. 

r ioiii 5. 

t Mat.z8. 
iS r zo» 

v PhiU. 


x Pfal.47.7 


a Ezcch. 
17*1 ,&c. 



c Mat.9. 

Sermon VII. 

that <\ none fhouldhelpe them. What then.' (hall they pe* 
ri(h for want of helpe ? It followeth in the next chap- 
ter) 1 And at that timeJhallMkhaclfeand up, the great Prince 
which flandeth for the children of thy people,: and there Jhall be 
a time of 'trouble, fuck as never was fence, there was a natton, e- 
ven to that fame time : and at that time thy people jhall bee de- 
livered, every one that fhali be written in thebook^ Who is this 
Michael? who but our Lord IefusChrift, (failed elfe- 
where, f thePrinceof the hofe ofthe LORD I If all the An- 
gels of heaven, ifall the men ofthe world fliould (land 
(Wl with their armes eroded, if all the creatures fhould 
withhold their helpe from us, our Michael faith unto 
US, C All power is given unto me in heavm and in earth: and 
loe , I am with you alway , even unto the end ofthe world. 
Though he be v highly exalted, though he have a Name 
which is above every name, though he x be king of all the 
earth,md that at his Name every kneemuftbow, of things in 
heaven , and things in earth, and things under the. earth $ yet he 
is our high Pried,, and beareth us into the mofthigh 
and inmo(lheavens,yea weareth us as an ornament up- 
on his flioulders and upon hisbreaft,and,as the Apoftk 
faith , Y is not afhamed to call us his brethren. 

When all things feeme to be defperate, and part hope 
of recoveries when the faithfull are nothing but a skeli- 
ton, but acarcalle a of dry boms , as the people of luda 
was in the captivitie of Babylon, ifit pleafe him to fpeak 
the word onely, they (hall come together againe, bone 
to bone jthey (hall live; rife again, and be a great Army, 
Heehathby his word done things greater and more 
wonderfull.By his wor4 he hath made heaven & earth: 
by his word he heaped plagues upon plague. * while they 
had deQroyed Pharao and his people : they that are ficke, 
cry unto him^ he fendeth his word & healeth them. c By his 
word onely he gared one (icke ofthe palfie, and the wo- 
man difeafed with an illiieof blood. By his word onely 
he quieted the winds, calmed the roaring feas , rendred 


Of the Lards Deliveries, 

fight and light to the blind, raifed the dead. By his word reitored his people to the land of Canaan. By 
his word, he faveth the Church. By his word , by his 
onely power and good will , without any vifiblc and 
knownemeanes,he hath given peace to the Churches 
of France : for when we were betrayed, and fold by fun* 
dry of our brethren, forfaken of many, purfued by a 
great armie, he was for us , and delivered us : Then wee 
lung with thankfgiving the hundreth twenty and fourth 

XI. There is yet another kind ofdeliverie which 
conometh immediately of God, and is moftwonderfull 
of all. How he delivercth us by the ruine of our ene- 
mies ; how by death he giveeh us life, wee (hall heare in 
che next Sermon: but that hee delivereth us, when 
to mans opinion we are overcome,. it is aparadoxe to 
the world, and yet a mod ccrtaincand verified truth in 
the Church* . In the fecond and third of the Revelation, 
many excellent promifes were made to him that overcom- 
metb. When the perfections were mod fervent and fre- 
quent,, and many were put to death for Chrifts fake: 
then they were exhorted to fight, to ftand fafl;and when 
they flood fall, it is faid that they overcame* It is writ- 
ten of Chrifts two witness, that d the beaftfoould make 
warre againfi them,and overcome them,and kill them. It is al- 
| fo written of e thofe which flood before the throne, that 
they came oat of great tribulation, and yet hadyalmes in hands. They came out of great tribulation, they were 
vanquifhed : they had palmes tn their hands, they were van - 
quifhers.Eveas f the Apoftie faith out of the forty fourth 
Pfalme , For thy fake we are killed all the day long, wee are ac- 
count ed as jheeye for theflaughter : then we are fubdued and 
furmounted. Yetheaddeth, N ay, in all t he fe things we are 
\morc than Conquerors, through him that loved us. This is ve- 
,ry ftrange : we are overcome by our enemies when they 
flay us ; andyetat that fame time we are overcommers. 
I Z 3 How 


d Rev.II.7- 

e Rev. 7. 

f Rom. 8. 


g &om 4 8. 

h Dan.3. 

Sermon VI I. 

Howlhall we reconcile this contrarieties ye will all 
grant, that the Generall of an Armie, fighting againft 
his enemies, whatfoever dammage and harme hee cau- 
feth and procureth unto them, preuailech not, but ra- 
ther is overcome of them, if* Hill they ikeepe fall that 
wherefore he fighteth, and which he hoped to pall away 
from them by violence. So it is with us. The divell, 
great Generall of the world, ftirreth up againft us the ar- 
mies of Gog and Magogs all the fiends of hell,all the wic- 
kedneifeot the earth,n otto torment us , to fpoyleus of 
our goods, to kill us, for neither is hee covetous of our 
goods, nor enemy to our perfons , which hee loveth 
when we are like to himfelfe 5 but by fuch racking, fpoy- 
ling, killing, to wring out of us a denying of our religi- 
on, and fo to feparate us from the love ofGo_d,and make 
us tolofeourfalvation which is in Chrift. When then 
we hold faft the ihield of faith, wherewith we quench all 
the fierie darts of the wicked, when we remaine faithful! 
unto death, when in the midft of our greateft anguifhes, 
and ofmoftexquifite deaths, we challenge, anddefte all 
our enemies, and cry to them all, S ivhojhallfeparate nt 
from the love of Chrifi ? jball tribulation, ordtftreffe, (/rperfi- 
CHtion> or famine, or nakedneffe, or peri!!, or [word ? 1 fay that 
weareConquerours, and Satan with all his brood is 

X J 1. A few examples will make this truth more deer. 
We have already fpoken of Job, out of whofe mouth the 
divell by fo many tentations could not wring one evil! 
word againft God, as heintended: who then was victo- 
rious? Satan or lob? furely lob, who flood faft in the 
place of combate , when Satan fled , and was no more 

The example of Shadrach, Mejbach,and Abednego is no 
lefTe wonderfull. The divell put in h Nebuchadnezzar s 
heart to fetup,in theplaine of Dura, in the Province of 
Babylon,an image of gold, whofe height was threefcore 


Of the Lords Deliveries. 


cubits,and the breadth thereof fixe cubits, to call to the 
dedication of that Idol the Princes, Governours,allthe 
Rulers of the Provinces, to dedicate it with the melodi- 
ous and moll pleafant found of the Cornet, Flute,Harp> 
SackbutJ falterie, Dulcimer, and all kinds of mufick, to 
command to all peoples, nations, and languages there 
prefent, tofalldowneand worihipitatwhattime they 
ftiould hcarethe confort of muficke 5 to adde to this 
command a moftfearefull threat , that whofoever fell not 
downe and worfoipped, fhould the fame houre bee caftinto the 
rmdft of a barntngf eric furnace. For whom was made^ all 
this pompe,all this glorious (hew I for whom did the 
instruments of muficke found fo fweetly ? for whomdid 
the furnace burnefo exceedingly PForthefe three onely : 
forthe divell knew that all the reft of the Kings fubiecls 
would obey, and worfhip the image. Yefeea combate 
very difficult, ambufhes mod dangerous, a gulfe pro- 
found, a bottomleffe pic , adowne-right pitch on both 
fides,pleafureandfeare 5 thedeleclable harmonie of all 
kinds of mulick, toallure the fimple ones jthefrightfull 
fight of a burning furnace, to appall and amaze the mod 
inflexible and obdurate courages. Sec the event: there 
is nothing but obedience amongft all: All bow,all kneel, 
all worfhip 5 three onely (land upright, and kneele not. 
Whereupon they are accufed by eertaine Caldeans. The 
accufation is important : There are,(zy they, eertaine fewes, 
not thy naturallSubie<5h,but Grangers , and thy Daves, 
whom thou haflfet over the affaires of the Province of Baby- 
lon, preferring them to thy naturall Subieds , and the 
great men of thy countrey, even Shadrach, Afefchah, 
and Abedxego : thefe men, O King, have not regarded thee . 
Thefebafeandunthankefull feilowes have contemned 
and defpiied thee. What accufation could bee more 
cunningly plaited? but as many accufations , as many 
praifes : As many crimes intended, as many commenda- 
tions of godiinetfe : the K ing (rets, chafes, threatneth, 


l 7 6 ( 

Sermon VI I. 

i i.Maccab. 
6.ii ,&c. 

If, faith he, ^<? fallnot downe, and worfhip not the image which 
I have made,yejhallbe caft the fame houre into themtdfi of a 
fierie furnace, and who is that God that jhall deliver you out of 
my hands ? As many threats, as many victories ; as many 
beholders,as many witnetfes of their triumphs. They 
fight^lone 3 they vanquifh alone , they triumph alone. 
And that which maketh their combat admirable, and 
their viclorie glorious , after that all have yeelded , all 
have bowed their knees to the Idol; they (land rlrme,and 
ftirrenot. Theydifpute not with themfelves $ Loe, all 
the honourable, ail the wife, all the rich men of the 
Realme,andallthe peopleobey the King, what will 
men thinke of us, if we alone ftruggle and be ftubborne ? 
If we had gone formoftto honour the Image, we might 
be called too forward: but if after fo many thoufands we 
yeeld to neceffitiej if wee follow the multitude and the 
bed fort, who can juftly blame us? Moreover, if wee 
frame our wills to the Kings will , wee may releeve and 
further our brethren : whereas our obftinacy will make 
their bondage more grievous than it was. Suchpoliti- 
call confiderations come not in their mindsjfarre leflein 
their mouths :but they anfwer with a more than man- 
ly courage , Our God whomwe ferve , is able to delivrrtu 
from the burning fierie furnace :yea, he is able to deliver us out 
of thine hand, O King : but if not , be it knowne unto thee, O 
King, that we will not ferve thy gods , nor worfhip thy golden 
Image which thou haft fet up. O faith in God, O love to 
God,Q condancy for God ! Thedivell is confounded, 
the King is overcome,they triumph. 

XI II. Reade the (t©ric of the valiant courage of Ele- 
ax>ar, one of theprincipall Scribes in the dayesof the 
blood-thirlHe Tyrant AntiochusEpiphanes : * He was be- 
foughtby the Kings officers, for the old acquaintance 
they had with him, to bring flejh of his owne provifion ,fuch 
as was lawfultfor him to ufe,and make, as if he did eate of the 
flejh taken from the facrifice commanded by the King , that in 

Oft he Lords Deliveries. 

177 I 

fo doing, he might be delivered from death , and for the old 
friendjhipwith them, fnde favour. A friendly counfell 3< ifyee 
conlider the men which gave it 5 but if ye confider the in- 
tention of the divell whofuggeftedit , a moftviolent 
alfaulr, andcraftietentation : what fofweet as life? what 
fo defirableasto faveit,withoutany reall offence ? what 
foplaufible, or atleaft more excufable, than to make a 
(hew of an evilJ, which indeed thou doeft not * to ihun 
to be made a publike /hew of the evill, which otherwife 
thou mu(l fufFer with lliameand great torments? Flefli 
and blood will fay to Elea^ar, that in this there was no 
GnnerThePopewhichgivethdifpenfe to thePapifts of 
this ReaIme,to diilemble and deny their Religion, will 
faythatitwasbutaveniallfinne, and of the number of 
thofe which are mo(l pardonable. 

Eleazar led with another Spirit>even with k the Spirit 
of 'the Lord, which is the Jpirit of knowledge, of wifedome, of 
comfell, of might, and of the feare of the Lord, faith not fo : 
but confidering the holy Law made aud given by God ; It be- 
commeth not our age,faid,he, in any wife to diffemble , whereby 
many young prrfons mght thinke,that KLEAZAR being foure- 
fcore yeeres old andterme, was now gone to a ftrange religion ; 
Oftdfo they, through m'viehypocrifie , and de fire to live a little 
tim?, and a moment longer ,fb*uld be deceived by me , and I get 
aftaine to mine old age, and ma^e it abominable : for though for 
the pre fent time I fhould bee delivered from the pwiijhment of 
men,yetfhould I not efcape the hand of the Almighty , neyther 
alive nor d:ad : wherefore now manfully changing this life , I 
willfhew mjfclfefuch an one as mwe age requtreth, and leave a 
notable example tofuch as be young, to dye willingly and coura ■ 
geoufly for the honourable and holy lawes. This icemed mad- 
nelle and defpaire to his ludges, which changing the 
good will they bare him into hatred, and their meek- 
nefleintofury and rage, led him ftraight wayes to the 
Tympan, which was a mod cr uell kind of torture; where- 
upon being ready to dye of the (tripes which hee had re- 

A a ceived, 

k Efa.u.j 


Sermon VII. 


ceived,£* groaned and '[aid, It u manif eft unto the Lord, that 
hah the holy knowledge \ that whereas I might have beene de- 
livered from death, I now endure fore paines in body, by betng 
beaten • but info tile am well content tofuffer thefi things , be- 
caufe I feare him, 

XI y. Readealfo the ftorie of the cruell death and 
conftancie 1 of the feven brethren ,and their mother, at that 
fame rime, the Tyrant himfelfe marvelled at their cou* 
rage - ? for that neither the fcourges and whips-wherewith 
they weretorne, nor the cutting out of their tongues, 
nor the mangling and maiming of all their member?, 
northe pujling offof the skin of their heads with the 
haire, nor the hot pannes and caldrons, wherein they 
were fryedjbeing yet alive, could compell them againft 
the law of God to eate fwines flefii. The elded heire, 
worthy of the prerogative of the firlVborne, anfwered 
[ to the Tyrants threats, to the Hangmans whips, and to 
all the tortures itVe are ready to dye, ratherthan to tranfgreffe 
the lawes of 'our fathers; -and exhorted his brethren,asthey 
exhorted him, to dye manfully for the law-afGod. And 
to make you know that this was not madneife of mind, 
but faith, the fecond (aid to the King, Thaujtke a fury, ta- 
ke ft mom of this prefent life ', but the King of the world Jlyall 
raife us up, which have dyed for his lawes, unto ever Lifting life, 
•Sofp«ke thethird,fo thefourth , andthe reft : but the 
youngeft wasmoftwonderfbilcf all; for neither could 
the promifesof riches and honours tickle him, northe 
cruel! torments which he had feene his brethren fuffer, 
(hake his conflancje, but being encouraged by his mctt 
wonderfull mother, he cry ed to che executioners, Hijom 
wait ye for? I will not obey the Kings c omman dement : but I 
j will obey the comnytndement of the law that was given unto our 
| Fathers by Mo fes. So they dyed : fo dyed kit of all their 
| marvelous mother, after that (he had beene to them in 
[ (lead of a Levite, or Pried, and had, exhot ted and com- 
forted them with a.moft excellent fpeech conceraingthe 

re fur- 

Of the Lords Deliveries. 

refurrelion : And therefore the Apoftle afchbeth 
their victorious conftancie to their faith, faying, that by 
faith they were tortured^not accepting deliverance ; that they 
might obtain* a better refurreftion. 

XV. TheChriitian Church aboundeth in fuch ex- 
amples of mod vvonderfullviclorieagainftthe flefli,the 
woild,an i the divell. In it this is to bee admired 5 that 
men w ch may live in honor by denying Chri(t,choofe 
(hame and dilhonor , prefcrre torments to eafe, forrow 
to joy , painetopleafure, death to Iife,ki{Ierhepo(res 
and other inftruments of their punifhments , looke 
upon the torments with a cheerefull face,runne to the 
fires as joyfully as worldlings doe to a bridali feaft , and 
not onely rejoice,but alfo m gloriein tribulation s\ which is 
the higheft degree of pleafureand joy. 

Steven flopping his eares to the murmuring of the 
people, which like a fvvarme of Hornets and Wafpes 
made a humming noife about him , (hutting his eyes to 
the (tones wherewith they were armed to fell him, and 
overcommingby faith the horrors of death, n looked up 
ftedfaftly into heaven, and feeing there the glory of God, and 
lefusftanding on the right hand of God, cry ed with a trium- 
phing voice, Behold , I fee the Heavens opened,and the Sonne 
of man flandmg on the right hand of God. N ej ther could 
their (liowting, nor the llones which hayled upon him, 
ftay him to kneeledownc , and to call upon God,both 
for himfelfe and for them. 

XVI. If yefearch theEccleliaflicall hiftories ofthe 
Martyrs of the primitive Church and of ours, the ex- 
amples of fuch victories are infinite. SJgnace Biiliop 
of A ntiochia hearing the roaring of the hungry Lions, 
and feeing them ftretching foorth their clawes toteare 
him,and opening theirthroats to devoure his flefli,cry- 
ed with aloud voice, ° Becaufe lam Chrtfls wheat, nowjhall 
I be ground with the teeth of beafts , that I may bee found to 
bee the pure bread of God. 

A a 2 Po- 


Mcb.ix. 11. 

m Rom.f. 

n Ad. 7.55 

o J> :n Adv. 


■ i 

p En/eh. hift,\ 
Eccl.h'*. 4. 

q Tert.Jpo 
UgetJ. 1. £r 

r luff. Mart. 

f Gregor, 


Sermon VII. 

t Mat up 

p Poltcarpe Bilhcp of Smyrna an fwered to thofe which 
now intreated him with many promifes , now impor- 
tuned him with threats, to call the Emper our My Lord , 
and to deny Chrifl to bee his Lord 3 I have ferved him 
fourefcore and fix year es, and he hath never done me any harm, 
how thenfhould I cur ferny King, which hathfaved me ? 

1 All the Chrirtians,when they were condemned gave 
thanks, as for a great benefit. * Lucius thanked Vr bid 'us 
which had condemned him to die for Chrifts fake, be- 
caufe., faid hee, being delivered from evtllmaflers, I am going 
to my Father the King of heaven. 

Amongi!ali,iswonderfullthecon(lancieof Pelkitas, 
a Widow ofRome,&like unto that of the Mother and 
of the feven children, of whom I have already fpoken; 
for Hie alfohad feven fonnes. r Other mothers fearleft 
their children die before them : She feareth left her fons 
live after her : She converted them to Chriit : being ta« 
ken with them, fhee confirmed them in theconfeflion 
and faith of Chrift. Publius the Governor of the towne, 
with faire words fought to entice her : Have pittie, faith 
he,of thy felfe,at leaft pittie thefe thy feven fonnes. Af- 
ter,with rough words, hee thought to aftonifhher: But 
fhejiavingin awomans bodya mans bread; Neither, 
faith (lie, are thy promt fes able to tickle mee, nor thy threats to 
terrifemee . And choofing rather to loofe all her Chil- 
dren,thanto fee them looieChrift; of a mother /hee be- 
came a Preacher unto them : and after fhe had feen them 
all glorifie the Lord lefusby their death, thelove of 
Chrifl: furmounting in her the griefe which fhe received 
of her orbitie, (lie wentalfo with drieeyes , a laughing 
countenance, and a mod heroicall courage,to the place 
ofexecution, and received there thecrowne of Martyr- 
dome. And therefore as Chrifl faid of lohn Baptiftejhut 
t he was a Prophet, yea more than a Prophet ; fo may wee fay 
of her^ that the was a Martyr, yea more than a Martyr. 
Confider the tender love of a mother, and ye (hall con- 


Of the Lords Deliveries. 


I feife that the death of each of her fonnes was a martyr- 
! dome unto her. She was then feven times Martyr in her 
I feven fonnes, and the eighth time in her own perfon. 

After I have fpoken of fuch a woman , (hall I goe 
\ back to men? Shall I fpeak of * Attains, one of the Mar- 
tyrs of Vienne in France, in the time of AntonuusVcrtu, 
theyeare of Chrift 178. who, being fet in a burning 
chaire of iron 3 preached to the Romaneses if he had bin 
in a pulpit 5 teaching them what God improving their 
cruelty, maintaining the innocencie of Chriftians, and 
faying«T&# which you do,i* eating & [wallowing ofmcnsfleflj; 
but we eate not mens fl'jh, neither doe we harme to any man* 

Shall 1 forget Lanrcntut* Deacon of the Church of 
Rome, who being laid upon an iron grate , and a (low 
burning fire under it, that he might feele his death , This 
fide, faid he, u inough rofied, turn me upon the other : which 
I being done after lomefpace , hel'aidagaine to the Go- 
vernor, x Now both fides are well rofied , come, eate, and try 
\ which is fweetefi, raw or rofied. 

It was a common thing to all Chriftians in thofe 
dayeM when the hangmen would hale them violently 
: to the Temples of their Idolls, when the Iudges would 
j command them to bow downe to the Altars , and to 
, worfhip the Idols , if they had hands and feetefree,to 
I breake the Images , fling away the Cenfers , tram- 
ple on the fweete fmelling incenfe: and if they were 
bound) they would pufFeat the Temples, fpit at the 
abominable Images, with greatcontempt; wagg their 
heads at allthediabolicallfuperftition. All this'did the 
holy woman and couragious Martyr x Eulalia: She did 
more$Qiee fpat upon the Governors face, who by all 
'kind of mod cruell torments, wentabout to conffraine 
her to idolatry. And this puffing andfpitting at the 
onely naming of the falfe religion, was moftufuallin 
thofe dayes among the brethren. O Faith / O Courage .' 
O ViclorielO gods of wood, of (tone, of metal!/ 

A a 3 where 

V Eufeb.htfl 


x Prudent, 
in hymno. 
Of cium de- 
Et ex per h 
Sit crudum 
an sfjuto 
y Term 11 Je 
j i\. Quo ore 
tkurariu* fi 
per Tempi* 
tranfibit 3 quo 
ore flum.xu* 
tes drAS de- 
Jfuety & ex- 
I us tjfcpro- 
Mmut Felix, 
* Prudjn 
Martyr ad 

1 fremiti 
hi q ue tjy /tu- 
rn oculos 

5/ Utd 14 • 

cit 3 (imu!acra 



mola. m 


Sermon VII. 

where is your Majeftie! O Tyrants, whereyour power! 
O cruelExecutioners,whereis your fury ! Loe^not men 
onely,but women, but young children contemne you, 
tight againft you, overcome you. 

XVII. Shall I patfe under (ilence our own Martyrs? 
to begin with one of the firft: even Ierome of Prague, 
condemned to be burnt quicke by the bloody councell 
of Conftantia , How he flood before his pailionate and 
ignorant Judges without feare, not onely contemning 
death, but alfo lufting after it $ x a Papift , which was an 
eye-witneireofaJltheaclesof that Tragedie, relateth 
with admiration and praife. He went to death with a 
cheerfull countenance^ when hee came to the place of 
execution,he imbraced the port whereunto he was tied, 
&ki(fed it. Perceiving the hangman going behind his 
back to fet the wood on fire,lett he ftiould fee it,he cried 
unto him, Come here, come here, and kindle the fire before my 
face : for if I 'had dreaded it Jfhould never have come to this 
place, which I might have fhunned. Then With a mod holy 
& wonderful joyhefung a PfalmtoGod,which the fire 
and the fmoake had much adoe to interrupt. 

Patrick? Hamm'dton,* young Gentleman of Scotland, 
as he was going to the fire, by his words and Iookes af- 
frighted in fuch fort Alexander Cambetl,* Dominican 
Frier his accufer, that he became befides himfelfe, and 

George Baynam and lohn Frith, Knglifli men Embraced 
6c kifled their fagots , & Laurent Sanders imbraced with 
great joy the port whereunto the hangman was tying 
him, and faid, O croffe of my good Lord. 

I n France Steven BrUn, after that his Ridges had pro- 
nounced againlt him the fentenceof death, cryed with 
a loud v/oice, My ludges have condemned meet olive. And 
/obn Baron, being advertifed by his Iudges,which had 
condemned him,to appealefrom them unto the Court 
of Parliamem>0* ye not, faid he, bee content to have your 


Of the Lords Deliveries, 

owne hands defiled with my blood, but ye will have othtr mens 

hands folluted with it a!fo? Amongft all,! admire mod the 

peafantof Z^wv, which meeting Tome prifoners con- 

; demned for the Religion ,after he had asked and known 

; of them thecaufe of the,ir condemnation, leapt upon 

I the chariot, and went to dye with them. 

Above all,:he victories pf women are moQ wonder- 
ful : As the hangmamwas ready to put to death a loving 
couple of Martyrs, fohn Bayly and his wife 5 the wife in- 
couraged the husband,faying, Sweetheart , have a good 
heart ;for this day our marriage with optr Lord lefus jhall bee 
accomplijked. The religious Gentlewoman Gravcron cal- 
led the day of her martyrdome, the day of her marriage 
with Chnfi: and feeing her companions refufe to give 
their tongues,bccauie there was no fuch thing mentio- 
ned in their fentence, Ihe being but a woman? refolved 
them, faying, It is reafonable and fit , that the tongue which 
hath thepriviledge to praife Godjhouldalfihave thepreroga- 
\ tive to leapefirft upon the Altar of burnt offering. So Claude 
1 7 'terry, called the halter which was put about her necke , 
the Carkanet, and the rope wherewith Ihe was bound to 
the port , the gtrdle of her marriage with lefus Chrifi : and 
therupon made am oft excellent difcourfeof thefpiritu- 
aU marriage of the Lord lefus with his Church, which 
begins here in the valley of death, and isconfummated 
in the mountaines of fpices. 

O how plcafant a fight is it in the eyes of God, when a ChrU 
\ ft tan buckles with grief e andpatne ; when he fits himfelfe ina- 
I ray againft threats, pumjhrnents, torments ; when he fcoffingly 
; ieafts at the dreadfull name of death , at the lowring counte- 
nance of the pitileffe hangman ; when he holds up his lib er tie a~ 
ga'mft Kings and Princes , andyeelds to none but to God , to 
whom he belongs ; whenjike a moft glorious Tnumpher and 
Conqueror, hee infults and triumfhes over his Iudge who hath 
condemned him ! For he winch hathobtainedthat wherefore he. 
fought, hath vainquified' 

X II X, There 


Minut Felix. 




Deo, rum 





Vat enim 

(jut quod 



1 84 

a In rthu4 

b i.Ioh.f. 

Sermon VII. 

XI IX. There is nothing difficile, where faith in 
God is 5 nothing dreadfull, where the love of God is-, 
nothing dolorous,where true zeale to the glory of God 
is. As the light of the funne dimmeth all other lights 5 
and as the heat of the funne cooleth all other heats:fo the 
light of faith dimmeth that which worldly men call the 
light of reafon. Reafon faith 9 as the Proconfull faid to 
Cyprian^Tahe time and advife :Vaith anfwereth,as Cyprian 
did, *■ In Gods affaires no man mufl advife. Reafon faith , it 
is afweetthingtolive:F<^faith> it is better to dye for 
Chrift, than to live without Chrift. Soalfo the heat of 
love and true zeale, extinguifheth the heat of molt bur- 
ning fires. When naturall fenfe faith, it is burning? Love 
anfwerethjit is notfo much as hot. Thefeare the victo- 
ries of the faithfull in their mod fenfible torments: they 
are fo raviflied and tranfported by faith, with the 
loveoftheir Saviour, that, as it were, itbenummerh 
them fo, that they heede not their paines, as if they 
were fenfeletfe: for b whatfoever is borne of God, overcom- 
y»eth the world: and this is the viltory that overcommeth the 
world,even our faith. 

XIX TheLordinhis great mercy increafe our faith, 
whereby in this furceafing of outward enemies, we may 
fight valiantly againft our inward and fp'rituall foes, 
which are more dangerous ;clofing our hearts to all the 
fuggeftions of Satan, to covetoufnetfe, topride ; to cho- 
ler, to all the ticklings of filthy luft: (hutting our eyes 
to vanity, (topping our eares to calumnies, flatterers, all 
evill counfells,keepingourfpirits,ourfoules, our bodies, 
blameletfe unto the comming of our Lord Iefus Chrift. 
That fighting fo, we may overcome jovercomming, tri- 
umph; triumphing, receive the crowne of glory , and 
ofimmortalitie, which God hath prepared for us be- 
fore the beginning of the world , through the pre- 
cious merites of our LORD IESVS CHRIST, to 
whom with the Father and the Holy Ghoft , bee all 


Of the Lords Deliveries. 

185 1 ^ 

prayfe,.all glory , all honour, both now and For ev*r- 
more. Amen. 


Of the mxnner and time dfthe righteous 
mans Deliverances. 


Zo. Come my people, enter thou into thy chambers, 
and fhutthy doores about thee: hide thy felfe as it 
were for a little moment , untill the indignation bee 

21. For behold,the Lord com meth out of his place to 
vifitetheinhabitants of die earth for their iniquitie: 
the earth alfo Hi all difclofe her blood, and (hall no 
more cover her flaine. 

I.T//f Church, like unto 

X the Phoenix flndethtife^ 
in death ; 

2. Becaufe God, according 
to his prormfein thh text, re- 
viveth her. 

3. Hefavethher often by 
flight, which fomettmes is not 

4. lA* other, times is lavo- 
fulLandneceffarie, and is com- 
manded by God an this Hxt, 
according to the liter all fenfe 5 

5. Is alfo confirmed by the 
examples of godly men in the 
ttme of the oidTeft&nent. 

<S. I* the tM*,T*fom9** 

Chrifl himfelfe hatb comman- 
ded to fly e m time of prrfecu- 

7. And hath confirmed his 
commvadtmint . by hi* own 
example, the .examples of his 
Apoflles, andmany other mo[i 
conftant andcofirageoys Cbri- 

?• Flyipg. prwvbd &rv- 
fhjl by three, reaftns. 

p* Fleeing is not a for fa- 
fang and denying , but a c onf ef- 
fing of Cbrtft. 

10. This text j ft a fig#ra- 
tm '4ftdallegortcallfc.nje,i*: an 
Axkopation tp p&mce. \ 

Bb 11.' The* 



Sermon VIII. 

a Pfal.21.8 



1 1. Tlie fir ft argument 

rrtoov'mg pt* to patience , is the 
mil of God. 

12. *f he fecond, is his wife- 
dome, whereby bee convert eth 
all evills to the good of his 

1 3 . The third is, the truth 

14. In the fccond part of I 


IS- He reckoneth the jeer s r 
themonethsjhedayes, the mo- 
ments of the affUclion of his 

1 6. How affliction, which 
to us feemeth fo long, is faid 
to continue but for a mo- 

ly. Till that moment ex- 

this text, hepromififhthatthel fire, we mufi relye upon the 
per fecutionjhall loft but a mo-, truth of Gods promife. 

S of the allies of the Phoenix, when it fee- 
meth to be nothing but duft, groweth up 
another 2 So when the Church to mans 
iudgement is gone, loft, andpaftall hope 
of recoverie, when the perfecuters fay of her , that 
which the Traytor Abfalom, and the treacherous Re- 
bells that followed him , faid of 'David, and the ch iefe 
Priefts, Scribes j and Hlders of Chrift ] Hee trufledon the 
LORD, that he would deliver him : let him deliver him, feeing 
he delighted in him. Then, then God by a mod excellent 
and wonderfull deliverance reviveth her, and maketh 
her to fpring up againe more beautiful} and glorious 
than (he was before. 

The third day of the Maffacre of Paris, which was the 
Sunday, in themoncth of Augufl, a bramble flouriflied 
in &. Innocents, Church-yard : The Papifts ran to gaze 
uponit,butcouldnot tell wherefore, andhow a dry 
exceptthat fometookeitas atokenj that Godapproo- 
ved their moft unnaturall and favage crueltie : but the 
wifefl and beft fort remembring,that b Aarans rod, which 
was but a dry peece of wood , budded and bJotlbmed, 
and yc elded almonds , when the Lord confirmecfohe 


Of the. Lords Deliveries. 

Priefthood in thehoufeof Levi, and that th 3 condition 
of the Church was reprefented unto c Mofes by a bur- 
ning bufli,becaufe it is no more cfteemed in the world 
than abufiiof briars which the fhepheards feton fire 5 
faidfarreotherwayes, that the blood of thofe Innocents 
which wasthen ihed, mould bee to the Church as the 
dew of heaven, or as the raine of the firft and laft fealbn, 
andmakcittobudde, to blotfbme , and bring foorth 
fruit yet againe more wonderfully and glorioufly than 
before : as iccame to palle,againll all hope. 

1 1. For even then, God fpake to many of his Saints, 
as he did to the Ie wes in their trib ulation, and comman • 
ded them to hide themfclves in their cabinets, untill the 
time of indignation wercoverpa(r,becaufe the the Lord 
would conaecertainely, and punifhall their pcrfecuters 
for their iniquity,and namely,the authors ofiuch blood- 
fiiedding, and fojoyne with their overthrow, thedeli- 
verie of his Church. The remnant of the Church hid 
themfelveS)the moment of the Lords wrath part, Gods 
enemies were deftroyed, the Church was delivered,and 
ftill flourifheth and yeeldeth mod excellent fruit, to the 
glory of the Lord our deliverer ,and to the eternall fliame 
and confufion of our perfecuters. 

Here is then a new matter to be handled, concerning 
the manner and the time of the Lords deliveries, which 
is fet downe by the Prophet in three feverall points:The 
firfl is a commandement which God giverh to his peo- 
ple, faying) Cm**, my people, enter thoti tnto thy chamber, and 
jhut thy doores about thee. Thefecondis, how long they 
mud lye hid after this manner: not forever, not fora 
longtime, but for a little moment ^ untill the indignatton bee 
overpafi. The third is the reafon why they mutt lurke till 
then : becaufe then God will bee avenged of their ene- 
mies. For behold the Lord commeth out of his place, topumjb 
the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity, &c. 

1 1 L God fpeaketh to his people by his Prophet, and 
__ Bb z giveth 




10 J. 

e Math. io. 


g r.Sam. 

h Amos 7. 
x 5 ,i6. 

S b .ia o h VI I L 

giveththem amort excellent counfell, to enter into their 
eabmcts^andtojhut their 'do ores about them i which if ye take 
litterally,is a counfell of holy prudence \ ifye take itallegb- 
rically, iris zcounfeU of godly patience. 

Chriftiaa'«ah(Kholy '■prudence is the rule of the 
righteous mans aftions, teaching him how to carry 
himfelfe iri all occurrences of times, places, and perfons, 
and hovy to frame and fituntathemallhis actions, privy 
and pubiike, domefticall, civill, and religious. A-s in time 
of persecution, it will teach him neither to be too timo- 
rous to forfake his vocation, whereunto God hath cal- 
led him; noryettoora(h>andfoole-hardy to tempt God 
by carting himfelfe into unnecetfarie dangers , whereof 
the word ofGod (which David called d alampe unto his 
feete, and a light unto his fath) giveth both precepts and 

When we are allured, that God calleth us to confeflfe 
his holy Name, and to glorifie his Majeftie, eythcr by 
profiling openly his word, and preaching ofit , or by | 
furTeringfor itjthen we muft not aske, andfarre leiretake 
counfell, of flefh and blood, but remember the com- 
mandement, c Feare notthemwhich kill the body , but are not 
able to kill the foul e : but rather feare him which is able to de- i 
flroy both foule and body in hell. Worldly prudence will 
fay: Thefe men to whom God fendeth thee, are mighty 
and cruell, and will kill thee; therefore take heed to thy 
felfe, andflye. Sanctified prudence will anfwer$ God 
which hath fent me?is rtronger, and therefore will J not 
flye.! f In the LORD put I my trufl :■ how fay ye to my foule, 
Wdf&AM brr d toy our mount ame? When God fent Samuel to 
anoint David,' worldly wifedome anfwered in him, 
g How can I goe ? If Saul heare it, he wtttkillme. God fpake 
unto him againe, and confirmed him 2 then hee gave 
place to the commandement,and went. Itfeemeth, that 
Amaz,ia^ve-z wife cou n fell to Amos, faying, h O thou. 
Seer, goe, flee thoU away into the land ofludah , and then eate 


Ofthe Ltrds Deliveries, 


i Ion.i.ij 

k Pfal.139. 
7> 8 >9> 10 > 

bread, and prophefle there : but prophefle not aga'me <i- 
ny wore at Bethel : for it is the Kings ChappelLand it is the 
Kmgs Court. Yet v./»w, ruled by another spirit, reacted 
it, and faid. The LORD f aid unto me, Gof, prophefle unto my 
people /freely tha.t is to fay, I will obey the Lord, and not 
thee. And therfore i Ionah yeeldedtoo much to his own 
difcourfe, and too little to Gods commandement,when, 
being fent to Nimveb, heetooke (hipping to flee unto 
Taifhiib fiom, the prefence of the Lord : which would 
have beenea foulefault in any private man inflrufted in 
the waves of the Lord, how much more was it heinous 
in a Prophet? for who is fo negligently and fiightly 

I imbrued with the knowledge of God, but heewiJl fub- 
fcribeto that faying of David, k whither fl;alll goe flom thy 
Spirit ? or whither Jhall I flee from thy prefence ? 'If I afcendup 
into heaven jhon art there: If I make my bed in helljbehold thoti 
art there : If I take the wings ofthe morning,and dwell in the 
uttermoft parts, even there Jhall thy hand leade me , and thy 
right hand Jhall hold me : If I fay, f»rely the darknejfe Jhall co- 
ver me : even the ngbtj)?all be light about me : yea, the darhe- 
ntjfe htdeth not fiom thee, but the night fliwtthat the day ; the 
darkeneffe and the light are both alike to thee. Ionah learned 

, by an experimentall knowledge this to be true,when the 
iliip wherein he thought to flee from the prefence ofthe 
Lord, was unto him as a paire of ftockes to hold him 

Therefore ChrinVamorecompleat patterne to imi- 
tate 5 and a more excellent prefident to follow than Ionah, , . . , 
1 when his time was come to bee killed at Ierufalem, re-! , I2i '' ' 
prooved Peter, and called him Satan, forditfwaciinghim 
from it. Likewife m Taut would not by any meanes be 
dilTwaded from going to Ierufalem, though Agabvu had 
prophefied unto him that the Iewes mould binde him, 
and deliver him into the hands ofthe Gentiles: whereof 
the reafon was , that hee went thither n bound in the Spi- 
rit., that is to fay, by particular revelation ofthe 

^_ Bb 3 Spirit 


n A&.20. 


o Mar. io. 

p Pfal.i^, 

q Phil i. 




Sermon VIII. 

Spirit of the eternall and mod wife God. 

When we have fuch a revelation , or by any other 
meanes are certified, that God will have us to remaine 
andconfcife, then this precept of Efaiah, of hiding our 
felves in our clofets, is no waves directed unto us , but 
rather this of Chrift, ° what I tellyou in darkeneffe , that 
fpeakeye in light : and what ye he are in the eare, that preach ye 
upon the honfe tops. Then we mud not onely goe, but run 
with great cheerefulneile and alacritie, thorow flouds 
fires, fwords, to obey Gods commandements, and fay 
as David Czid,? I mil ran the way of thy commandement s^vohen 
thoHJhalt enlarge my heart, 

1 V. But when we have no certaintknowledge of Gods 
wil, & are fo difpofed,that we may lay with S. Pat4l<\Chrifl 
to me to live,& to dy, is gain: when,I fay, we'are refolved to 
fufferall extrearnities,and athoufanddeaths,ratber than 
to deny him, then the practice of this commandement 
is not onely lawfully butalfo necelfarie : then not onely 
we may, but alfo (houldtrye, if hiding of our (elves, and 
fleeing, be the meanes which God hath appointed to de- 
liver us from theprefent evill of perfecution* God gave 
an exprefle commandementto the people of Jfrael/ that 
none of them mould goe out at the doore of his houfe, 
untill the morning of that night wherein heefmote the 
firft-borne of Egypt :The like commandement was gi- 
ven to Rachaby **that none of her family mould goe out 
of the doores of her houfe into the ftreet 3 Je(l they ihould 
perifhinthedeflrudtion ofthetowne of lericho. I con- 
felle that wee have not any fuch perfonall commande- 
ment directed unto us : but 1 fay, that this generall com* 
mandement, Come my people, enter thou into thy chamber , 
j^c. is fufficientianda^good warrant for all Gods peo- 
ple, till he chufe fuch as plcafeth him, and make them to 
know manifeftly, that he will have them to bee publike 
J Confeffors and Martyrs? whereofjthey cannot make 
/queflion, if once they bee taken > andlaidin bonds for 
[ Chrifts 

Of the Lords Deliveries* 


Chrifts fake: for then they muft drinke the cup which 
the Lord fcttcth to their heads more gladly andcoura- 
geoufly then Socrates did the Hcmlocke. Till then 
they may convey themfelves out of their enemies hands, 
by lurking in fomchidandunknowne place, by fleeing, 
or any other way which is not unlawfull. 

V. ' Kebeckah zdverti fed that Efan had vowed to flay 
/4f^,counfelled him to flee toLaban her brother, and 
he did fo, v Mofes knowing that Pharaoh fought to flay 
him, fed from the face ofPbarao,and dwelt in the land of Me- 
dian; not forfaking hts calling, but waiting tillGod gave 
him a more cleere declaration of his will thereupon: 
which after he had receivedjhe returned into Egypt, no- 
thing dreading the feare of Pbarao^nd of all his Court. 
How often did x David Ace from place to place, to fhun 
the wrath of his King, and theconfpiracy of his owne 
fonne, not for lacke of courage, but though godly pru- 
dence and fore-feeing advifednetfe 2 David which had 
the^womife of the kingdome of Ifrael,fled : David which 
knew that his kingdome could not be taken from him, 
fled : Oh how many excellent P&lmes did he makeat 
thofe times Iwherby ye may knoWjtbathc miftruftednot 
the truth of Gods promife, yet would not tempt him, by 
trying of his power. a Elijah, which by his prayers (hut 
the heavens., and it rained not upon theeatth by the 
fpace of three yeares and fixe moneths : b Elijah, which 
raifed from death the widdowes fonne of Sarcpta : c E- 
lijah, which brought fire from heaven upon the Kings 
Captaines and their fifties : That wife, godly, and won- 
derfullProphet,when he was threatned by fezebel, d fled 
.he not for his life to Beerjhebain Inda^nd from thence to 
the wilderneife ? At that time *Obadiah % hid he not an 
hundred men of the Lords Prophets, by fifty in a cave, 
when Ie^ebet fought them 3 to kill them ? what can bee 
faid againlt thofeholy Fathers,w ch in the time of the cruel 
' perfecutcr Antiochw Epiphanes, i wandered in defer ts, and in 

t Gen. 2 7. 
v Eiod.2. 

x i.Sam. 
19.22. 17. 
2. Sam 1 J, 


a i.King. 

Iudg ?.17. 
b i.King. 
c s.King. 
1. 10. 1 2. 
J i.King. 

e i.King. 

f Hekit, 



h Tertje 
fe cuttoae 

i - 

b Mark, j (J. 

c Mat. 24. 

*> J 

Apohg. At 
fug 4 com 7 a 


cenr, ut 

mountains, andin dens^wdcaves of the earth , and, of whom 
the Apoftle faith, that the world was not worthy ? 

V I. If any fay, Thatfuch precepts and examples are 
of the old Teftament, and fhould not bee fitted to Chri- 
llians which live under the Gofpelf; Ianfwer>Thatin the 
new Teftament, thecomraandements are more formal!, 
and the examples more frequent and inforcing. 

Chrift,gave hee not this expretfe commandement to 
bis Apoftles, g Beware of men 5 and, when they perfecuteyou 
in this Ctty, flee ye into another? h Some fay > that this coman- 
dement was temporally given to the Apoftles onely,& 
for that time only whethey were fent to preach theGo£ 
pell to the loftjheep ofthehoufe of/frael y even as that other 
Comandement in the beginning of the Chapter/ Goe not 
into the way of the Gent tls, and into any City of the Samaritans 
enter yenot, w ch is now abolifhed. True ; the commande- 
ment forbidding to preach the Goipel to the Gentiles 
and Samaritans,is abrogated , but by another comman- 
dement, b Goe ye into all the world, andpreach the Gojpell to 
every creature. Tell us now wnere, how, and when the 
commandement of fleeing in perfecution hath been re- 
called : Andifit be not annulled by another comman- 
dement) why it fhould not (land for ever, as the reft doe 
which are in that chapter(that one of not preaching the 
Gcfpel to the nation^excepted,) 

What have they to anfwer to this other commande- 
ment, eff 7 /^^ (hall fee the abomination of defolat'ton fpoken 
ofhy Daniel the prophet, (land in the holy place, (whofo rea~ 
deth, let htm under ft and) then let them which bee in Iudea,fee 
into the mount awe si &c. Had the Apoftles anything to 
doe with it? Were they in Ierufalem when the towne 
wa* befieged ? There were many Chriftians »; to them it 
pertained, to it they obeyed , for a this is the way to perfe- 
ction , to doe that which God commandeth. 

But to come backto the 1 o. chapter of Mat.Szxd he to 
the Apoftles onJy$ or rather ^hatb'he not faid to the Apo- 

Of the Lords Deliveries. 


files flrff, next to all Preachers of the Gofpell, and con- 
fequentlytoall Chriftians 5 c Behold I fend you forth its e 1 
fheepc in the middeft of Wolves : Be ye therefore wife as Ser- 
pents, and Jimp I e as Doves ? What is that to be fimplc as 
Doues? ItistobeharmeleiTe: what to be wife as Ser- 
pents? To keepeourfelves fromharme, and as it fol- 
io werh, to beware of men^when they perfecute us in one City, 
to fee into another. 

What? are their eares ftoptwith incredulity, when 
this other commandement is read unto them, f Give not | f Matt. 
that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cafl yee your pearles 
before fwine, left they trample them under their feet, and 
turne againe, and rent you? Is this a commandement of 
fleeing and of hiding of our felves? why not ? why 
fhalll remaine, but to walke abroad ? Why walke a- 
broad, but to confetti? I muff not confefle before Epi- 
cureans and belly-gods: That were as if 1 mould caff 
pearles vntofwine. Noralfo before wickedly and crjj* 
elly difpofed men : That were as if one mould caff that 
which is holy vnto doggs. What then fhaill doe? I 
will put up the holy things,! will packe up my Pearles, 
and withdraw my felfe the moft advifedly I can, till the 
dink and muddiefwine be out of the way, and the 
dogs leave off barking and biting : Or I will remove to 
fome other place,and difplay my lewels thereto fee and 
atfay if I can finde a better market elfe where. For 
Chriftgivethus notcommandementsflfT^rc, whereby 
we mould forfake our callings to fave our lives, but of 
holy mfedome, whereby we mould becarefull to lave our 
livesy that at another time, or in another place, we may 
more commodioufly and effectually pradife our cal- 
lings, and fo goe backe to leape the better. 

VII. Suchcommandementsarenotinthe Church 
without mod glorious precedents, and examples moff 
worthy to be followed. Can wehaveanyfo perfect, fo 
excellent, as of Chriff himfelfe ? Of him the Angel faid 

C c ro 


g Matth,2- 

h Matt.12. 

i Liik.4.30 

k Iohn8. 

1 Ioh, u.J 

m Toh. 2.4. 


Sermon VIII. 


p Ad. 9. 
q Aft. 14. 

r Aft. 1 9, 

to Iofcph, g Arife, and take the young childe and his mother, 
and flee into Eg) ft? and be thott there untill I bring thee word. 
b When he had fhewne himfelfe to be God by restoring 
the withered hand,^ Pharifees went out, and held a corn- 
fell againfi him, how they might defiroy him : But when Iefus 
knew it, he withdrew himfelfe from thence '.The inhabitants 
of Nazareth led him unto the brow of an hill? that they 
might caft him downe headlong: i But hee faffing tho- 
rowthemidflofthem,wenthisway. In the Temple of le- 
rufalem,theIewestookeupftonestocaftat him: k But 
lefts hid himfelfe, and went out of the Temple, going thorow 
the midfl of them, andfo pajfedby. The chiefe Priefts and 
the Pharifees tookecounfell to put him to death, after 
that he had raifed Lazarus* l Iefus therefore walked no 
more openly among the Iewes : but went thence into a countrie 
neere to the wildemejfe, into a city called Ephraim, and there 
continuedwith hisdtfciples. Wherefore hid he himfelfe? 
wherefore fled he? Becaufe m his horn -ewas not yet come: 
for when his houre was come, not onely he fled not, 
but n knowing all things that fhould come upon him, went 
foorth, and rendred himfelfe to his enemies, which nei- 
ther knew him^ nor were able to take him* And where 
he fled untill his time was come, there he preached, 
healed the ficke, and did good to all men. 

So when there was a great perfecution againft the 
Church at Ierufalem, the Chriftians ° were fcattered a- 
broad throughout the region of Iudea,and Samaria, and went 
every where preaching the word.SoPaul being ztDamafcus, & 
knowing that the lews watched the gates day and night 
to kill him, P The Difciples tooke him by night, and let him 
downe by the wall in a bafquetSo when he was 1 at IconiHm 
with Barnabas , & knew that the lewes & Gentiles,with 
their Rulers, had made an affault to ufethem defpite- 
fully,& to ftone thQm : tbey were ware of it, &fled unto Ly* 
fira. So when in the uprore which Demetriushdd raifed 
againft him at Ephefus, r he would haue entred in unto the 


Of the Lords Deliveries, 


t AS.2J. 

u v. 17. 

Aa M . 

Rev 4 ii,6 

;«?p/*; the Dtfoples fitjfcred htm not, and he followed their 
counfeli. So feeing he could not flay there without great 
ieopardie/ he departed from then ce,and went into Ma- 
cedonia, and preached the GofpeJl there.So l perceiving 
that his enemies were refolved to doe him fome mif- 
chiefe, he found a fubtill,but lawfull policieto put them 
by the eares,and fo efcaped. So v advertifed that four- 
tie naughty men had bound themfelves underacurfe, 
that they would neither eate nor drinke till they had 
killed him, hefliunned that confpiracie by a mod wife 
counfeli. So x knowing the corruption of his Iudge, 
he appealed unto Cafar, not forfaking his calling, but 
defiring to live for his callings fake. So S. fohn wnterh, 
that y the woman which wz$ delivered of achilde,jW 
into the wildemejfe : And that ye may know that her 
flight was approved of God, it is faid, that there Jhee 
had a place prepared of Godj that they fhouldfeed her there 
a thoufand, two hundred, and three fcore dayes. 

So S. Cyprian feeing that the people cryed inceiTantly, 
a Cyprianumad heonem, Cyprian to the Lyon, withdrew 
himfelfe from thefurie of the people, and fled; not fo 
much for his owne hfetie, as for the peace of the 
Church. So S.Athanafius fled out of Alexandria, where 
theEmperourhadfent to take him. So Volicarpus, fo 
5. Chryfofiome by their flight faved the Paftors for their 
Churches,and the Churches for their Paftors. So the 
Albigenfes fleeing the perfecution in France, went 
through Germanie, Bohemia, and England, and plan- 
ted there the knowledge of our Lord lefus Chrift. Of 
whom is this flouriming Church compofed I Offlran- 
gers which have forfa ken their owne countries, and 
commodities, and have fought in this Sanctuary fecu- 
ritie for their lives, and food for their foules, and of 
whom I may fay truly, that God hath fent them before 
their diftrelled brethren 3 to fave their lives; even as fo- 
feph faid to his brethren, b God fent me before yon to pre- \b Gen. 47 

C c 2 ferve 



c Tob 20. 



Sermon VIII. 

ferveyou apofleritie in the earthy and to five your lives by a 
great deliverance. 

VI M. It isa naturall thing to all living creatures to 
providefortheirownefafetie: Neither hath God, the 
author of nature, abolilhed that naturall inftincl: in his 
Saints, but fa nclified it, directing them by his word and 
by his Spirit todoelawfully and holily,that is to fay,by 
goodrneanesandforagood end, that whereunto they 
are inclined by nature. 

Jf they did other wayes, might they not be iuftly ac- 
cufed of tempting oftheLord theirGod, of preventing 
his providence, of fee king through vaine-glorie and 
offentation to be Chrifts Martyrs, when he craveth no 
fuchdutie at their hands? Peter beingtoobold out of 
feafon, denyed his Matter. The reft of the Difciples 
which fled, and kept themfelves quiet, (hunned that 
mikhk&. For God blefteth rather a modeft fleeing, 
than a prefumptuous abode. When Peter rulht into 
Caiphas Hall, the Spirit of God left him : But when c he 
was hid with the reft in a chamber, the doores being 
(hut for feare of the lewes, Iefus came to them, and 
d the holy Ghoft defcended upon them. In Cyprians 
time, there was a kinde of heretiques, called Circum- 
celtionsy which ran every where feeking the martyr- 
dome : and the Francifcane Friers write of Francis their 
Patron, that he went to Afaiorka, Minor ka<> and other 
places occupied by the Mahumetanes, deiirous to be 
killed for Chrifts fake : But he returned as he went, be- 
caufe none of thofe mifcreants would debafe themfelves 
to flay fuch a calfe. Now what was that defire, but gid„- 1 
dineife, butralhneife, but preemption and vaineglo-j 
ry* A wife and experimented Pilot will never runnej 
his (hip upon the (helves and rocks : if the ftorme 
drive him upon the dangers,then he (heweth his cou- 
rage and skill : So a modeft man will not, to (hew his 
courage, cafthimfelfe into the fire of affliction* %nd: 


Of the Lords Deliveries, 

draw upon himfelfeunneceilarie evils: but if he be ap- 
prehended, if the glory of God, if the edification of 
the Church 5 iftheneeelfitieothis calling binde him 
to furTer for Chrills fake,then he will fhew that when he 
lurked,courage was not wanting to his warinetfe, but 
his warineile ruled his courage, and commanded it to 
waite vpon the Lord. Hee which feeketh enemies wil- 
fully and rafMy, is a feditiousand factious fellow : But 
he which hath enemies, and feeketh them not, which 
is perfecuted without caufe, or for Gods caufe 5 Hee 
which cannot Ihun them* nor have peace with them, 
except he forfake his ftation, denie Chritt, Vandalize 
the Church, and then chuleth rather an honeft and 
glorious death, than a difhoneft life, is the truly wife 
and courageous man. Therefore c Cjprian warned his 
Church to be warie, that they offered riot; them felves to 
their enemies; but if they were taken 3 to confeffe .con- 

Wherein there is alfo a dutie of Charitie which we 
owetoourenemies. Forhowfoevemotonely it is not 
anillthing, but rather a molt glorious thing, and a 
* gift of God to furTer for Ghrifl, and to be his Martyr, 
g as the Martyrs themfelves acknowledged,when they 
thanked God for that honour: h yet notwithstanding 
we muft not give any occalion to our enemies,to heape 
fin upon (in, by fhedding of our innocent bloud,which 
wefhoulddoeif we prevented their malice, going to 
them when they feeke us not, or betraying our feives 
to them when they cannot finde us, and crying, Here, 
here I am, come, racke, kill, hang, burnc, as the CtrcHm- 
cellwns did 3 Wherein alfo we mould became wilfull 
murtherersof our ovvne feives, for there is no greardif- 
ference bet weene killing of our feives, and provoking 
other men to killus. 

I X, Neither mould we be much moved with the re- 
viling of thofe which caft in our teeth, that by fleeing 
__ C c 3 we 


c Cyori4n % 

£/>///, 83. 

g Eufeb. 

h CltmuiS) 

ip 8 


k ver.38. 

1 Ath/tnaf. 



we deny Chrift, and fo fall into the pit whereof he hath 
# 1 forewarned us, faying, » Wbofoever /ball denie me before 
I men, bim will 2 alfo denie before my Father which is in heaven : 
h And he that taketh not his croffe, and followeth after meet 
is not worthy of mee. For fuch preachers of magnanimi- 
ty and conitanciej are either enemies, or of our owne 

If enemies, anfwer as l Athanafim did to the Arrians: 
Yeareforfoothfcandalized, becaufe we flee the perfe- 
ction. Lay your hands to your hearts, and confeile 
that yc are forie and much dif contented, that we have 
prevented your malice, and by our flight have hindered 
the intention ye had to kill us: If we doe ill to flee, ye 
doe worfe to perfecute us : Leave ofFto feeke our lives, 
and we fhalileave off to flee for the fafetie of our lives. 
For what is our fleeing, but a teftimonie of your per- 

If friends, take heed that they preach not again ft flee- 
ing, becaufe they would be glad that all remained to de- 
ny Chrift, as they are refolvcd to doe, rather then to 
lofe their commodities: It is not good to tempt God. 
Many which tarry at home, goe to the MaiTe, left they 
(hould beare Chrifts crotIe> and fall into that inconveni- 
ence whereof they will feeme to be affrighted for us 2 
But he that fleeth, leaving his goods and all that he hath 
among his enemies, forfaking his friends for Chrifts 
fake, fecking with a thoufand incommodities, libertie 
of confeience among an unknowne people, hath a moft 
heavy crofle upon his fhoulders,and not onely denyeth 
not Chrift, but maketh knowne to all men his faith in 
him,, his love to him, his zeale for him* And therefore 
the ancient Church called fuch men Confejfirs, whereas 
the perfecutors, and hypocrites, call them Denyers. If 
they were willing to deny, would they flee ? would they 
leave their goods, forfake their friends, hazard their 
lives to deny ? Wherefore flee they ? becaufe they fliun 


Of the Lords Deliveries; 

I all occafions whereby they may be compelled through 
the weakened of the flcfh to denie Chrift, and feekc 
elfe- where, with lotfe of goods, danger of their lives, 
much griefeandanguifh of minde, among men of an 
unknowne tongue, whofe conditions, fafliions, cu- 
ftomesare contrarie unto theirs, libertie to confeife 
himjrefolved notonely to flee, but alfo to die, rather 
then they fhould renounce that faith, that hope, that 
confidence which they have in Gods mercies, and in 
Chrifts merits. F or as Cbryfoftome faith, m The Chrifltan 
mans life jhould bee full of bloody not by fheddtng of other 
mens blood, but by aftrong refolution to fhed his owne blood for 
Chrifl,whenitjhallbeneedfull. Heethat is thus difpofed, 
is not led with n the Spirit of fearers our enemies,hypo- 
crites, andignorantly zealous brethren fay, but with the 
Spirit of power, of love, and of a found minde ; The occafi- 
ons will teach him, when Gods will is that he flee,when 
that he (lay to die : Therefore wee (hould pray one for 
another, as Paul did for Timothie y ° The Lord give thee 
under flooding in all things. 

X, If thefe words betaken in a figurative and allego- 
ricallfenfe^he^aslhavefaid, they are an exhortation 
to patience, like unto many others, which ye reade in 
the Pfalmes,and in the Prophets. David faith, p Be ft- 
lent to the Lord, and watte patiently for him. Efaiab (aid to 
thelcwes,*! In cjuietneffe and confidence jhall be your ftrengtb. 
Ye reade in the Lamentations of leremiah, r It is good that 

; a man Jhould both hope, and quietly waite for the falvation of 
the Lord : It is good for a man that he be Are the yoake in his 
youth : Hee Jitteth alone, and keepeth Jilehce, becaufe hee hath 
borne tt upon him : Hee putteth his mouth in the dufl, iffo be 
there may be hope. Which figurative manner ; cf fpeeches 
are thus fetdowneelfe-wherein properwords, ( In your 
patience pojfejfe ye your foules : ye have need of patience , that 
after yee have dene the will of God, J'te might receive the 


rp 9 

m Chryfrtt. 
homtl. 6 7, 1 
n 2.Tun.i. 

o 2.Tim,i. 


P P6L37.7 
q Ifaia. 30. 

r Lament. 


t Hcb. 10, 



Sermon VIII. 


v Pfal; 

X Pfal. 
y Pro! 


But the Spirit of God ufeth fuch, figurative fpeeches 
in chif.rnatter, becaufe they arevery popular, and mod ; 
fkr#ex.prel;te the nature of patience : for becaufe the j 
people was to be kd captive into Babylon, and to be in- 1 
thralled there the fpace of threefcoreand ten yeeres,the 
Prophet (hevveth them what they mud doe then. For 
as they that traffiqueby fea, when they fee the ftorme 
comming, faileto fome haven , and anchor there untill 
the ftormebe paft ; or as the people of Ifrael, when the 
Angell of the Lord deftroyed the firft borne of Egypt, 
and Rahab at the facke of lerico , kept them lei ves quiet 
.in houfes* the doores being fliut: So,faith the Pro- 
phet, muft ye doe in the great and heavy ftorme of affli- 
ction) which is to come upon you : Enter into your 
chambers, fhutthe doores about you , hide your felves 
there, let none goe foorthjhafte to the haven of falvati- 
on, left ye perjfh. What chambers, what havens are 
thefe ? Can there foe anyfofureand fafeas God him- 
felfe> of whom, and to whom David faith, v O how great 
is thy goodneJfe,which thou haft laid up for them thatfeare thee; 
which thou haft wrought for them that tmfi in thee before the 
fonnes of men ! Thoufhalt hide them in the ficret of thy pre- 
fence ffromthe pride of man : thoufhalt keepe them fecretly in a, 
pav Son, from the firife of tongues. And therefore applying 
this to himfelfe,hefaid , * Hee that dwelleth in the ficret 
place of the mofl high ,Jhall abide under thefhadow of the Al- 
| mighty ; / will fay of the J^ord , He U my refuge and my for- 
2- 10 tyeffe y jny (sod in whom I will truft. For* Y the Name of the 
| Lord 24 a ftrong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is 
fafe. After the fame manner, and in the fame fenfe,.ffo- 
bacucCaidj a Iwillftand upon my watch , and fet mee upon 
the tower I and will, watch, to fee what he will fay to me. Thefe 
things were then Jpoken , but they belong to all ages, 
andaretousthis day examples and inftruftions > to re- 
lye upon God in our tribulations with patience,and qui- 
etneffe of mind. 

XI. Many 



2,. 1 

Of the Lords Deliveries. 


XI. Many are the reafons which fliouldmoove us to 
a m o(l humble and quiet fuhieclion of our fpirits,with- 
ou t fretting of our felves, without murmuring,when we 
are afflided, and they which afflicl; us, profper : but efpe- 
cially there be foure: The firttis taken from the will of 
God; thefecond from his wifedome ; the third from his 
truth ; the fourth from his iuftice. 

The firtt thing we mull iooke unto in our afflictions, 
is the will of God. For as Ieremiah, afrer the deftrucl-ion of 
lerufclem by the Babylonian?, and burning of the Tem- 
ple to ames,witii-drew his eyes from the earth, £c lifting 
them upabove all the vifible heaven settled them upon 
God, and asked, b Who is he that faith^This is come to fajfe, 
and the Lordhath not ■ commanded it ? evilland good,proceedeth 
it not out of the month of the Lord ? fo mud wee all thinke, 
fo mult we all fpcake* 1 he wicked profper, becaufeitis 
Gods will : we are opprelfed > becaufe it is Gods will. 
Our matter and Dodtor hath taught us both by precept, 
and by example, to thinke and to fpeakefo. Hath he not 
commanded us to pray, Thy will he done? It is his will, 
that we be fo unworthily vexed and tormented. c Are 
not, faith he > two jparrowes fold for a farthing ? and one of 
them Jhall not fall on the ground without your father ? but the 
very haires of your headare all numbred. As if hee had faid, 
FarrelelTe (hall any evill befall you without the will of 
your Father. Therefore he fubmitted bimfelfe unto his 
Fathers will, when he was to dye for us finners, faying, 
d Not as I willy but as thou wilt ; and commanded Peter, 
which drew the fvvord to defend him, to put up hfs 
fword into the llieath, with thisreafon> e The cup which 
my father hath given me, fhall I not drinke it? So he faid to 
| the Diiciples going to Emmauso £ Ought not Chrifi to havt 
\fuffered thefe things, and to enter into his glory ? why ought 
he ? becaufe foriboth it was the will oi God. 

In this meditation j we mud not onely fay of God, as 

Nebuchadnezzar did, that g he doth according to lm will in 

J J) d the 

b Lam«$, 

c Math. 

d Mat. 16. 

c Ioh.18. 

f Luk.24, 

g Dan 4. 
3 5- 



the army of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth : 
and none can flay his hand, or fay unto him, What doefl thou ? 
h Rom iz. but acknowledge alio with the Apodle, that h his will is 
good,acceptab/e, and perfefl , and therefore mod worthy 
that our wills be offered up in a burnt facrifice unto it. 

! This was the fhield wherwiththat i mofl worthy atchiever 
ofthevitloriesofGod, that rare and wonderful! patterne 

, ofparience, extinguished all the fierie darts, which ey- 
ther by the Iotfe of his goods 3 or by the death of his chil- 

I dren, or by the (linking and filthy fores of his body, or 

i by the chiding of his wife , or by the contempt of his 
fervants, or by the un courteous and churlifh comforts 
of his friends, or by affrighting dreames the divellthrew 
at him. He repelled them all with this one word, k Blef- 

fed be the name of the Lord. So the brethren knowing that 
the will of God was, that Vaul fhould goe up to lerufa- 
lem, and be there bound, and delivered into the hands 
of the Gentiles, ceafed to ditfwade him, faying, l The 
willofthe Lordbe done. For God is a Father: neyther would 
it be his will that we fhould be afflicted, except it were 
for our good. We fing firfl, m Prayfe the LORD, for the 
LORD is good. Then we adde: For I l>now that the LORD 
is or eat y & that our LORD is above all gods : what foe ver the 
LOR D pleafed, that did he in heaven, and in earth,in thefeas, 
andalldeepe places. This then is the firlt reafon to moove 
us to patience : k isthe will of the Almighty God, who 
to us is a loving Father, that we betoyledand hurryed 
with many afflictions: and weoweallfubmifliofyallo- 

XII. Is he onely Almighty, and all good? Is he not 
alfo A!l-wife?Doubtklfc he is.Hath he not made light to 
fhineout of darkenelfe, benediction tofpring out of 
malediictionjifetorifeout of death I He bridleth the 
unbridled affections of men, hefettethin order all their 
difordered actions f when they fight againft his will, he 
doth his will, not inthem,butby them. TheScribes and 

Ph an fees 


i T 
pat ient 14. c a 

1 4. operasu 
rid nun Dei. 

k lob 1. 11 


m Pfal.i 3 5 

Of the Lords Deliveries. 


Pharifees with the Priefts confpire againft Chrifl : ludas 
felleth him \Pilat condemneth hiwi : the louldiers cruci- 
fie him : how many divers intentions, how manydiia- 
greeingendsof thefe wicked men in the tormenting of 
oneman? Godthegreat and experimented Phyiician, 
makcth of ail thefe iinnes amoft excellent antidote a- 
gainft mine; of all thefe poifons, afoveraigneandfin- 
gular medicine for the health of the foule. When the 
wicked perfecute the Church > their mind is to deftroy it 
for ever : but Godjby the perfections, chaftiieth the fe- 
curitie,tryeth the faith, exercifeth the patience of his 
children,andfctteth forth his ownegloryin their deli- 
very, as ye have heard in the fourth Sermon. He hath e- 
ver donefo, heewill doe fo unto the worlds end : 
and thereforeletusin all our heavy difpleafures rely up- 
on his wifedome, as it is written, " Commit thy way unto 
to the LORD : trufi alfoin him, and kejhall bring it te paffe : 
Then ourowne experience (hall inforce us to confeile, 
that ° we know that all things worke together for good to them 
that love God,to them who are called according to his purpofe. 
So in Gods wifedome we have a fecond reafon to move 
us to patience. 

XIII. Thirdly, we mould ever fet before our eyes 
his truth, which is more firme and conftant than hea- 
ven and earth, and all things that are therein : men may- 
be difloyall and falfe. But p if we beleeve not ,yet he abideth 
faith foil, he cannot deny htmfelfe. He is S the firength of If- \ 
roe/, he willnotlye,nor repent : for he is not a man, that he (l 
Jhonld repent. He hath wifedome to forefee the events be- \ 
forehepromife:hehath power to performe whatfoe- 
verhe promifeth : heisgoodnetfeitfelfe, and therefore 
he will througWy fulfill all his promifes. r For as the rame 
commeth downe,and the fnow from heaven, andretttrncth not j \ Q ^1** 
thither, but water eth the earth , and maketh tt to bring foorth 
and bud, that it may give feed to thefower,and bread to the ea- 
ter : &?,faith he } Jhallmy word be that goeth foorth out of my 
Dd z mouth 


o Rom 8. 

p i.Tim 2. 

q I.Sam. 

204 ( 

Sermon VIII. 


y Pfal.10. 

v Efa.54, 


j 4. 

mouth: itjhallnotretumeunto me voyd, but itfhallaccomplifh 
that which I pleafe, and it Jhall prober in the thing whereto I 
fent it. 

XIV. Wee have his promife in the fecondpart of 
.oar text : for when he biddet h us hide ourfelves a* it were 
for little moment yUntill the indignation beoverpaft: he im- 
plyethin thecommandementa moft comfortable pro- 
mife j that the affliction of the Church (hall lad but for a 
moment^ which being expired, his indignation (hall o- 
verpaiFe, and the Church (lull be delivered. This pro- 
mife, and the exhortation grounded upon it, is very for- 
mal! in Habacuc, where God fpeaketh afterthh manner? 
f The vifon is yet for an appointed time': bat at the end it [hall 
fpeake, and not lye : Though it tarry , wait for it, becaufe it 
will fur ely come, it will not tarry . The promife is , that the 
vifion,tbe prediction concerning the deliverance of 
the Church, hath an appointed time -,which being expired 3 
God will fulfill ft : the exhortation is, Therefore waite 
upon it: This time is not a longtime: it is but a mo- 
ment. t For his anger en dureth but a moment : In his favour is 
life : weeping may endure for a night ; , but toy commeth in the 
mormng : as David faith in the thirty Pfalme. Yee have 
the like promife in the fiftieand fourth chapter oflfaiah: 
v For a' fin -ill moment have Iforfaken thee, but with great mer- 
cies will I gather thee. I have hid my face from thee for a lit tie, 
inthemoz^ntofwrath: but with everlafting kindneffewiR I 
have mercy on thee y faith the LORD thy. redeemer. 

X V. Here then wee have folid comfort, and a fove- 
raigne remedy againft impatience in tribulations For 
the rod ofwickcdneffefhallnot reft upon the lot of the righteous: 
left the righteous put foorth their hands into iniquity: wehcare 
the promife, and howfoever weebeleete it, wethinke 
the time to be very long, and wee cry, as David often in 
thePfalmes, And thou Lord, how long? for one houre of 
affliction is m ore fenfible unto us, rhan a yeare of prof- 
peri tie. Therefore God y knowing our fame , andremem- 


Of the Lords Deliveries, 

bring that #e are but duft, fpeaketh unto us according to 
our hearts defire,and telleth us ; that hee hath a time ap- 
pointed for our deliverance, whereof he keepeth a mod 
exacl reckoning , and fhall not lofe the leart parcel! 

a To every thin a there is a feafon, and a time to every pur- 
pofe under the heaven. A time to be afflicled^ time to bee 
delivered ; the time of affliction is to fonie fhortcr, to 
fome longer. To Noah and to his family in the Arke, b it 
was ofoneyeareandtennedayes <To the people of If- 
raelin Hgy pt > c four hundredy ears. To the lews in Babylon, 
d feaventy years.To the woman difeafed with the bloody 
c iiTue,twclveyeares. To the impotent, whom the Lord 
cured at the poole of \eruh\em, f thirty and eight yearcs. 
To the woman delivered of her child to beefed in the 
wildcrnelfe,?^ time, and times, andhalfeatime , which are 
threeyeares, and an halfe. To Afofer to be hid h three 
moneths. //<?/?rf,fpeaking of the time of Gods deliveries, 
faithj * After two day es will hee revive us: hi the third day 
will he raife us up, and wefhall live in his fight. k Lazarus was 
inthegrave/d?W(?^r/:iTheLord was put to death, and 
buryed, and rofe again the third day. Hee advertifed the 
Church of Smyrna j that (hee fhould have tribulation 
m tennedayes. He fpakeof his houre, when hee faid to 
i his mother, n Mine houre is not yet come. Hee faid to his 
Difciples, ° A little while, andye (hall not fee me,andagaine 
a little while, and ye jhallfee me. In our text God fpeaketh 
of a little moment. David faith, P Yet a little while , and the 
wkkedflmllnot be. The Apoftle faith, that 1 our afflittion is 
light , and is but for a moment : He faith againe, r Tct a lit- 
tle while, and he t hat jh all come, will come, and will not tarry. 
S. Peter writeth to thefaithfull of his time, that f for a 
feafonthey w.*re in heavineffe through manifold temptations. 
And it was faid to the foules that were under the Altar, 
that r they fiould reft yet for a little feafon, untill their fel- 
low- fervants alfo, and their brethren that fhould bee killed as 

Dd 3 they 


a Eccl.j,! 

b Gen. 7.1 1 


c Gen.xj. 


d Jer,2 5. 

Dan y.2. 



g Rev. 1 2. 

h£xod.2.2 # 
i Hof6.z/ 
k Ioh.u. 



n Ioh.2.4, 
oloh 16. 

p Pfal. 37 , 


q 2, Cor. 4. 



1 7a 

( i 4 Pct.i.6. 

t Rev. 

20 6 

v ver 10. 

X Pfal 119 

y 2.Pet.$.8 

a Rom 8. 

h 2,Cor.4. 


Sermon VIII. 

c Pfal.102, 


d Pfal.130. 

they were,fhould be fulfilled : that is to fay, untill the end of 
the world, which to flefh and blood is very long: for if 
rhefe blelfed foule5 thought the time which was be- 
tweene their death, and this vifion of lohn, folong^that 
they cryed, v How long O Lord ? what wonder if men lea- 
ding a mod weariforae and tedious life under thecrolfe, 
cry to GodasI^Wdid, x Mine eyes fail* for thy word, 
faying, when wilt thou comfort me f 

XV f. The comfort to them all is this, that their affli- 
ction, which to them is too too long, is but a moment, 
not onely in refpecT: of Gcd , y with whom one day is as a 
thonfandyeares, and a thoufandyeeres as one day 3 but alfo in 
regard of the eternity of unfpeakeable glory, wherewith 
it fliall be fwallowed up. a Tor I reckon, faith theApoftle, 
that the Offerings of this prefent time are not worthy to bee 
compared with the glory which Jhall bee revealed in us 5 Glory 
which thefefufFeringsworke in us. b For our light afflt- 
tlion, which is but for a moment, workethfor as afarre more 
exceeding and eternall weight of glory , eve n fo farre as it 
fubdueth our pride,mortifieth our lufts,andis the Lords 
high way unto our eternall bli lie, Whereunto ifyee 
adde the promife of deliverance, even in this life, no- 
thing fliall be wanting to our full comfort. 

XVII. Whatthen (hall we doe, till the Lord come 
and deliver us? what, but waite upon the Lords plea- 
fure ? The Iewes knew by revelation from God, the 
time of their bondage in Egypt, and captivitie in Baby- 
lon 5 which being come to an end, they faid confidently 
to God, c Thoujhalt arife, and have mercy upon Sion .-for the 
time to favour her, yea, the Jet time is come. We h ave n o fuch 
revelation: and therefore we muft bee content to reive 
upon Gods generall promife, and fay with David, d / 
waite for the LORD :my foule doth waite, and in his word doe 
/hope; a(Tured,thathowfoeveritfeeme,that heaven and 
earth confpire againft us , and that wee are brought to 
the pinch, he fliall put a new fong m our mouthes, and 


Of the Lords "Deliveries, 

Piveusa mod plentiful fubjecl to fing as David did, 
e In waiting, 1 waited for the LORD, and he inclined unto me, 
andbeardmycry : f For bee is faithfull that promt fed. And 
g with bim no word is impofsible. 

The Lord in his great mercies give us this patient 
hope and allurance, for Chrift lefus his deare Tons fake, 
who with him and the holy Ghoft, livcth and raigneth 
Godblelled for evermore .Amen. 


e Pftl.40.1 

g Luk.i. 


Of Gods Iudgementsufon P erf centers, and of 
the lafl deliverance of the Church. 


2 1 . For behold the LORD commeth out of his place, 
to vifitetheinhabitantsofthe earth for their iniqui- 
ty : the earth alfo fliall difclofe her blood , and fliall 
no more cover her ilaine. 


THe lafl motive to pa- 
tience^ taken from 
the Judgements of God. 

2 .The Lord is [aid to come, 
when he ivdveth. 


3 . He is faid to come out 
of his -place, when his iudge- 
ments and mercies are made 

4. He viflteth the inhabi- 
tants of the earth, ejther in 
iudgementjor in mercy. 

5. Wicked men arc called 
the inhabitants of the earth : 

for godly men arc firangcrs 

6. God will vifite the in- 
habitants of the earth for 
their iniquity , which they 
thinke to bee good fervice to 

7. God will be avenged of 
tbofe which J bed the blood of 
his deare ones, 

8 . Becaufe he is righteous 

r>. Great iudgements on 

' 10. Namely, 


a Minut.Ve- 
hx,ut yifti- 
rna ad fuf- 
n*ntH>' '.ut 

b Zcph- 
x 8. 

Sermon IX. 

i o. Namely, on great men 
under the law, 

1 1 . ^And principally on 
thofe who have perfecuted the 
Christian Church. 

i2.ProJperity in this world, 
is a token of Gods indignation, 
rather than of his lo ve. 

1 3. The torments of hell 
preparedfor wicked men. 

1 4. Their confeience tells 
them there is a hell. 

1 5. Hell is a place penall 
in its ownefelfe, 

1 6 . There is therepaine of 
dammage mofl mfufferable. 

I j. As Ukewife uncon- 

ceiveable pa'me offenfe, 

18. Which is univer fall, 

1 9. And everlafting. 

2 o. Perfecuters 9 above all 
others, fh all be tortured there 
with moft exquifite torments. 

21. Great Jhall be in that 
day the glory of Gods Saints, 
and terrible to their Perfecu- 

22, Great difference be- 
tweene the life and the end of 
wicked and of godly men. 

21. The\ Church cannot 
be deftroyed. 

24. Exhortation and con- 

S the words of this text are from God the 
laft, fo (hould theybeein your hearts a 
moft powerfull motive to a patient tar- 
rying for the blelled time, which the 
wifedome of the Lord hath appointed for theglorious 
and finall reliefe of his Church from all mifery. 

Ye may call the text DAN, i e.Iudgement : for it 
threatneth,with no fmall mifchiefe, allbloody and cru- 
ell perfecutcrs, and by their overthrow promifeth delive- 
rance to them which are perfecuted* The time of the 
one , and of the other , is not a time of many yeares, 
monethsjweekes.dayes : The afflictions ofthe Church 
(hallbc gone in a moment, as ye have heard. In a moment 
alfo (hall come the deftniftion of thofe that perfecute 
her, who in their greateftprofperity are a like beads fat- 
ted, b and crowned with garlands for the day of the Lords 
facrifce: wherein,fakh the Lord , I will punijh the Princes, 
and the flings chddren,and allfuch as are clothed with ft range 
apparel!. II. Fori 

Of the Lords Deliveries. 


II. Tor behold the Lord commeth. O open the eyes o^ 
your minde, o bid your faith rife from her fleepe to he- 
hold^in the immutable truth of the Lords threats, in the 
inevitable power ofhisiuftice,in the innumerable! udge- 
ments which he hath already difpatched againft wicked 
opprellbrs, in his more than motherly love to his deare 
ones; his promptneffe and readineire to deliver his 
Church, by the overthrow of all her enemies. Hee, he 
himfelfe, he who is the Lord will deftroy them. Neither 
(hall they be able to (hield themfelves againft the Lord: 
He will not tarry, he will not delay his comnaing.-ikW^ 
he commeth', he is already on his iourney. 

I I I. From whence commeth he ? Out of his plaee. O 
Lord, Art thou fo in one place, that thou art not at the 
fame time in all places t O infinite Maieftie, c thou canft 
be every where at one time rand yet thou art no where. 
Thou filled with thy prefence every place : and loe, 
thou art not contained in any place. Thou canft come, 
and not goe from the place where thou waft : Thou 
canft depart, and not leave the place whereanto thou 
didftcomc. Our foules wonder at this, but becaule of 
their narrowncflejthey cannot comprehend it: O Lord 
grant that we may beleeveit : And tell us, how thou 
who hztttbe heaven for d thy throne, and the earth for thy 
footftoolc* thou who fayeft of thy felfe, Doe I jtot fill the 
heaven and the earth ? O mod wondcrfullGod, teach us 
how thou comracfl and goeft I Doft thou not fpeake fo ; 
not of thy nature, but of the workes of thy iudgements 
and mercies f 

Brethren, learne, and wonder. Men fpeake fo bfjjj*^ 
God : And therefore God borroweth mens phrafesjand 
asthey fpeake of him, fo fpeaketh he ofhisowne felfe. 
, Wicked men when they (poile, kill, and abufemofr li 
centioufly the righteous man, doe fay, £ The LORD 
fhallnot fee, neither Jhall the God of lacob regard it. A s if h 

C Augujt**d 
VolujiAti. E- 
pift.$> Knit 
uhtque totus 
effe, & radio 
cor.ttneri /•- 
co.Novtt ve- 
niremen re~ 
cedindo uhi 
erdt. Kovit 
dhire 9 non 
defer edo quo 
venerdt* Mi- 
rAtur hoc 
mens bumd- 
ttdy ey quid 
non cdpit, 

e Icr.23. 

f Pfel.94 7. 

were in his Clofet fad afleepe, or bufied with other mat- 

E e ters- 



E R W N IX. 

lob 21. 


k Gen. 


i Gen. 1 3. 





mPfal 6o i 
n PfalSo, 

ters, when they reele to and fro to doe mifchiefe : or as 
if he dwelt fa farre off from them, that he cannot fee 
them* What, fay they, g fs not God m the height of hea- 
ven* and behold the height of the fiarres how high' they are : 
how doth God know ? Can he iudge through the dirke cloud f 
Thicke cloudes are a covering to him, that he fceth not, and he 
walketh in the circuit of heaven. 

Forthiscaofe God faith, that feeing they thinke and 
fpeake fo, he will come out of his place to vifit , i.e. to 
punifli the Inhabitants of the earth for their iniquities 
Evenasit is faid, when the Giants were building the 
Towre of Babel, that h the LORD camedowne to fee the 
City and the Towre, which the children of men budded, and 
faid, Goc to, let us goe downe, and there confound their Ian-* 
guage : And as when he was to deftroy Sodome andGo- 
morrha, he faid to Abraham £ « I will goe downe now, and fee 
whether they have done altogether according to the cry of it,, 
which is come unto me ; and if not, I will know : As likewifc 
when histimc was come to take vengeance of Pharad, 
and deliver his people, he faid to Mofes, k / have furely 
feene the affliciion of my people -which are in Egypt, and have 
heard their cry, by rcafon of their taske-mafters : for I know 
their forrowes, and I am come downe to deliver them out of the 
handof the Egyptians. When lie with d raw eth his care 
from his children, and fuffereth his enemies to afflict 
them, he faith in Hofea, 1 / will goe , and returne to my 
place, tillthey acknowledge their offence. And then they ac- 
knowledging their owne folly, cry unto him, m Oturnc 
thy felfeto us again e : n Returne, we befeech thee, o God of 
hofles: looke downe from heaven, and behold, and vifit this 
Vme. After the fame manner, when he de'troyeth their 
perfecuters, he delivereth them, and faith, that hecom- 
meth out of his place to vifit them-, them who are his chil 
dren, in his favour 5 them who are his enemies,and the 
opprelfors of his children s in the extremitie of his 

IV. He 

Of the Lords Deliveries, 


IV. Hecalleththeoneand the other, his vifitation. 
For, ° he dwelleth in the light, which no man can abroach 
mto\ andcannotbe feene of us, but by his workes: 
which when he difplayech not, we thinke and we fay, 
that he is abfent : But when we fee and teelethem, then 
we fay he is prefent, and hath vifited us. As we fpeake 
of him, fo fpeaketh he of himfelfe, though P bee be not 
farrc from every one of us : for in him we live, andmove, and 
have our being. O r rather he teacheth us, that he doth all 
things by rule, by number, and by ballance,that firft he 
takes a perfect notice of our eftate, and afterwards fet- 
teth his workes forward. 

The workes whereby he vifitethus,are either of mer- 
cie, or of iudgement. And therefore his vilitations are ta- 
ken in the vScriptures,fometinries for htsmerchs, £oH>Q- 
timet for bis lodgements. Andit isfaidihat he vii^.h us, 
either when hegi veth us confpicuou?. teftinionies of 
his favour, orwhenhepunimethusf >r our (inne^ 

Inthefirft fenfe it is faid,that <l the L O RD vifited Sa- 
rah, as he had faid: which in the words following is 
thus explained, And the Lorddidmto Sarah as he hadfpo- 
ken : Becaufehe fulfilled his promife, and gave a Sonne 
to Sarabythc Scripture faiths that he vifited Sarah. I n the 
fame fenfe, Iofepb faid to his brethren, * God will fur ely 
vifiteyouJ.e. deliver you. And fo is the word expoun- 
ded by Zacbarias in his fong, where he faith, that r God 
bath vifited, and redeemed his people. Ye reade the li ke in 
the Ads, where it is written, that t Goddidvifitethe Gen- 
tiles, to take out of them a people for his NameSox their cal- 
lingtothe light of the Gofpell, was their vifitation. 
When Urufalem made light of that light, Chrift faid, 
th at v jhe knew not the time of her vifitation. 

In the fecond fenfe, vifitation of punilhmenr is dou- 
ble: The one is of love and of grace, whereby God 
viTiteth his ownedeare "children, as he faid to David, 
* If*)*) breake mjfiatutesyandkeepe not my commandements: 

Ee 2 then 

o I Tim. 6. 



q Gen.ti.i 

r Gen. 50 


{ Luk 1.6 

t Aft if. . 

v LUc. 

x Pfa1 


y Mhtut, Fe* 
lix.Kon eft 
poena, milittd 
emm mfirmi- 
tdttbu* robe* 
ratur : El 
vfdpw* difci- 
'' plinx virtu* 


c x Chro. 

d Ieh.i7< 
1 1 j 1 6. 


Sermon IX^ 

then will I vifite their tranfgrejfwn with the rod, and the** 
imquitie with flripei : Never the leffe, my loving kindneffe will 
I not utterly take from him, nor fuffer my faithfulneffe to 
faile. We have heard heretofore, that this kinde of visi- 
tation ismoftufeful!. Itis notfo much y apunifhment 
to the Church, other warfare. For fortitude is corroborated 
by infirmities: And often affibhwnandcalamitie is the fchoole 
andmiflreffe of vertue. It is ever fo to the Church. 

The other commeth from Gods heavie wrath and in- 
dignation, and hath for end, not the correction, but the 
deduction of the finner: As when God faid that hee 
a would vifite the blood of Iezjreel ufon the houfe of lehu, he 
threatned the Kings houfe with a totall andfinall over- 
throw 5 ashe feith in the words following, that he would 
caufe to ceafethe kingdome ofthehoufe of Ifrael. In this fenfe 
David made this prayer to God, b O LORD God of 
hofles, the God of Ifrael, awake to vifite all the heathen : for 
headdeth by way of expoiition, Be not merctfull to any 
wicked tranjgrejfors. This word is fo taken in this text, 
when the Prophet faith jthatthe Lord commeth out of 
his place to vifite, .i.e. to punifh in his auger, and hot dik 
pleafure. Whom will he vifite . ? 

V. The inhabitants of the earth. What? Are not all 
men, are not Godsfervants inhabitants of the earth, af- 
wellas other men ? No men^to fpeake properly ,are in- 
habitants of the earth. For we are all tenants at the will 
of the great Lands Lord, not owners : and our life is a 
foiourning, rather than a dwelling on earth. 

All true beleevers acknowledge this truth, and fay in 
their prayers to God T c We are ftr angers before thee, and 
foiourners, as were all our fathers : Our dayes on the earth are 
as a fhadow, and there is none abiding. Earth is onely the 
place of their peregrination. d They are, faith Chrift, 
wtheworld,buttheyare»ot of the world. Heaven is their 
h ome. c For here have we no continuing criie, but wefeeke oue 
to come. Every day wee heaxe God faying vnto vs, 

f Artfe 

Of theLcrds Deliveries* 

f Arife yee and depart, for this is not your refi. Therefore 
as g Eliah walked forty dayes and fortie nights till he 
came unto Horeb the mount of God : So we walke apace, 
andgoe Hill forward, till we come to the heavenly Man- 
nor, whereof theApoftle faith, that h there remaineth a 
reft to the people of God. \ There is our treafure, there is 
our heart alio : Asa way- faring mans heart is at home, 
becauieathome are his wife, his children, and whatfo- 
ever he loveth. There is k our converfation, though our 
bodies be here. 

The wicked may fee that which we beleeve, and daily 
experience teacheth them to fay with the women of Te- 
koah, 1 fVe mufi needs die, and are as water jpilt on the ground, 
which cannot Be gathered up agatne. Yet notwithstanding, 
they m minde earthly things. n Their inward thought is, 
that their houfes jhall continue for ever, and their dwelling pla- 
ces to all generations : They call their lands after their owne 
Names. Therefore feeing they have nothing before 
1 their eyes, no end of theirthoughts and actions, but the 
earth, it is no wonder that they fhould be called the in- 
habitants of the earth. Out of the earth were they ta- 
ken. In earth they dwell, in earth they have their por- 
tion, to earth (hall their bodies returne, and if hell be in 
the center of the earth, as many fay,there (hall they have 
theirlaftand eternail habitation* 

V I. For what caufe will the Lord vifite them fo rigo- 
roufly I For their iniquitie, that is to fay, for the exceflive- 
neile of their mod immoderate finnes,as the word mull 
be taken here: whatfinnes were thofe? Queftionleife 
too too manyamongft a people enemies to God and to 
his Church : but above all, the persecution of the 

They thought undoubtedly that all the harme which 
they did to the Church, was righteoufneire, and good 
fervke done to their gods : AsChrift hath forewarned 
us, that they who fhall kill us, willdeeme ° that they 

Ee 3 doc\ 



S * 



h Heb.4.9. 
i Matt.6.n 


1 1 Sam. 1 4. 

n Pfal. 4^. 

o Ioh.2,16. 

2I 4 


plob 16,6, 

r Pfal.n^. 

f Gen«9. 

doe Godfervice : But God calleth this thur pretended fer . 
vice,*>«^>y t amo(thainous and enormous finne: and 
ifyedelirealpecificationofthekindof this fin, God in 
the text calleth it blood, or according to the Hebrew 
word, bloods : for by that word God Iignifieth the ex- 
treame and unquenchable thirft of bloud, wherewith 
thefemurtherers werefo dry , that when they had (lied 
it all, they would have gladly (bed more,and wifhed that 
each ofthofe whom they had flaine,had poffeifeda hun- ! 
dred lives, tofurnifli to them more blood to (pill. They 
kill, becaufe they take pleafure in killing, like unto the 
Tyrant Caligula , who wifiied that the people of 
Rome had all one necke, that at one bio w he might cut 

V 1 1. O Tyrants, O bloud- thirftie butchers ! ye flay 
the Saints of God under coolur of juftice : and ye think, 
that not onely God will not avenge it, but that he will 
rather alio wand reward it. Whereas God faith, that 
the earth Jhall difctofe her bloods, andjhall no more dtfeover her 
/lame. The earth it feife (hall open herwombe, and un- 
fold her bowells, and cry to God, Loe, here is the inno- 
cent blood which thy enemies have (lied : Loe, here are 
the bodies of thy beloved fervants, whom thefe Matfa- 
crers have flaine : P Hell is naked before him: and defim%ion 
hath no covering. O then (ha)l the earth conceale your 
raurthers from him ? 

Have ye notread, that ^the LordwiH abhorre the bloudy 
anddeceitfullman ? Doubt not, but that which is written 
is true. r Preci&uitn the Jight of the Lord, is the death of all his 
Saints-, and therefore nee will with an handofyron 
thrutfhard together the bellies ofthofe horfeleeches, 
which have drun ke their bloud ,and ftraine them till they 
fpue it out of their bloudy throats. 

He hath Aid, that f ^ mil require the life of man at the 
hand of every beafi , and at the hand of every mans brother. 
How much more will he require the life of his deare 

fervants I 

Of the Lords Deliveries* 

Servants at the hands of their murtherers I Hee harh or- 
deined before fhe law of a mod juftand inexorable law* 
that who fofheddetb mans blood, , by man his blood fh. ill bee 
fhed: whereof he rendreth two reafons 5 The|nYfr, that 
mens lives are in their blottd j The fecond, that in the image 
of God made he man, Vnder the Law he confirmed this 
Law by another law, and faid, c that£/Wunjuftiy fhed, 
defileth the land , though it bee the blood ofan ill mam 
And the land cannot be clean fed of the blond that is fhed there - 
m^ but by the blond of htm that fhed it. This law is irrevo- 
cable : for Chrilt hath alio faid in the Gofpell , that v aH 
they that take thefword, fhall per'tfh with the fworcL If men 
put it not in execution, God will : and till he doe it, the 
land where the blood of his Saints, who are reftored to 
his imagers fhed, fhall remaine polluted. x The voice of 
Abels blood cryedmto htm from the ground, andhee liftened 
unto it. Thefuules of a great many Abels, which are un- 
der the Altar, cry unto him with a loud voyce, y How 
long, O Lord, holy and true I doe fl thou not iudge and avenge 
our bloodonthem that dwell on the earth? And will hee not 
heare them i He will, he will : z for he that killeth with the 
frord) mptft be hilledwith the fword. Here is the patience and 
the faith of the Saints : They expect with pariencej it fhall 
be ibjbecaufc they know by faith it mud be fo* 

I IX. God who hath fpoken it, is truth it felfe: he is 
flrength it klfc : a Theftrength of Ifrael will not he, nor re- 
pent : for he is not aman, that he fhould repent. Therefore 
itmuftbefo. Heis jufticeit felfej therefore it (hall be fo* 

For howfoeverwebefinners, the caufe for which we 
are molefled and vexed,is his: His who is Almighty and 
juft : His who loveth it : his who. will not fuffer it to bee 
overthrowne by the malice and wickednetfe of men: 
his who will defend them whomaintaineit,and deftroy 
them who feeke to overthrow it. This is the comfort 
which the Apoftle givethto the Theffallorrians , who 
bareacroffe as heavy then> as your brethren beyond 


2 15 

t Num 35. 

v Mat. 2 6, 

x Gen.4,10 

y Rev.^9, 



a 1 

IS- 29. 


b 2.Thcf, 

g Efa.f4. 

d Zach«i2. 

c Dan. i. 

SbrMon IX. 

teas doe now 5 faying unto them , b It is a righteous thing 
withGodto recomptnfe tribulation to thsm that trouble yon, 
and to you who are troubled, reft with Hi , when the Lord Ufus 
l Jhallbe revialedfromheaven with the Angels of his power. ,We 
| mutt apply this comfort to us;for we (hall never be with- 

But we have our warranter and proteftor in heaven, 
who forewarnes us not only of their enterprifes,but alfo 
of their overthrew. Behold,foith hctheyjhall fur sly gather 
together, but not by m^whifoever fhall gather together again ft 
thee, ft) all fall for thy fake. Behold, I have created the Smith 
that blow eth the coale sin the fire, and that bringeth forth an in* 
ftrument for his worke : And I hive created the deftroycr to de- 
fer 'oy. No weapon that is formedagainft thee, jh all pro ftp er : and 
every tongue that fhall rife againft thee in iudgenvnt , shou 
fhaltcondemne. This is the heritage of the ferv ants of the Lord, 
and their righteoufnejfe of me, faith the Lord. 

IX. The Church is an Anvile which hath broken 
in pecces many hammers : Or, as Zechariah (aich, d it is a 
burdenfome ft one for all people: all that burden themfelves with 
it, fhall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the eart h be ga- 
thered together againft it. Where are now the foure Mo- 
narchies which perfecuted the Church ? Hath not e the 
ft one cut out of the mount aine without hands , h ath n ot t he 
Church of ChriuS the Church which is come downe 
from Gods holy mountaine, even from heaven, the 
Church which is not the work of any man, but of God, 
the Church which is butlike a little ftone in the eyes of 
the world, hath not this little ttone broken them all to 
peeces, and cohfumed them like chaffe which the wind 
carry eth away ? But it is become a great mountaine which 
filleth the whole earth. It is a fpirituall kingdome which the 
Lord of heaven hath fet up, and therefore Jhall never becde- 

God faid to mount Seir, to the people ofEdom, the 
children of Efau > Becaufi thou haft had a perpetuall hatred, 


Of the Lords Deliveries, 


and haft. fked the blood of the children of Ifrael by the force of 
the fword, in the time of their calamity, in the time that their 
iniquity had an end: Therefore, as 1 1 tve, faith the Lord God, I 
will prepare thee unto blood , and blood jhall pur fue thee ; Jlth 
thouhaft no\ hated blood , blood jhall pur fue thee. 

Haveany of the Mallacrers of our fathers profperej ? 
How many wonderfull judgements of God,upon them 
and their childrcn,might I relate unto you, if time could 
permit. The gaggers have bcene gagged, and (trangled 
with wormes burfting out of their (linking throates: 
thofe which imbrued their hands with innocent blood, 
have fwumme in their owne blood $ the children of per- 
fecuters were feene begging at the doores of your fa- 
thers, whom their fathers had fpoiled 3 Many,purfued 
by the divell, did runneup and downe like madmen, 
crying, that they were damned, becaufe they had per- 
fecuted the Church, and fliedinnocent blood. Then the 
Church fang to God,gO LORD, how great are thy works I 
and thy thoughts are very deepe: A brutfjhman knowetbnot? 
netther doth a foole under ft and this : when the wicked jprings at 
thegrajfe, and when all the workers of iniquity doe flour Jh ; it 
is, that theyfhallbe deftroyedfor ever : but thou, O LORD* art 
moft high for evermore: for loe thine enemies , O LORD, for 
he, thine enemies Jhall per ifh : All the workers of iniquity (hall 
befcattered, but my home fhalt thou exalt like the home of the 

X. The author of the booke of Wifedome, faith, 
that h Jharpe iudgement Jhall be to them that be in high pla- 
ces'. And experience teacheth 5 that the iudgements of 
God on them have beene mod ftiarpe, confpicuous,and 
wonderfull. j In the place where the dogs licked the 
Wood of Naboth,wh\ch Achab (hed,there they licked A- 
chabs blood. Proud k le^abeh after (he had (lain the Pro- 
phets of the Lord, was eaten by dogs. Neither was there 
left in the family of AchabCo much as a doggethat pif- 
fedagainft the wall, in the beginning of the twenty 
. Ff feaventn 


gPfa! 92. 



i I.King. 
11.19 & 
Hi j8. 

k 2.King.9 

at 8 i 

Sermon IX 

lEfa.29 i, 

m ZcKing. 

u Hero dot. 


o Dan <.r, 

p 2.Macc. 

q Jofipb. 


J Jem debeU 
' U Judaic 9. 
\ 1 1. 

feaventh chapter following our text, the Prophet faith, 
that 1 /^ thatday, the L O R Bwtth his fire; and great > and' 
flrong fivordjhallfvnijh Leviathan the per vino* ferment , even 
Levi 'athan that crooked firpent , and'hcefhall flay the dragon 
that is m the fin. He calletb fo the Kings of Alfyria , and 
of -Babylon, which were the mod crueJL fubtiie, and ve- 
nemous perfecuters of his Church, Confider and fee 
how he punifiied them. ™ Senacharib was flame by his 
ownefonnes inthehoufe ofNifroch his God : And "af- 
ter his death, the Egyptians whom he had oppretfedjere- 
cted unto him an image of (lone, with this infcription, 
Whofieverlookgthu$onme>let him feme God. His third Ton 
EJar Uadddn\ was flain£ by Merodach Batadan, who trans- 
ported the Empire from Nimveh in Alfyria to Babylon 
in Chaldea. ° Be/fhaz,z,hr the firft and laft of Merodaches 
race, was killed among f he goblets and ditties, and in the 
midft of his Courtiers and Concubines, while!} he was 
blafpheming the name of God , & the Monarchic was 
by Cyrus and Darius tranflated to the Medes and Perfians. 
r Anthchus Epfhanes , famous for his mod unnaturall 
and barbarous cruelty againil the Church of the fewes, 
was fmitten with the in curable and remedilede fickneife 
of wormes and lice, which rifmg up out of his bowells 
and all th: parts of his body , coniumed his flefh with 
many and ifrange torments , andfuch a (linking (mell, 
that he bimfelfe could not abide it* Thus dying, a molt 
miserable death, hee left his Realme to his children, a-, 
mdngft whom God fent the Spirirof divifion and dif- 
cord, which left them never in peace till they wereconfu- 
med one by another. 

X I. //m^//,murthererofthc children of Berhelem, 
through the righteous judgement of God, became parri- 
cidebf hisownechildren ;and at la'ft, after he had been 
long tortured with a cholikepaffion , and unfpeakeable 
torments in his entrails, and all disfigured with the 
dropfie and fcurfe wherwith his whole body was fpread 


Of the Lords Deliveries, 

21 9 

over, was gn a wen by fwarmesot lice and worms? which 
burfting forth out of thofe parts of his body, which n* 
turallfhame commanded him to hide, and dolefull ne- 
ceiTkieconftrainedhim to difcover, made him a mbfl 
filthy and (linking fpe&isclero his Courtiers, and a mod 
ioathfomeguefl to himfelfe. r Htrodes Antypaa, who be- 
headed/^* Baptift, was relegated to Lion with his in- 
cestuous wife Her odias, and ended there his wicked life, 
by a wretched and miserable death. f Pontius P Hat ,who 
condemned Chrift to dye, was overwhelmed *vith fo 
many miferies,thatto be delivered of them all at once, 
he followed the example of ludas , and killed himfelfe. 
1 Her odes Agripparf\zx he had fora while persecuted the 
Chriftians, killed /*;»«, imprifoned Peter y \aking to him- 
felfe the honour due to God, wasffrickenby an Angell, 
and was eaten of wormes 5whofe pittilctfe teeth taught 
him,thathewasamedden of putrefaction , and not 

v Nero the firft perfecuter of Chriftiansamongthe 
Gentiles, after that he had fet Rome on fire, put his wife 
and learned mafter to death, rifled his mothers entrails 
to fee where he lay when he was in her wombe, taking 
life from her that gave him life 5 burnt quicke, or dil- 
membred with the teeth of his dogs,many thoufands of 
jChriftians, murthered all his friends, and filled the 
I whole Hmpirewith orbity, defolation, and mourning, 
| having no friend but murther and crueltfe, finding no 
J foe that would kill him, thruft himfelfe thorow with 
1 hisownefword, and was to himfelfe his owne Hang- 

x Domithm, who worfhipped no other God but him- 
felfe, who erected Temples and Altars to his own mor- 
tal! deitie, who con drained his people to call him the 
Lord our God, and perfecuted the Chriflians,becaufe they 
would not givethat title to any other but to our Lord 
Iefus Chriftjiior worfhip any but God 5 was betrayed of 

F f z his 

r hfepb. 

f Eu/eh hJL 


t A&.12, 

v Suetoujn 


Er^o ego, 
micum 1)4- 


x Suetjri 

2 2 

Sermon IX. 

8,9, 10. 

a Pfal/75, 


his owne wife 3 in whom hee trufted, was (laine by his 
ovvne fervants, was buryed without honour; like a fil. 
thy carrion.' 

I (hould betootediousj if I mould relate to you the 
tragical deaths of Adria 3 of Sever us ,q{ DeciUs,oi Valerian , 
of Dioclefian,o$ ' Maximiman>o{ Maxentim,oi Maximin,of 
Iulian the Apoftate,ot Valens Arrian hereticke ,who were 
prodigious examples of Gods vegeance againft perfecu- 
ters. Which of you hath not heard or read the ftrange 
deaths of Kings and Princes , who by murthering of 
our fathers, fought to murther,qnee againe,Cbrift in 
the cradle, and to givelife to the beaft which hadbeene 
wounded to death Mn them all was, in all them that fol- 
low their bloody foot-fteps,mall be fulfilled that which 
is written in the P[almes,T Thine hand, Q Lord, ftattfind 
out all thine enemies , thy right hand ft all find out thofe that 
hate thee. Thou ft alt make them as afierie oven in the time of 
thine anger : The Lor dftallfw allow them up in his wrath, and 
the fire Jhatldevoure them: Their fir uitj halt thou deftroyfrom 
the earth, and their feed fiom amongthe children of men. Have 
wee not heard it? Our. owne eyes, have theynotfeene 

XI I. The bed of us all is like unto Afaph? we arc en- 
vious at the foolifl], our (leps ilip when we fee the prof- 
peritie of the wicked : They are not in trouble as other men, 
neither are they plagued like other men. Therefore pride com- 
paffcth them about <u a chaine: violence cover eth them as a 
garment: their eyesfland out with fat nejfe , they have more 
than heart could wift. They are corrupt , and Jpeaf^e wickedly 
concerning oppreffion ; they fpeaket 'oft ily : they fet their mouth 
again/} the heavens , and their tongue walketh through the 
earth. Then we begin to fret? to murmure j to deny 
Gods providence, to aske* Is there knowledge in the mofh 
high? Thefemen which profper are ungodly, but wee 
who cleanfe our hearts , and wafh our hands in inno- 
cency, are plagued all the daylong-, our chaftifement re.- 


Oft he Lords Deliveries. 


turneth every morning. They are happy, but we are roi- 

When we iudge, when we fpeake fo, are we not foo- 
lifh and ignorantjike unto little children? are wee not 
as bealls 6efore our God? If any man have a deadly 
wound, whether is mod to bee feared, the putrefaction 
andimpoftume, or the Chirurgions Launcet and Ra- 
for, the fearing hotyron, or the Gangrene? What is 
finne, but the corruption and impoftume of the foule ? 
what is affliction, but the heavenly Phyficians Rafor 
andcauter? As then a wife man will fay, thathewhofe 
impoftumeisnotlaunced, is in danger of his life 5 and 
he who feeleth everyday the fmartofthe Rafor, is in 
hope of recovery : howfbever ignorant children will 
judge other way es , and will choofe rather a lingring 
and infenhble death, than a fliarpe cure :So will hee w ch 
enttethinto the Sanctuary of God, judge andsfay that 
(inners, when the Lords hand is heavy upon them , arc 
happy, becaufe they are chaftifed for their correction, as 
when amanfickeofthedropfie, is kept under a flrict 
and pinching diet- But hee who covereth his face with 
fatnelfe, who fpendeth his dayesin mirth, and fee 
leth not the fmaitofthe Lords rod, is fo much more mi- 
ferable than the ficke man , who being fwolne up and 
defaced with the dropfie, liveth in thcTaverncs, and e- 
very day overchargeth his decaying body with furfetting 
anddrunkennelle, as the foule is more precious than 
the body, Forwhat are fuel) men , but as fatted fwine 
for the great day of the Lords llaughter,as I have faid ? 
And why doth the Lord b heave them up, and, as it 
were,fetthem on thepinacle of worldly pleafures and 
honours, butto caft them downe into deflruction , and 
make their fall more remarkeable , as was the fall of Ha- 
w^//,perfecuter of the Icwes>and of /if*^/,murtherer of 
the Prophets ? 

XIII. But what although fome of them d Jpeud their 


b Mivvt. 
Felix M'tfeti 
in hoc alt . 
ui toll unt c.r 
ut dtcidtnt 
d lob 11. 



e Gen, 6 3, 

f 1 


g luvend. 

EfZe aliquos 
manes, & 
Nee pueri 

S «E R M 

O N 


dayes in wealth, having ftill their bre 'aft sj "nil of ' milke , and 
their bones moiftened with marrow? What although they 
dye in their ftill ftrength, znd aher the long day es of a joy- 
fall life, being wholly at eafe and quiet, in a moment they goe 
downe to the grave , without the leaft pricking of griete, 
without any feeling of the fmart of death 5 which may 
happen to fome few in this world? Shall they alfo e- 
(cape the dint of the wrath and vengeance of the great 
and righteous fudge in the world to come ? When God, 
through a moft wonderfull patience, and long fuffering ? 
hath given unto them many yeeresto repent, as he gave 
tothemenotthefirft world in the dayes of c Noah x an 
hundred and twenty yeares to amend their lives 5 and they 
fpend them all in riot, in licentioufnetfe, in perfecuting 
of his Church, in prefumptuous finnes againft his Ma- 
jeftie, felling themfelves to worke wickedneife in his 
fight, as f Ahab did 5 will he not turne his patience into 
fury, and pay them homeat once, requiting them with 
theunconceiveablepunifhment of eternall damnation? 
XiV*. 1 know they doe what they can to (hake out 
of their thoughts the feare of that judgement, and to 
make their hearts beleeve , that there is no fiich matter 5 
s that whatsoever was (po ken of old amongft the Gen- 
tiles , is written in the vScriptures , is beleeved in the 
Church, of divels,of hell, of everlaftingtorments,is but 
a bug-beare or fcare-crow, to feare fuperftitious folkes, 
and hold them in awe. But they drive unprofitably a- 
gainft the ftreame of thejr owne confeiences, which 
with a roaring voice doth fummon them day and night 
to appeare before the judgement feat of the inexorable 
and Almighty Judge, Of all men thofe feare hell mod, 
whofay thereis no hell. The found of a making leafe, 
maketh their hearts to (hake forfeare, when thereis none 
topurfuethem. And even then when they preach to 
men that hell is a fable, theyfindea moll direfull hell 
within themfelves, burning up the moil fecret bowells 


Of the Lords Deliveries. 


r Suet.j/t 
tie rone. c x ^6 

of their wretched fouler Why did Indas hang him- 
•, felfe, when there was none upon earth to doe him any 
hanne, if there be no hell? Death was more tolerable 
unto him, than rhefeareof the uneltimable torments 
which now heefuffereth there. What vvere r the mon- 
(trous dreames of Nero ? What i_ the hideous and mod 
ugly ghofts of thole whom he hadflaine,whkh hefaw \CxiphAmm 
a little before his death, bounding our of the earth, and E ? iiWie 
j leaping to his throat, but a warning to appeare the next 
; day in judgement to give an account of (o much Chri- 
(Uatf and innocent blood, which he had mod wickedly 
fhed? Iftherebeeno judgement after this life, from j 
whence cameit, that c Theodorkhe king of theGothes, | 
Prctedor of the wicked herefie of theArrians, after hee * p >'*™/^ 
had put todeaththe z. worthy Senators of Rome, vS)**- ; t l MQ ^', 
m<ichus 8c Boetim, becaufe they maintained the true faith, I 
could not looke upon the head of a great fifh that was 
fet upon his table, crying that it was the head of Symma- 
chiu, which with mod horribleyawning, and fierie eyes, 
fought to devoure him ? That was a citing indeed : for 
fuddenlyhe was taken to his bed , and from thence to 
the grave. v The Authors of the Malfacres of France, 
could not be at quiet many dayes after that bloody Tra- 
gedy, for the horrible fight of greatmultitudes of ugly 
Ravens ? hovering about tbehomre; and voyces which 
cryed incelTantly in their eares^Mttrther, mttrther,murther; 
fuingthemtocome perfonally before him who fitteth 
on the throne, and before the Lambe whom they had . 
flaine in his members. 

'Tisa truth not onely x afcertained by bookes, but 
alfo averred by dayly experience in all nations, That if a 
murtherer come in fight of the ptrfon whom hee hath 
flain,the Coarfe, though almoft rotten and fiinking,wiJl 
bleed, and difclofehim. What is that bleeding, but are - 
llirnony,that,if men will not;? There is a Godthat iudgeth 
xnthe earth, andin hisowne time will be avenged or. all 


v ihuanm 



x Avd,-eM | 
Lib*, de 
cruent^t to- 
ne Cddavem 
Wmnius cle 
OCc'ultU ;ia~ 

y PiaL y«. 



a Key. 6, 1 1 

b Gen. i j, 


c Mat. 2 j, 


d *.Thef. 

e Zcphan. 

f Mac.ij. 


Sermon IX. 

murtherersj namely of them who lay violent hands up- 
on his deare ones ? Therefore when the foules under 
I the Altar, cryed for vengeance againft the perfecu- 
! ters, whohadftained their hands with their innocent 
,bloodj a it wasfatd unto them, that they Jhould reft yet for a 
little fiafon, ttntill their fellow-fervants alfo , and their bre- 
thren that Jhould be killed as they were jhould be fulfilled. 

For as God fpared the b Amorites, till their iniquity wot 
fully and as' the Lord faid to the Scribes and Pharifees. 
c Fdly e up the meafure of 'your fathers j becaufethen all the 
righteous blood which their fathers had died, was to 
come upon them: So the Lord hatha time appointed 
ftru&ionofhis enemies ; even the laft and great day of 
this decaying world, d When the Lord Iefitsfhallbe revea- 
led from heaven , with the Angels of his power , in framing 
fire, taking vengeance on them that know not God , and that 
obey not the Gojpell of our Lord lefus Chrift, whojhallbee pu- 
>nijhed with everlafting deftmtlion from the pre fence of the 
Lord, and from the glory of hi* power, when hejhallcome to be 
glorified tn his Saints, and to bee admired in all that beleeve 
in that day. 

X V. Day> which is a day of wrath, c adty of trouble and 
diftrejfe,a dayofvaftneffe and defolation,adayof darknes and 
gloomineffe, a day of clouds andthicke darkencffe : A night ra* 
therthan a day; yea both a day and a nighr,^ day where- 
in Gods judgements againtt all ungodly men>(hall fhine 
cleerer than the noone day : A #/£&,becaufe of the place, 
of the extreamity, oftheuniverfalitie , of the eternity , of the 
effetts of the paine whereunto they (hall bee condemned 
by this thundering voice* and unrecallable fentence of 
their righteous ludge f Depart from me ye cur fed into everla- 
fting fire, prepared for the dtv ell and his Angels. 

To hell muft they goe , even to the darke and ugly 
Z prifon, which fhall be the lalt habitation of all ungodly 
! finners. How pleafant, ho w faire foever a prifon be, we 

! % 

Of the Lords D e liveries* 


fay, that there were never faire prifons. And therefcr e . 
what will not a man fuffor,rather than to goe to prifon ? 
hewiJlflee,he will give all that he hath, hee will runne 
to his friends, and cry for fuccour. h S. Angufime faith; 
that in his time they would flee to the Church, runne to 
the Bimop,falldowne, lye wallowing at his feete, cry 
with a pale countenance) with a trembling voice, My j 
Lord,! am troubled :my Lord J am to be cafl in prifon Jake pit- ' 
ty of me, relieve me. So hard,fo unfufFerable a paine doth 
itfeemetoallinentob^e in prifon, though in it there 
were no other paine to befuffered,buttobeclofed up: 
Yea ourownehou&s would be hateful! unto us, if our 
liberty of going abroad were retrained : O then , how 
huge, how intolerable (hall bee the torments of thofe 
bloody butchers, who have fhed the blood of Gods 
Saints like water, when they ffoall bee cart headlong into 
the hellifli prifon, which may bee moll properly called 
\ » thcUndofdarknej[e,andofthefhadow of death, where there 
[ is no order, and where tight itfelfe is darknejfe ? O h w fh all 
they tremble, how fli all they cry and teare their foules, 
when they (hall bee violently throwne downeinto the 
k deepe andbottomlcjfeptt ^ which m when it hath received 
' impenitent fnnersjhall be, faith S. Atiguftine , font upward, 
and open downewardx where the deeper they (hall fin ke, the 
more fhallit inlargeit felfe, thatthey may never find an 
, end of finking ? The divells themfelves are afraid to go 
there: how much more men, whofe bones (hallcracke, 
i whofe teeth (hall clatter, whofe hearts (hall quake at the 
\ onely naming of it. 

X VI. Wo,wo be unto thenvifor no heart can imagin, 

no tongue can »utter the tortures and torments w ch arc 

; impoflibleto be endured,6c w ch needs they mud endure 

there. Alas Iwhareafe (hall they find>& where; when they 

mall be bauifhed from the quickening fight of the living 

God, never to feehis faceagaine , but inflamed with fi> 

j ry and indignation againft them? when it fliall bee faid 

Gg unto 

ver -is An- 
1 8 Contre- 
mifcts y c$ n- 


i lob 10. 

k Luk.18. 

1 Rev. 9. i. 
m A" 
medto nifce- 
Itces pr: ea- 
rn re: exce- 
perit 3 &t. 


Sbrmon IX. 

n Mat 1 . 


Vhrd nefa- 
twut a 

Dtv qui Ve - 
umfcue ho- 

p Rom, 1 5 



r Luk. 16. 

f AueJe 

unto them , Depart from me ye curfred- y when they (hall 
(hall cry, n Lord,Lord, open to us: and he (hallanfwer , Ve- 
rily I fray unto y oh, I know yon not: ° Yee knew not mee in 
your Jife,and I know you not in your death. 

If God lliall not know them, to aide them , fliall any 
of his creatures know them? IftheSunneof righteouf- 
neife, who hath healing in his wings, fiiall refute to em- 
bright them with the lead glance of the beames of his 
glorious face, (hall hefufFer the light of this vifible fun, 
moone,and (tarres,to fhine upon them I If he, who is( 
called P the 6 -od of 'confrolation , (hall forfake them, (hall 
the bletfed Angels , (hall the holy men of God be more 
mercifull than their maker, who is mercy it felfe ? 
Shall any of the creatures which are in heaven above.or 
in the earth beneath , or in the water under the earth, 
come and comfort them? As when the woman in the 
fearefull famine of Samaria, cry ed to the King, <i Helpe 
my Lord, O King ; he an fwered , If the Lord doe not helpe 
thee, whence fl?all I help thee I out ofrthe barne-froore,or out ofr 
the wine-preffr ? So when thefe damned wights (hallrry- 
to the creatures for helpe; grim and fro ward faces gow- 
ning browes, an univerfallrcfufall (hall be their fir(tand 
Jaft anfwer : Our Creator, (hall they fay, is your enemy, 
(hall we be your friends ? As hee hath commanded you 
to depart from him, fo getyou hence , and depart from 
us. Yea 3 the Lord himfelfe teacheth us in the parable of 
r the rich glutton, that if they (hould aske but one drop 
of water to coele their tongue^it (hall not be given un- 
to them. 

r Confider, I pray you, faith S. Augufrine , if a man 
were call out of the congregation or this Church for 
fame crime, with how great forrow, with how many a- 
gonies would his foule be vexed , though our of the 
Church he may eate, drinke, converfe with men , and 
have fomehopeto be received intoit again? Surel)Sthis 
pain feem'd fo heavy to Cawjhe firll mui thtrer of Gods 


Of the Lords Deliveries, 

Saints* that he cryed through defpaire, and great griefe 
) of heart; l My fnmf^ment is greater than I can beare. Oh 
then how many terrours , how great anguifli of mind 
(hall wring and wreft thefpirits of thofe.. who for their 
crimes (hail bee excommunicated for ever,frorh the glo- 
rious Church which isin heaven, from theinnumerable 
company of Angels, h\>m the congregation of all the 
Saints,and from all the unfpeakeablejoyes of rhe hea- 
venly Ierufalem? Divines call this punifhrncnt Poena dam- 
m, Thepaineof/ojfe or dammage, and fay,thatit is but the 
firll part of the unconceiveable torments which are pre- 
pared for the divells, and for the viperous brood of wic- 
ktd men. 

XVII. It goethnot alone. It is ioyned with that 
which the fame Divines call Poena fenfus, the p aim offenfe, 
or of feeling. Can they lofe the favour of God, with 
the comfortable ufe of all his creatures, andnotfeeJe 
the redoubled blowes of the heavy fwordof his indig- 
nation I When v the king Ahafuerm in his wrath turned 
his backe to Haman , the Kings fervants covered Ha- 
mans face, and heaved him away to the gallowes : So 
when God fliall withdraw the light of his facefrom thefe 
thrice unhappy bodies, the divells,who are the executi- 
oners of his high jullice, fhall x btndthem hands and feete, 
and take them away, and caft them into utter darkeneffe ; that 
as they delighted in the inward darkeneffe of their minds, 
and y hated the light, and would not come unto it , be* 
caufe their deeds were evill, and left they mould bee re- 
prooved,fo they may be tormented with utter darkeneffe, 
morepalpablethanthefoggesoftgypr, and fothicke, 
that no funnc-fhine of any worldly or heavenly comfort 
fliall beableto (parklethorowthem. 

Ifyedeliretoknow how great is the paine offence, 

orof feeling, which is there-, the Scripture callethit, 

* the great wtne-yreffe of the wrath of God, which fliall bee 

jtrodentill blood -come out of it, even untothe horfe j 

! G g 2 bridles : * 


t Ge- 



x Mac. 21. 

y Io1m» 


a Rev. 1 4. 


b Efa.66. 

c ver.i4« 

d Rctr.n- 


e Efa.30. 


tMat.5.2 2. 

g Bttxtorf. 

ex libro 1*1- 
cut. in hre~ 

h Rev. 1, 


Sb^mou IX. 

bridles : It callerh it alfo b a fire, and flame of fire, whereby 
the Lord will plead again!} his enemies : fire, which c [hall 
never be quenched, bzczuk it fliall never lacke either mat- 
ter to kindle it , or a mighty breather to blow it. 'Tis a 
d la^e which bur net h with fire andbrimfione : 'Tis e Tophet or- 
deined of old, made deepe and large , the pile whereof is fire 
and much wood, and the breath of the Lord, hkeaflreame of 
brimftone^doth kindle it.'Tis a *" Gehenna of fire. What paine 
fo fenfiblejas to be burntalive ? and what paine fo terri- 
bleand pittifull,as when the lewes g tooke their young 
children, and offering them in facrifice to Molec , gave 
them to one of the Priefts , who laid them upon the 
armes of the brazen Idoll , after it was fht on fire, and 
glowing red, the reft of the Pricfts in the meane while, 
founding with Drums, Trumpets, Timbrels , and other 
loudinftruments^leftthc parents fliould hearethepitti- 
full cryes of their children, and bee touched with com- 
panion : by reafon of which founding , the place was 
called Tophet. and becaufcit was in a valley belonging to 
Hinnom$ it was called Cehinnom, or Gehenna^ i. the valley of 
Hmnom^ name moftufuallamongft the lewes in Chrirfs 
dayes , and long before, to (ignifie the place and the 
p3inesofthe damned : As they were wont to call the di- 
vell, Principem Gehenna,The Prince cf Gehenna, or of hell: 
where, 11 If any manworfhip thebeafi.and his Image , and re- 
ceive his markf in his forehead, or in his hand , the fame jhall 
drinke of the wine of the wrath of God, which ts powred out 
without mixture into thectip.of his indignation, andhe Jhall bee 
torment edwith fire andbrimfione , in the pre fence of the holy 
Angels : and the fin-oaf^e of their torment afcendeth up for 
ever and ever : and they have no refl day nor 'night \ 

In vaine fliall they ilrive and (Irug^le to rid themfelves 
from the eternall chaines ofdarkenelle, wherewith they 
aretyed in that bottomleile Mine : for, like unto fifh 
prickt with the Anglers hooke^ fhemorethey wrench 
and wriggle to ekapejafler and fafter ire they intangled, 


Of the Lords Deliveries. 


and finke deeper intothe burninglake of death and dam- 

Are not darkeneffe, blood, fire, brimftone, burning 
alive, torments fearefull enough, to make the haire ro 
bridle, and the flouted heart to melt as waxe again ft the 
fire ? and yet all thefe arebut fhadowes and counterfeits 
oftheextreamityof paine, wherewith the damned are 
racked in hell. If Nebuchadnezzar s hot glowing furna- 
ces: if Antiocbtu caldrons of boylingoyle: if Phalaris 
fieriebrazen Bull: ifD^if fawes,harrowes ofyron,and 
mortars ; if the needles, the pinfers, the burning yron 
grates and brazen chaires; ifthetympan,the(pits,the 
flaying of living men, and other torments praftifed by 
Tyrants againft Chriftians , werefo fell and hideous; 
if dayly men invent new tortures more fierce and terri- 
ble than thofewere, doubtletfe thepaines of hell which 
the divell devifeth , or rather which are of Gods owne 
invention, are ten thoufand times more horrible than 
mans heart can imagine. As in all Gods workes , i the 
reason of the doing^is the -power of the doer : So in this , let 
Atheifts confider the author \and all their doubts ivillceafe.God 
hath faid it,and will he notperformc it ? 

X J I X. As every member, joynt, and part of wicked 

men confpire together in finne tooffendGod : fo the 

righteousand Almighty God hath bequeathed to each 

of them a feverall torment.T^ mind fhall be racked with 

t the confideration of the unexpugnable wrath of God, 

, and contemplation of irs own-endlefte infelicity. The 

I memory Hull be continually tormented with the remem- 

j brance of the manifold and foule finnes , which were 

| caufes of fuch plagues. The confcicnce fhall feele a k xvorme 

\ ever gnawing it with a moft bitter, but unfruitfull re- 

1 morfe of finne. The phantafic (hall bee troubled with 

,gha(tly vifions. 

The eyes fhall fee nothing but ugly divells , and dam- 
ped perfons. The eares fhall heare nothing but roarings 
J I Gg 3 of 


ratio f -icliy 
jidera ah- 
dub a 4 none . 

k Eft 65. 
Mar. 9. 44, 


Sermon IX 

1 i, Cor, 

m lob 18, 

n Mat. 2?. 


o 2.Thef. 


p Mark 9. 

4 3. 

qLuk. i^« 


r Mat 25, 

4» 5 4'-. 

t Mat. i2. 
11,12* 3 

of theinfernallfpirits,butfhriekes and dreadfull cryes 
of tortured malefactors. What the palat fliall tafte,what 
the nolhils flial fmell,what thehands (ball catch hold of, 
what the other parts of the body (ball fuffer m that dark 
dungeon of Gods wrath,! know not: This I know, that 
as l eye hath notfeene, nor eare heard, neither have entred into 
into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for 
them that love him , in the kingdome of light, 
with his owne felfe: fo no tongue can utter,yea no heart 
can imagine the manifold and bitter plagues which the 
juftice of God hath referved for them that hate him , in 
the kingdome of darken eife 3 with the m Ktngof ter- 
rors. . 

XIX. Happy would they thinke themfelves , if after 
many myriades of yeares they might hope for fome re- 
liefe : but to fill up the unmeafurable meafurc of their 
miferies, they know that God hath called the fire where- 
in they burne, n everlafling 5 the death whereunto they 
are condemned, ° everlafling deflruUion , and qualifieth 
with the fame title theworme, which gnaweth their never- 

! dying confeience, hying, that r it dyeth not. They know 
that the entrance intohell is large andeafie, butthere- 

• gretfeimpoffible . They know that the power and ju- 
fticeof God hath appointed unto them an immortall 
death, anendlelfeend, everlafting darkeneHTe in the 

, middeil of an ay-burning fire, poyfon of dragons, cruell 
venime of afpes,bitternelfe it felfe,to eate and to drinke 
in the blackenetle ofaneternallnight; whereupon the 
cloud of Gods curfe, and the fhadovv of death (ball 
dwell for ever, and the light cf comfort fhall never 

J (bine. 

XX. This is the (hare allotted to all them that feare 
: not God ; to^therich man, who did no harme to La^a- 
I rm, but onely reftfed to give him meate , and to r all his 
! mates ; to 1 the unprofitable fervant, to him who goeth to 

a weddmg garment. Q then 

the marrhgc-fealt without 

Of the Lords Deliveries. 

two and threefold more (hall bee children of hell, ai." 
thofe which threw thecrummes of bread our. of / 
rwmouth, which are never weary of ill doing, which 
have all their garments fta fried with the blood of Gods 
fervants. Shall it s be more tolerable for the land of So- 
dom and Gomorrba tn the day of 'judgement , than for thofe 
who receive notthe Preachers of theGofpell , and re- 
fufetoheare the word? Oh then how intolerable fhall 
' be then the plagues of God upon the Neroes y Diode flam, 
i & all theperfecuters of the Gofpell? x The Lord tryeth the 
' right eons : but the wicked, and him that loveth violence , his 
I foule hateth. Vpon the wicked hee Jhall raine fnares' , fire a nd i 
brtmjlone, and an horrible tempefl : that fhall be the portiontf 
their cup. 

Then, then, y they Jhall gnaw their tongues for paine: then 
nothingfliall be heard and fecne amor^li them but 
a weeping and gnafhing of teeth, but crying b to mcunfaines 
and rockes to fall upon them, and to death to cdme and kill 
them, when c death Jhall flee from them. d When in this 
world life is offered unto them, they refufe to accept it : 
Therefore in hell they (hall feeke death , and (hall not 
find it* Inthatdefireasthereisa great (inncv fo there is 
in it a great paine. It is a righteous thing with God to 
j punifh finne: therefore itis afinne in the prifoners of 
hell, to defire to (hake off the punifhment of finne. A- 
gaine, e What is more penally fait h Bernard, than ever to de^Ye 
that which never Jhall be, and ever to be unwilling to that which 
Jhall never but be ? They jhall never obtaine what they would ; 
and evermore fuftaine what they would not. 

XXI. Adde unto all thofe punifhments one, which 

(hall bee to all the perfecr.ters of the Church a deadly 

wound ever bleeding : forinthat great day, f the earth, 

the grave, the fea, death ft felfe (hall deliver up the dead 

I which are in them, & the Martyrs whom thefe murthe- 

|rers have (lain (hall arife, and bee received into eternall 

•glory in the prefence of their enemies^with this welcome 



v Mat. 10. 
Mar. 1 1. 

x Plain. 

y Rev. 1 6. 





C Rev.;.*?, 


Qui a qui - 
Ipustn hoc 
fecuh vtt* 
offertur 9 & 
pere : tn m~ 
ferno qi>A- 
/< .7 rtior 

fem'yCy- ricn 

pot c -fit in- 


e Quid tam 

pce»ale 3 qu4 




f EU.26. 

Rev. 20. 1 5 


g Mat.zf 

h Aa^. 


■ tance ! It is akingdome y wherein our darkenelle (hall bee 
converted into light> ourforrow into ioy, our trou- 

Sermon IX. 

tromtheerernallludge, g Come ye bleffed of *my Father pin- 
ker -it e the hmgdome prepared for you from the foundation of the 

O mod wonderfull inheritance ! h It is not dimini- 
(hed by the multitude of thole which poileife it : 
•It is as large to every one apart, as to the whole multi- 
wuhimdme tude together. O rnoft excellent and glorious inheri- 

pojjfffonim: ' 

uniyerfu. ible into peace, our weaknelie into Itrength, our difho- 
nourinto honour, our ignominieinto glory, our mife- 
ry into happineffe, our death into life, our patient hope 
into the reallcnioying of all good , our prayers into 

Where the heavens (hall receive us,theholy Angells 
welcome us, the bletfed Saints ioync them/elves unto 
ius: where our bodies being made of mortall immortal!, 
[ofnaturall fpirituall, of burthenfome nimble, (hallfhine 
' brighter than the faireft fummer-day, 
i i. Cor. Where » God liimfelfe without any meanes, Jhallbee all 

15.28. j /*«**//, perfect and abfolute knowledge to ourmindes,an 
! ocean of love to our hearts, foveraigne good, andthe 
jbletfed center of eternall reft to all our reftletle afFecti- 
jons 3 where he himfelfe,afcer a mod wonderfull and glo- 
rious manner which cannot be imagined, fhall be light 
in oureyes,melody in our eares,the wi(hed and longed- 
I kRev. ii.? • f° r obiefl: of all our fenfes : where be laith , That k he 
1 j-u^Je himfilfejhallbewith m,andbe our God, 1 /. he fhall be unto US 
Civv.VetM. J all whereby we may befatisfied, and whatfoever all may honeflly 
xi.c4f.ul(. \ defire ^lifefalvation,meatc,drmke, riches, glory ^honour, peace y 
\ andallgood. Which D^/^exprelled in few words, fay- 
m Pfal. 16. • j^m l n thy pre fence isfulneffe of toy : at thy right hand there 
nPfa j are pieafures for evermore. And againe, n As forms , / wtll 

\ behold thy face in right eoujhejj} : {will be fatufied, when I a- 
[wake y with thy Itkeneffe. 

For then Godjhallbe the end of aR ow defires : then 
I »?, 

Of the Lords Deliveries. 


wejhallfee him without end, weejhall love him without I04- 
thing, we fhallprayfe him without wearying. Then alfo our 
enemies fhall fee our glory in him, and with him: and 
as the Author of the booke of Wifedome faith , P When 
they fee it, they jhallbe troubledwith terrible fear e , and Jb all 
be amazed at the ftrangeneffe oj c our falvation , Co farre bejond 
all that they looked f or, ^kc. 

X X I l« O then dearely beloved, let us learne to dif- 
cerne wifely <I betweene the righteous and the wicked,betweene 
him that ferveth God,andbtm that ferveth him not. 

Salomon faith, that r thelampe of the wicked '/hall bee put 
ant ; comparing wicked men to a candle, which when 
it begins to burne,giveth a faire light, but enc!«eth in (tin- 
king fmoake and caligioufnetfe : for their end is worfe 
than their beginnings becaufe f they arerefervedto the day 
ofdeftrutUon , to the day when wrath j}?all be brought foortb. 

On the other fide, c CMarke theperfeel man , andbchold 
the upright: for the end of that man is peace, becaufe the fal- 
vation of the righteous is of the LORD : he is their firength in 
the time of trouble : and the Lord/hall helpe them , and deliver 
them ; he /ball deliver them from the wickgd, and five them, be- 
caufe they tmfl in him, 

Thefhortdayesof mans fading and dying life, me 
thinkes, may be mod conveniently compared to a tiage- 
play: wherein otten Kings fonnes mount on the fcaf- 
foldjdifguifed in pooremensrags; and beggers march 
with a (lately pafe, attired infumptuous robes about 
their greafie bodies 5 hiding fcurvie heads under crowns 
of gold, and (tretching forth a royall Scepter with fcab- 
bed hands ; but when the curtainesare remooved, when 
the Tragedy ijended, and the Players arc itript oftheir 
borrowed apparell, he that madefo many vaine glori 
ous fhewes,and called himfelfe Hercules, or Agamemnon, 
isknowne to be poore/r«j,whogoeth begging thorow 
J the ftreetes , and crackling crufls of browne bread be- 
tweene his muddie and rotten teeth: and hec that was 
Hh thought 

O jiu^.ulld. 

Jpfcfihii c- 
rttdcfdt no- 
vum no (ho* 
' turnout fine 
l fine vid(bt' 
p Sap. 5. 2. 
q Mai. j. 
rPro, 1 3.9. 

fIob 2 i. 

t Pfal.37. 


S B R M o N 'IX.- 

V; Luk. 1 6. 
x Mac. 2 7. 

39 • 

y Rewir.j 
iO s H 3 lz. 

2 Mat. 2 4. 

b Rev.1.7. 

c Aug.^o* 
homil. Ho- 
mtt.16 .Me- 
rit uri vitj, 
& mom 
fine fine vi~ 
dSap.f. 4 ,j 

thought tobe/j7#,isknownetobetheroyaJl fonneof 

Tis even fo bet weene the Church and the workhwhen 
v Lazarus ftarves for hunger at the rich mansgate, and 
the rich man jettcth in his purple, and makes good 
cheere : when x Chrifi is nayled upon the crolle, and his 
enemies (land hard by, reviling him,': when the v dead 
bodies of Chrifts twowitneffes lye unburied in the ftreets 
of the great City,and they that dwell upon the earth, rc- 
ioyce over them, and thanke their gods of gold, filver, 
bralfe, becaufe they have overcome them, it feemes that 
thofe which are thus afflicted, are but poore fnakes for- 
faken of God ; and that thofe others, which fwim with 
contentinthe Ocean of worldly pleafures, are Gods 

But when the divells fhall bury tbericb'Gltttton'm the 
lo weft pit of hell , when boiling therein the lake of 
fire and brimftone, he (hall liftup hisey es,and fee Laza- 
rus in Abrahams bofome abundantly fatisfied with the 
fatneireofthe houfe ofGod,& drinking great draughts 
in the river of his pleafures : when the ^iritof life from 
GW (hall enter into his two witnelles : when they (hall 
rife againe, (rand upon their feet, and afcend up to hea- 
ven : -when * ' lefits Chrifi fhall come in the clouds of 
heaven with power and great glory : when he fhall fet 
hisfheepeon his right hand,and the goates on the left: 
when b thej which pierced him fhall fee him y zndby him (hall 
bethrownedowneinto the rich Mine of eternall tor- 
mentsy* to d/e there unto life , and to live unto death world 
without: when thofe d whofe life they accounted mtidneffe, 
and their end dtjgrace, 'fhall be received into the haven of 
eternall fecuritie ; then,then all the Bulls of Bafhan fhall 
know,thatal theirlife was but a ridiculousmove-merry, 
their pleafures but a (hew, their felicitic but the glympfe 
of a fhadow,& that thofe whom they had fometimes in 
derifion, and who were in their mouthes a Proverb of 


Of the Lords Deliveries. 

2 35 

reproach, are Gods beloved children* and his moft pre- 
cious Jewells. 

X X 1 1 1. G then where are they that thinke to over- 
throw the Church ? And when will they liften to this 
truth? Minde they to rainedowne upon the Church a 
deluge of perfections ? Know they not, that fne is c the 
Le-ds Ark?* whicb,as thewaterincreafeth? mounteth up 
higher and higher, and cannot be fubmerged? Vnder- 
take they to beateber with ftormie winds, and with the 
violent ftreames of afflictions ? Experience might hav-r 
taught them long agoe, that fiie is f the Lords houfe, foun 
ded upon the rotke,and that thegatesof hell fh all notprc- 
vatic 'dga'mft her. Have they diimantled her populous 
townes,and laid her open to the violence of al! her ene* 
mies? I, % faith the LORD t wtll be Unto her a wall of 'fire rowid 
about, and mil be the glory tnxbe midftofher* 1$ fhe - 1 * over- 
come by the beaft that afcendeth cut of the bottomlefle 
pitjandthruft downeintothegraveof death -, and of e 
ternall oblivion i As the belly of the Whale was a fafe 
habitation to* lonah: fo the graves (hall bee a mod fure 
k>dgrng«and bed of reft to them 3 till he who k (pake unto 
thefijh, and it vomited out lonasupon the dry landfiizM fpeake 
to the earth, to thefea, to the hre, to all the creatures 
that have the lead bone ofhis faithfull fervants commit- 
ted u»to them, and [ fay to the North, Give up ; and to the 
South; Keepe notbac\e : bringmy fonnes\fomfarrre, and my 
daughters from the ends of the. earth. Then the Church (ball 
rifeagaine to the great aftonifhment of thofe that perfe- 
cted her, and fliallremaineupon the earth, till her time 
be come to bee received into the glory of -her fpoufe, 
where /lie is already in many thoufandscf her members, 
which now ^ fi and before the thrane^ and before the Lamb, 
doathed with white robes, and palmes in their hands. 
. This is her hope 5 this is her truft which (hall not bee 
difappointed : and therefore when the fharpe rods ofaf- 
fluxion whizze with multiplied blows upon her back 6c 
._• Hh 2 eares, ( 

e Gen, 8. 4. 

f Mat 7. 

g Zcch,i. 


h Rev. 1 1. 


Rev. 13.7. 



m Rcy^.^ 


n Mieh .7. 

Sermon IX, 

Pattentia, c, 
1 %,Satis u 
donem P4m 
ptnes eum 3 
tiltor eft, 
p Exod. 

q Pfal.51. 


habit At. 
ferou\j % 
Eonttm eft in 
c Ammo hd^ 
Irerc te me- 
ejjefine te 

fPfaL 7 j. 
1 j. 

eares, (h? comforreth herfelfe, and faith , n /„,,-// 1 00 ^ 
unto the Lord : I will wait for the God of 'my at ton:my God. 
will heare me : Reioyce not againfl me,0 mine enemie : when I 
fallj jhall arife : whenlfitindarkeneffe, the Lord jhall bee a 
light unto me. I will be are the indignation of the Lord,becaufe I 
have finned againfl him, untill he plead my caufe, and execute 
iudgementfor me : he will brmg me forth to the light, and Ijhzll 
behold his right eoufaeffe : Thenjhe that is mine enemy ft} all fee 
it , and fhame Jhallco ver her which faid unto me. where is the 
Lord thy God ? mine eyesjhall behold her : nowjhalljhe be tro- 
den downe as the mire f the flreets. 

X X f V. Let us all,dearely beloved, red in this hope, 
and poifelfe our foules with patience,whereof we have** 
Gardian mod excellent, molt truftie, moftfure, even 
Godhimfelfe : If thou commit unto him thy iniury, hee is a re- 
venger \Ifthydamn*agc,het^a riftorer V r frhyp<*yne y he is a 
Phyfician ; If thy death, he i*a raifer up from the dead' : what 
cannot patience doe,which hath God for debtor? It will hope 
againlt hope ; when it is brought to the red fea, and fee* 
erh nothing before, behind, on all fides, but prefent 
death, it will ?fla>idfltll> and fee the falvat'ton of the Lord- 
knowing,thathewithdrawethhis healing hand till the 
wound be defperate 5 that it is his glory to deliver out of 
danger, when it is come to the height, and cannot bee 
fhunned by the wit and ftrength of man 5 that his power 
is more confpkuous, where there is ho wine, he turnes 
water into wine,and raifeth Lazarus when he isdead,bu- 
ryed,and (linking. 

He hath faid of the afflicted man , who calleth upon 
him, 1 Iwillbe with him in trouble : let us thanke him for 
his promife , and chufe r rather to bee with him in the 
middeft of Nebuchadnezzar s burning furnace > than in 
heaven without him,fayingas DavidhidJ whomhavel 
in heaven, but thee ? and there is nonein earth that I defire be- 
fides thee. 

And becaufeheis faithfullin all hispromifes, and 
com- 1 

Of the Lords Deliveries. 


( comforteth us in all our tribulations , let us lookc with the 
eye of a ftedfaft faith for the fweet fruit of this bitter feed, 
v fortheeternitie of blellednefle, which is hid in the mo- 
ment ofour afflictions, for the exceeding weight of glo- 
ry >whichthefe light wounds ofweakeand mortallmens 
hands worke in us. Olet us this day * groove within our 
felves mofleameflly, and cry to heaven for the comming 
of the great day, wherein Y death andhell,andwhofoeverjhall 
not be found written in the booke ofltfe,Jhallbecafi into the take 
of fire, which is thefecond death, and we z Jhall be caught up tn 
the clouds to meete the Lord tn the aire, andfojhall we ever be 
with the Lord, by a moftfruitfull andglorions exchange: 
For whereas he is now with us in the fulnetfe of grace* 
to fhew us the paths of life,we (hall be then with him in 
the fulnetfe of glory ; and living with him forever, (hall 
with one heart and mouth ilng this fong of David, 

Full many be the miferies 

That righteous mendoefuffer : 

But out ofalladverfitie$, 

The Lord doth them deliver, 
O Lord,thisis thedefire ofourheartSjthis isourrequcft 
untothee. Heare us and anfwer-us, through the pre- 
cious and infinite merits of lefus Chrift thy Sonne : Co 
whom, with thee and the holy Ghoft, be all praife, ho- 
nour and glory ,both now and for evermore. -Amen, 




v LCor.4. 


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4 i7» 


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d.notp. 204 1.6.a little.p. 1 25 1.2.d.of. 



rr-?^^ 1 "! 


■ ^H ■ ■ 1 ■ ^ • 





1 ' Wm ■ :